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What To Take To Stop Diarrhea

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What Are The Possible Causes Of Diarrhea

How to Treat Diarrhea

Viral infections are the most common cause of diarrhea or loose stool. Rotavirus, calicivirus and adenovirus cause diarrhea.

A few other causes of diarrhea are

When Should You Seek Medical Care

Diarrhea can usually be treated with home care. In some cases, it may become more severe. A person should go to a hospital emergency department in the following situations:

  • If the person has the condition along with high fever, moderate-to-severe abdominal pain, or dehydration that cannot be managed by drinking fluids
  • If the diarrhea appears to contain blood
  • If the person is sleepy and is not acting like their usual selves
  • Vomiting and inability to tolerate any food or to keep liquids down
  • Signs of dehydration
  • High fever, significant abdominal pain, frequent loose bowel movements, or bloody diarrhea
  • If he or she is elderly or has serious underlying medical problems, particularly diabetes, heart, kidney, or liver disease, or HIV/AIDS
  • A parent or caregiver needs advice about preventing dehydration in newborns and infants
  • Symptoms do not improve in two to three days or appear to become worse
  • If he or she develops diarrhea after travel within their home country, or foreign travel or if a woman is pregnant

For cases of chronic diarrhea, your primary care provider may consult with a gastroenterologist .


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Foods That Stop Diarrhea

Diarrhea is the passage of loose or watery stool. For some, diarrhea is mild and will go away within a few days. For others, it may last longer. It can make you lose too much fluid and feel weak. It can also lead to unhealthy weight loss.

Having diarrhea on occasion is nothing to worry about. Diarrhea causes can range from a stomach flu to a meal or just an ingredient you ate that didnt agree with you.

Foods To Eat To Stop Diarrhea In Its Tracks

How To Stop Diarrhea Naturally?

Everyone would probably agree that having diarrhea is the worst. An upset stomach greatly disrupts quality of life until symptoms are resolved. Whether you have got nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation, there are a variety of foods that can help ease and even cure diarrhea. No matter your symptoms, choosing the right foods to help ease instead of exacerbate your pain.

Diarrhea can be caused by a variety of things such as a virus, food poisoning, eating or drinking too much, or a food allergy. The main thing to remember any time you are having stomach problems is to stay thoroughly hydrated. This means drinking plenty of clear liquids, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

If you are experiencing nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, it is best to stick to bland foods. Try to avoid fatty foods or dairy as these can make your symptoms worse. On the other hand, if you are experiencing constipation, try to stick to fibrous foods, while making sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Here are some foods you can stock up on, that address the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea. Many of these are pantry staples, so they are easy to keep on hand for the next time you are not feeling well.

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Best For Stomach Bloating: Physicians Choice Probiotics To Stop Diarrhea

If you often find yourself confused about convenient and suitable probiotic,s physicians choose probioticsto stop diarrhea is your solution. The physician choice of probiotics to stopdiarrhea is very helpful, is very effective and it works for the first week. The Manufacturer says: Our product is contained in acid-resistant capsules to protect against stomach acid with delayed-release technology to ensure the probiotics reach the intestines and are released where theyre needed. Further, the probiotic can be shopped for the best price, works well with daily bowel movements and it works well for weight gain.

The probiotic has fish oil and it is used for more energy. Also, the probiotic is used for high cholesterol and it bought again. Most importantly, the physicians choice of probiotics to stop diarrhea is great for oral health and it works for h pylori.

Almost all customers quickly discovered that the probiotics are made from lipid-soluble probiotic strains as these are the most stable and reliable strain formulations. And, a few strongly agree that the probiotics made for a woman makes it even better. In addition, a few strongly agree that the probiotic is designed for sufficient enteric protection or gastric resistance for the probiotic strains to reach your intestines. To sum up, many buyers have used the physicians choice probiotics to stop diarrhea for more than a few months without any problems, and it shows no sign of giving up.

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Who Shouldnt Take Otc Antidiarrheal Medicines

Dont take antidiarrheal medicines if bacteria or parasites are causing your diarrhea. If you have a stomach bug, your body needs to get rid of the bacteria or parasite that is causing the diarrhea. Stopping the diarrhea in this case can actually make your condition worse. Talk to your family doctor if you think you have a bacterial or parasitic infection.

Dont give loperamide to children 2 years of age or younger unless your doctor says its okay. Check with your doctor before using loperamide for older children, as well.

You shouldnt take loperamide if you have a fever. Dont use it if youve ever had a rash or an allergic reaction after taking it. Dont take loperamide if you have bloody or black stools. These may be signs of a more serious problem, such as a bacterial infection.

Some people are allergic to aspirin or other salicylate medicines. They should not take bismuth subsalicylate. Dont give bismuth subsalicylate to children 12 years of age or younger. Dont give it to children or teenagers who may have the flu or chickenpox. This increases their risk for Reye syndrome. This is a serious illness that can lead to death.

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Complementary And Alternative Therapies

Work with your doctor to find remedies that are right for you. If you are pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, DO NOT use any complementary and alternative therapies therapies unless directed to do so by your doctor.

Nutrition and SupplementsHerbs

DO NOT use herbs to treat diarrhea without talking to your doctor first. Always talk to your doctor before treating diarrhea in an infant. If your diarrhea is caused by certain types of infections, herbal treatments could make it worse. The most common herbal remedies for diarrhea are described below. They can be used as teas unless otherwise noted. Make teas with 1 tsp. herb per cup of hot water. Steep covered 5 to 10 minutes for leaf or flowers, and 10 to 20 minutes for roots. Drink 2 to 4 cups per day. Always tell your doctor about any herbs you may be taking.

Astringent herbs:

Inflammation reducers:

Infection fighters:

  • Plants containing berberine may help treat infectious diarrhea. These include barberry ,goldenseal , and Oregon grape . DO NOT take berberine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Check with your doctor first if you are taking any prescription medicines.

Bulk forming agent:


Acupuncture is also combined with conventional medicine in treating diarrhea in adults.

Treating The Underlying Cause

How to Stop Diarrhea? – Diarrhea Remedies by Dr.Berg

If you’ve been diagnosed with a specific condition that’s causing your diarrhoea, treating this may help improve your symptoms.

For example:

  • irritable bowel syndrome can be treated with changes to your diet and medications read more about managing IBS
  • inflammatory bowel disease can be treated with medications that help reduce inflammation in the bowel
  • coeliac disease can be treated by excluding foods containing gluten from your diet read more about treating coeliac disease
  • bile acid malabsorption can be treated with medication that helps stop bile building up in the digestive system

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What Stops Diarrhea Fast

  • What Stops Diarrhea Fast? Center
  • The following two over-the-counter drugs may be taken to get rid of diarrhea:

  • Imodium : Loperamide slows down the movement of things through the intestines . This allows more fluid to be absorbed into the body. This reduces the number of loose stools and helps make more formed stools.
  • Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol : Bismuth subsalicylate balances the way fluid moves through the intestines. It reduces inflammation. It keeps bacteria and viruses that cause diarrhea from growing in the stomach and intestines.
  • Dont use more than one OTC antidiarrheal medicine at a time unless the doctor suggests it. They may have similar active ingredients, resulting in you taking too much of a certain medication. Apart from the above options, another way to get rid of diarrhea is to take antibiotics. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics, if necessary. The doctor will not prescribe antibiotics for diarrhea caused by a virus.

    Dietary recommendations

    An additional intake of coconut water, certain fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers and bottle gourd, with a regular dosage of water can help the body rejuvenate and recover from the impact of diarrhea. Drink plenty of fluids, such as soups and broths, which have concentrates of fresh and leafy vegetables for an elevated hydration level in the body. This should replenish nutrients that get flushed out of the body due to diarrhea. This will also strengthen the body and help it recover faster.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Diarrhea

    The symptoms you can experience when you have diarrhea can vary depending on if its mild or severe and what the cause of the diarrhea happens to be. Theres a link between severe cases of diarrhea and a medical condition that needs to be treated.

    When you have diarrhea, you may experience all of these symptoms or only a few. The main symptom of diarrhea is loose or watery stool.

    Other symptoms of mild diarrhea can include:

    • Bloating or cramps in the abdomen.
    • A strong and urgent need to have a bowel movement.
    • Nausea .

    If you have severe diarrhea, you may experience symptoms like:

    • Fever.
    • Vomiting.
    • Blood.

    Severe diarrhea can lead to significant complications. If you have these symptoms, call your healthcare provider and seek medical attention.

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    How Is Diarrhoea Treated

    In the case of simple short-term episodes of diarrhoea, which usually clear up by themselves in healthy people, you will probably be able to manage your symptoms through home care.

    You should try to do the following:

    • rest at home
    • stay off work or school until you have not had a loose bowel motion for 24 hours
    • drink clear fluids or oral rehydration solution to replace lost fluids take small sips if you feel sick
    • avoid fruit juice, cordials and sugary drinks they will prolong the diarrhoea
    • avoid alcohol and caffeine
    • manage your diet until you get back to normal eat bland foods, such as rice, pasta and crackers, and avoid fatty foods or those high in insoluble fibre

    How To Use The Drugs

    How to stop diarrhea

    No medicine is risk free. Ask a pharmacist or your healthcare professional if you are not sure how much medicine to take, how often to take it, or whether an interaction may occur with any other medicine you are taking. Always tell your health care professionals about all the medicines you are taking, including OTC and prescription medicines.

    For mild or acute, short-lived diarrhea, most adults may treat themselves with:

    • Hydration
    • Diet adjustments
    • OTC drugs

    However, if your diarrhea is severe, prolonged, or accompanied with blood, high fever, or 10 lb weight loss, you should consult a doctor. Special vigilance is required at the extremes of life.

    You should use drugs only as necessary, and stop them when the diarrhea stops. In the case of loperamide, you should take the drug after each loose bowel movement. If your social life or business affairs are hampered by unpredictable diarrhea, loperamide may be taken before an event to prevent embarrassing trips to the toilet. Sedation, severe abdominal cramps, or other unexplained symptoms are indications to stop the drug and seek an explanation from your doctor.

    Antidiarrheal drugs should be used cautiously and with a doctors supervision if the diarrhea is severe. Because they delay colon evacuation, opiates may prolong an intestinal infection , and in severe colitis, they may precipitate a paralysis of the colon with dire consequences.Conclusion

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    Are There Side Effects

    OTC anti-diarrheal medicine doesnât usually cause problems. But like other drugs, thereâs always a chance you could have unwanted side effects. Some are mild, while others are more serious. Check with your doctor if you get symptoms like:

    Bismuth subsalicylate can make your tongue or poop dark. These changes typically go away once you quit using the drug. Very high doses of loperamide can cause serious heart problems or even death.

    You may have more side effects if you take other drugs at the same time. Some medicine may not work as well if you take them with OTC anti-diarrheal drugs. Talk to your doctor if you have questions.

    Common Causes Of Diarrhea

    First of all, have you ever wondered why you have diarrhea? There are several reasons for this. Some of the reasons are as follows:

    • Food Allergy There are times when people eat food products that are not accepted by their bodies. The body tends to release the food products as much as possible, which causes diarrhea.
    • Contaminated Water Have you ever been to a new place, and you have gotten diarrhea from drinking the water? Sometimes, the water does not need to be contaminated to cause diarrhea. It just has to be foreign, and it can already make stools a bit lost.
    • Intestinal Diseases There are different types of intestinal diseases that people are suffering from right now. One of the most well-known ones is IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Having an intestinal disease can result in having diarrhea quite often.

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    Most customers agree that probiotics is excellent value for the money. Further, they say that the probiotic has a robust amount of research to support its effectiveness in supporting health gut, especially in those with autoimmune ibd. Further, they strongly agree that the capsule containing the probiotics should be the kind that does not dissolve in the stomach but goes to the intestines to dissolve. Consequently, customers were very happy to recommend it to friends and would-be buyers.

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    What To Do About Fluids When You Have Diarrhea

    How To Stop Diarrhea

    Do drink plenty of fluid. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least one cup of liquid every time you have a loose bowel movement. Water, fruit juices, caffeine-free soda, and salty broths are some good choices. According to the Cleveland Clinic, salt helps slow down the fluid loss, and sugar will help your body absorb the salt.

    Dont consume beverages at extreme temperatures. Consume all liquids at room temperature, or slightly warmed, advises Dr. Ganjhu. Anything too hot or too cold can cause nausea.

    Do drink a tea with chamomile. There is some research to suggest that products containing certain combinations of herbs, including chamomile, may help an upset stomach. A study published in the journal Molecular Medicine Reports cited the potential favorable effects of drinking a chamomile preparation that is combined with other herbs, in treating diarrhea.

    Dont consume caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol can irritate the digestive tract and worsen diarrhea, according to the U.S. Library of Medicine.

    Dillute your water with fruit juice. Ganjhu recommends diluting your water with fruit juices, like cranberry or apple juice, to make the H2O, which can sometimes be nauseating when you have diarrhea, easier to tolerate.

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