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How Do You Test Your Gut Microbiome

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How Does Gut Microbiome Impact Body Weight

Listen to your gut Atlas Microbiome Test

Scientists believe that the ratio of certain strains of bacteria influences weight gain as well as fat loss. The results report of the Gut;Microbiome Test will give you an indication of whether possible weight problems that you experience may be related to your gut flora.

The ratio of Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes: A large proportion of intestinal microbiome belongs to the two strains Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. Some scientific studies point to the fact that people in whom the Firmicutes are predominant are more likely to be overweight than those who had more Bacteroidetes in their gut.

This is most likely due to the fact that Firmicutes bacteria can draw a larger amount of energy from foods and this energy is then stored as fat cells.

The ratio of Prevotella to Bacteroides:Studies show that people who have a ratio of more Prevotella bacteria than Bacteroides bacteria break down fat faster and tend to lose weight when they follow a high-fibre diet.

Conducting A Gut Microbiome Test

It is possible to do a gut microbiome test on your own. But before you take any action, it is important to understand a few things, such as the kit required to conduct the test, how to conduct the test and finally what results to expect from the test. Given below is every bit of information that is needed to successfully conduct a gut microbiome test.;

How To Interpret A Gut Health Test

A good gut health test will not only tell you which microbes you house, but it will also explain the research behind those microbes. That second part is essentialotherwise youre just left with a huge list of funny bacterial names.

Broadly speaking, you want to look at:

1);;;;Your overall diversity. That means how many different types of bacteria you have. Healthpath makes this easy by providing a diversity score.

2);;;;Whether you have dysbiosis. This means an imbalance in bacteria. Again, Healthpath provides a;dysbiosis;scale so you can tell at a glance.

3);;;;The bacterial phyla.;These are six large categories of bacteria. A good gut health test will let you know if these are in the expected ranges. An out-of-range bacterial phylum, such as high Proteobacteria, can contribute to symptomseven if everything else on the test is normal.

4);;;;Individual species and strains of bacteria. The balance of bacteria is important, but some individual strains and species are especially useful. Appropriate levels of the species Akkermansia muciniphila, for example, can be regarded as a general marker of intestinal health7.;But too much of another species, Clostridium difficile, is known to contribute to diarrhoea8.;Your report should give you evidence-based details about each bacterium.

5);;;;Other microbes and markers.;These include yeasts, parasites and digestive biomarkers. These create a comprehensive view of your gut function.

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What Is The Purpose Of The Gut Microbiome

Is Your Gut Microbiome Healthy? Tests May Prove Otherwise ...

Intestinal bacteria are an integral part of healthy digestion. In addition, they contribute to a strong immune system and perform a number of other tasks. Some known tasks include the following:

Digestion: Among other things, the intestinal bacteria produce vitamins and essential amino acids from food, as well as the butyrate, which contributes to gut health.

Immune system: The largest part of your immune system is located in the intestine. Therefore, gut;microbiome plays a major role in strengthening these defences and keeping pathogens away. Scientific studies even suggest that healthy gut flora can ward off allergic reactions.

A;gut feeling:There is probably a lot more to the term gut feeling than we suspected. Researchers have discovered that gut bacteria also communicate with the brain. That way, the gut;microbiome probably influences feelings and moods and can even have an effect on how depression develops.

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Proven Ways To Heal Your Gut Microbiome

  • Your gut microbiome is involved in nearly every aspect of your health, so you want to pay attention to the trillions of microbes living in and on you.;
  • Ways to reduce damage and promote good gut microbiome health include: avoiding gut-damaging behavior, staying away from certain foods, and taking a gut microbiome test.

Your gut microbiome is involved in nearly every aspect of your health. So, if you want to feel better, have more energy, and improve your overall well-being, youve got to pay attention to the trillions of microbes living in and on you.

Your richest population of microbes by far is found in your gut. This is great news because your gut microbes are heavily affected by your diet and behavior meaning you have a lot of influence over the activity of your gut microbe population, also called the gut microbiota.;

These little guys are your bodys natural pharmacy: they help you digest your food, influence your mood, and even help you maintain a healthy weight.The science of the gut microbiome has given us new insight into what it means to be healthy. We now know that to truly be healthy, we must take the right steps not only for ourselves, but also for our microbiomes.

Lets take a closer look at how you can reduce damage and promote good gut microbiome health with 17 science-backed ways to heal your gut microbiome.

Update: My Viome Test Results Explained

Viomes lead medical researcher, Dr. Helen Messier, was kind enough to shoot the following video explaining my test results and breaks down the app recommendations based on my own gut bacteria. She also explains how the food recommendations work and how to use Viome most effectively.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Are you as excited about this new technology as I am? Ever tried any at-home tests like this before? Weigh in below!

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How To Obtain Biomefx Testing From Microbiome Labs

BiomeFxis available to you for purchase outside of a health office or with a functional health provider – the report is personalized and self-explanatory to a degree, although, you might need further follow-up to help you read the test and develop a customized game plan.

Upon purchase, a kit is sent to your home with full instructions. The final sample is collected in a test tube found in your kit, and it is safely packaged and mailed back in a prepaid envelope.

Results are provided in a 4-6 week period – during which you will want to be continuing your diet, lifestyle, and supplemental strategies.

How Often Should I Test the Gut Microbiome?

Microbiome has a sample protocol of how their products may be used in a gut restoration model:

The Science Of Microbiome Composition

Microbiome Testing – How To Do It w’ Naturopath Amanda Ledwith

Flashback to freshman biology

Every living organism produces RNA molecules from their DNA.;Tests like this one sequence all of the RNA in the stool to help quantify all of the living microorganisms in the gut at the species and strain level.

The end result?

A more in-depth view of your gut microbiome than has ever been available before. Instead of just looking at bacteria and parasites, we can now sequence RNA in the gut. The nerd in me is so excited about this technology, but even if you arent interested in the science, I think youll be excited about how technology like this can improve all of our lives!

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Visual & Physical Indicators

Bristol Stool Chart Analysis-Using the bristol stool chart can help identify digestive and gut health issues. Closer to #1 means constipation, and closer to #7 means diarrhea, which is both causes for concern. If you consistently experience something other than type #3 or #4, consider reaching out to a doctor or nutrients.

Floating/Sinking-;Floating stool is an indicator of fat in the stool which means youre not digesting fats well when stool than immediately sinks is a sign of too many nutrients still in the stool.

Physical straining- Sometimes our digestion varies, yes, and having one episode of physical straining isnt the end of the world. However, if you find yourself physically straining to go more often than not, thats a sign that you need to pay attention to constipation issues.

Ask How Rather Than Why

Its human nature to want to know why. Searching for why is how some of the laws of science like gravity were discovered. Wanting to know why isnt a bad thing.;

But it doesnt necessarily fix the problem, especially since there is a lot we still need to learn about our microbes. Focusing on testing rather than overcoming can leave you hanging instead of healthy. The tests arent advanced enough for real conclusions to be made about your microbiome.

Choosing to spend your time and money in actions toward health, instead of analyzing why its missing can help you break free from whats holding you back.

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How Viomes Gut Microbiome Test Works

When you order the Gut Intelligence Test, Viome sends you an easy to use at-home kit to collect your sample. After you return your sample by mail, Viome uses its advanced metatranscriptomic sequencing technology to determine what microorganisms live in your gut, how active they are, and what specific nutrients and toxins they produce from the food you eat. Viomes powerful AI then creates customized dietary recommendations based on a massive and continually growing database of information.

These recommendations are designed to:

  • increase microbial species associated with overall wellness
  • minimize microbial species associated with poor health
  • create the ideal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for your diet
  • encourage foods that are most compatible with your metabolism
  • help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • increase your energy, focus, and well-being

In addition to these general dietary recommendations, you can also receive custom dietary recommendations based on specific health and wellness goals you select. And all results and recommendations are delivered via the Viome app on your mobile device, making them incredibly easy to put into action.

Viomes Gut Intelligence Test is the most scientifically advanced microbiome test on the market, and right now kits are 62-percent off the regular price. So if youre ready to take the guesswork out of gut health, order your kit today.

Functional Analysis Of The Microbiome

How a Microbiome Test Can Help Your Bloating, Constipation ...

This section looks for microbial genes that are known to provide metabolic functions of the body. A higher value means your microbiome has a higher potential for the activity, a low value does not mean the metabolite is low, these numbers tell one the extent that their microbiome can contribute to your levels.With high or low potential to produce a metabolite, the findings give you a sense of your microbiome’s capacity to produce a certain metabolite and may reflect a baseline indication of vulnerability to excess or deficiency.

Microbiome research is still progressing daily and the report findings are intended as a piece of the puzzle, not an answer sheet.

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Intestprowhy Should I Take The Test

This analysis is suitable if you:

  • Have digestion problems
  • Suspect you have a weak immune system
  • Want to improve your fitness level
  • Need nutrition tips tailored to your gut
  • Want to understand your body better
  • Do not sleep well and often feel unwell
  • Are over the age of 15

The assessment contains not only the analysis results on the balance and condition of your intestinal flora, but also customised recommendations for improvement. The complex laboratory processes take around 2 to 4 weeks . The results are available online in a secure, data-protected area of the BIOMES website. If you have any questions, the BIOMES customer service team can be reached by email or phone.

Your package contains everything you need to take your sample: A sterile cotton swab, a small sample container, a stamped return envelope and instructions.

We hope you enjoy exploring the exciting world of your intestinal bacteria!

;;Thank you for Signing Up

Why Is The Biodiversity Of Bacteria Important

Biodiversity describes how many different types of bacteria exist in your gut flora. Simply put, the more types of bacteria, the better it is for your health. For instance, scientists believe that greater diversity helps prevent diseases and obesity.

With the diversity index given in the results report you will learn whether the bacterial species in your gut are fairly evenly distributed or if certain species of bacteria dominate;your bowel.

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Information About The Gut Microbiome Test

Take a stool sampleThe Gut;Microbiome;Test comes with two stool collection aids and a sample tube with a collection spoon, which you can use to take a small stool sample yourself at home. The stool collection aid allows the sample to be collected easily and hygienically.

Activate your Gut;Microbiome TestActivate the test ID listed on the test ID card in your secure My cerascreen® user profile on our website or on our app. You will then need to answer a few questions, so that we can send you personalised recommendations.

Send your stool sample;

Diversity: What We All Want

Viome Review & App Walkthrough (Test Your Gut Microbiome)

Healthy microbiomes are all different, but they all have one thing in common: diversity. While theres no one formula to create a healthy microbiome, your gut should contain many different types, families and species of microbes. A lack of diversity is linked to an endless number of diseases .

The latest research is also revealing links between levels of specific types of microbes and specific diseases. Many of these are included on our Gut Health Tests. Get some insider knowledge and download a sample report to see which bacteria we test for.;

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How Long Does It Take To Replace The Gut With Good Bacteria Naturally After Antibiotics

Replacing your gut with good bacteria after antibiotics can start right away: you can start looking after your gut health while youre still taking a course of antibiotics.

While you can begin to change your gut flora with your next meal , when significant damage has been done to the gut through repeated courses of antibiotics, some bacterial communities disappear and are unlikely to return .

To get the full lowdown on how to restore your gut flora after antibiotics, check out our blog post 14 tips to restore gut flora after antibiotics.

What Do I Have To Bear In Mind When I Take The Sample

The stool sample can be collected in;the convenience of your home simply, quickly and discretely. The Gut;Microbiome;testing kit includes detailed and illustrated instructions that explain all steps of the procedure in detail. There are a few things you need to bear in mind:

A bean-sized sample of your stool needs to be collected in the sample tube. Simply collect 3-4 small samples;with the provided spoon that you find attached to the lid of the tube. If the sample is a little larger, this is not a problem.

The sample tube contains a DNA-stabilising liquid that mixes with the stool sample and ensures that the sample remains durable for a certain time. The sample does not have to be completely dissolved in the liquid. It is sufficient if the sample and liquid mix well.

You should in any case avoid direct contact with the DNA-stabilising liquid. The liquid can irritate your skin and eyes.

Because of the DNA-stabilising liquid, the sample is durable for a longer period of time; however, we recommend to send your sample to our medical partner laboratory on the day you collect your sample;by using the free return envelope.

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Why Would You Use Microbiome Testing

We dont suggest testing just for the sake of it. Our rule of thumb is if the test doesnt change the recommendations we would make, then it may not be worthwhile.

With that in mind, there are different reasons for testing the microbiome and stools. Some include:

  • Mental health conditions that arent responding to standard treatment
  • Other chronic conditions that gut health can have an influence on
  • Suspected infections with pathogenic bacteria, parasites or fungi

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