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Are Shelf Stable Probiotics Any Good

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Blis Travelprotect With High Potency Blis K12 25 Billion Cfu Oral Probiotic

Probiotics: Refrigerated vs. Shelf Stable

This product is specifically designed to help people while theyre traveling. BLIS has made a travel probiotic that is going to work well to help you stay healthy while youre on a trip. This will enhance the good bacteria in your mouth to protect you from getting sick. Its really good when youre going to be spending time in cramped environments with recycled air, so youll find these to be perfect for travel.

These oral probiotics have been meticulously designed to help keep you safe while youre traveling. Youre going to be able to use these without having to worry about them interfering with other probiotics that you might be taking, too. This means that its very easy to just make use of these probiotics on the plane while you think it might be necessary. Its a good design and it works out pretty well.

One of the best reasons to buy this product is that its going to allow you to take the probiotics easily. These come in the form of travel lozenges. Its as easy to take these as it is to take a cough drop. It winds up being very pleasant and youll be able to pop one every so often when you feel its necessary.

  • Easy to use travel lozenges
  • Supports oral probiotic health

Wellness With Probiotics Shelf

The probiotics shelf-stable are maintaining the eighty percentage of potency within two years. These probiotics products do not need any refrigerating. You can store the probiotics foods, juices, supplement in a shelf-stable till the date expires. The probiotic products are mostly preferred with the good bacteria cells that act as a good immune in your body. It helps to protect your body from unwanted viruses. It helps to keep your body strong, healthy, and active. Most of the people not even active for the whole day. But it will be the better solution to become more active in every contribution. These kinds of good bacteria help you improve your immune system. This gives you a lot and lots of benefits for the whole day. It helps to fight the bad bacteria when you tackle it, helping you to feel good and comfortable. Probiotics are playing an important role in taking more concern on your good bacteria level and your body as well. The important thing is the probiotics are very helpful in concerning and balancing bacteria levels in your body and digestive system. The digestive system is the most important part which helps to maintain our health. Probiotics are continuously working well to balance the good and bad bacteria. It helps to prevent your body from diarrhea. It is some kind of symptoms of gastroenteritis, may occur while your immune power goes less. In these cases, the probiotics will work as a shield for your body.

Lee Holmes Certified Health Coach Yoga Teacher And Author Of Heal Your Gut

When it comes to dealing with a case of bloat or an upset stomach, health coach Lee Holmes knows exactly what foods can help calm things down , but she also pops not one but two pills daily to keep everything on track: Symbiotics Candida Balance Probiotics and Southernature Colostrum. “Colostrum, a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammalsincluding humansin late pregnancy, is the garden that helps probiotics grow,” she explains.

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Damaging Effects Of Manufacturing Process

As mentioned earlier, 0ne of the major concerns in probiotic viabilty is heat. Too much contact with heat will kill the delicate bacteria, whether the exposure is during manufacture or storage. According to some manufacturers, microencapsulation is one technique that attempts to improve the viability while in the process.

However, industry experts have voiced skepticism, stating that common species like L. acidophilus, L. casei, B. bifidum will always require refrigeration, regardless of these protective measures. In fact, the microencapsulation process itself is known to destroy probiotic bacteria. The concern is that these novel technologies are simply not sufficient to overcome the inherent vulnerability of non-refrigerated acidophilus and Lactobacillus probiotics, and that more resistant species may be the only viable solution.

What’s The Deal With Shelf

Balanced Probiotic 40 (shelf stable)

Here’s some good news: Shelf-stable probiotics aka the ones that don’t require refrigeration are effective.

Not all probiotics have to be refrigerated, as once believed. It really all comes down to the strain.

Some strains are fragile and require a specific and stable environment because they lose their viability if they’re exposed to heat, oxygen, light or humidity, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Other types of probiotics don’t require refrigeration and they’re stable enough that they don’t require a coating or encapsulation to remain viable when taken either.


How do you know whether you should pop your probiotics into the fridge? It’s pretty simple: When youre shopping for probiotic foods, products that require refrigeration will be found in the refrigerated section and will also say on the label if it requires refrigeration.

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Adding More Colony Forming Units

Probiotics are classified by the number of colony forming units . This is the number of alive and active microorganisms in one serving of a probiotic supplement. The average number of CFUs is between 1 and 10 billion per serving.

Since probiotic bacteria slowly die, some companies try to extend shelf-life by increasing the number of CFUs. They add more CFUs, expecting that most of them wont survive. But this makes it difficult for consumers to know exactly how much is being ingested.

Garden Of Life Dr Formulated Probiotics Mood + Vcaps

Item dimensions L x W x H 5.9 x 5.9 x 11.7 centimeters
  • Helps manage chronic stress
  • 16 probiotic strains guaranteed
  • Dr. Perlmutter created this unique formula with clinically studied probiotics, organic Ashwagandha and organic blueberries to support well-being and improve overall quality of life
  • No refrigeration required

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Key Probiotic Expiration Date Takeaways

  • Probiotics beyond their expiration date probably have too little live bacteria to make a clinical difference.
  • Store Lactobacillus& Bifidobacterium species in the refrigerator for maximum shelf life.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii probiotics and soil-based probiotics may not need refrigeration, but refrigeration may extend their shelf life.
  • Be sure to choose probiotic products and brands that are lab test verified to contain the colony-forming units advertised on their label to ensure potency.
  • If your probiotic supplement is near or past the expiration date, its probably best to buy a new product to ensure the best clinical effect.
  • Either a product manufacture date or an expiration date can help you to determine the potency of a probiotic product .

Premium Probiolac Complex By Aavalabs

S. Boulardii: Your Shelf Stable Probiotic

In our opinion, the best probiotics on the market today is the Premium Probiolac Complex by AAVALABS.

AAVALABS is a Nordic company that has put together one of the most complete probiotic supplements that weve found in fact its the one the whole team here at Fit Brit is currently knocking down each day.

The 120 billion CFU count across 30 different strains makes this a comprehensive supplement to repopulate and repair your microbiome, and to keep a healthy one getting even stronger. Its spread across the Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces boulardii strains makes it a bulletproof mixture that should benefit all areas of your digestive system. Serve for serve, its the best probiotic tablet weve found.

What else do we love? Theyre made and third party tested in Europe to stringent quality standards, and all their products come with a 365 day empty bottle guarantee. Its not quite pharmaceutical grade probiotics, but its about as close as youll get!

  • 30 strains

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Prudence Hall Md Founder And Medical Director Of The Hall Center

As a seasoned medical pro, Hall doesn’t pop just any supplementshe looks at the exact strains being used. “Of all the probiotics, I consider Klaire to have reliable, effective flora,” she says. “I’m not alone with this opinion. At specialized conferences, it is widely recognized as a high-quality probiotic, offered at a reasonable price.” Klaire Labs has several different products to choose from, based on various digestive problems, but Dr. Hall goes for the basicTher-Bioric Complete capsule.

Probiotic Benefits To Women’s Health

Probiotics have been proven to have significant benefits to women’s health. Beyond the typical benefits of probiotics, probiotics also support women’s vaginal health. Also, if women are breastfeeding, a Swedish study showed that probiotic supplementation improves infant heath.

  • improve infant health for breastfeeding women
  • inhibit vaginal candida & yeast infections
  • fight vaginitis/vaginosis

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Whats The Shelf Life Of Probiotics

The average shelf life for Probulin Digestive Probiotics is two years. When you want to do a self-check of a supplements shelf life, simply look at the date thats printed on the blister pack and the box.

Most probiotic supplements, at the very least, contain one of the two of the following probiotic strains: Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus. Both of these bacterial strains have different storage requirements and shelf lives. For instance, certain supplements dont last long in environments with too much heat or light.

The way you store and handle your probiotic supplements can impact the length of its shelf life. The handling part begins when you leave the store. How you transport them from the store to your home even plays a role in its mortality rate.

Probulin probiotics are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration. This is due to our scientifically formulated MAKTrekĀ® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System which helps protect and nourish the probiotics so they arrive alive. We also ship our products cold and protected year-round in order to avoid temperature spikes during transit. Normal ambient temperatures are not of great concern for our products, but there is no harm to storing them in the refrigerator if you prefer.

The Probiotic Cold Chain


I heard that Fleetwood Mac originally wrote their song The Chain because Mick was tired of getting bad probiotics for his bloating.

If probiotics have to be kept cold, we cant take a hyper-focused view and worry JUST about whether or not they were in the fridge when we bought them. The reality is, that many probiotics are refrigerated when they arrive, but they havent been kept cold for much more during their lifecycle.

To benefit most from temperature-sensitive probiotics, we have to be guaranteed that a product that requires refrigeration was cold all the time.

This means deep breath the raw materials of the strains themselves were grown cold, then transported to the manufacturer cold, where they were stored cold, and the product was made cold , then the product was stored cold, then went to their shipping/distribution and kept cold, then shipped completely cold to vendors, arriving cold, and promptly being put into the refrigerator.

Dirty secret time: this doesnt happen. Oftentimes, temperature-sensitive probiotics spend most of their life out of the cold chain. Just because you bought a probiotic in the fridge, doesnt mean the manufacturer or retailer did a good job ensuring the cold chain was intact.

Now, we ourselves created a monster when we taught people this early on. If our products were warm for even moments or hours, people were demanding full refunds. The cold chain is important in many cases, but theres even more nuance.

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Garden Of Life Dr Formulated Probiotics Once Daily 30 Billion Cfus

Price: $$$

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily 30 Billion CFUs provides 30 billion CFUs of 14 probiotic strains, including Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Lactobacillus casei.

Garden of Life guarantees the CFU count through the end of the products best use date when stored properly. This supplement keeps best in the refrigerator.

This product is dairy-free and makes a good choice for those with lactose intolerance.

While its also made without peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, and soy products, the supplement is manufactured in a facility that handles major allergens, so it may not be a good option if you have a severe food allergy.

Which Probiotics Should You Avoid

As weve touched on above, lots of things can make probiotics sub-par. Some of these are:

  • Few strains
  • Not a complete blend of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces boulardii strains.
  • Filler ingredients

Obviously we cant put a list of individual products to avoid together because it would be pages long, but as a general rule, anything under 1 billion CFUs per serve is not worth your time. Anything that contains only lacto or only bifido strains is also not the best choice. Anything that contains cheap vege capsules is also likely to be ineffective, as the bacterias will be long dead by the time they hit your gut. You generally get what you pay for with probiotics, so if something looks suspiciously cheap, theres probably a reason.

Stick with our recommendations and youll be just fine!

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What Does 100 Billion Cfu Mean

100 billion CFU means “100 billion colony forming units” – which is a fancy way of saying “100 billion probiotic cells. Most probiotic supplements range from 1 billion CFU, all the way up to 400+ billion CFU. You might think that more probiotics is better, but that isn’t always the case. Just as with many medications , it’s important to increase the dosage slowly, sometimes over a period of months. A great starter dose is Less than 5 billion CFU.

Do Probiotics Need To Be Refrigerated In Order To Survive

RnA ReSet Flora Revive Daily SBO Probiotic a Soil Based Shelf Stable Probiotic Review

Lets first distinguish between whether they need to be refrigerated once theyre in your home versus when theyre on their way to you or your favorite retailer.

The temperature inside of a delivery truck can reach temperatures that can certainly kill your probiotics. This is why we are always sure to ship our probiotic formulas iced and insulated.

As for how to store your probiotics once theyve made it to you safely, the best advice depends on the brand.

Some probiotic supplements require refrigeration, while others do not. This is why you may have heard of shelf stable probiotics versus refrigerated probiotics.

Additionally, certain bacteria strains are sensitive to heat and moisture. For those that are, the heat kills them instantly while the moisture activates them prematurely before they enter your body.

Both instances can lead to an early expiration of the probiotics in your supplements. Thats why its important to know what bacteria strains your supplements contain, as this can dictate the best way to store them.

After testing a selection of probiotic supplements in 2009, reported that 85% of the probiotics failed to disclose ingredient contents on their packaging. At Probulin, transparency is what were all about. All of our products have clear details of whats in them on the packaging. For every supplement, the packaging lists out each of the organisms incorporated in the supplement formula.

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How To Take Probiotic Supplements

We cant stress enough that its a good idea to visit a doctor and/or a registered dietitian before taking something new to treat ulcerative colitis.

They may have some advice about which probiotic to take and what dosage might be right for you.

Probiotic dosage for ulcerative colitis is not an exact science. The dosages found to be effective in various studies usually range from 2 billion to 25 billion colony-forming units . The more bacteria, the merrier.

Check the expiration date and make sure to store them properly, refrigerating them if recommended on the packaging. These are living organisms that require a little TLC, and they die out over time if not used.

Probiotic Benefits To Infant Health

Infants get their first dose of probiotics from vaginal birth and other substances excreted at birth. After that, breast feeding gives infants the next dose of probiotics. I believe that for proper development of an infants immune system, breast feeding is extremely important. It’s the way nature designed us!

In addition to breast milk, infants seem to pick up beneficial probiotic inhabitants by putting their mouth on…everything!

Below is emerging research on what other benefits probiotic have for infants:

  • normalize gut colonization for formula fed infants
  • reduce lactose intolerance symptoms
  • treat colic

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Why Didn’t Scientists Previously Know About Probiotics

Scientists have had limited knowledge of probiotics since the late 19th century. The first Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, did pioneering work on the immune benefits of yogurt.

Efficient DNA sequencing technology perfected in 1996 allowed scientists to fully research probiotics. Since 1996, thousands of probiotics research articles have been published in the most prestegious scientific journals.

Since 2009, there has been even more ground-breaking research on how much probiotics affect every aspect of our health. The combination of new research, increased media reporting and people reporting amazing results have driven a large increase of interest in probiotics.

Garden Of Life Probiotic Prices

Best Naturals Probiotic 10 Strains 30 Billion SHELF STABLE 60 Vcaps ...

The least-expensive Garden of Life probiotics cost between $0.30 and $0.50 per serving and are typically designed for children or those with specific health needs. These tend to have between four billion and 50 billion CFUs.

Mid-range Garden of Life probiotics cost from $0.50 to $0.90 per serving and offer around 50 billion CFUs. Products in this range are usually designed for general digestive support.

Garden of Life probiotics in the $0.90 to $1.30 range offer 50 billion to 400 billion CFUs for extremely potent and powerful immune and digestive support. Most products in this range are not specifically designated for men or women.

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