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How To Get A 7 In Ib English Hl

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IB RESULTS: How YOU can get a 7 in IB English A Lit HL

As;IB;Online English Tutors, we talk to many students about their IB English papers both; HL & SL. Some of them find it really easy because English is their first language. While the case is exactly the opposite for the people who dont have English as their first language. We all are aware of the fact English is the most commonly used business language. It is an important factor in the growth of everybodys professional life

Strong Vocabulary And Grammar

IB Online English Tutors suggest that there are two fundamentals for better English

1. Knowledge of words

2. Ability to convert these words into sentences

Good knowledge of words comes from good Vocabulary while the ability to convert them into sentences comes from good grammar. You must read more and more to make your vocabulary strong. Read newspapers, magazines, books, and online articles to look for new words. Write all unfamiliar/new words on a paper and look for their meanings and their synonyms. IB Online English Tutors advise using these new words in sentences at least once. This trick will make you remember them forever.

Now it comes about the grammar !! reading as much;as possible will also help you to improve your grammar. Besides this, you should write more to make your;grammar strong. Try to convert everything you think into sentences. Do workbooks as much as possible, especially, SAT workbooks.

IB Online Tutors divide the strategy to crack the IB English exam into two steps

1 Analyzing the question paper and

2 Writing the response to get good grades.

1. What is the purpose of writing

2. Is there any theme

3. What sort of tone is used

4. What is the structure of the text

PEEL writing technique

IB Online English Tutors recommend;PEEL writing techniques;to structure the whole text.Here,

P;indicates for point

E;indicates for evidence

E;indicates for explanation;

L;indicates for linking

Carefully Consider The Source You Wish To Write About

This seems like an obvious point, but some candidates choose what they believe to be the easiest option , even if they do not particularly like the text. Though this may be a good option for some, we have seen students struggle with researching, writing, and perfecting an IB English HL essay on a text they ultimately are not interested in. This can affect the strength of the line of argument, and how convincing the essay is.

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Concepts: An Introductory Activity

With the revised Language and Literature study guide, introduced for first assessment in May 2021, concept-based learning has become an explicit requirement for teaching and learning. Many of you may have previously used concepts, more or less explicitly or informally, as part of your course design and teaching practice. Now, however, seven concepts have been definitely identified for inclusion in…

Paper : Sample Response 1

How To Get A 7 In IB Physics: 7 Top Tips

One of the May 2021 Paper 1 examination texts was an article on tandoori cooking, published in The New York Times Magazine. The article was published in 1988, although this detail is not included in the examination paper. The New York Times did not begin publishing in digital format until 1996, so although the guiding question uses the word webpage, we …

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Ib English Book Notes

Based on the list of prescribed authors and literature from IBO, I picked some of the most popular books to teach and provided links to notes on those works. What’s important to remember from these books is key moments, themes, motifs, and symbols, so you can discuss them on your in-class tests and the IB papers.

Paper : Practice Texts To Go

The Paper 1 examination is an unseen written examination. Unlike the Individual Oral and the Higher Level Essay there is no need for students to connect their response to wider reading or a wider body of work. Instead, students are asked to write a focused response to one non-literary text or two non-literary texts The course study guide provides a list of texts…

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Develop A List Of Similarities And Differences:

Our IB online tutors furnish the students with past papers to familiarise them with the basis of comparison. Once that is clear, they help learners think critically about the differences and similarities between the items being compared. For example, in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, being a gentleman is a matter of morality than of position. On the other hand, in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte, being a gentleman is associated with the virtues of hard work and resilience than with luxury and indulgence. Once youve outlined these, you can write your thesis statement. A good thesis statement usually includes both similarities and differences.

In the face of Covid-19, several students have reached out to online IB English tutors at Baccalaureate Classes to understand how to produce an error-free written task, give a streamlined oral commentary, and seek advice on how to analyse an unseen and seen text. The tricks and hacks provided by our expert IB English online tutors will be useful not just for IB candidates but for anyone looking to improve their English communication skills.

How To Interpret Poetry Guides

How I Got a 7 in IB HL Language and Literature Notes PDF

Many people struggle the most with the poetry material, and if you’re one of those people, we have some resources specifically for making poetry questions easier.

Here is a full explanation of how to interpret poetry for the IB exam with term definitions, descriptions of types of poems, and examples. We also have tons of poetry resources on our blog that range from explaining specific terms all the way to complete, expert analyses of poems you should know.

Here are some resources to get you started:;

This is another great resource with poetry terms defined on “flashcards”, and you can test yourself on the site by clicking “play.”

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Economics Hl Average Score: 509

The stats suggest that Economics is significantly easier than Business Management, History, or Psychology, beating out the other 3 common social sciences comfortably. It seems that last year taking Economics HL proved easier than Economics SL, as the average score for the higher level course was a full 0.43 points higher than the standard level equivalent! Additionally, a full 12.3% of candidates in Econ HL got a 7, thats 6x higher rate than in History, 2x the rate in Business Management, and 4x the rate in Psychology.;

Grab Free Biology Resources!

How To Get A 7 In Ib Physics

HL Physics is one of the hardest subjects in IB, and it is only with the good guidance of expert Tutors, a hard work ethic, and smart studying that one gets a level 7.

Our IB Physics Tutors are sharing a few tips that can help you on how to get a 7 in ib Physics?. Usually, we follow all these tips in our IB Physics Tuition Classes.

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Do Internal Assessments Really Well

Internal Assessments are your saviour when it comes to scoring a 7 in IB English. IAs include:

  • the Individual Oral Presentation ;
  • Individual Oral Commentary ;
  • Further Oral Activity for IB English Lang Lit students; and,
  • the Works in Translation essay.

IAs are arguably easier than final exams since theyre untimed, theres a lot less stress involved, plus you get lots of support from your friends and teachers.

However, you must take these IAs seriously. Yes, they will provide you with a good foundation which you can use to build up to that 7, but more importantly, you need to do them well to make sure you dont jeopardise your chance at getting a 7 before you even reach your final exams.

Draft early. Writing is a creative process, so its crucial that you give yourself enough time to develop interesting ideas and to refine your artwork . After your final edit, leave enough time to remove yourself for two days. Come back and review with a critical eye.

Seek help. Ok, you may need it psychologically, from the horror of the IB, but I mean academically.

  • Use the internet to find interesting alternate analyses of your texts that your teacher didnt go through.
  • Get feedback from your friends on your drafts for that fresh eye at times you cant afford to step back from your work yourself.

Should I Take Hl Or Sl English

How to get a 7 in IB Biology?

<p>The thing is i don’t know if i should take HL english if i’ve never enjoyed the subject . Although i am really good at the subject and have a flair for writing according to my english teacher . </p>

<p>But whats making me consider it as a higher level subject is the fact that it would probably be more beneficial than taking a science HL as i intend to major in finance/international relations/politics. </p>

<p>Do you think i should suffer through HL English lang/lit or should i take HL Biology and actually enjoy myself although it won’t benefit me in the future? However, since i find psychology pretty interesting biology could possibly be useful if i change my mind. </p>

<p>My other subject are as follows :</p>

<p>HL: Economics, Biology, PsychologySL: Maths, Arabic B, English </p>

<p>My IB English A HL class is basically literary criticism. Writing about writing, talking about writing, giving presentations about writing, etc. If you can read a work and really delve into the details of it, not just the action/plot but what the authors doing to show his big ideas or even what those big ideas are, then youd definitely do well in that class. My friend and I are polar opposites, but we both do really well: she can see the big ideas without an issue, but has to work hard to find the details that back up those claims, and I can see the details, but cant put it together in a big idea. Whatever youre weak in, your teacher surely will be happy to give you tips.</p>

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Straighten Out That Grammar

Also read more. Native speakers never think explicitly about what grammar rules to use in this or that sentence. Grammar comes naturally because native speakers have gotten so used to the patterns of English language. Reading voraciously is the key to making grammatical correctness second-nature.

Write more. The more you read, the better you write. But, youll still need to put in some hard hours to make use of and perfect your newfound skill.

Workbooks. SAT workbooks are particularly helpful. I recommend Erica Meltzers The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar.

Individuals And Societies Average Score: C

Although the average score for writing an EE within Individuals and Societies is the same as it was within the easiest EE subject , youre much more likely to get a D if you choose to write your EE in the social sciences! Only 25% get a B or higher in Individuals and Societies, compared to 37% in the sciences and 44% in Language A. This may be impacted by the sheer amount of students that write their EE within the Individuals and Societies because it seems like an easy topic. It is also completely possibly to write a terrific EE in this subject, and weve seen it done many times!;

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Demands Of The Ib English Hl Essay

In this way, the scope and direction of the IB HL Essay for English can be quite hard for learners to understand and master. Candidates need to research literary commentary to supplement their arguments and create a polished piece of literary criticism based on significant literary or thematic elements studied in the IB English curriculum.

Even the process of constructing an essay title and narrowing down the scope of the essay is challenging in itself. When our IB English tutors teach our students, we first prioritise this conceptual foundation.;

How Do I Score A Solid 7 In Ib Hl Bio And Hl Chem

How to get a Level-7 for your IB English Interactive Oral (IO)

2021-06-25 08:45:16

HL Chem:

Make notes and make sure you know your stuff. Like, how to draw lewis structures, how to calculate mean bond enthalpy, why transition metals are colored, how to draw a maxwell-boltzman curve. In every exam paper, such questions would definitely appear, so you must MAKE SURE YOU CAN DO THEM PERFECTLY. The bare minimum of getting a 7 in chem is to do the questions that others can do correctly, correctly.

To be good at these questions, do the past year exam papers. After doing quite a few, you will realise how similar they are; the same questions always re-appear. The answer key is a good guide of the type of answers they are expecting and if you are unsure of your answer, consult your teacher. MAKE SURE YOU CAN DO CALCULATIONS PERFECTLY, FOR SUCH QUESTIONS ARE SO EASY TO SCORE! Also, you must must know how to draw SN1, SN2, Free-radical substitution, electrophilic addition, electrophilic substitution etc . It will definitely come out but drawing it correctly can give you 45 marks.

For Paper 1, you should aim for 3840. Also, do the paper 3 well. I did medicinal chemistry and it was all memory work. Just memorise and you should be alright.

HL Bio:

I got 84 for Chem and 87 for Bio , so I guess what I did works fine! Honestly, science is not difficult to score, due to the lack of subjectivity of answers, and the fact that if you know what you need to know, you are beyond fine.

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Face Off: Should Celebrities Be Exempted From Quarantine

With only one week to go before International Baccalaureate students sit their English exam, Young Post wanted to find out whats in store for candidates.

We spoke to Ryan Reagan, co-founder and general course director of HKExcel Education, about how you can best prepare for the papers. His advice will be useful not just for IB candidates, but anyone looking to improve their English skills.

Equip Yourself With Descriptive Words:

While preparing for the exam, compile a list of adjectives of feelings and emotions to describe the mood and atmosphere of the poem as well as the tone and voice of the speaker. Our online IB English tutors ease the burden for the students by providing them with a ready-made template of mood and tone words that come in handy for the learners during their practice tests and exams.

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History Hl Average Score: 429

Perhaps unsurprisingly to some, History HL is the social science with the lowest average score that the IB offers. The average score sits at 4.29, with 3x as many people failing the class as getting a 7. Would we at Lanterna recommending staying away from History, though? No! History is a great course to take to learn about how to research and write proper essays crucial tools for the future . That being said, be prepared for a word-heavy subject, and a lot of essay-writing if you do decide to embark on the journey of History HL.;

Grab Free Chemistry Resources!

Your Writing Style Is Extremely Important

How to get a 7 in IB Economics?

Smart writing is simple writing. Essays are meant to communicate ideas. Hence, the best essays are those that are written concisely. A lot of students think that the more complex an essay, the more sophisticated it is. Dont succumb to this myth! Simple writing is always the best writing because it communicates ideas clearly.

Strip back the flowery vocabulary. Sometimes, using super fancy language does more harm than good to your essay. Thats not to say that you should forget all the nice words we told you to learn in Step 1. Rather, you should use advanced words correctly and strategically. Dont overuse them, and certainly dont use them in the wrong places just for the sake of using them.

Have a clear structure. Use a PEEL structure for all your paragraphs, and make sure your analysis always supports your points. One of the biggest mistakes is having complex arguments, but neglecting the way you structure them resulting in markers understanding individual points, but completely lost as to how they support your overall thesis.

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S 4 And 5 How To Address Why Specific Language Is Used

First, you must understand that all writers have a purpose. In other words, a writer always writes for a reason. Perhaps there is a profound insight that they want to share with the world, or a interesting story that they want others to be entertained by. Writers always have some sort of message, idea or story that they want to convey through their words. This assumption makes a lot of sense. Just sit down in front of an A4 piece of paper and tell yourself to Write. Without motivation or an end goal, you cant write half a page, let alone a poem, a story or a novel.

Now, since a writer is motivated by a purpose that they desperately want to see happen, the writers writing process is obviously influenced by this intention. In fact, every part of the writing process is influenced by this purpose; every word, every technique, every punctuation that a writer chooses must pass the one test that is applied again and again by the writer himself/herself: Is this the best word or technique that I can use to get me closer to reaching my purpose?

Example of Writers Purpose: Harry Potter

For example, a certain JK Rowling is tossing up between using horrendous and disturbing to describe a Dementor in her upcoming Harry Potter book. Which word would she choose?

Concretely, steps 4 and 5 of the five-step formula are these:

Here is the final diagram that summarises the five-step formula of literary analysis for IB English.

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