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Is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar A Probiotic

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What Are The Scientifically

Probiotic | Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

There are many varieties of vinegar products produced around the world. Different vinegars contain different types and amounts of bioactive compounds that may defend against oxidative stress, diabetic progression, microorganisms, tumor growth, obesity, and high blood pressure and cholesterol5

There are 2 main scientific benefits associated with ACV:

How To Get More Acv In Your Diet

There are many different ways you can consume ACV. Making it a regular part of your diet or supplement routine allows you to realize the full health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

  • Add it to your everyday vegetable or meat meals.
  • Use ACV and other natural ingredients to make a vinaigrette salad.
  • Consume them in the form of ACV pills or delicious apple cider vinegar gummies.
  • Add diluted ACV to your marinade recipe.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Gas

Eating food produces gas in our bodies. However, sometimes a gas build-up may cause a more serious health problem. Belching or burping helps release this accumulated gas. Some believe ACV helps promote this process. The evidence is mostly anecdotal, but it may help gas indirectly.

Research has backed the claim that vinegar intake helps promote satiety. Since overeating is a common cause of gas, one could assume that apple cider vinegar may indirectly help by promoting a feeling of fullness.

Gas in the stomach also develops due to the breakdown of undigested food by gut microbiota. Here, apple cider vinegars antimicrobial properties can help improve the digestive process. A 2019 animal study examined this relationship with intestinal microbiota and provides positive results.

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What About Blood Pressure

Results from scientific research studies prove that apple cider vinegar helps reduce blood pressure in rats, but we are not sure if the same is true in humans. Researchers speculate that acetic acid in vinegar may enhance the absorption of calcium, a mineral that is critical for blood pressure regulation. More studies are needed to determine if apple cider vinegar is effective for lowering blood pressure in people. See your doctor if you suffer from high blood pressure to reduce your risk of blood clots and stroke.

Vinegar Kills Some Germs

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Apple cider vinegar does have some antiseptic properties. It may help kill bacteria on produce. Salad dressings containing vinegar may have some ability to kill E. coli, salmonella, and other microorganisms that are on produce. Vinegar is not effective against all microorganisms though, so wash your produce thoroughly before eating. And do not try to use apple cider vinegar to disinfect a cut or a wound because the acid can burn skin.

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Injury To Esophagus And Vocal Cords

Consumption of acid such as ACV may result in acid burns that damage your esophagus and vocal cords. In one case report, a woman reported severe pain and difficulty swallowing after an apple cider tablet was trapped in her throat for 30 minutes. A study that examined 8 different brands of apple cider vinegar tablets found varying concentrations of acetic acid in the tablets. ACV tablets with high concentration of acetic acid have a higher risk of acid burn to the throat compared to lower concentrations13. In another case report, a woman who consumed a teaspoon of vinegar resulted in inflammation of her oropharynx and second-degree caustic injury in her esophagus. This report confirmed the danger of ulcerative injury to the throat and gut. Furthermore, acid reflux from vinegar ingestion may damage the vocal cords as well14.

How To Use Acv Safely

While the overall risks of ACV are mild, it can still damage dental and esophageal health when its highly concentrated. The risk of tooth erosion and other issues rises considerably when you use undiluted solutions regularly.

If you do want to try ACV to whiten your teeth, heres what you can do to minimize the risk of damage:

  • Dilution:Create a diluted solution of one part ACV to two to three parts warm water. You may have to adjust the mix as the formers acidity can vary between 4% and 8%. Make sure you know what youre working with. Some add baking soda to the solution.
  • Swishing:In the same way that youd use mouthwash, you swish the solution in your mouth for about 20 seconds at a time before spitting it out. You can repeat this a couple of times.
  • Cleaning: After youve gargled the ACV, make sure to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with water. You dont want acids from the solution to be in contact with your teeth for too long.

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Why Are Fermented Foods Beneficial For Health

The probiotics produced during the fermentation process may help restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut. This may improve digestion and provide other health benefits.

Some research suggests that fermented foods may improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome . Fermented foods may also lessen the severity of diarrhea, bloating, gas, and constipation.

A healthy gut equals a stronger immune system, so eating fermented foods may improve your immunity. Probiotic-rich foods may prevent illness and help you recover more quickly when you get sick.

Additionally, many fermented foods are rich in vitamin C, iron, and zinc all of which are proven to contribute to a stronger immune system.

Some studies have shown that fermented foods may promote mental health, heart health, and weight loss.

A few studies have found that the probiotic strains Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum are linked to reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. Both probiotics are found in fermented foods.

While more research is needed, some studies have found that certain probiotic strains including Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus gasseri may aid in weight loss and decreased belly fat.

Fermented foods have also been linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Probiotics may moderately reduce blood pressure and help lower cholesterol.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Diabetes

Homemade Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Fascinatingly, some early studies indicate that ACV was effective at controlling blood glucose levels in diabetic rats. A small handful of studies have been done in humans, and the main conclusions were that ACV is more effective at controlling blood glucose in healthy individuals than in pre-diabetic or diabetic individuals.

For the general population, these findings change nothing. ACV is not currently recommended for diabetes due to the lack of information on how it affects blood sugar levels, and it should not be used as a substitute for medication.

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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Cause Diarrhea

Drinking undiluted and excessive ACV can potentially cause diarrhea. This is because it may sometimes kill off the gut microbes essential for healthy digestion when consumed in excess. In other cases, the high-acidic concentration may disturb bowel movements.

This is a rare occurrence, and shouldnt be a problem when consumed in moderation. Thus, always keep the safety precautions in mind while supplementing ACV. Use a raw, organic product and dilute it with water before consumption, and always stay within the recommended dosage.

How Is Acv Made

Apple cider vinegar is made during a two-step process. First, crushed apples are exposed to yeast, which ferments the sugars and turns them into alcohol.

Then bacteria are added to ferment the alcohol even further, turning it into acetic acid. Acetic acid is the main active compound in vinegar.

Acetic acid is what makes vinegar smell and taste sour. Researchers believe this acid is responsible for apple cider vinegars health benefits. Cider vinegars are 56% acetic acid.

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The 8 Probiotic Rich Foods Your Gut Needs

Many traditional probiotic foods can be found in your local health food store or made in the comfort of your own home.

In fact, fermenting certain foods at home to create probiotics is much easier than you might think.

Typically, making a probiotic food only requires a few key ingredients, such as pure Celtic sea salt, water, and a mason jar.

In some cases, a probiotic food may require you to obtain a specific bacterial culture to start the fermentation process. Bacterial cultures are relatively easy to find, and in most cases, your local health food store will sell the culture or be able to point you in the right direction to find it.

Here are the eight of the best probiotic rich foods, which are guaranteed to improve your overall health.

1. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is a popular traditional German dish, but its an easy-to-make ultimate superfood that many nutritionists recommend eating to eliminate digestive symptoms and clear up the skin.

Sauerkraut is simply fermented green cabbage. To make sauerkraut, green cabbage is finely chopped and combined with sea salt and water and allowed to sit at room temperature for several days.

Cabbage contains lactobacillus on its surface, and when combined with salt water, these bacteria break down the natural sugars in cabbage into lactic acid. Lactic acid then ferments the cabbage, which turns it into a probiotic containing food.

Kefir grains are available at many health food stores.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Constipation And Bloating

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Does apple cider vinegar cause bloating? Probably not

Proponents of apple cider vinegar claim that it acts as a mild laxative, speeding up gastric movements to move food along and out of the body, but there is simply no evidence supporting this claim. Thats right, there are no studies evaluating the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for constipation.

Constipation is defined as fewer than three bowel movements a week, and while occasional constipation is common, some people experience chronic constipation due to underlying medical conditions. Its not unusual to feel bloated when constipation strikes.

Fortunately, constipation can often be resolved by simple lifestyle changes, not ACV. Drink more water, get daily exercise, and make sure you consume at least 30g of fiber every day. Whats more, all these changes will naturally contribute to overall wellbeing and a healthy environment for your gut bacteria!

To date, no direct links between ACV and constipation relief have been found in published scientific articles.

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Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar isnt only great as an addition to recipes, it is also the ultimate health elixir. ACV has a wide array of health benefits and therefore is a great addition to your daily routine.

ACV is effective in weight loss, stabilising blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, improving symptoms of arthritis and so much more. Furthermore, ACV contains acetic acid which can help to improve skin and hair health.

You Shouldnt Drink Too Much Of It

Even though the vast health claims are dubious, that doesnt automatically mean you cant drink apple cider vinegar. Lack of scientific evidence doesnt mean that its dangerous or wont make you feel healthier, says Langer. If youre going to incorporate it into your diet, its all about how you do it.

Langer recommends never going over two tablespoons a day, and Dr. Kahan agrees that overdoing it could have negative health effects. Beyond exacerbating the stomach irritation issue, too much acidity can wear away at your tooth enamel and even harm your esophagus, he says. He also suggests eating before you drink anything with apple cider vinegar mixed in so that stomach irritation is less likely.

Vinegar is a strong acid, he says. Like with a lot of other magic pills, potions, and foods, you want to be careful about having too much.

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The Importance Of Gut Health

Maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system is good for a persons well-being. One way to do this is through keeping the right balance of good and bad bacteria living in your gut.

The right balance between good and bad bacteria helps keep diseases at bay. Studies say that 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria can help our body function properly.

The good bacteria in your digestive system can boost your overall immune system, improve digestion and metabolism, vitamin and mineral absorption, and help your body eliminate toxins.

Bad bacteria can lead to irritation and inflammation, which is unhealthy. It can also affect your immune system, cause skin conditions, acid reflux, and constipation and diarrhea. Poor gut health may even lead to diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, liver disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and even mental issues.

Mykind Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Gummies

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This unique apple cider vinegar formula contains 2 billion CFU of probiotics Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis DE111, clinically studied strains to support digestive and immune health. These deliciously different gummies contain 700mg of apple cider vinegar offering the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the artificial ingredients or gelatin in just two gummies per day.

Made from Certified USDA Organic Plants grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation.

Third Party Non-GMO Project Verified is an assurance, through ongoing testing, that the product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance.

Products bearing the Certified Vegan logo must not contain any animal or animal by-products or chemical products tested on animals, keeping them in our world and out of our bodies.

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Acv Vs Jellyfish Stings

Apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy against jellyfish stings, so tote a bottle of it with you when you go to the beach. That is because ACV deactivates nematocysts, the cells in jellyfish tentacles that contain barbed, venomous threads. If you get stung, the most effective home remedy for jellyfish stings is to immerse the affected area in hot water, because the venom is deactivated by heat.

Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a high acidity that erodes tooth enamel, which you cant get back once it wears away. It can also damage your esophagus if you drink it straight.

To help prevent these problems, water it down. Add a tablespoon to a mug of warm water. This can cut down on the amount of acid hitting your teeth and throat.

Other possible side effects of apple cider vinegar include:

  • Lower potassium levels: Dont use apple cider vinegar if you have low potassium levels , as it could make the condition worse.
  • Interactions with medicines: Apple cider vinegar can interact with some medicines, including insulin and diuretic drugs . If you take any medications, ask your doctor whether you can safely take apple cider vinegar.
  • Nausea and vomiting: Some people quite literally cant stomach the taste and acidity of apple cider vinegar. If it makes you feel sick, stop using it.

Apple cider vinegar is also available in pills or gummies. Theres no standard dose, so follow the directions on the product or ask your doctor how much is safe for you. Look for a brand that has a seal of approval from a third party. The label may include a logo from:

  • Banned Substances Control Group® .

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Apple Cider Vinegar Risks And Side Effects

Because of its high acidity, drinking a lot of apple cider vinegar can damage your teeth, hurt your throat, and upset your stomach. Also:

  • Though some studies have been promising, theres still little to prove that drinking apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight.
  • It may also cause your potassium levels to drop too low. Your muscles and nerves need that nutrient to work the way they should.
  • Another study of people with type 1 diabetes found that apple cider vinegar slows the rate food and liquids move out of your stomach to your intestines. Slower digestion makes it harder to control your blood sugar level.
  • It might cause some medications to not work as well. These include diabetes and heart disease drugs as well as diuretics and laxatives.
  • And of course, its strong taste might not be for everyone.

In short, apple cider vinegar probably wont hurt you. You can try it because its calorie-free, adds lots of flavor to food, and has health benefits. But it isnt a miracle cure.

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How To Choose An Apple Cider Vinegar

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In a perfect world, choosing the best of the best superfoods would be an easy task. But when you walk into your local health food store, youre sure to see at least a handful of different ACVs. Before you buy, heed these tips about choosing an apple cider vinegar:

  • Look for unpasteurized ACV. Pasteurization uses heat to kill harmful bacteria in a substance, which is why its a good thing for milk and cheese. However, pasteurization can also kill the good bacteria that you want in ACV, so pasteurized ACV is essentially useless.
  • Get the ugly kind. Seriously you want an ACV that looks cloudy or murky. The shiny, sparkly ACVs you see at the store are likely more filtered and processed, meaning they dont offer the same benefits.
  • Find one with the mother. We know that sounds weird, but the mother is simply the culture of beneficial bacteria that transforms apple cider into vinegar. Think of it as the SCOBY in kombucha.
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