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Why Do Kittens Get Diarrhea

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What Tests Will My Vet Do To Find The Cause Of My Cats Diarrhea

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Your veterinarian may run fecal tests that include fecal flotation, antigen testing, cytology, and culturing to screen for infectious or inflammatory disease.

Bloodwork evaluates for metabolic or systemic causes of diarrhea and assesses the consequences of cat diarrhea, such as dehydration or anemia.

Abdominal ultrasound, radiology, and endoscopy can be used to check for foreign body ingestion or cancer as causes of cat diarrhea.

How Many Teeth Do Kittens And Cats Have

Kittens have a total of 26 baby teeth . They dont have molars, these only come through with the adult set.

Adult cats have a total of 30 teeth with the addition of their molars.

Ive included a kitten teething age chart below to give you a good idea of which teeth should be pushing through depending on your cats age.

Miscellaneous Bacterial Causes Of Diarrhea

Anaerobiospirillum Species

Anaerobiospirillum spp. are motile, spiral-shaped, anaerobic gram-negative rods that were first identified by Malnick and coworkers in two human patients with diarrhea. Since then, Anaerobiospirillum succiniciproducens and Anaerobiospirillum thomasii have been recognized as causes of septicemia, particularly in immunocompromised human beings, and have been isolated from the throat and feces of healthy cats and dogs., We have identified three cats with clinical signs of acute onset of vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain that progressed rapidly to systemic disease characterized by lethargy and collapse. On necropsy, an acute to subacute ileocolitis was found in association with abundant spiral-shaped organisms confirmed as Anaerobiospirillum spp. .

Light photomicrograph of colon obtained from a cat, showing spiral-shaped Anaerobiospirillum bacteria inside the lumen of a dilated crypt .

Helicobacter Species

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Do Kittens Have Diarrhea When Teething

Do kittens have diarrhea when teething? Is it normal and expected, or just something that affects some kittens?

Ive seen a few kittens through their teething phase and can answer these questions and provide some useful tips to help you and your kitten on the subject of teething.

Diarrhea is one of the symptoms some kittens will experience when they are teething. In my experience however its quite rare, and certainly not an expected symptom.

If youre sure your kitten is teething and they are having runny poops then I wouldnt be too concerned for a day or two as long as they are still eating and drinking.

Diarrhea can be dangerous for kittens if it persists however. There are a lot of other reasons why kittens have diarrhea, such as roundworms, hookworms, and other parasites.

So, I would recommend getting your kitten checked by a vet if they are having particularly smelly and runny poops to be on the safe side.

Vets can check for worms and parasites by testing a stool sample. Its a quick way to have that peace of mind that its just a symptom of teething.

How Do You Treat A Cat With Diarrhea

Why Do Cats Get Diarrhea When You Change Their Food

Unlike vomiting, diarrhea doesnt require the cat owner to withhold food for an extended period of time. In fact, withholding food during this time can actually do more harm than good and can put your cat at risk of developing a fatal type of liver disease known as hepatic lipidosis. Additionally, keep your cat hydrated with water.

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When To Contact Your Vet

If your cat has had mild diarrhoea for less than 24 hours, but is otherwise fine , you may want to try settling them at home before contacting your vet . However, if he/she doesnt improve within 24 hours, gets any worse, or develops any other symptoms you should contact your vet for advice. Always speak to your vet if you have an elderly cat or kitten with diarrhoea because they are more at risk of becoming dehydrated.

Home Care For Cats With Diarrhoea

If your cat has mild diarrhoea but is seems otherwise fine , you might wish to try settling them at home with the advice below. Book an appointment if your cat gets worse or doesnt improve within 24 hours.

  • Feed small, bland, frequent meals – there is no need to starve your cat – instead, offer them small, bland, regular meals such as boiled chicken or white fish . Alternatively, for convenience, your vet is likely to sell a tinned food specifically for upset stomachs. Dont feed anything rich or fatty and call your vet for advice if your cat refuses to eat.
  • Plenty of water – cats with diarrhoea often drink more to replace what theyre losing in their diarrhoea. Make sure your cat has constant access to water and encourage them to drink throughout the day.
  • Rest – your cat might need slightly more sleep than usual while they recover, so its important to allow them to rest. However, if they seem excessively tired, or just arent themselves, speak to your vet for advice.
  • Probiotics – probiotics help to boost friendly gut bacteria and absorb toxins in the intestines. Probiotics have been shown to help some cats but not all, and can be bought at your vets and online.
  • Gradually reintroduce their normal food – once your cat is passing solid poo you can start to slowly reintroduce their normal dietover a few days.

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Recognize The Signs And Symptoms Of Diarrhea In Kittens

You should know that it’s normal for kittens to have softer poop, Demos says. A kitten’s stools are not quite as dry and hard as an adult cat’s. But if your kitten’s poop is consistently shapeless and mushy or is liquidy, then it’s diarrhea.

Kittens with diarrhea may have accidents outside the litterbox. You may also notice diarrhea on their paws or around their tail .

Milk A Common Misconception

How to Treat Diarrhea in Cats

We have all seen the adorable photos and videos of tiny kittens lapping up every last drop of milk from their bowls. In fact, most mammals love a heaping of milk when offered.

However, the milk must be from the same species. Cats dont have the enzymes necessary to break down the milk sugars found in cows milk. Feeding cats the milk of other animals puts them at a high risk of developing secondary GI issues like vomiting and diarrhea.

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Hunting Down Quality Food For Your Growing Kitten Is Not That Hard

Many parents stress over which cat food is ideal for their kittens. Younglings need food rich in proteins sourced from meat that supports muscle and bone development. At the same time, it needs to be hypoallergenic to prevent potentially dangerous allergic reactions.

When reading food labels, prioritise brands that:

  • Contain less fillers or animal derivatives
  • Dont rely on vegetables to bulk up their formulas
  • Refrain from using too many carb sources
  • Are free from preservatives

If you need a reliable provider, turn to Untamed. Our food is made with human-grade ingredients only. We use the prime cuts of your kittens favorite meat, be it chicken, tuna, salmon, or mackerel, all steam-cooked to preserve the nutrient content.

A can of Untameds toothsome jelly- or gravy-based food is the ideal meal with everything your kitten needs:

  • Essential amino acids like taurine
  • Antioxidants like vitamin E to boost the immune system
  • Minerals and other vitamins blended in a vet-recommended mix

All you need to do to try our products is and tell us what your young cat likes to eat!

Real good food thatll make your kitten say yes to a lifetime of healthy food habitsUntamed knows the drill!

Image Untamed

What Can You Give A Cat To Stop Diarrhea

. Keeping this in consideration, what home remedy can I give my cat for diarrhea?

You may also consider giving your cat a bland home-cooked diet until the diarrhea subsides. Two parts cooked white rice mixed with one part boiled hamburger or chicken is easy to digest. Some cats balk at rice, so you can use plain mashed potatoes instead.

Subsequently, question is, why does my indoor cat have diarrhea? Other health conditions that can cause diarrhea in cats include bacterial infections, viral infections, and infections with protozoal organisms such as Giardia. Dietary sensitivities and dietary imbalances may cause diarrhea. Inflammatory bowel disease and a lack of digestive enzymes can lead to diarrhea in cats.

how long does cat diarrhea last?

Sometimes, it comes and goes quickly. Other times, it can last for days, weeks, or months, or come back on a regular basis. Diarrhea that lasts for 24 to 48 hours probably won’t cause a problem unless you have an older cat or a kitten. But if it lasts longer, your cat can get dehydrated, which can be dangerous.

Can I give my cat Pepto Bismol for diarrhea?

Pepto Bismol is used for the treatment and control of diarrhea. Pepto Bismol can be used in cats, but only for short periods of time. Pepto Bismol contains aspirin and cats are sensitive to aspirin. If you have any concerns about giving your pet pepto bismol your veterinarian first.

Options for Treating Cat Diarrhea

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Things To Know About Kitten Diarrhea

  • Although it happens, kittens are not prone to diarrhea.
  • Kittens who have frequent hairballs may also experience periodic bouts of diarrhea, but this may indicate another problem, like inflammatory bowel disease, that needs to be investigated.
  • Kittens who spend a lot of time outdoors may be at an increased risk for internal parasites or ingestion of inappropriate food, which could lead to diarrhea. If your kitten goes outside, check that your neighbors are not feeding him. Eating too much or eating food he is not used to can give a kitten diarrhea. Check your yard and your neighbors yards for poisonous plants that your kitten may have nibbled. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has a list of toxic and non-toxic plants on its website.
  • If you decide to switch your kittens food, introduce it gradually, mixing it with the old brand in increasing amounts over a period of days to ensure an easier transition for your pets GI tract.
  • Over-the-counter remedies like Pepto Bismol and Kaopectate can be dangerous to cats due to salicylate toxicity. These should not be used! Always check with your veterinarian on the correct medication and dosage for the weight and age of your cat.
  • Remember that your cat cannot control the diarrhea. So please do not scold your cat for the accidents. He cannot help it, and adding stress may only make his diarrhea worse.
  • Know the signs of an emergency. Call you veterinarian immediately if your kitten has diarrhea and:
  • Lactose Intolerance From Cows Milk

    Why do cats get diarrhea and constipation?

    Many new kitten owners think that kittens should drink milk. This is a common cause of diarrhea in kittens as they are unable to digest the lactose in the milk. If you want to give your kitten milk, purchase the cat milk available from most supermarkets.


    This should resolve once the kitten is no longer allowed cows milk. If you do want to give your kitten milk, stick lactose-free milk for cats available in supermarkets and pet stores.

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    Kitten Diarrhea At A Glance

    About: Diarrhea is the passage of loose and watery stools. Diarrhea is common in kittens, but should always be taken seriously as they can dehydrate quickly.


    • Protozoal infection
    • Viral infection
    • Bacterial infection
    • Intestinal worms
    • Poisoning
    • Fading kitten syndrome

    Treatment: Observe kittens at home for 24 hours if they appear otherwise well. If diarrhea persists longer than that, or if your cat is exhibiting other symptoms such as lethargy, if he has consumed a toxin, loss of appetite or blood in the stool, seek veterinary attention immediately. If possible, bring along a stool sample.

    Prevention: Introduce new foods slowly. Keep toxins, poisonous plants, medications out of reach of your kitten.

    Worm kittens every two weeks, from two weeks of age and vaccinate at 6-8 weeks.

    Why You Should Use Extreme Caution With Imodium

    Imodium is a synthetic opioid. All opioids are known to cause constipation. They work by slowing down gut motility which allows for more fluid and salts to be drawn back into the body system.

    It should only be given under the guidance of a veterinarian. The use in cats is extremely controversial and should only be used with extreme caution.

    Imodium, when administered at safe levels, is not helpful for pain and, therefore, will not relieve any abdominal discomfort your cat may have.

    In some cases, it can cause extreme excitement in some cats. Additionally, it can cause respiratory suppression in some cats.

    You should never give Imodium to your cat if:

  • If your cat has ingested a toxin or has an infection. The diarrhea is a way for their body to flush itself out and remove toxins and infections.
  • If your cat has any medical conditions that can make them more susceptible to the negative side effects of the drug. Some health conditions are:
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • If your cat is vomiting, has abdominal pain , and is weak.
  • If your cat is very young or old.
  • If your cat is pregnant or nursing.
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    Change Your Cats Food

    There is no need to withhold food from cats who have diarrhea. In fact, doing so can hinder the intestinal tracts ability to heal itself and put cats at risk for a potentially fatal type of liver disease called hepatic lipidosis. It is best to simplify your cats diet, however. Eliminate any treats or table scraps and focus only on the core, nutritionally-complete cat food that you offer every day.

    If you have recently changed your cats diet, go back to what you were previously feeding and see if your cats diarrhea resolves. One or more of the ingredients in the new food may not agree with your cat. Even if you are feeding the same brand and type of food as before but have just opened up a new batch, it might be worth buying a new bag or case from a different lot number to rule out the possibility of contamination.

    More chronic adverse reactions to food can develop at any timea cat may have been eating the same food for years or recently been switched to something new. Many cats with food intolerances or allergies will experience relief from their symptoms when they eat a hypoallergenic or low-antigen diet. The best low-antigen foods are only available through veterinarians, but over-the-counter options do work for some cats. Look for diets that are made from novel protein sources .

    Veterinary Diagnosis And Treatment

    Why Do Cats Get Diarrhea? How Is It Treated?

    Bring your kitten to the vet if his diarrhea continues for more than a day, or if you observe lethargy, vomiting, fever, dark-colored or bloody stools, straining to defecate, decreased appetite or unexplained weight loss.

    Your veterinarian will examine your kitten for underlying illnesses and most likely take a stool sample to check for the presence of internal parasites, overgrowth of bacteria or other fecal abnormalities. Your veterinarian may also conduct blood work to identify other possible causes of the diarrhea.

    Other diagnostic tests that might be recommended include X-rays, ultrasound, cultures, endoscopy and biopsy. The diagnostic tests performed and treatment recommended will depend on how the long the diarrhea has been present and the severity of your kittens condition.

    If your kitten is dehydrated, supplemental fluids may be given either via intravenous or subcutaneous route. Giving fluids orally may not be sufficient to make up for the dehydration because the liquids pass through the kitten too rapidly to be properly absorbed. To detect dehydration, gently pinch the normally loose skin at the back of the neck. When a kitten is normally hydrated, the skin snaps right back down. If the pinched skin flattens slowly or remains tented, the kitten is dehydrated. If the kitten appears to be dehydrated, take him to your veterinarian right away.

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    When To Go To The Vet

    There are a few things that pet owners should consider when deciding if its time for a vet visit.

    First, what is the general condition of your cats health? Is your cat very young or old? Do they have any preexisting health conditions that will make them more susceptible to dehydration or other illnesses?

    Next, is your cat experiencing any other worrisome symptoms, such as vomiting, lethargy, depression, or pain?

    Additionally, how often are the bouts of diarrhea? Is the diarrhea extremely watery?

    Finally, what does your cats diarrhea look like? Is it the color of normal, healthy feces or is it black and tarry? Black and tarry feces often points to internal bleeding, which must be treated immediately. If your cat is experiencing black, tarry stools, seek veterinary medical care right away.

    Its okay if you dont have the answer to all of these questions. If your cat is looking unwell overall and their feces look abnormal, take your cat to be examined by your veterinarian.

    Empirical Therapy For Kittens With Diarrhea Of Unknown Cause

    Inflammatory bowel disease primarily is a disease of middle-aged to older cats, and kittens are more likely to have diarrhea resulting from an infectious cause. We discourage the administration of prednisone to diarrheic kittens unless a comprehensive work-up, including intestinal biopsies, warrants this therapy. Kittens with chronic ileitis could have secondary deficiencies of vitamin B12 , an important micronutrient for DNA replication in the intestinal crypts . Vitamin B12 can be administered empirically to kittens at 100 g per kitten, given subcutaneously once weekly for 4 to 6 weeks. Repeat injections should be based on determination of serum cobalamin concentrations. Cobalamin is safe, easy to administer, and cheap. Use of prebiotics and probiotics for diarrheic animals has received tremendous attention recently however, most studies completed have not been performed in animals with clinical disease. Furthermore, caution should be heeded when purchasing over-the-counter commercial probiotics because little federal regulation and quality control exist over many products, and label descriptions do not always match the ingredients.

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