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May 2020 Ib Exam Schedule

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Will Colleges Still Award College Credit For 2020/2021 Ib Classes

Changes to IB 2021 and 2022 Exams | Physics, Biology and Chemistry

Colleges usually award credit based on IB exam scores. As a result of COVID-19, IB tests were cancelled in May 2020 as well. Despite this, colleges across the US offered students IB credit despite test cancellations.

We expect that colleges will continue to offer college credit to students who are unable to take the November 2020 exam. Colleges generally don’t penalize students for events beyond their control, and everyone is very aware of how difficult traditional learning and teaching has become as a result of the massive global shutdown of schools.

If you’re not a graduating senior and a school you’re interested in ends up not offering college credit for IB courses taken this year, you also have the option to take your IB exams in May 2021.

How Do Ib Exams Impact Your College Chances

They really dont affect your chances, but you may get college credit, depending on your prospective school. Whats more important are the grades you get in your classes, as colleges care about course rigor.

Contrary to popular belief, your IB Exams dont impact your college admissions chances, but you may get college credit for passing IB courses, similar to AP. Its more important that the grades you achieve in your classes are good, because that proves the rigor of your study to the colleges you apply to. For more information on your college admission chances, using CollegeVines admissions calculator can be super useful!

New Exams Added To The November 2020 Ib Testing Date Due To Covid

The IBO has added additional tests to the November 2020 testing date to accommodate students who weren’t able to take these tests in May 2020. The tests are as follows:

  • Mathematics HL in French
  • Mathematical Studies in French
  • Further Mathematics in English

Additionally, ten languages have been added to Group 1 and Group 2. Check the table below to see if your language has been added:


*German Lit/LAL/B/EE are automatically available in November 2020

If you have additional questions about what exams are available in November 2020, be sure to check out the DP exam schedule and the CP exam schedule for more information.

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Ib Test Changes For Covid

COVID-19 has caused serious changes to upcoming IB exams and the IB programme. To help you stay up to date, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know about IB alterations and cancellations as a result of COVID-19, how they’ll impact you, and how they’ll impact the potential college credit you earn from IB scores.

Know Which Route Your School Is Taking

Student/Parent Resources

As we mentioned earlier, students don’t get to decide whether they’ll go the exam route or the non-exam route for IB tests. That’s a decision IB teachers/administrators at your school will make, and everyone at your school will follow the same route. The majority of IB schools in 2022 have indicated they’ll go with the exam route, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your school will. Expect the decision to be made by March and, as soon as you know, begin your plan of attack. If your school is going the exam route, then you’ll prepare for IB exams the way you normally would. If your school is going the non-exam route, that means it’s especially important to do well on all IB projects throughout the rest of the year, as your teacher will use those grades to give a predicted score that’ll factor into your final IB score.

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How Will These Changes Affect Ib Diplomas

IB is doing their best to make sure IB students still receive IB diplomas, even if their coursework and final exams have been disrupted. Students who complete the IB diploma requirements will receive their diploma, even if some of their courses were virtual and/or their school chose the non-exam route. IB is still awarding diplomas and will continue to do so, despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Ib Cancels May 2020 Exams Due To Coronavirus

IB has sent an email to all examiners detailing the cancellation of the May 2020 IBDP exams due to the coronavirus pandemic. IB will probably be updating this info on their website tomorrow.Further details are not readily available. We will update them as IB provides further information in the coming days.

Here is the full text of the email to coordinators notifiying them of cancellation:

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Principles Used In Creating The Ib Exam Schedule

IB board applies some principles to create the routine for the IB board exam. Given below are the principles followed by the IB board to create the exam schedule:

  • It is impossible to consider the public, national holidays, or religious festivals since the number of countries where IB offers the programs adds up to a considerable number.

  • Registration data is used to ensure that the minimum number of candidates are impacted globally by subject and timetable clashes.

  • Almost all the subjects are scheduled in an afternoon and morning pattern on consecutive days. This pattern minimises the impact of absence on any given day and thereby maintains continuity for candidates.

  • Language and Science examinations are scheduled in such a way that there is not any confusion while appearing for different exams.

  • Except for English, Spanish, French, and Language A, examinations will be conducted separately for Language B subjects.

  • The examination period remains three weeks long to balance the conflicts in the schedule, school overheads in running an examination, time available for teaching, and the IBs responsibility to get the valuation done on time as per the required quality.

Ask For Help When You Need It

IB Biology Exam Tips May 2021 (1)

The past few years have been tough for a lot of students. You had to adapt to new technology and new ways of learning, and the pandemic might have caused other challenges for you outside the classroom. Teachers understand how difficult it has been for students, and they want to do what they can to make things easier. So ask for help when you need it! The sooner you ask for help, the better. With virtual or hybrid learning, it’s especially easy to get very behind in a subject because you’re not interacting as much as you would in a classroom. That means that, when you find yourself struggling with IB material, ask a classmate or your teacher for help. Doing this early and often will prevent you from being overwhelmed with work you don’t understand.

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Ib Examination Schedule 2022 Highlights

The four different programmes offered by IB are the Primary Years Programme , Middle Years Programme , Diploma Programme, and Career-related Programme . The major examinations conducted annually by the IB board under the Baccalaureate degree are Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme. Exams are usually conducted in two sessions during the year, one in November and the other in May. Check the following table for the highlights about the IB exam schedule:

IBO Exam Schedule Highlights

May 2022 session exam dates

Official website

IB Board Registration 2022

Ib Examination Registration 2022

The International Baccalaureate application form for registration will be available online on the board’s official website. Students can read more about IB board Primary, Middle, Diploma, Career-related registration forms by going through the official website. Students must fill out and submit the registration form at the earliest before the last date. Schools and institutes also hold the responsibility to carry out the registration process on behalf of their students.

Check: IB Exam Registration 2022

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German Recognition Of Ib Diploma At Siss Secondary

SBS SISS Secondary has signed a special agreement with the IBO to allow German Abitur equivalency recognition of our IB Mathematics SL Courses

The German Education Ministers Conference has provided confirmation that IB diplomas which include a DP mathematics course at standard level can be recognized as the allgemeine Hochschulzugangsberechtigung equivalent to the German Abitur.

The signed agreement will result in our current Year 12 students already benefiting from the change! We believe that this change will offer more of our students the opportunity to have broader access to German universities than the original, more restrictive general recognition agreement, which was announced by the KMK in March 2019.

The leadership team and Mrs Martini-Appel are confident that this new development will have a positive impact for all stakeholders of SISS Secondary.

Wolfgang Scheuerpflug

Schuldorf-Bergstraße / State International School SeeheimGermany

Process For Ib Exam Registration For May 202:

Viking Update: Revised 2013 AP Exam Schedule

WHEN: Deadline 10/1/2021

WHO: Students enrolled in any IB course that is testing this year must register. This includes:

  • Students in one-year IB courses and
  • Students in part 2 of a two-year course
  • Students must be logged into APS Google.
  • Deadline October 1, 2021.
  • Exams that will be administered at Washington-Liberty are highlighted.
  • WL IB May 2022 Examination Calendar

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What Will The Ib Exams Be Like In 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive changes to schools around the world, and IB has worked to adapt to those changes. In this guide to IB changes for 2022, we answer the following questions:

  • What will the 2022 IB exams be like?
  • Will students even be taking IB exams?
  • Will students still receive IB diplomas? Will colleges still accept IB credit?
  • How can students prepare for IB exams during the pandemic?

May 2020 Examinations Will No Longer Be Held

Our students, their well-being and their progression in future stages of life have been at the forefront of our thinking as we respond to this extraordinary pandemic.

23 March 2020

As an organization, it is critical for us to ensure that the options we provide our global community of IB World schools are based on compassion for our students and teachers and, fairness for the difficult circumstances our students and educators are experiencing. We are grateful for your patience and consideration. As a result, the IB with considerable advisement from stakeholders across the globe including schools, students, universities and official bodies has determined the most responsible and ethical way forward.

The IB will be taking the following actions for the 2020 May Examination session:

  • The May 2020 examinations as scheduled between 30 April and 22 May for Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme candidates will no longer be held.
  • Depending on what they registered for, the student will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate which reflects their standard of work. This is based on student’s coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigor and quality control already built into the programmes.

Full details and FAQs will be sent to schools by 27 March 2020 . You can read regularly updated FAQs on our COVID-19 updates page.

Information about the Middle Years Programme eAssessment examinations due to be held 11-22 May will be provided next week.

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Practice Not Using A Calculator

One section of the IB Mathematics exam is the no-calculator AKA Paper 1. Paper 1 tends to be one of the more difficult exams for both SL and HL students, just because they arent used to doing the required level of mental math without a calculator at hand. Getting comfortable with paper 1 before studying for any other mathematics paper is highly recommended.

Ap Exams Scheduled For May Ib Exams Canceled And Students Left Feeling Torn

May 2020 Exams cancelled. PGs IAs are it. Fix your IB Chemistry IA!

This is uncharted territory for all involved, and students still have lots of questions and mixed feelings about how this will all work out in the weeks ahead.

In the midst of the mandatory eight-day school closure in Minnesota which kept students at home while their teachers prepared for a transition to distance learning Maixee Lee, 18, found out that the four most intense exams on her docket this spring had been canceled.

They were all part of her International Baccalaureate program track at Highland Park Senior High, in St. Paul, which shed spent the last two years preparing for.

The courses are rigorous. And a number of colleges and universities in Minnesota, and around the world, reward high IB exam scores with college placement or academic credit.

But this spring, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IB organization canceled all spring exams for those in IB Diploma Programs, which are hosted by authorized secondary schools.

Students may still earn a full diploma, or subject-specific certificates, through an alternative assessment process. But this is uncharted territory for all involved, and students still have lots of questions and mixed feelings about how this will all work out in the weeks ahead.

It feels kind of like a pity diploma, Lee said. It feels like a participation award, if that makes sense. You worked really hard for it, but you didnt earn it.

Surrounded by distractions

They were looking forward to it

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Ib Examination Curriculum 2022

The IB board offers four different programs, namely, the Primary Years Programme , Middle Years Programme , Diploma Programme , and Career-related Program . The major examinations conducted annually by the IB board under the baccalaureate degree are Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme. Exams are usually held in two sessions, one in November and the other in May.

Check: IB Exam Curriculum 2022

Tips For Ib Board Students

Here are some tips for IB board students to get better results:

  • Increase your duration of study during exams: Discover your learning style. Every person has a unique learning style. The acoustic learner generally learns by listening, while visual learners learn by seeing.

  • Everyday study: Make a habit of studying regularly. Studying every day helps you to understand things easily. It also helps to reduce last-minute stress cramming.

  • Review and revise: Reviewing and revising at least once a week is advantageous for all students to score good marks. Frequent revision helps each student to grasp the concepts quickly.

  • Ask for help: Do not hesitate to ask if you are stuck on something. Talk to your guides and teachers about the topics which you do not understand.

  • Choose the right time and place to study: The comfort zone for each student depends on himself. Hence, you should find a study space and a regular time to study and stick with it. A comfortable and distraction-free study time is a must.

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Ap Exam Schedule Important Instructions

  • If a school is unable to follow AP security procedures and doesnt administer the alternate exams on the specified dates at the specified times, scores for those exams will be cancelled. In such a case, the aspirants score in the alternate exam may be reported later than regularly scheduled exams.
  • The candidates free-response booklets from alternate exams are not available for procurement.
  • Early testing or testing at times other than those published by the College Board is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • The students appearing for AP seminar and research must submit performance tasks as final and the result must be available on April 30, 2022.
  • Seminar End-of-Course Exams are only available to aspirants at schools participating in the AP Capstone Diploma program.
  • The aspirants participating in AP Computer Science Principles must submit all performance tasks as final in the AP Digital Portfolio before 11:59 p.m. ET on April 30, 2022.
  • How Do You Check Your Ib Scores

    Kannaksen lukio » IB Diploma Programme

    Ask your IB course coordinator for your candidate PIN. Using that number, you can access your own results via the IB’s candidate results website. You’ll be able to do so about one day after results are issued which means most students will receive their scores onJuly 6 for the May session and January 2 for the November session.

    Note that IB results are released to students at staggered intervals depending on time zone. You can contact your IB coordinator to find out the exact time you’ll be able to see your scores.

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    Summary: Ib Changes 2022

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, IB is offering two options for IB schools for May 2022 IB exams:

    • #1: Normal written exams
    • #2: Non-exam route

    Most schools have indicated they’ll still be holding written exams. If your school chooses to take the non-exam route, your teacher will estimate what your IB exam score would have been based on your other class grades, and they’ll submit that information to IB, who will then award a final score. Note that it is schools that decide which route to take, not IB students.

    IB is still awarding diplomas, even for students whose schools have chosen the non-exam route, and colleges are still following their standard procedures for accepting IB credit, regardless of which exam route a student’s school has chosen. So although recent school years have been full of challenges, you will still receive the diploma and credit you would have in a regular year.

    When Do Ib Results And Scores Come Out

    You’re in an IB Diploma Programme or a few IB classes, and you’ve tirelessly worked all year studying for your SLs and HLs. You sat for the exams, where you probably developed carpal tunnel syndrome. And you can relate a little too well to this video, but you’re hoping you did a bit better on your IB exams.

    So when do you get your IB exam scores? How do you get your scores? What does your score mean? I will answer all these questions and more in this article.

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    How Will Exam Cancellations Affect Ib Diplomas

    The IBO predicts that the majority of schools will be able to offer the November 2020 IB exam. That means the majority of IB students will be able to take their test following local safety guidelines! without any impact on their diploma.

    However, the IB programme has stated that for students unable to take the November 2020 will still receive diplomas based on grades and coursework.

    Here’s how IBO phrases it on their website:

    Should your school be under closure due to Covid-19 an alternative grade awarding approach will be triggered, using coursework and other evidence. The IB will provide further information on the grade awarding approach prior to examinations.

    For more information about what this means for you, we recommend reaching out to your school and/or the IBO directly.

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