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Can Probiotics Help With Reflux

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Can You Take Probiotics And Antacids Together

Can probiotics help with acid reflux?

There is no reason why most people should not be able to take antacids and probiotics together, but there may be no need to do so.

The results of a study published in 2021 suggest that, in addition to improving the effectiveness of antacid medications, probiotics may also function well as replacements.

The study participants were split into four groups. Each group got a different treatment.

  • Probiotics alone

  • Probiotics with PPIs

  • Probiotics with prokinetics

  • We haven’t mentioned prokinetics before so should explain these are drugs that help ease the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract.

    All four groups experienced reductions in their indigestion symptoms but the group that received only probiotics showed the greatest improvements of all.

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    Help You Lose Some Extra Pounds

    Obesity/excess weight is a known trigger of acid reflux. The excess pound of flesh on your belly puts extra pressure, causing the food to reflux back up higher towards your esophagus instead of moving forward. Because probiotics can help reduce body weight through several mechanisms, they may also help fight the acid reflux symptoms as well as keep them at bay. This means probiotics may help GERD from the start!

    It is, however, important that you take any new supplement after consulting with your physician.

    Consequences Of B12 Deficiency

    Whats the big deal about plummeting your B12 absorption due to PPIs?

    Vitamin B12 is necessary to make red healthy red blood cell cells and nerve cells. Low B12 can cause PERMANENT nerve damage, memory loss, and mood disorders.

    B12 deficiency is now extremely common, and no doubt that heartburn drugs are contributing to these issues.

    Deficiency of B12 also interferes with energy production and liberation of energy from food.

    Even the most skeptical nutrition critic probably doesnt want low energy. Im pretty confident of this.

    It would be all still manageable if it was just B12 deficiency. However, there are some other consequences of blocking acid.

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    Acid Reflux Pregnancy And Probiotics

    Acid reflux is also common in pregnancy. 80% of pregnant women deal with acid reflux due to an increase in the hormone progesterone. The increase in progesterone causes a . As the fetus develops, the uterus becomes enlarged and crowds the abdomen, and forces stomach acid up towards the esophagus.

    Heartburn can also be a secondary condition in expecting women who have gallstones. Complications related to acid reflux are rare in the prenatal population. It is recommended that acid reflux be managed initially with lifestyle modifications and dietary changes. In most cases, heartburn resolves after delivery.

    Probiotics like Omni-Biotic Panda can benefit mothers during pregnancy by improving the balance of the microbiome, supporting immune health, and aiding healthy digestion.

    A New Cause Of Acid Reflux

    25 Billion CFU Probiotics 120 capsules Acid Reflux Relief

    Another emerging cause of reflux is an imbalanced microbiome, or gut bacteria and flora.

    Many experts in the field of probiotics have conducted research to show that acid reflux can be a result of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth .

    Both SIBO and GERD may be caused by an altered microbiome. This is where probiotics start to come in to focus on acid reflux.

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    Best Probiotic Brands For Acid Reflux

    NOW Supplements, Saccharomyces Boulardii, contains S. boulardii at 5 billion CFUs. This product is highly rated for improving many aspects of digestive health and very inexpensive for people on a budget.

    Swansons Lactobacillus Gasseri, with 3 billion CFUs per serving-I listed this brand because it is the only single-strain probiotic of the well-researched Lactobacillus Gasseri.

    This probiotic would be a good add-on for people who tend to eat probiotic foods or take another probiotic and are looking for a bit of extra benefit for acid reflux. Some people make their own yogurt out of it as well.

    Evivo Baby Probiotic Starter Kit With Live B Infantis

    Why its great: This probiotic kit comes with a 30 day supply, as well as a mixing bowl and syringe. Its the perfect choice for your baby as it doesnt contain any additives or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Its also gluten-free. This probiotic is the only probiotic for babies on the market that contains the B. infantis EVC001 strain. This strain is stored and processed in such a way that it can consume the bacteria from breast milk better than any other strain. On top of that, its clinically proven to remove 80% of bad bacteria, while still increasing the good bacteria by 79%. This probiotic helps to reduce colic, diaper rash, and allergies.

    Keep in mind: This one does need to be stored in the freezer or you can have it in the refrigerator for up to one month.

    Good for: Parents that want the most effective probiotic thats been clinically proven to work.

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    Probiotic Supplements To Treat Gerd Symptoms

    Research suggests probiotics also work well alongside GERD medications, such as proton pump inhibitors .

    With a name like that, it’s easy to presume proton pump inhibitors are machines but they are not. PPIs are medicines that reduce stomach acid production.

    Some PPIs, such as Omeprazole and Lansoprazole , are available OTC, while others, such as Rabeprazole and Pantoprazole are only available with a doctor’s prescription.

    PPIs are oral medications that you generally take 30 minutes before eating your first meal of the day.

    Although side effects are rare, PPIs are known to be capable of causing a “significant bacterial overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract.”

    Symptoms of this may include nausea, headache,constipation, diarrhea, or itchy skin. With long-term use, PPIs also have the potential to weaken bones, making them more susceptible to fractures.

    Research involving Lactobacillus bacteria, suggests probiotic supplements that provide strains from this family may be effective for controlling bacterial overgrowth.

    Other research suggests strains from the Lactobacillus family may also strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis.

    As you can appreciate, when using a PPI, there are strong arguments for using Lactobacillus probiotics as a companion treatment.

    Are Bacterial Infection And Stomach Acid Reflux Are Correlated

    Natural Treatment For Acid Reflux – Diet, Probiotics & HCl

    Norman Robillard, Ph.D., suggests that SIBO may be the causative factor for GERD. According to his theory, the gas formed by bacteria in the small intestine may push the acid content from the stomach in the esophagus.

    However, studies done on the same are small and insufficient to prove this. More studies are needed to prove this claim.

    So, while SIBO may cause GERD, it is not always the case.

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    New Review Investigates The Role Of Probiotics In Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    Gastrointestinal reflux disease is a common digestive disorder characterized by chronic symptoms resulting from abnormal reflux of contents from the stomach into the esophagus, leading to mucosal damage. The underlying cause of GERD is multifactorial and can result from stress, poor diet, impaired digestion, dysbiosis, hiatal hernia, and esophageal sphincter dysfunction. Risk factors associated with GERD include smoking, alcohol, and NSAID use.

    Previously, I had shared research demonstrating that the damage of the esophagus in GERD was shown to be cytokine-mediated due to inflammation and not caused directly by the acid in the stomach.

    Pharmaceutical interventions may provide symptom management but they do not correct many of the underlying factors and often have side effects. Lifestyle changes and nutritional support are usually sufficient to address acid reflux. Patients should consider eating smaller portions at meals. In addition, they should avoid laying down after meals and avoid eating too close to bedtime. Also, alcohol and certain foods can trigger symptoms.

    While proton pump inhibitors may help with the symptoms, they may not be the solution. Recent previous studies have linked PPIs to chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and an increase risk of a heart attack. PPIs can also lead to other problems such as dysbiosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth .

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    How Can Probiotics Help Acid Reflux

    Heartburn and acid reflux symptoms are irritations of your digestive system that usually results in discomfort and pain. Probiotics are friendly bacteria and may help your body to maintain a healthy balance between the good and the harmful bacteria in your digestive system. They will help with the balance of acids in your digestive system hence easing your heartburn and acid reflux.

    When you have eaten a lot of food, it will fill your stomach to the brim. Any excess food will be pushed up close to the esophagus. As it ferments, the acid begins to bubble up, thus causing heartburn. Spicy foods and coffee are known to cause heartburn when combined with foods with high acidic contents.

    Probiotics are known to possess characteristics that will help in alleviating acid reflux. They ensure that your body has a balance of gut bacteria.

    The probiotics will also interact with the epithelial cells on the stomach lining to manage the secretion of proteins that might cause heartburn.

    The best probiotics that can help with acid reflux are those that contain Lactobacillus strains.

    Saccharomyces boulardii is also known to reduce any side effects that you might be feeling, thus reducing the risk of diarrhea. You can also take an antiacid together with the probiotic to ensure that your acid reflux is better addressed.

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    Change Your Diet To Reduce Colic And Infant Reflux

    To help my little guy feel more comfy, I whittled down my veggie-filled primal diet to vegan, gluten-free toast. Bacon. And coconut milk. Lots of coconut milk.

    While Im sure I ate more than these foods, the point remains its extremely helpful to ditch the foods that may either stir up some gas or that contain common allergens. Likewise, you may need to bid farewell to caffeinated foods because they can relax the ring of muscles at the opening of the stomach that protects against reflux.

    If you can muster up the wherewithal in your sleep-deprived haze, try an elimination diet.

    Food groups to eliminate are:

  • Foods with common protein allergens like dairy, wheat, soy, corn, eggs
  • Foods belonging to the cruciferous family like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage
  • Foods belonging to the nightshade family like potatoes, tomatoes, and chilies
  • Foods belonging to the allium family like onion and garlic
  • Foods that are caffeinated, like coffee and chocolate
  • If you feel that everything you put in your mouth has lost its soul, Im crying with you.

    Remind yourself that it doesnt last forever. Find joy in the foods you can eat. And take your prenatal.

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    So What Is The Cause Of Acid Reflux

    Top 5 Best acid reflux probiotics for sale 2017 : Product : MD News Daily

    Acid reflux may have several different possible causes.

    The first most obvious one is over indulgence! Too much food will clearly overfill the stomach, pushing food nearer to the oesophagus and as it ferments, the acid may start to bubble up causing that heartburn. The type of food you eat may cause problems as well. Spicy, fried, citrus and tomato based foods as well as coffee and alcohol very commonly cause heartburn. Eating just before bed can also cause a problem with food coming back up when you lie down too soon after a meal. You may also be more likely to suffer from acid reflux if you are overweight as the extra weight may push the food up higher towards your oesophagus. This is why pregnant women tend to suffer pretty awful heartburn towards the end of their pregnancy as the baby pushes everything up, and inevitably heartburn occurs.

    However, there are other possible causes that are less easily identified and managed which also may cause heartburn.

    Chronic stress as we now know our digestive system is intricately linked to our nervous system. When we are stressed our digestive system receives less blood flow and this causes problems. Our gut bacteria are increasingly being implicated in our management of stress so probiotics may help towards the management of this. However, being aware of your breathing before and during a meal is paramount.

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    How To Treat A Uti During Menopause

    While UTIs can be treated with antibiotics, they can also be suppressed with probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help to keep the gut and urinary tract healthy.

    They work by restoring balance in the microbiome, which can help to prevent infection-causing bacteria from taking hold.

    Probiotics are available in supplement form or in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi. Incorporating probiotics into your diet may help to reduce the frequency of UTIs during menopause.

    Research shows that during and after menopause, women are more likely to experience urinary tract infections . This is due to a number of factors, including changes in hormone levels, a decrease in pelvic floor muscle tone, and a weakened immune system.

    Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of UTIs. For example, taking probiotics or eating yogurt with live cultures can help to promote healthy gut flora, which in turn can help to fight off infection.

    Additionally, staying well-hydrated and urinating frequently can also help to flush out bacteria and prevent UTIs. By taking these simple measures, women can help to reduce their risk of developing a UTI during menopause.

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    Do Probiotics Help Gerd

    Often, medications called proton pump inhibitors are prescribed for GERD. According to a July 2019 review in âNutrientsâ, PPIs can decrease diversity in your gut, meaning they reduce the “good” bacteria in there. And this kind of change in gut diversity could have a negative affect on your health, according to a March 2020 paper in âMicroorganismsâ.

    This means you may need to get more probiotics in your life â not to treat your GERD, but to keep you healthy while you manage your symptoms.

    There isn’t a lot of research around GERD and probiotics, says Elena Ivanina, DO, MPH, director of neurogastroenterology and motility at Lenox Hill Hospital. But she does point to one May 2019 study of 130 people in the âWorld Journal of Gastroenterologyâ, which found that esomeprazole taken with probiotics â specifically, Bacillus subtilis and Enterococcus faecium âââ was successful in helping improve the gastrointestinal symptoms of those with GERD and extending the time between relapses of symptoms.

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    Which Are The Best Probiotics For Acid Reflux And Gastritis

    In summary, the best probiotics for acid reflux will vary because different probiotic strains are suited to different people depending on the underlying cause. For example, specific strains have been shown to be particularly helpful for dysbiosis, whereas some are more suited for pregnancy, and some are best for H. pylori. If this is the cause for you then jump to the next section to find out the best probiotics for H. pylori.

    Firstly, for those who have acid reflux or gastritis due to dysbiosis from antibiotic use or a poor diet, taking a probiotic supplement may be beneficial. Supplementation with Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® may be considered to help restore the health of the gut microbiome following antibiotic therapy and in general to replenish the gut with beneficial bacteria which will help to address the microbial imbalance in dysbiosis.

    The probiotic strain Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 has been shown in human clinical trials to reduce GI symptoms such as: regurgitation, nausea and vomiting12 whilst improving gut microbial composition13. Symptoms such as these are common alongside acid reflux and gastritis, meaning that this strain could be of interest to many sufferers, to support the overall health of the GI tract.

    What Causes Acid Reflux

    How To Help Acid Reflux With Supplements

    Most people believe that their reflux problem is due to too much stomach acid. After all, surely its all that acid thats causing the burning sensation?

    But in many cases, the opposite is true.

    Consider the fact that the number of people with heartburn increases with age, and studies have shown that stomach acid secretion actually declines with age.

    Whats more, when stomach acid is measured in people suffering from acid reflux, its more often low than high. Very few people tend to have excess stomach acid. But because Western medicine is designed to treat the symptom, not the cause, sufferers simply reach for their antacids.

    Taking antacids for a problem that isnt caused by excess acid can potentially make low stomach acid worse.

    You dont have to have excess acid in your stomach to have heartburn. Any amount of acid can cause heartburn because the delicate lining of the stomach isnt protected against it.

    Heartburn and GERD are often caused by too little stomach acid, which may be caused by an imbalance in your gut microbiome.

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    The Challenges Of Probiotic Research

    One difficulty of probiotics research is that its rarely clear which strains of bacteria you should use in your study.

    In your gut microbiome, you have hundreds of species. Deciding which might be best able to help resolve a given health condition is tricky.

    So, scientists often try different strains or combinations of strains. And that makes it hard to compare the results of different studies.

    As an example, lets revisit the Finnish review into probiotics and PPIs. The authors of the studies had used an array of probiotics.

    Some had looked at single strains of bacteria, including L. gasseri LG21, B. bifidum YIT 10347, and B. lactis HN019.

    Others had used a combination of up to six strains of bacteria. And some added other ingredients to their probiotics, including prebiotics, vitamins, and enzymes.

    Another challenge of probiotics research is that most gut bacteria aren’t easy to grow in a lab. And if you cant grow them, you cant turn them into probiotics.

    When you see probiotic pills and powders in the grocery store, they contain bacteria that are easy to culture.

    And thats the main reason why the manufacturer chose that strain in the first place its about the ease of manufacture, not the proven health benefits.

    Thats not to say that probiotics aren’t ever useful. It just means that scientists have their work cut out for them when they try to identify which strains or combinations of strains might work best.

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