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Why Does Lettuce Give Me Diarrhea

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Trying To Eat Healthy But Finding That Your Green

You just ordered a salad for lunch instead of the burger you wanted and feel like youre killing it at the clean-eating game. So why is your stomach in knots all of a sudden?

Here are a few reasons you might be dealing with some less than desirable reactions, like bloating and heartburn, after making this healthy meal choice.

But This Summer I Learned That Salad Unfortunately Just May Be My Body’s Enemy

I usually buy lunch every day and, up until a few months ago, my go-to choice was usually one of those build-your-own salad places, where I’d load up on kale, avocado, and other raw veggies, topped with an olive oil dressing.

But in the beginning of 2017, I began to notice a strange pattern of bloating.

It started when I was sitting at my desk at work and I realized that my pants did not fit. It felt like I had just finished a Thanksgiving meal: I was fatigued, felt extremely full, and had a full-on muffin top. The kicker? I had only eaten a healthy, protein-rich breakfast and a salad that day. Luckily, I was wearing a long shirt which allowed me to discretely unbutton my pants. 

The next day, the same thing happened. This time, I was wearing a loose top and only felt comfortable after I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

Some days I would feel like myself, but most of the time it looked like my abdomen had ballooned to almost twice its normal size. Even though I rarely over-ate and worked out regularly, I was never happy with how I looked or felt. 

Reasons Why Salads Give Me Diarrhea

Salads Give Me Diarrhea I am going to let you in on a little secret. Salads make me have diarrhea. I know it sounds crazy, but there is some science behind this.

When we eat or drink anything with fiber-like salads, our body has to work harder than usual to digest the food and when that happens, it can cause uncomfortable symptoms like gas and bloating which then leads to diarrhea.

So if you are someone who loves salads as much as I do but dont want the consequences of having diarrhea afterward, here are 10 ways for you not to get sick from your salad!

Table of Contents

Milk And Other Dairy Products

If you find that you have loose stool after drinking milk or eating dairy products, you may have lactose intolerance.

Many people dont know they have lactose intolerance. It tends to run in families and can develop later in life.

Lactose intolerance means that your body doesnt have the enzymes to break down certain sugars in dairy.

Instead of breaking it down, your body disposes of these sugars very quickly, often in the form of diarrhea.

There are plenty of substitutes for cows milk on the market, including:

  • lactose-free dairy milk
  • cashew milk


Lactose intolerance is a common cause of chronic diarrhea. If you have this condition, avoiding dairy products should clear up diarrhea.

She Eats Out And Then Watch Out

Why Does Iceberg Lettuce Cause Stomach Cramps?

Q. I am a 48-year-old woman who has the sudden onset of uncontrollable watery diarrhea after eating in restaurants. I’m trying to narrow down the cause and believe it’s either greasy foods or the lettuce in salad bars. I’ve eaten at the same restaurants and eaten the same foods, but sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m to the point where I’m afraid to eat out. What could be causing this embarrassing problem?

A. I assume that you don’t have any alarming symptoms along with the bouts of diarrhea, such as fever, bleeding or weight loss. If you do, please see a doctor.

Otherwise, the watery stools may have many possible causes that are relatively benign. Some are associated with meals, while others are independent of what you eat, though particular foods may exacerbate the effects of such conditions. Irritable bowel syndrome is perhaps the most common cause of diarrhea, but it would likely be accompanied by abdominal pain and other symptoms, which you do not report.

Similarly, food poisoning is a cause of diarrhea — lettuce in salad bars, one of your suspects, could be tainted with problematic bacteria or other infectious organisms — but it would take hours, not minutes, for that reaction to occur. And it would be unlikely to recur over time.

— G. Richard Locke, MD, gastroentrology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.


Medical Edge from Mayo Clinic is an educational resource and doesn’t replace regular medical care.

Reason #3: Your Salad Is Actually A Big Meal

The cold, hard truth is that just because you start a meal with lettuce doesnt mean its always going to be considered light. If your salad is full of add-ons like chicken or steak, cheese, beans, croutons, a heavy dressing, and other toppings like tortilla chips, youre now eating a pretty big meal, which can increase stomach pressure and add to acid reflux symptoms. This is doubly true if youre using a full-fat, dairy-based dressing, as full-fat dairy products can trigger heartburn symptoms.

Keeping these tips in mind the next time you decide to order a salad for lunch should help this healthy choice treat your body right, but if heartburn symptoms still end up surprising you, make sure to have a bottle of handy. provides fast relief for your toughest heartburn, going to work in seconds to neutralize acid on contact and get you back to feeling great.

1When used as directed.

What Happens When You Eat A Salad Everyday

A large study showed that people who eat salad have significantly and consistently higher blood levels of key nutrients that protect against heart disease, as well as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, immune system problems, eye and skin disorders even wrinkles.

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What Causes Diarrhea After Eating

Diarrhea is divided into acute and chronic conditions. Acute means sudden-onset and usually refers to short-lived or one-off instances. If you continue to experience diarrhea for around three weeks or more, it moves into chronic territory. This distinction is important since some diarrhea causes fall into only one category, so knowing the differences between them can help narrow the diagnosis.

What Prescription Or Otc Drugs Trigger Ibs

Some can trigger IBS symptoms resulting in colonic spasms, constipation and/or diarrhea. Such drugs include antibiotics , tricyclic antidepressants, for example, , , and , and medicines containing . Consequently, patients with the condition should check the ingredients, both active and inactive, for the presence of sorbitol as sorbitol is often listed as an “inactive” ingredient.

Can Tomatoes Trigger Ibs


Inside: How can tomatoes affect IBS symptoms. Can tomatoes be the IBS trigger for some people and how tomatoes can cause diarrhea and bloating symptoms for some people with IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome aka IBS is a very common disorder worldwide and millions of people suffer from daily symptoms.

IBS affects the quality of life and most of the people keep thinking about why they suddenly developed this disorder and dont know how to manage this condition.

The most common symptoms of IBS are constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain. People often feel worse after eating food but are not able to pinpoint exactly which food might be the problem.

Multiple times people have commented that they feel tomatoes are their enemies and that they make their IBS symptoms worse specially diarrhea and bloating.

So I decided to look into this in detail and see why tomatoes could worsen IBS symptoms. 


When Should I See My Doctor

Most of the time, diarrhea after drinking alcohol will resolve over a few days of home care.

However, diarrhea can become a serious condition when its severe and persistent because it can lead to dehydration.

Untreated dehydration can be life-threatening. Dehydration symptoms include:

  • excessive thirst

Diarrhea After Eating Fatty Foods

Some people find that they get diarrhea only after eating certain foods. If this is the case, it may help narrow down the underlying cause. Fat is one of the bulkier components in stool and is consequently able to provoke a sensitive gut more easily than other nutrients. Diarrhea after eating fatty foods suggests an irritable bowel disorder or a digestive disorder that affects your ability to process fats.

It should be noted that there is a difference between having difficulty metabolizing fats and having diarrhea after eating a greasy meal like pizza or a burger and fries.

If you have a digestive condition limiting your ability to metabolize fats, you would have pain or diarrhea after eating foods like almonds, avocado, olive oil, and other sources of healthy fats.

However, if you regularly eat processed and fatty foods and have digestive issues, it may simply be a matter of making some healthier decisions.

Greasy processed foods can lead to gastrointestinal issues by causing inflammation and creating a homogenous and unhealthy microbiome. In order to fix this problem, try limiting the amount of greasy processed food in your diet and including more nutrient-rich foods that can stimulate a healthier population of bacteria.

These include a mixture of leafy greens, fruit, fermented foods like yogurt and kefir, as well as whole grains. These items possess fibrous, prebiotic, and probiotic compounds that can improve your population of gut bacteria.

Sodium In Canned Vegetables


People who watch their sodium intake because of or heart disease should be wary of filling up on canned vegetables. “Sometimes, canned vegetables can have half of the recommended daily amount of sodium,” which is between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams daily, Rumsey says. “Choose no-salt-added or low-sodium versions. Certain vegetables, including corn and peas, can also be rinsed to wash away some of the excess salt.” Even if you do not have high blood pressure, Rumsey recommends cutting back on sodium for overall health.

What Happens If You Eat Bad Salad

Stay up to date on what healthy means now. The main side effects, and most worrisome, involve diarrhea, crippling stomach cramps, and chronic vomiting. If you were unfortunate enough to eat contaminated romaine, you would start to notice these symptoms between two and eight days after eating the meal.

Can You Be Intolerant To Lettuce

Allergy : Lettuce is an occasional cause of allergic contact dermatitis particularly in food handlers, chefs and market gardeners. It tends to cause hand dermatitis, which spreads up the forearms. Unfortunately immediate hypersensitivity to lettuce has also been reported.

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Why Does Salad Make Me Poop 10 Reasons To Give Up Salad

Why Does Salad Make Me Poop? Salad is one of the most satisfying meals out there. The fresh vegetables, crunchy croutons, and creamy dressing all come together to make for a healthy meal that tastes great.

But why does something so good for you tend to make you poop? It turns out its not because your body doesnt like salad there are several factors at play.

Salad is a tasty, healthy way to get your daily dose of vegetables. Why does it make you poop? Well, lets look at the possibilities:

  • You might be overeating salad
  • Your stomach may not be used to all the fiber that comes from leafy greens
  • The acid in vinegar can cause gas and bloating which can lead to diarrhea
  • You are reacting the salad dressing, such as from oils or additives
  • Your stomach and intestines may not be used to all of that roughage. This could cause constipation which can lead to diarrhea when your body tries to get things moving again.

Table of Contents

How To Treat Diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, remember to drink plenty of water and prevent dehydration. Your body is losing more water than usual through watery stool.

The amount of water you need each day varies based on your sex, age, activity level, and build, so there are no official guidelines, but many sources suggest 8 or more 8-ounce glasses per day. Read more here.

Eating certain foods can also help ease diarrhea. The following diets can help:

  • the BRAT diet, which stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast
  • a bland diet that includes soft, low fiber foods like low fat dairy, processed grains, and lean protein

Potassium-rich bananas are gentle on the stomach lining and help you absorb water and electrolytes you might otherwise lose through waste.

A caffeine-free, herbal tea with ginger or peppermint might also calm your bowels.

If you need to take over-the-counter medication, plenty of choices are available.

Loperamide and bismuth subsalicylate are the most common active ingredients in medications that help relieve diarrhea. However, dont take OTC medications for diarrhea if your symptoms also include fever or blood in your stool.

Read more about diarrhea remedies here.


You can usually treat diarrhea at home with plenty of water and low fiber foods. Medications are also available.

Causes Of Diarrhea After Eating Salad

Nearly every person likes to eat fruits and vegetables, and everyone needs them for plenty of reasons that ultimately come down to maintaining your health. Apart from eating them raw, people usually eat vegetables in the form of salads. The dressings and coatings used in salads contribute to the taste, and salads are usually quite delicious. Even though salads are both tasty and healthy, some people still suffer from diarrhea after eating salads. There are a couple of causes behind diarrhea after eating a salad.

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How To Avoid Constipation Caused By Salad

Constipation is a common issue for many people. It could be as simple as overeating fibre or not drinking enough water, but it can also happen when you eat foods that dont agree with your body. For example, salad greens often cause constipation because they contain high amounts of insoluble and soluble fibres. If you need to avoid salads to prevent constipation, try these tips:

  • Eat more protein at every meal
  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Stay away from milk products such as cheese and yogurt, which have a high-fat content that slows down the digestive process.
  • Replace your salad with steamed or lightly vegetables, lean meats, and cooked grains
  • Add fiber supplements to your diet. This should be the first line of defense for people who struggle with constipation caused by eating salads and other high-fiber foods. Using a supplement might help soften stool and make it easier to pass when you go to the bathroom.

If these tips dont seem like theyre working after trying them for several days in a row, talk to your doctor about other remedies that may work better for you. Salad doesnt have to cause constipation if you know how to avoid this potential issue!

Does Salad Make You Poop

Skunk Cabbage

Salad is a great way to get your veggies in, but does it make you poop? The answer may surprise you. It all depends on what type of salad dressing and vegetables are used in the salad. Mayo-based flavourings can cause constipation which means a lot of them could make you less regular!

-based dressings like ranch or vinaigrette tend to be lighter, so they wont do that but will still give your digestive system some work to do. Additionally, if theres something hard like raw broccoli or cauliflower in the salad, then it might take longer for your body to digest those foods as well.

If youre looking for a healthy lunch idea that will help keep things moving along smoothly without too much trouble, then you might want to rethink the salad.

Ditch Diarrhea After Meals By Improving Digestion

If youre experiencing diarrhea after meals, it could be caused by either chronic or acute conditions. Central to them, however, is digestion. There are ways to improve digestion and avoid foods that trigger diarrhea, so identifying the source of the troubles and exploring your options are highly recommended.


Get Tested For Food Reactions

If all else fails, it might be time to visit your doctor and talk about food allergies and intolerances. You could be allergic or intolerant to a certain type of vegetable; toppings, such as nuts; or lactose from cheese or creamy salad dressings. It can be difficult to distinguish between an allergy and an intolerance since both can cause gastrointestinal upset, including diarrhea. But if you also swell up, have rashes or find it difficult to breathe after eating a salad, it’s more likely to be a sign of a food allergy. No cure exists for allergies or intolerances; you’ll just have to avoid the trigger food altogether.

What You Should Do If You Ate Romaine Lettuce

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Americans have been warned to avoid eating any and all romaine lettuce because of an E. coli outbreak that left at least 32 people sick in 11 states.

The warning, issued Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that consumers should throw away any romaine lettuce they have, and that it shouldn’t be sold or served under any circumstances. The CDC also told people to clean refrigerators where romaine had been stored.

The outbreak hit the Midwest hard, though Indiana has been spared so far. But 11 cases have been reported across Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin. There have also been 18 confirmed cases of E. coli illness investigated in Ontario and Quebec, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

What you need to know about vaping:Here’s how Juul and other vape products affect your body

The warning drew widespread concern and one big question: What will happen if I’ve already eaten romaine lettuce?

If you are just hearing the news and recently consumed romaine, here are the symptoms you should be on the lookout for and the illness you are at risk of contracting according to the CDC.

Recognizing The Symptoms Of Diarrhea After Eating

Diarrhea can be accompanied by various other symptoms. Paying attention to what accompanies your bowel issues can help inform your doctor and result in a more accurate diagnosis. Some of the symptoms to keep in mind are:

  • If you get yellow diarrhea after eating, it could be a sign that something is up with your gallbladder.
  • Black feces means youve digested some blood, so there may bleeding somewhere in the upper gastrointestinal tract.
  • Conversely, bright red blood indicates bleeding along the lower gastrointestinal tract.
  • A fever indicates that theres an infection.
  • Vomiting also indicates the presence of an infection.
  • Bloating can imply bacterial causes, IBS, or other digestive disorders.
  • Abdominal cramps or pain suggest illness or IBS.
  • Dry mouth or skin, excessive thirst, weakness, dizziness, and minimal urine or dark urine are signs of dehydration and should be treated immediately.

What To Do For Chronic Diarrhea After Eating

Follow these tips if you have ongoing problems with diarrhea after eating:

  • Tell your doctor. Any unusual symptom should always be brought to the attention of your doctor. This helps to ensure that you receive a proper diagnosis and therefore a helpful treatment plan can be developed.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders to best manage your underlying health problem.
  • Eat small meals throughout your day and avoid fatty foods, such as fried food, fatty meats, and thick gravy. Large meals and fatty foods can increase the strength of intestinal contractions and thus prompt a diarrhea episode.
  • Use relaxation exercises to calm your body. Due to the close connection between your brain and your gut, stress can be a trigger for diarrhea. Many people deal with a lot of stress in their lives, not to mention the fact that having diarrhea after your meals is stressful. Both deep-breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation skills can be effective in calming your body and therefore offer the potential for slowing down the emptying of your bowels.

When To Contact A Doctor

Its highly advisable to contact your doctor or seek medical attention if you start to experience any of the following:

  • Diarrhea persists for more than three weeks on-and-off, or constantly happens for three days.
  • Diarrhea is accompanied by a fever, especially one higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Diarrhea is accompanied by severe abdominal or rectal pain.
  • Diarrhea is bloody, black, or gray.
  • You begin to show signs of dehydration .

Additionally, special care needs to be taken when monitoring an infant who suffers from diarrhea. Infants are more susceptible to dehydration from diarrhea and medical attention should be sought if they start to show the following:

  • The infant hasnt wet their diaper in over three hours.
  • The baby cries without tears.
  • The infant has a sunken appearance around the eyes, cheeks, or abdomen.
  • The skin is not immediately smooth after a brief pinch.
  • The infant is unusually drowsy, sleepy, irritable, fussy, or is unresponsive.

Reasons That Eggs Could Be The Cause

1. Egg intolerance

It it is possible that you get diarrhea after eating eggs because your body is intolerant to such. The reason for this would be a lack of an enzyme that is required to break down the eggs during digestion. Symptoms like low energy levels, headaches, joint pain and diarrhea could show up right away or it could be days later after consumption, which just makes it harder to pinpoint whether or not this is the problem.

The good news is that you can actually become tolerant to eggs if you suffer from intolerance. What you want to do is quit eating eggs for a while and then very slowly introduce them back into your diet.

2. Egg allergy

If you have an egg allergy then the proteins are to blame, and we all know that eggs are abundant in protein. Basically what is happening here is your body is reacting to the egg protein as if they are some threat. The immune system perceives them as unwanted harmful intruders and begins to mount an attack, although they pose no harm in the first place.

Side effects if you are allergic include things like rashes, runny nose, sneezing, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, and even possibly anaphylaxis. This can be a pretty serious condition depending on your level of allergy. Even the smallest contact with eggs could cause problems.

3. Eggs have zero fiber
4. Salmonella contamination

Getting diarrhea after eating eggs could also be due to bacterial contamination, such as that from the popular salmonella. 

Reasons To Give Up Salad If You Want To Poop:

Femme Fitale Fit Club BlogMy Experience With The Whole 30 ...

The salad is delicious! We all know that. But unfortunately, it can also make you poop like crazy. If you want to avoid the discomfort of having a toilet full of salad and the embarrassment that comes with it, then here are ten reasons why giving up salad might be a good idea for your health:

  • Constipation caused by lettuce can last for days.  Its not fun at all!
  • The dressing on a salad can be problematic because most sauces contain sugar or other unhealthy ingredients.  This can cause you to get fat if not careful, so switch up your salad dressing for a healthier option instead!
  • Salad dressings usually contain a lot of sugar, which will also lead to constipation.  Its not worth it.
  • The problem with salad is that most dressings include unhealthy ingredients like sugar, leading to constipation.  Its worth it to switch your salad dressing for a healthier option. 
  • It is a good idea to switch up your salad dressing for a healthier option.
  • Most sauces include sugar, which can lead to constipation and is not worth it.
  • The good idea is to switch up your salad dressing for a healthier option because most sauces that include
  • veggies often have antioxidants, so they help fight cancer cells.
  • The good idea is to switch up your salad dressing for a healthier option because most sauces include sugar, leading to constipation that is not worth it.
  • Its always worth checking the ingredients list of any salad you buy and asking questions if things on the list are unfamiliar or seem unhealthy.
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