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How To Prepare For Ib Math Sl Exam

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Ways To Prepare Your Child For The Ib Math Exam

How to Study IB Math AA SL in One Day

Posted by David Watson . on July 28, 2021

The IB Math exam is one of those exams that would demand serious preparations from its takers. And the students planning to take it really should give the IB Math exam the attention it needs, especially when hoping to get into a good university.

The IB Math exam seeks to evaluate students aptitude in various areas of mathematics which include algebra, functions and equations, circular functions and trigonometry, vectors, statistics and probability, and calculus.

With the need to be proficient in all these areas , your child would appreciate your help in preparing. We have collated x ways on how you can do just that:

Seek Out Supplemental Instruction

And when it comes to developing your weaknesses, this specifically means finding high-quality instructional videos or tutoring to help you master the content that youre a little shaky on. Students should spend time daily practising their weaknesses. For example, question banks provide a great resource to get extra practice in.

Practice Lots Of Papers

Theres no better way to prepare for an exam than doing practice papers. Studying practice papers not only helps you learn how to solve math problems, and IBO does tend to repeat lots of questions annually . If youre lucky, you might come across a question in an exam that seems familiar from practice!

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I Can Predict The Questions That Will Most Likely Show Up In The Next Math Sl Exam


Not with a crystal ball, but with an incredibly detailed analysis of the exams. Im happy to share the results with you, in order to help you prepare for YOUR exams. Ill take what I learned from my insane spreadsheet and summarise the results for you!

Ive mapped every single question from every single paper in the current IB Math SL syllabus, to its relative topic and subtopic, and I even did an analysis of the difficulty of each question.

With that, I was able to learn some valuable trends and calculated the questions that most likely will show up on the next exam, including how likely they are to be asked on Paper 1 vs Paper 2.

The Complete Guide To Ib Maths In Singapore

Ib Mathematics (SL) Examination Flashcard Study System : Ib Test ...

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme aims to provide students with the essential knowledge and real-world skills to prepare them for their further studies in university. As a course that encourages students to develop open-mindedness and intercultural understanding, the IB Curriculum involves the study of a wide range of subjects designed to holistically educate students. During the 2-year course, students are to study 6 subjects, one from each subject group, in addition to completing the central core elements that involve the Theory of Knowledge course and the Extended Essay .

With such a rigorous course, you and your child may be rather overwhelmed. As such, our team at MindFlex has put together an Ultimate Guide to IB Maths, including some resources that will be helpful to your child as he/she goes through the IB Maths curriculum.

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Insufficient Time To Complete The Paper Due To Poor Time Management

The IB External Assessments are extremely rigorous and students usually find themselves struggling to complete the paper due to poor time management or insufficient practice. Regardless of how well-versed with the syllabus content students are, without proper time management, students will still be unable to score well in the IB examinations.

Hence, MindFlex recommends that students work on their time management by setting aside time to practice their exam papers under timed conditions in order to simulate real-life exam settings. This way, students will be able to build up their time management skills as well as to familiarise themselves with the speed and accuracy required to complete their paper and do well.

How Should You Prepare For Ib Math Ai Hl Exams


Preparing for exams in the IB program is a continual process. Students often begin on the first day of class and stick to strict revision schedules in order to master all of the syllabus content in time for the exams. In fact, students who wait and cram before exams do measurably worse than their peers who are well-prepared. Here are some tips for preparing for the IB math AI HL exams.

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What You Sign Up For: 7 Emails In 7 Days

Its a lot to cover and I didnt want to overwhelm you with a single ridiculous post. Instead, youll receive 7 emails from me over 7 days following this program:

  • Day 1: Numbers and Algebra
  • Day 2: Functions and equations
  • Day 3: Circular Functions and Trigonometry
  • Day 5: Statistics and probability
  • Day 6: Calculus derivatives
  • Day 7: Fantastic Final Finish

Each day, we will cover:

  • The most common questions and sub-topics
  • My predictions for the next Math SL exam

This way, youll know exactly what to revise when preparing for the exam. Because, lets face it, you are likely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of material to cover.

Im here to help you get laser-focused on those exams, so you can finally think: IB awesome!

Standard Level Ib Math

[IB Math SL] Exam Review: Statistics

Standard level IB math aims to introduce concepts by developing math techniques. Students are taught and encouraged to apply math knowledge to solve realistic problems in an appropriate setting. The course outline includes Algebra, Functions and equations, Circular functions and trigonometry, Vectors, Statics and probability, and Calculus. Students also have to complete a mathematics exploration assessment, a piece of written work investigating an area of math.

The IB standard level math final assessment model consists of two papers. Paper one is non-calculator based. Section A includes compulsory short-response questions based on the whole syllabus. Section B includes compulsory extended response questions on the entire syllabus.

Paper two requires a graphical display calculator and has two sections. Both sections are similar to paper one, with compulsory short-response and extended response questions based on the syllabus.

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How To Prepare For The Ib Maths Sl Exam

When studying, you may be wondering about the best and most effective way of how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam. After all, there is an extensive amount of classroom materials you need to remember and understand to achieve top marks.

The most prominent error students make when preparing for the IB maths SL exam, is not reaching out to their teacher or getting help from a tutor to assist them in understanding the IB Maths materials. If you have not properly prepared and reached out for help, you may be faced with a question where you are unsure how to answer or solve the equation quickly and completely. This could potentially cost you valuable marks.

The second biggest mistake students make is leaving their studies until the very last minute, even as late as the night before the exam. By doing so, you may feel tired from studying the whole night before the exam and only remember very little of the material you have reviewed the night before. Trying to retain information when youre tired and in such a short amount of time can often do more harm than good. This can dramatically affect your ability to perform in the exam.

Every Ib Math Past Paper Available: Free And Official

No matter which IB math course you take, the test can be stressful. For many students, achieving a 6 or better is necessary to get you out of college math requirements. Even if you’re not aiming for a 6 or above, you need to pass to better your chances of getting your IB Diploma. You’ve spent years studying for this moment. To ensure you’re prepared, we highly recommend sitting for at least one practice test using IB Math past papers.

In this article, we show you where you can find free and paid IB math practice materials for the four IB math exams: Applications & Interpretations SL and HL as well as Analysis & Approaches SL and HL. We’ll also give you advice on how to get the most out of your practice so you can hit your target score on test day.

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Ib Maths Hlmock Exam Program

Practice makes perfect
  • We offer a total of 32 mock exams, solutions and tips from September 2022 to May 2023 for IB exam.
  • You take the exams live, online, and simultaneously.
  • We provide you with various perspectives and help you manage your time in the most efficient way in long IB questions.
  • These shortcuts and tips make your calculations faster and more practical.
  • You can assess your level and see your strengths and weaknesses with the solutions included in the program.
  • We teach different and effective solutions to the questions, giving you different perspectives, in addition to challenging questions.
  • We apply one mock exam each week synchronous with students school program.

*** You can take advantage of all these benefits in September 2022 to May 2023 for just $ 960 for one year.

As you get more mock exams, you will have more opportunities to get closer to your ideal IB Maths score.

Common Study Errors That Ib Math Students Make

Ib Mathematics (Sl) Examination Secrets Study Guide : Ib Test Review ...

The Analysis & Approaches courses cover a lot of material. With so much material, you can’t afford to fall behind because you won’t be able to catch up. You’ll need to master the subjects during the school year in order to excel on the IB Math SL/HL papers.

Common errors that IB Math students make include:

  • Ignoring the material you don’t understand: If you didn’t understand it from your teacher, then you need to look for outside help. This IB Math study guide is a great start, but you may need to supplement with outside tutoring, too.
  • Only studying right before the exam: As we said before, there are too many topics for both courses to master in only a few weeks . This is why it’s so important that you master the subjects when you’re learning them in class. If you’re still struggling, this guide can helpbut don’t be afraid to get tutoring from a teacher or other expert.

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Ib Math Resources To Help You Succeed

There are several International Baccalaureate study math resources these can be great tools to prepare you for the final diploma. Online IB math resources have exciting features like worksheets, exam past papers, and study guides.

When used effectively, these features can enrich your study experience. No matter which IB math course you choose to take, whether it is Higher level or Standard level math, you dont have to do it all on your own the Online Math Center tutors are there for you. Contact us now to schedule an appointment we would be happy to assist you!


Exam Tips / Advice / Information

download a copy of these exam tips: 33 Exam Tips

  • Do not give up too easily on a question. However, sometimes it is a good idea to move on to another question and return later to one that you found difficult.
  • Time management is very important during the examination and too much time spent on a difficult question may mean that you do not have enough time to complete other questions.
  • If you make a mistake draw a single line through the work that you want to replace. Do not cross out the work until you have replaced it with something you consider better. Do not excessively ‘scratch out’ work a single, or double, line is enough.
  • Include relevant explanations / notes with your algebraic work.
  • Do not try to save time by taking algebraic shortcuts. Be careful with algebraic manipulations.
  • It is best to make diagrams and graphs large clearly drawn with all appropriate labels.
  • If an exact answer is not too difficult or tedious to obtain then it is best to give the exact answer. Otherwise give an approximate answer to an accuracy of three significant figures.
  • Check for key words/phrases such as hence, show that, write down, etc. Underlining key words/phrases when you first read a question can be helpful.
  • Exam questions are often written in a way so that, even if you cannot get the answer to one part, you can still answer later parts. This is especially true for Section B .
  • Be familiar with common error messages that your calculator may display.
  • Eat breakfast !
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    Regularly Review Your Classroom Notes And Study Guide

    Your classroom notes and study guide are both great resources for you to use when you are looking for how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam. It is essential to always pay attention and take in-depth notes in your maths classes as this will allow you to look at the questions down the track and help you to understand what you were writing.

    Your study guide and course formula booklet will help you know what mathematical topics to focus on as these will be apart of your exam. For any additional materials that you need, you can always ask your tutor or refer to online resources.

    Objectives Of Ib Maths

    Chi-squared GOF (Goodness of Fit) test [IB Maths AI SL/HL]

    The primary objective of the IB Maths course is to give students knowledge of Mathematical facts and concepts, and inculcate in twenty-first century problem-solving and reasoning skills.

    The following Assessment Objectives are aimed towards encouraging students to hone these skills.

    1. Knowledge and understandingIB Maths Students are expected to demonstrate an ability to understand, recall and appropriately use Mathematical concepts and techniques in any context, be it familiar or unfamiliar.

    2. Problem SolvingOn top of knowing Mathematical facts, IB Maths students are also required to be able to select and apply their knowledge to solve various problems, in both real-world contexts as well as in abstract problems.

    3. Communication and interpretation

    IB Maths students are expected to translate real-world problems into Mathematics, and bring their mathematical knowledge into common real-world situations. In addition, they should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate technology and notations to be used in various different contexts.

    4. Technology

    IB Maths students should understand how to use technology appropriately to solve Mathematics problems and explore different ideas.

    5. Reasoning

    As IB Maths students, students should know how to create logically sound and precise Mathematical statements, inferences and deductions.

    6. Inquiry Approaches

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    How To Use This Ib Math Analysis & Approaches Guide

    If you’re in search of information on one topic, use the ctrl + f function on your computer to search this guide for that specific topic. For instance, if you want to read about Algebraic Sequences, use ctrl + f to bring up the search function. Type “Algebraic Sequences,” and your computer will show you all the study materials for Algebraic Sequences listed in this article.

    We split the following material up into three categories:

    • Broad Notes: Longer that provide an overview of most or all of the subjects covered in a topic
    • Specific Subjects: Shorter summaries of specific subjects within a topic
    • Videos: Demonstration videos of how to solve past paper problems related to the subject

    Study Consistently Well Before Your Exam

    As mentioned above, you need to ensure you never leave studying till the last minute. Instead, organise an allocated time every day where you can focus on your studies. Studying regularly each day in the months approaching your exam can make a significant impact on your overall performance.

    Make sure you take into consideration other important commitments in your life such as sport, socialising, family time and other hobbies. While studying will help you improve your academic skills, if you do not make time for other aspects of your daily life you will quickly burn yourself out, which is just as harmful as not studying at all.

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    Complete Ib Math Topics Overview: Standard Level

    This 167-page set of notes includes every topic covered in the old version of the IB Math SL course. It hasn’t been updated for the Analysis & Approaches courses, but the curricula for the new courses largely stayed the same, so this is still a good resource. This guide is definitely not something you want to read in one night, but it’s great to reference as you review different IB Math topics. It’s highly organized, so you can search the table of contents to find the exact topic you want to study.

    Another great set of review-worthy notes for HL can be found here, and one for SL here. Theres unfortunately not a lot of explanation in either, but these have been updated for the Analysis and Approaches course, and cover every topic in the new version. These documents are also quite long, so pace yourself as you do your review.

    Topic 1: Numbers and Algebra

    Ib Hl Vs Sl: Whats The Difference

    An example of a question from an IB SL Math test.

    The two-year long program requires students to pick out six subjects of their choosing, out of six subject groups. One important and often considered difficult subject group is Mathematics, referred to as group 5. Group 5 consists of the following classes:

    • Mathematics in Standard Level / Mathematics in Higher Level

    • Mathematics Studies SL

    • Further Mathematics HL

    Standard level and higher level courses are separated based on difficulty and amount of coursework. The differences should be noted prior to signing up for a class, and choosing one that best suits your interests and is most relevant to further education is highly helpful. For example, if you arent planning on pursuing a degree in a field related to math, engineering, or something that could use credits from a math course, then HL might be an unnecessary load of work. Taking SL instead allows you to use that HL slot for a class that does have a greater effect on your future enrollments in university or college, as you can only take up to three HL classes anyway.

    This guide will be focusing on the coursework of Math SL, but even if you are a student taking HL, you might find it useful to stick around because a lot of the concepts in SL serve as groundwork for harder content in HL!

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