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What Are The Best Foods To Eat For Leaky Gut

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Best Foods To Eat On Leaky Gut Diet | Ask Eric Bakker

Say hello to our best friends! Gut-friendly vegetables and healthy fats.

The big idea here is to use our vegetables as a delivery vehicle for our fats.

Eg a mixed salad slathered in extra virgin olive oil or roasted broccoli finished with MCT oils and chopped walnuts.

  • Non-starchy vegetables eg broccoli, choy sum, cucumber*, green beans, radishes *Peel & deseed
  • Leafy greens eg arugula, chard, collard greens, kale, lettuce , spinach, watercress
  • Healthy fats eg coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, macadamia oil, MCT oil
  • Typically, this group of foods will be 50% of our daily calories.

    Leaky Gut Diet Sample Menu

    Based on the recommendations above regarding the best and worst leaky gut foods, here is what a few days of meals might look like when following a leaky gut diet plan:

    Day #1

    • Breakfast: avocado on sprouted grain toast topped with sauerkraut and tomatoes
    • Lunch: salad topped with sliced grass-fed steak and cooked or cultured veggies
    • Dinner: stir-fry made with mixed veggies and protein of our choice

    Day #2

    • Breakfast: yogurt parfait made with plain yogurt, chia seeds and berries
    • Lunch: cooked fish, such as salmon, with steamed veggies topped with olive oil
    • Dinner: seared chicken served with a mixed salad or vegetable soup


    • Breakfast: smoothie made with coconut milk, kefir or raw milk, sprouted almond butter and collagen protein powder
    • Lunch: chicken salad made with yogurt and avocado, served with veggies or salad
    • Dinner: steak or fish served with vegetable soup

    Processed Foods And Health: What The Research Says

    Read More

    If youre in tune with the health and fitness industry, youll hear the phrase gut health repeated often. Why is this buzzword garnering tons of attention? Why is gut health so important?

    Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Theres a delicate balance of essential microbes in the gut, and this balance is critical!

    The spheres of modern life such as little sleep, eating processed high sugar foods, and even anxiety can upset your ‘gut feeling’ or, as the experts call it, the gut microbiome.

    The optimum balance of these microorganisms is what ensures desirable physical health, mental health, and immunity.

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    Broccoli: More Reason To Eat This Popular Veggie: Its Good For Your Gut

    Not everyone is a fan of this green cruciferous veggie, but its health benefits are undeniable.

    In a 2017 study in the Journal of Functional Foods, when mice ate broccoli with their regular diet, it improved their intestinal health.

    The effects may also apply to other veggies in the cruciferous family. So load up on cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage. Add them to stir-frys, roast them, steam them, or grate and pile them on top of your favorite salad.

    Meal Planning For Leaky Gut Syndrome

    6 Nutrients That Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

    There’s a lot to remember when building a meal plan for clients with leaky gut syndrome, so we are saving you time with our Leaky Gut Diet which includes:

    • An evidence-based meal plan that includes essential foods for gut healing while excluding all damaging foods.
    • Simple, easy recipes that clients will actually love.
    • An itemized grocery list.
    • A prep guide to minimize confusion and time spent in the kitchen.
    • Evidence to educate your clients on key nutrients like fiber, zinc, and probiotics.

    Learn more about our Leaky Gut Diet here.

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    Reduce Your Stress To Decrease Inflammation

    Have you experienced a variety of symptoms while youre in a stressful situation? Perhaps you have a stomachache, bloating, or diarrhea.

    Stress can cause all sorts of changes in the way the body behaves, and the gut is not an exemption. It affects not only the gut secretions but also the permeability of the walls.

    People who are chronically stressed may not have the ideal healthy lifestyle as well. They may lack sleep or may not eat the right types of food, which increases the risk of having a leaky gut.

    When youre in this situation for so long, it may be challenging to reset. You can try supplements to help improve your sleep.

    What Nutrients Improve Leaky Gut

    Many foods and nutrients can affect the gut barrier wall-some can help and some can harm this lining. A balanced diet including adequate protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals is a key to recovery.

    Early research shows that the following nutrients and food extracts may help enhance the strength of the tight junctions. These nutrients include :

    • Vitamin A
    • Temporary leaky gut, even in healthy people

    Non-celiac gluten sensitivity results in improper digestion of the protein in some grains called gluten.

    People with non-celiac gluten sensitivity are more likely to have anemia, skin rashes , and IgG to gluten than those who have celiac disease or irritable bowel disease . Estimates suggest that around 30 percent of the population has this disorder.

    The only way to know if you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity is to fully eliminate gluten for 3-4 weeks.

    Enzymes in the gut often are not able to completely digest gluten.

    Even in healthy people, gluten can cause an immediate increase in gut permeability or leaky gut. Gluten causes an increase in zonulin, which then causes the tight junction to open up more .

    Gut healing diets almost universally try an elimination period of gluten for at least 3-4 weeks.

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    Use Enzymes To Make Foods Easier To Digest

    As you saw above, enzymes can help us digest foods from all 4 levels including the trickier ones like complex carbs, pectin-filled-fruits & FODMAP foods.

    Since different foods require different enzymes, it is important to look for an enzyme supplement with a very wide range of enzymes, like this one.

    So there you go!

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    Healing A Leaky Gut With Food

    Top Ten Foods To Heal Leaky Gut

    As many doctors do not consider Leaky Gut Syndrome to be alegitimate medical condition, there is no standard treatment. Nonetheless, itis believed that dietary and lifestyle changes may help people to improve theirgut health. This, in turn, may alleviate leaky gut symptoms.

    Note: Just to set things straight, there have beendebates about whether or not Leaky Gut Syndrome is real. But because I am nodoctor nor scientist, I will not go down the rabbit hole of that debate. If youare looking for scientific references or need medical advice, please do seekyour doctors opinion.

    What this article aims to do is to help those who have LeakyGut Syndrome to reduce its symptoms and find relief through dietary changes.

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    Seeds Nuts And Leaky Gut

    An important note about seeds, nuts and leaky gut. Some people have allergies to nuts. Other may find digesting nuts or seeds problematic even after soaking or sprouting them. When it comes to leaky gut and autoimmune diseases, the individual response is the key. Nuts and seeds are known to provide many health benefits, so limiting them all together is not something you want to do unless you know they cause you issues. For this reason, the recommendation is to allow moderate consumption of the nuts and seeds mentioned above, and see how eating these make you feel.

    This is of course not relevant if you already know that you have an allergy or sensitivity to these nuts and seeds.

    Limit Or Avoid Fast Food And Highly Processed Foods

    10 days of fast food could ravage gut health. Food additives in fast foods and junk foods are related to increased food sensitivities and a reduction in beneficial bacteria. Take this example .

    A student at the University of Aberystwyth underwent an experiment where he subsisted on McDonalds food for ten days.

    Over this time frame of 10 days, he lost an astounding 40% of his gut bacteria. I am going to assume that heavily processed foods from anywhere devastate the gut potentially.

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    Healthy Gut Happy Human

    In most cases, supplements arent needed to support a healthy gut. They can help, but what you eat is by far the most important factor.

    New York Times columnist Jane Brody sums up good gut-health advice, saying: People interested in fostering a health-promoting array of gut microorganisms should consider shifting from a diet heavily based on meats, carbohydrates and processed foods to one that emphasizes plants.

    If you aim to follow the recommendations in this article, youll be supporting better bathroom habits, a healthier immune response and even a better, brighter mood. Take care of your gut, and it will give you the TLC you need.

    Let us know in the comments:

    • Do you have any tips for good gut health?
    • What do you think are the best foods for gut health?

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    Foods To Limit Or Avoid

    Leaky Gut Diet: What You Need To Know To Feel Better Now ...

    If you think you may have leaky gut, mbg Collective member and gut health expert Vincent Pedre, M.D., recommends working with a registered dietitian or gastroenterologist to begin limiting the following foods from your diet.

    While many of these foods have nutritional value on their own, thoughtfully eliminating and slowly reintroducing them to your diet, may help you detect which foods you are more or less sensitive to.

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    Seaweed: A Sea Algae Thats Good For You And Your Gut

    Seaweed is hardly a weed. It would probably more aptly be named sea gem on account of its nutrient- and fiber-rich benefits.

    A study of Japanese women showed that high seaweed intake increases good gut bacteria. Another study researched alginate, a substance in brown seaweed, and found that it can strengthen gut mucus, slow down digestion, and make food release its energy more slowly.

    If youre wondering how to eat it, here are a few ideas. Try some nori wraps, make seaweed salad, add wakame to soup, or add kombu to your stir fry or pot of beans .

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    Angela Privin is proof that IBS is NOT an incurable disease or a disease at all. IBS is a body out of balance. Its an invitation for change. After solving her own IBS mystery more than a decade ago Angela trained as a health coach to help others.

    Angela uses both science and intuition to help people figure out whats out of balance in their body. She works with lab tests, dietary changes, supplementation and nervous system rebalancing. Get help rebalancing your digestive system and solving your IBS mystery here.


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    What If You Dont Feel Better With A Dietchange

    If you dont see results from a simple, whole foods diet, unidentified food intolerances, eating unhealthy healthfoods, and unaddressed bad bacteria maybe the cause.

    You may have already tried one of these diets, or avariation of it, and not seen results. There are lots of possible reasons forthis. Here are the top 3 reasons I see in the clinic:

  • Unidentified Food Intolerances or Food Allergies: Even though the Paleo and low FODMAP diets remove a lot of inflammatory foods, you may have a sensitivity to a food youre still eating. A more comprehensive elimination diet, such as autoimmune paleo may help you identify food sensitivities you werent aware you had.
  • Eating Unhealthy Health Foods: There are lots of pre-packaged foods that are advertised to be Paleo or healthy, but they may not be right for you. For example, many people mistakenly believe that gluten-free is synonymous with healthy. But gluten-free products may aggravate bloating and gas due to high starch content. The best strategy is to eat real, whole foods, and to avoid pre-packaged, processed food, even if its advertised as healthy.
  • Unaddressed Bad Bacteria: If you have a bacterial overgrowth or gut infections, you may need a stronger approach than diet alone. Using probiotic supplements can both help repair the gut lining and rebalance an overgrowth. See our Probiotics Starter Guide for more.
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    Best Foods For Leaky Gut

    Best Diet Approach To Cure Leaky Gut Syndrome | Ask Eric Bakker
    • Reading time:5 mins read

    According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, one in five Americans has an autoimmune disease. It has also been theorized that autoimmune diseases are a result of poor gut health your gut may be the root cause of the chronic conditions you are facing now.


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    Good Gut Bugs And How To Get Them

    Positive bacteria are often called healthy gut bugs.

    Good gut bugs help your body digest and absorb nutrients, synthesize certain vitamins, and rally against intruders, such as the flu and toxic-forming carcinogens.

    In the wise words of David Perlmutter, MD: A healthy microbiome translates into a healthy human.

    So how can you keep your digestive system feeling good and functioning optimally? What are the best foods for gut health? Think fiber, fermentation, and nutrient-dense foods.

    Immerse Yourself In Nature And Be Outside Daily

    The opposite of toxins is nature and fresh air. Nature is the true antidote to unhealthy environments that are inside of buildings . Imagine, if you will, that bacteria in our digestive tracts help to detoxify the body, making us less likely to get colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and more.

    A serene outdoor walk with fresh air, sunshine, and exposure to countless microbes just maybe what the doctor ordered. In fact, experts suggest that our air and environment may be the biggest predictor of our bacteria content.

    People living in urban environments spend a staggering 90% of their time indoors , and this is a contributor to a change and also likely a reduction in gut bacteria diversity .

    Even the air we breathe indoors and around us affects our bacterial diversity to a large extent .

    Natural environments also de-stress the body, allowing for more healthy bacteria to thrive.

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    What A Day On A Leaky Gut Diet Might Look Like


    Take a break from your usual white toast and breakfast cereal, instead scramble some eggs with sauteed onions and tasty greens. Or opt for a chia seed bowl with plain yoghurt, walnuts, flaxseed and blueberries.

    As well as giving your gut the best start to the day, the protein and healthy fats in these options will keep you feeling fuller for longer!


    Try to dial back the processed and allergen-containing sandwiches and tacos, instead get a healthy dose of fibre and nutrients with a large, colourful kale, red cabbage and carrot salad, layered with healthy goodies like turkey, sunflower seeds and a miso dressing.

    If youre not a salad person, try a scoop of tuna or chicken salad folded into a romaine lettuce bun and a side of kimchi.


    Muesli and protein bars are full of sugar and refined oils so stay well clear. Instead, focus on whole food snacks that are high in fibre and have a healthy dose of protein to help properly balance your blood sugar. Snacks are also a great way to up your fruit and veggie intake:

    • Yogurt and berries
    • Apple slices and nut butter
    • Raw almonds

    Other Tips For Gut Health

    The Leaky Gut Diet &  16 Best Foods To Eat

    In addition to following the eating plan described above, its beneficial to avoid exposure to potential toxins found in to tap water, alcohol, cigarettes, pesticides, NSAID pain-killer medications and antibiotics, all of which can stress the gut. However, always consult with your physician if he or she has prescribed these for you.

    Another tip is to consider following an elimination diet at first. Some foods seem to be in a gray area when it comes to worsening or promoting digestive health. For example, some people do better with certain protein foods than others do.

    You may be wondering, are eggs bad for leaky gut? What about beans and legumes?

    You may choose to eliminate eggs and legumes at first and then to try reintroducing them after several weeks. This can help you uncover whether they are problematic for you or not.

    In place of eggs and legumes, try meat, poultry, fish and collagen protein or bone broth protein powder instead.

    Reducing intake of FODMAP foods is also recommended as part of an elimination diet, since FODMAP carbohydrates can worsen digestive issues like bloating and gas.

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    Dont Treat The Symptoms Learn From Them About The Treatment You Need

    Leaky gut symptoms often present a challenge to many people and health practitioners. Leaky gut syndrome symptoms can affect both external body parts and internal body systems. Seeing the connection between the different signs of leaky gut and connecting the dots is critical, as in many cases the needed leaky gut treatment can be completely different.

    Leaky gut symptoms may include:

    • Digestive Issues: bloating, chronic diarrhea, cramps, gas.
    • Food sensitivities and increased signs of food allergies.
    • Skin conditions: rosacea, acne, rash especially after eating.
    • Energy: excessive chronic fatigue.

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