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Are Probiotics A Waste Of Money

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Do Probiotics Work? How probiotics work – Health and Wellness

Since you can get probiotics from food, you might be curious about why you would even want to take a supplement. Besides the convenience factor, one benefit from probiotic supplements is that you can choose products with targeted strains for certain issues with a supplement. On the other hand, if you eat fermented foods you can still get probiotics, but you may not know exactly which strains or how much.

So if you’re looking into probiotics for a specific reason then you may benefit from looking into specific strains of bacteria that can help with that. For example, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is a probiotic strain that researchers found particularly helpful for diarrhea. Another thing to note is that probiotic supplements do not have to be approved before they are sold. Otherwise, for the general benefits, eating probiotic rich foods like yogurt each day can do the trick.

Why Are Probiotics So Important

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria in the digestive system which plays a key role in the digestive process and maintaining the integrity of the intestines. But this is really just the beginning. It is believed that 80% of all immune function stems from the digestive system. A healthy balance of bacteria in the digestive system is essential to have a properly functioning immune system.

There are many factors in our modern world that can destroy this delicate balance of healthy bacteria within your body. Some of these factors include antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, city water, pesticides, and other chemicals we come in contact with every day. For these reasons, supplementing with probiotics may be necessary to ensure a healthy balance of bacteria required for digestive health and immunity.

Probiotics Are You Wasting Your Money

There is certainly a growing body of research evidence that the microorganisms in your gut can influence your health but just how we best exploit this fact remains very unclear. The question is do they work?

Probiotics, a functional food supplement, represent a rapidly expanding market sector. Probiotics are potentially beneficial microorganisms that promote both our gut health and well-being. But are you wasting your money?

Typically, various strains of microorganisms are combined into various products and this range has become ever more diverse and tailored to suit consumer requirements. There is certainly a growing body of research evidence that the microorganisms in your gut can influence your health but just how we best exploit this fact remains very unclear. The question is do they work?

Twenty-five years ago, probiotics were certainly a hot topic at Reading University and, in fact, my dissertation revolved around this same research area. From these early days probiotics had an estimated worldwide market value 45.64 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, and this is forecasted to reach to about 64.02 billion dollars by 2022.

Functional foods are now big money and the health-conscious among us commonly consume a daily probiotic supplement, but are we wasting our money?

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Benefits Of Prebiotic Fiber

Prebiotic fiber gets metabolized by microorganisms in your gut. As a result, the composition of your gut microbiota changes.

And when your gut composition changes for the better, you, the host to the free-riding invisible critters, may experience enhanced health. If you take care of your bacteria by feeding them superfood nutrition, theyll take care of you!

Here are some examples of how consuming prebiotic fiber may contribute to overall health:

  • Helps digest dairy by enhancing lactase enzyme activity.
  • Alleviates constipation and may prevent diarrhea
  • Improves gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Prevents accumulation of pathogenic bacteria such as e. Coli and salmonella
  • Improves immune-cell communication and regulation

What Happens When You Stop Probiotics

Probiotics: Wasting Your Money? Not if you know 3 things

If you stop taking them, your gut bacteria are likely return to their pre-supplementation condition within one to three weeks. You might be able to get more lasting changes by feeding the healthybacteria. Like all living organisms,bacteria need food. If you dont provide them with the nutrients they need, they will die. This is why it is so important to feed your bacteria the right foods.

The best way to determine if you need a probiotic supplement is to see if your symptoms improve after taking one or more of the following supplements. These supplements can be found in most health food stores and most grocery stores.

Some of these supplements are also available over-the-counter in some countries. , which is also known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bacteroides fragilis, is a type of bacteria that live in the intestines of humans and other animals. It is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome , inflammatory bowel disease , and Crohns disease.

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How Do Probiotics Work

Potential benefits tend to be linked to countering the effects of things that disturb the natural balance of bacteria in the body, described above. It is believed that illness or certain treatments may lead to reductions in good bacteria in the body, which probiotics may help restore, enabling the body to function normally again and/or get well.

Are Dog Probiotics A Waste Of Money

Friday August 03, 2018

Last month on Dig-In, we touched on the difference between Probiotics and Prebiotics. If you missed it you can catch up on it here. In a nutshell, we delved into the differences and more importantly how prebiotics create the best environment for your dogs good gut bacteria to grow and flourish, readying and laying the ideal foundation for probiotics to thrive and do their bit.

With that in mind, are you buying probiotics? Then the chances are that your wasting your money that is unless, of course, youre also sprinkling some Dig-In on your pets meals.

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Do Companies Really Sell Weak Or Dead Probiotics

You bet! In fact that is most of them and this is why some probiotics are a waste of your money!

For example, a client told me they were already taking a probiotic they got from the store, but didnt feel it was really helping her. I requested she bring in what she was taking so I could take a closer look at it. The next time I saw her, she did as requested. The product she had was one of the most advertised probiotics brands. In fact, this particular brand markets their product as the The #1 Gastroenterologist Recommended Probiotic. The front of the box has all kinds of great claims about the benefits of probiotics and healthy bacteria. I fully agree with these claims but just how much bacteria is in this specific product? When I flip the box, I see in teeny tiny writing the following statement:

Contains one billion bacteria when manufactured, and provides an effective level of bacteria until at least the best by date.

However, the company does state their product provides an effective level of bacteria until at least the best by date. Great! It provides and effective level! But wait effective for what?!? Effective to help reduce my digestive disorders? Effective to make me a celebrity? Effective to wash my car? Effective for what? Effective to be vague and mislead the public into buying their product?

Be Careful What You Buy Dont Buy A Weak Product

If You Take Probiotics For IBS, Watch This First Before You Spend More $$

Assuming the bacteria in the product is alive, it is also critical to take enough bacteria to have therapeutic results. I have seen probiotics on the market containing between 75,000 to 170 billion live cells. That is a huge difference! In my clinic, I usually suggest that the average healthy individual take at least 8-10 billion live cells per day. Individuals with digestive disorders will begin taking anywhere from 50-150 billion live cells per day. Most probiotics on the market are simply not strong enough to achieve the therapeutic results you may need.

There are many other factors that can significantly influence the quality of a probiotics such as the number of and types of strains of the bacteria, as well as how the strains are cultured.

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Where Probiotics Can Help

The review did find that probiotics can help in certain circumstances.

Specific probiotics can help pre-term babies born with a low birthweight reduce the number of days they need to take full feedsand shorten the time they spent in hospital.

Likewise, certain probiotics should be considered for the prevention of Clostridium difficile infections in adults and children who take antibiotics. C. difficile is a bacteria that cases diarrhea and inflammation of the colon.

The review also found that probiotics could be considered for the management of pouchitis, a complication of ulcerative colitis that has been treated surgically.

However, the review found there wasnt enough evidence regarding the use of probiotics to treat C. difficile infection, Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis or IBS. In fact, the AGA suggested people with these conditions consider stopping probiotics because of the associated costs and not enough evidence to suggest lack of harm.

It also concluded that probiotics werent beneficial for children in North America who have acute gastroenteritis and advised that they should not be given routinely in ER to children with diarrhea.

However, McFarland said the review had not taken in account research done outside the US, which had shown that certainprobiotics were effective in shortening the duration of acute diarrhea in children, particularly in developing countries.

Probiotics: Enthusiasm Not Supported By Evidence

View IssueAm J Gastroenterol.Gastroenterology.Gastroenterology. Disclosures: We were unable to process your request. Please try again later. If you continue to have this issue please contact .

Probiotics are used by millions of people around the world. Sales in the United States alone are expected to grow to more than $6 billion in 2020. Despite their wide reach in the consumer market, scientific data on probiotics real benefit have been lacking.

As the understanding of the gut microbiome has grown, patients and the physicians who treat them have sought out ways to target that community of microbes as a means for treating any number of conditions, particularly gastrointestinal disorders.

Heath care professionals and patients alike were incredibly enthusiastic about the promise of probiotics,William Chey, MD, from the University of Michigan School of Medicine, told Healio Gastroenterology.Conceptually, there are many reasons why you can build an argument about why probiotics are beneficial. Unfortunately, all of those concepts that we subscribe to, including myself, are oversimplifications of what is really happening in the body.

Where do probiotics stand following these new recommendations, and how can physicians in GI, primary care and pediatrics, counsel patients who are already convinced that probiotics are beneficial for any number of ailments?

Grace Su, MD,

From Concept to Consumer

AGA Recommendations

Proper Research, Advice for Patients

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Dog Probiotics And Prebiotics The Garden Analogy

At Dig-In we often think of it like gardening. Probiotics are the flowers and plants, prebiotics are the nutrients and water in the soil. If you buy lots of plants but have poor unhealthy soil your plants will die and youve wasted your money. If youve got good soil and keep it full of nutrients then your plants will grow its the same with probiotics and prebiotics.

To answer our own question, are Probiotics are a waste of money? Unless youre using them in conjunction with prebiotics, then almost certainly.

Dig-In is an easy to use Prebiotic powder that is simply sprinkled onto your dogs meal. Its called a gravy powder because Dogs find it delicious and you can mix it with a bit of water to make the ultimate topper for your dogs meal.

Are you using a probiotic and sick of wasting your money try some Dig-In, we know it will make all the difference. Order your tubs today

Poor Diet No Exercise = Supplements

Probiotics: How To Waste Money On Your Dog

We also found little evidence that probiotic supplements can reduce cholesterol in healthy adults. And there is little evidence to show that probiotics can improve glucose and insulin responses in healthy adults. Taking probiotics won’t reduce heart disease risk, or prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes.

So if you have a poor diet and don’t exercise regularly, your digestive bacteria may benefit from probiotic supplements, though you’ll have to keep taking them to get lasting effects.

But if you are otherwise healthy, probiotic supplements are likely to be a waste of money. Here’s some simple advice: take what you spend on probiotic supplements, and use it to buy and eat more fruit and vegetables.

Chris Irwin is a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at the School of Allied Health Sciences at Griffith University Corneel Vandelanotte is professorial research fellow in physical activity and health at Central Queensland University Australia Saman Khalesi is a lecturer in nutrition at CQUniversity Australia. This article first appeared on The Conversation.

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Should I Take Probiotic Supplements

While probiotics are generally safe for most people, not everyone benefits from probiotic supplements and supplements may be harmful for some people .

For informed decision making, we recommend discussing the potential benefits and harms of probiotic supplementation with your doctor before you take any probiotic supplements.

Are There Dietary Sources Of Probiotics

Yes. Importantly, probiotics are considered safe in the amounts normally found in food. They can be found in some yogurts and cheeses and other dairy products . Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi also contain probiotics. The Mayo Clinic suggests one way of getting more probiotics into your diet is to eat yogurt with probiotics. You can do this by selecting products with Live and Active Cultures on the product label or similar words.

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Are Probiotics A Gimmick

The benefits of probiotics and prebiotics are not a scam. They can have benefits and are definitely real. Fermented foods have been consumed for thousands of years in multiple countries.

The difference between fermented foods and probiotic foods is that the former are fermented by bacteria, while the latter are produced by a variety of microorganisms, including yeasts, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, and other beneficial bacteria.

In fact, the term probiotic is derived from the Greek word for good or beneficial and refers to the presence of beneficial microbes in a food or drink.

The word fermented means to ferment, which is why it is often used to refer to foods or beverages that have undergone a fermentation process, such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha. Instead, they are commonly referred to as fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, or simply foods in reference to their ability to promote health and well-being.

But Do They Help The Healthy

Gut Health & Fasting- Do Probiotics Make Sense to Take During a Fast?

However, most scientific research on the health benefits of probiotic supplementation seems to have been done in people with existing health problems. Evidence supporting the health benefits of probiotics in healthy adults is very limited. Probiotic supplements are most likely to be consumed by the general population, despite this group receiving relatively little documented benefit.

We reviewed the scientific literature on probiotic supplementation in healthy adults. Our findings, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that giving healthy adults live bacteria can have a few benefits:

  • 1.It can increase the concentration of “good” bacteria. So, if an imbalance of digestive system bacteria does occur in healthy adults , probiotic supplementation may help restore the balance.
  • 2.It can reduce abdominal discomfort caused by irregular bowel movements and constipation.
  • 4.There is some evidence that it can boost the immune system, and help reduce the incidence, duration and severity of the common cold. While the exact mechanism for this is not clear, probiotics might influence immune responses by stimulating production and improving activity of cells that fight respiratory infections. But only three studies have shown these benefits in healthy adults.
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    Probiotics Wont Override A Bad Diet And Lifestyle

    They key thing Id say here is that no probiotics will override a bad diet and lifestyle, not even the most expensive, effective ones in the world. So, if youve tried probiotics but felt like they didnt do anything and you just wasted your money, it might be that you havent addressed the underlying cause of your IBS triggers yet.

    I like to think of probiotics as the cherry on top of a cake. Youve got to be eating the right things and doing the right things in order to make a nice cake, i.e. manage your symptoms. Once youve got your symptoms under control, adding in a probiotic can be really helpful in maintaining and supporting your gut health and making you feel even better. This is just like how adding a cherry to a cupcake makes it even better . If you just had a cherry on its own, without the cupcake, youre just eating a cherry..

    This is why, in my YOUR GUT TRIGGERS one on one coaching program, I help clients to work out what foods and habits are triggering their IBS symptoms first. Once weve identified those and removed them/worked out how to manage them, only then do we talk about whether probiotics would be right for them. This is because probiotics arent going to heal you or take away your symptoms, but, once youve figured out your triggers and removed them, they can help you to build your gut back up after all the damage its received from years of triggers!

    Food And Beverage Tobacco

    Read this before buying into the probiotic hype.

    A physician and naturopath weigh in about these supplements a $43 billion industry.

    Most probiotics are either strains of bacteria or yeast, and weve been consuming some of them, like yogurt, for millennia. But despite our long history of consuming these microorganisms, our knowledge of how the microbiome relates to our overall health is limited. Despite the lack of information on how much probiotics improve our health, that hasnt stopped companies from marketing their supposed benefits to consumers.

    Also read: Want to ward off cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Start these 5 habits nowIf someones healthy and has no medical condition and their doctor hasnt told them they need to take a probiotic or multivitamin, then there is no need to take one, Cohen says. Theres no strain that I would recommend to a healthy person to stay healthy.

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