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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Ibs

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Nothing In The Last 20 Years Has Helped My Ibs Like This Stuff Has


You – our customers, our community – are at the heart of all the work we do. We love to make you feel better, to support your health and wellbeing, and to keep you inspired in the kitchen.

Which is why it makes us so happy to hear from you about the wonders of our Shrub and vinegar. Take it from Carrie, who says,

Ive been drinking a shot of your shrubs every day so far this year. It has been amazing! Nothing in the last 20 years has helped my IBS like this stuff has. Thank you!

IBS is a gastrointestinal disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of people in the United States every year. It’s one of many digestive ailments that can cause chronic discomfort.

Many people turn to fermented foods to help support a naturally thriving gut flora, which can improve overall digestion and reduce IBS symptoms. Check out this article about one woman’s journey to support her gut flora using ACV. Apple Cider Vinegar will help acidify your stomach and can help break down allergens from foods decreasing symptoms of IBS.

We love incorporating raw, organic apple cider vinegar into our daily routine for increased vitality, energy, and digestive wellness. Check out our 7 Day Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge to see how you can get creative with ACV!

Probiotics are often cited as providing relief to some IBS symptoms, especially pain and bloating. You should always consult a trusted medical professional before starting any non-prescriptions remedies.

As our customer Rebecca says,

How To Manage Ibs With A Vegan Diet

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common health condition that affects the large intestine. Between 25 and 35 million Americans suffer from it, and in the UK, two in 10 are thought to have the condition. Paying close attention to food can be crucial when it comes to managing IBS, but is it possible to keep it under control on a vegan diet?

How Apple Cider Vinegar Is Made

Vinegar comes from a controlled fermentation process in which yeast converts sugars into alcohol. Bacteria calledacetobactersthen turn that alcohol into acetic acid, which gives vinegar its pungent flavor. The benefits of any one vinegar will vary according to the ingredients used to make it. For example, the grape-based balsamic vinegar contains a wide variety of amino acids, whereas the apple-based ACV contains more antioxidants. And as the most widely available unfiltered vinegar on the market, ACV has a high concentration ofbioactive compounds. It is these compounds that give it its health-related properties.

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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Ibs

Apple Cider Vinegar has so many benefits on the human body. And, given the buzz about it, people wonder if it is helpful to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS and ease its symptoms.

Many people will tell you that ACV is one of the best alternatives to pharmaceutical meds and offer a natural cure to IBS, but is that really the truth? Does Apple Cider Vinegar help IBS? Read until the end to find out.


Apple Cider Vinegar Risks And Side Effects

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For IBS?

Because of its high acidity, drinking a lot of apple cider vinegar can damage your teeth, hurt your throat, and upset your stomach. Also:

  • Though some studies have been promising, theres still little to prove that drinking apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight.
  • It may also cause your potassium levels to drop too low. Your muscles and nerves need that nutrient to work the way they should.
  • Another study of people with type 1 diabetes found that apple cider vinegar slows the rate food and liquids move out of your stomach to your intestines. Slower digestion makes it harder to control your blood sugar level.
  • It might cause some medications to not work as well. These include diabetes and heart disease drugs as well as diuretics and laxatives.
  • And of course, its strong taste might not be for everyone.

In short, apple cider vinegar probably wont hurt you. You can try it because its calorie-free, adds lots of flavor to food, and has health benefits. But it isnt a miracle cure.

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Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming large amounts of ACV is associated with a variety of side effects, such as low potassium and blood sugar levels:

  • Apple cider vinegar can decrease potassium levels in people taking certain heart medications and common diuretics.

  • ACV may also interact with diabetes medications and harmfully lower blood sugar and potassium levels.

Claim : Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Can Reduce Heart Burn

The claim is that a low stomach acidic level can lead to heart burn and that drinking ACV will increase this acidic level.

Firstly, heartburn is not caused by having a low stomach acid level. The actual cause is often unknown, but what we do know is that the following factors can increase your risk of heart burn or trigger it in some people .

  • certain food and drink such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate, and fatty or spicy foods
  • being overweight

Secondly, our stomachs actually contain something called a buffer. This controls the pH levels . If foods could change our pH levels, we would die.

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Claim : Apple Cider Vinegar Reduces Gas

One of the claims around ACV is that there are enzymes in it which will help break down food and therefore prevent gas being produced.

However, the types of enzymes found in ACV are not the type needed to break down food and so this is claim is not true.

Your body naturally produces enzymes, mostly in the small bowel, to help break down your food. Although enzyme deficiencies can occur, they are rare and would require different and much higher doses of enzyme supplements.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Mess Up Your Stomach

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink! (to Flatten Tummy & Boost Energy)

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to have a high acidity, which might mess up your stomach or even worsen your digestive problems. But this will most likely happen if you drink it undiluted and/or on an empty stomach .

Not only that, but drinking Apple Cider Vinegar might also lower your potassium levels, and that can have a harmful effect on your muscles, as well as your nerves. Also, Apple Cider Vinegar might cause your blood sugar level to drop low, as it makes foods and liquids shift slower from your stomach to your intestines.

Overall, Apple Cider Vinegar is not dangerous and wont really mess up your stomach if consumed the right way. You just have to be careful with it!

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Apple Cider Vinegar And Your Gut Bacteria

Your gut bacteria is a vital part of your gastrointestinal tract. If you experience small intestinal bacterial overgrowth , or other health concerns associated with an unbalanced gut microbiome then you may experience some of the symptoms below:

  • Autoimmune problems
  • Sugar cravings
  • Sleep issues

Our gut holds 100 trillion good bacteria and bad bacteria, with about 300 to 500 different kinds. This bacteria has an important role in our gut health and is vital to our overall health, so keeping a well-balanced microbiota is essential. As mentioned prior, the mother in apple cider vinegar holds antimicrobial properties, this means it will kill or slow the spread of bad gut bacteria in your gut which will help balance and eliminate your microbiome. The mother is also filled with friendly bacteria that will work to improve absorption of your nutrients, improve immune health, and even decrease sugar cravings .

Should You Take Apple Cider Vinegar If You Have Crohns

Theres certainly no overall recommendation that people with Crohn’s should take apple cider vinegar. In fact, Vaughn says, she rarely gets questions about it from her IBD patients.

Since vinegar is sold as a food in the United States, its not something many doctors or even dietitians will mention when discussing drugs and supplements with patients. But that doesnt mean you can consume it without risk, or that you should start adding it to your diet without first discussing it with a health professional.

The lack of studies on vinegar and IBD means that its safety profile as a food ingredient just isnt known. We have an evidence-based practice, says Vaughn. I dont want to just say, Its safe because its food, so go use it as much as youd like, if I dont truly know.

When it comes to potential effects on your digestive tract, vinegar could absolutely be an irritant, says Vaughn, contributing to digestive upset and possibly exacerbating Crohns symptoms. But this is likely to vary from person to person. And its worth remembering, Vaughn says, that you do have your stomach to help neutralize it a little bit. Its not like youre pouring it directly on an area of inflammation.

Still, its best to follow some precautions if youre interested in taking apple cider vinegar, including:

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Is Apple Cider Vinegar A Probiotic

Some websites claim that apple cider vinegar helps digestion and the ecosystem of bacteria in your gut because it is a prebiotic and probiotic.

Prebiotics are sources of sustenance for good bacteria, and probiotic is the name given to the actual good bacteria.

However, to claim that ACV is both a prebiotic and a probiotic is not really true. Prebiotics are specific food particles that pass through the stomach undigested and are munched on by gut bacteria in your intestinal microbiome.


Apples and ACV are a source of prebiotic dietary fibre known as pectin, but you’ll get much more pectin from the fruit than a thimble of ACV. Not to mention that whole apples contain a range of phytonutrients that are equally beneficial for your body and gut microbes.


Apple cider vinegar will still contain bacteria if it’s “raw” or “live”, but that doesn’t make it a probiotic. Only a handful of bacteria and yeasts have earned this title thanks to their proven effects on human health.

Will apple cider vinegar affect probiotics? Unclear. Many probiotics are able to survive stomach acidity. ACV is much less acidic.
Does apple cider vinegar kill probiotics? Probiotic bacteria can be more or less resistant to acidity. Take them separately to be safe.
Is apple cider vinegar a probiotic? Only if its raw. Please try yoghurt or kefir instead.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Ibs Bloating And Gas

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With IBS and Digestive Health?

Irritable bowel syndrome is known to cause several unpleasant symptoms, from diarrhea and abdominal pain to constipation and flatulence.

While apple cider vinegar alone might not cure all of these IBS symptoms, it can help with a couple of them. Low levels of stomach acid cause your stomach to become gassy, leading to bloating and flatulence.

Because of this, drinking a glass of water with apple cider vinegar could help stop IBS bloating and gas.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

A natural doctor recommended the powdered supplement l-glutamine for my IBS. He said to take 5g twice a day with juice or water but don’t take it with protein at the same time because it will lesson the effect. It works! I have had far fewer attacks. It is inexpensive and easy to find because weightlifters also use it for muscle building benefits.

True. Glutamine works in 2 ways. First, it is the preferred source of fuel for enterocytes- the cells that line the small intestine. Second, it increases sIgA , an important immune cell. If the IBS is caused by an infection such as yeast or parasites, Glutamine will be helpful. However, symptomatic relief from glutamine should make you consider testing for parasites- but not through conventional labs such as Quest or Labcorp. The best lab I’ve found and use with all of my patients is Metametrix. -Dr. Andrew Brandeis

This fits in with the virus theories above. Lysine used to increase the lysine/arginine ratio to discourage virus replication.

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice and Buttermilk Cure.

Hello everyone,

What helps me best to “go” in the morning is one or two teaspoons of ascorbic acid mixed with bicarbonated sodium.

Apart from this I am healthy, eat a balanced diet and so on.

Many thanks! Leila


Multiple Remedies

3rd Day: . But, I flushed 3x with Sea Salt , followed by 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar within 30 -45 minutes after each flush.

Importance Of Gut Health

Gut health is not only vital to your digestive system and stomach comfort, it dictates the effectiveness of our immune system, weight management, cardiovascular health, and more. This makes the health of our gut even more important. Signs of an unhealthy gut can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weak immune system
  • Gastrointestinal disease

Furthermore, if your gut is struggling the rest of your health will be affected as well. Let’s take a look at the ways apple cider vinegar can support a healthy gut.

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Apple Cider Vinegar And Weight Management

If you are attempting to lose or manage your weight and find yourself having a difficult time, that could be an indicator that your gut is unhealthy. If digestion and nutrient absorption is hindered, your body will not receive the proper nutrients or eliminate them properly to promote weight loss or management.

As mentioned prior, if your gut microbiome is unbalanced it may result in SIBO which will make it difficult to manage weight and even result in unwanted weight loss. Apple cider vinegar will work to balance this bacteria and kill off the bad bacteria which will ultimately help support weight management. If you have impaired digestion and experience uncomfortable abdominal distention, this is a sign that your digestion needs help and could be causing excess weight. Using apple cider vinegars powerful enzymes and beneficial bacteria will help you process your food and absorb nutrients more efficiently.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes you most likely struggle with weight and gut issues as well. According to a small study, ACV also works to support your blood glucose and insulin sensitivity through its powerful components such as acetic acid and the mother . All of these attributes of apple cider vinegar will help you heal your gut, relieve uncomfortable gastrointestinal distress, and further support healthy weight management.

Why Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Might Help Bloating And Digestive Issues

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Diarrhea?

Apple cider vinegar does appear to have uses beyond salad dressing but it also may not be the panacea it is claimed to be. There is no research evidence to support claims that apple cider vinegar relieves bloating and digestive issues. But just because something has never been researched, it doesnt mean its not true. We can, however, make some inferences here.

There are two possible links between ACV and gut health. One is acetic acid, a mild acid which is found in all vinegars. The other is the probiotic bacteria which is found in some brands of apple cider vinegar.

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Acetic Acid In Apple Cider Vinegar

Its common practice for practitioners to prescribe apple cider vinegar or digestive acid supplements to patients with low stomach acid. This is based on the premise that since prolonged low stomach acid is bad, supplementing with extra acid must be good. Neither of these therapies are based on scientific evidence. Despite exhaustive literature searches, I havent found any compelling research to back up acid supplementation. That doesnt mean that acid supplementation doesnt work, but it is a mostly untested therapy.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Bloating And Gas

If you have low stomach acid, bloating can be a side effect due to the bacteria build-up in your stomach.

Excess bacteria or bacteria in the upper intestines release gases that may lead to bloating, ACVs antimicrobial properties may help with these symptoms.

Additionally, the enzymes present in ACV also help relieve gas and other related digestive issues.

The risks of low stomach acid can be balanced out by ACV owing to the acids present in its composition.

Malic acid and the acetic acid act as acid supplements to fix low acid in your stomach.

Acid supplements allow the stomach to maintain the required amount of acid for proper digestion, relieving you from bloating.

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Do Apple Cider Vinegar Pills For Ibs Also Relieve Symptoms

While various IBS medication and IBS treatments are available, apple cider vinegar is a natural, inexpensive, and easily accessible option for most people.

But if the thought of drinking apple cider vinegar for bowel problems sounds too off-putting, you can always try apple cider vinegar pills for IBS.

Many health stores sell apple cider vinegar supplements to relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Natural Remedies For Ibs

Journal â Tagged " Healing With Apple Cider Vinegar ...

IBS can respond very well to natural remedies and these are all things you can source easily and affordably from your supermarket, health food shop or even your own garden. Peppermint, ginger and fennel all have soothing, antispasmodic properties, and apple cider vinegar appears to ease digestive problems too. Taking probiotics is another simple gut-friendly habit to get into. Make one or two of these natural remedies a part of your daily diet and you should reap the rewards.

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Simple Ways To Gain Relief From Ibs

To those suffering from IBS, the pain can be quite debilitating.

IBS is caused by abnormal motility of the small and large intestine and is often worse if you have any emotional stress in your life. The aim of treating IBS includes relieving any stress that could be aggravating the problem relieving inflammation and infection that could be the main issue, and relieving aggravating symptoms such as diarrhea and bloating.

There are actually three types of irritable bowel. Namely:

1. Functional diarrhoea, often without pain.

2. Chronic abdominal pain and constipation .

3. Abdominal pain with disturbed variable bowel habit i.e. constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

The most common signs and symptoms specific to IBS include: Abdominal distress Usually symptoms improve after a bowel motionThe most common contributing factors that will exacerbate symptoms include: Stress Infectious or parasitic organisms e.g. giardia Candida Laxative abuse

Top tips to find relief from IBS

1. Having a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar can assist with digestion. Many a time IBS can be attributed to a low stomach acid. Stomach acid is needed to start breaking down proteins found in meats for example. If you do not have enough stomach acid your food may be not be broken down correctly thus creating a gassy environment with bloating and flatulence.

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