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How To Check Ib Scores

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How To Request Ib Score Transcript


IB score transcripts are not sent directly to students, but you can request to have them sent to colleges. Before score results are released, you can request to have score transcripts sent to six universities free of charge. Typically, your IB Coordinator must make this request for you.

After results are released, visit the IBs Request for Results Service page to have transcripts sent to schools. A fee of $17 is charged for each request, even if you havent sent results previously.

After The Release Of Results

When results are released, they will be made available to institutes via an IB secure website, or on a paper transcript if the institute does not make use of the IB secure website.

IB graduates can request that transcripts be sent to institutions directly by placing a request through

In addition to requesting a transcript be sent to universities, you may have to request that your results and/or certificate be legalized. Read more about legalization.

Diploma Programme Core Scoring

To earn the diploma, students must fulfill the Diploma Programme Core requirements mentioned above: extended essay, TOK essay/presentation, and CAS.

The TOK essay/presentation and extended essay are each scored individually, and they can earn students a total of 3 points toward the diploma.

Extended essays are 4,000-word essays on a topic of interest to the student. They combine research, synthesis, analysis, and developing an argument. Examiners appointed by the IBO assess the extended essay on a scale of 0-34. The student then receives a score related to a band:

  • A = Work of an excellent standard
  • B = Work of a good standard
  • C = Work of a satisfactory standard
  • D = Work of a mediocre standard
  • E = Work of an elementary standard .

TOK essays/presentations are evaluated according to the same scoring range and grade bands as the extended essay. The presentations are recorded via video and assessed internally, while the essays are externally graded by IBO-appointed examiners.

Based on the overall grades obtained on both the extended essay and TOK, students receive a maximum of three points. For instance, a student who scores a level B on TOK and a level C on the extended essay is awarded two points toward the diploma.

Students must successfully complete CAS requirements to earn the diploma. This involves a variety of projects, including volunteer work, totaling 150 hours. However, no diploma points are awarded for CAS hours.

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How And When Do Universities Receive Transcripts

If an institution has opted to receive IB transcripts via a secure IB website, they will receive it as soon as results are released . Otherwise, they will be mailed a paper transcript.

Please note that due to the volume of requests received during the peak months of December and January and July through September, transcript requests may take longer to process. The IB is not responsible for delays in the postal service or in processing transcripts at universities. This process may take up to 14 working days.

It is the institution that decides on the following:

  • The format in which it receives an IB transcript .
  • The receiving address for the transcript. This is usually a general/centralized admissions office.
  • If a student or alumni needs to check if a university has received their transcript, they should check with the university admissions office first. If they are unable to locate it there, then the student or alumni should contact IB Answers. When contacting us, students/alumni should include their name, the school where they obtained their diploma, the university that they are applying to, and the date that they requested their results to help us process their request faster.Important tips for students submitting transcripts

    Tip 2: If your transcript was sent electronically and the university informs you that they are unable to access your record, please ensure that you have provided them with the correct information .

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    Whats Changing In 2022

    AP/IB Test Scores Continue to Imporve Annually  Rampage

    For 2022 IB graduates who are applying for admission to tertiary courses commencing in 2023, more detailed information about IB results will be available to UAC. This will be used to improve the Combined Rank schedule by providing more conversion points. Scaled total marks from all subjects will be used to differentiate between IB students on the same IB score. The table below shows how it will work, using the examples of students with scores of 37 and 38.

    IB Diploma score



    Example values only the exact Combined Rank conversion values are set based on data for each year.

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    What Time Are The Nsc Matric Results Released

    The Basic Education Department will release the state National Senior Certificate matric exam results on Tuesday evening during a live broadcast from Vodaworld in Midrand, at 18:00. This will be the first time the pass rate, achievement details and drop-out numbers for the Class of 2019 will be made public

    What Does Ib Acio Do

    The main job of IB ACIO includes collection of intel at the ground level, regular office work, maintaining liason with the sister agencies, and even performing secret operations if required. The job is not always risky. The job profile is almost similar to the Inspector rank under the state police services.

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    Do You Get Predicted Scores For All Assessments

    Some schools donât bother giving predicted grades for Extended Essaysand the Theory of Knowledge.

    Instead, they do a hard guess based on your overall score on a subject. For example, a student who is gets 39 out of 42 can get 2 bonus points.

    One thing about the IB predicted grades is that you can negotiate for a higher score if you strongly believe that you can do better in the coming tests exams.

    Go tell your IB teacher that youâll work harder than youâve done before, and theyâll more than likely give you a higher score to aim.

    May 2021 Examination Session


    The IB has worked to ensure all students registered for the DP/CP May exam session have a path forward to earn the Diploma or Career-related certificate whether they could sit their examinations or not.

    As a result, the IB provided schools with a choice of options for their students, including:

    • awarding grades using written examinations if they could be sat safely and
    • an alternative route using coursework and predicted grades.

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    Students On The British System

      GCSE/IGCSE/O-Levels, AS-Levels

      • You must request official Certifying Statements of Results from each examination board for all GCSE/IGCSE/O-Level and AS-Level exams. Certified true copies will not be accepted. Do not mail your original certificates, as they will not be returned.
      • UCLA does not award university credit for GCSE/IGCSE/O-level or AS-Level exams.


      • If you have already received your results for your A-Levels/Pre-U, submit them by July 1. If your results are pending and will become available in August, submit them before the end of August.
      • Certified copies provided by your secondary school are acceptable if they remain in a sealed school envelope, however, they cannot be utilized for university credit.

      Options for Online Cambridge and Pearson Qualification Submission

      • Cambridge: Official results can be confirmed via CIE Direct. To do so, please e-mail with the following information: name, UCLA ID number, centre number, candidate number, date of birth, series.
      • Pearson: You may request Pearson to e-mail your official results to

    What Ib Scores Do Colleges Accept

    Every college has their own policies about awarding credit for IB classes. The best place to learn about an individual schools credit policies is on their website. You can also Google IB credit policy if youre having trouble finding the right page.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Stanford University awards credit for HL exams only, usually requiring a 5 or higher. Some subjects, like Physics, require at least a 6.
    • The University of Florida awards credit for a 4 or higher on both HL and SL exams.
    • University of California schools award a year of credit to students who earn the diploma with a score of 30 or higher. Additional credit is awarded for scores of 5 or higher on HL exams.
    • MIT typically does not award credit for advanced coursework. However, students who earn a 7 on certain exams, like Physics and Mathematics, may receive some credit.

    As you can see, policies vary widely. In some cases, you can earn a year or more of college credit with high IB test scores and/or your IB Diploma. This saves you a lot of time and money as you work toward your degree.

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    Can A Lost Or Damaged Diploma Or Certificate Be Replaced

    If it has been lost or destroyed, students can request a replacement diploma or certificate. To submit a request using a debit or credit card please complete the online request for results service form.

    The process takes up to 28 days. You will need proof of identity, including your name and date of birth.

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    How Do Schools Predict Ib Scores

    IB Exam Score Distributions  2016  An Advocacy Group for Children

    The short version is that the predicted grade you get for a particular subject depends on that subjectâs teacher.

    Notably, the teacher will look at your test score, work ethics, and potential from the time you started the program to set an expectation for you in terms of the grades they think youâll score.

    The long answer is that your teacher will issue a predicted grade based on three factors.

    First, they look at how youâre currently doing in your tests and exams.

    Remember IB will base your overall grades on the final exam, so this will give your teacher a good idea on how well youâre likely to perform in the exams.

    Second, theyâll look at how you perform in your Internal Assessment.

    For example, if you get a 5 in your exams and score 7s in all your IAs, your teacher will conclude that your IAs brings you up. Therefore, they will predict a 6 for you.

    Third, they may look for upward and downward trends in the past results.

    For example, if you get 4s in Math in your first year, then 5s leading up to the main exams, you may get a predicted grade of 6 in the subject as an upward trend.

    The bottom line is:

    Your IB teacher will examine your overall improvement in the subject in recent time to give you a reasonable grade prediction.

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    Ib Courses Comparable To Nsw Hsc Courses

    The following table shows for each IB Diploma course the comparable course in the NSW HSC.

    The information in this table is applicable for 2020-21 admissions only.

    * There is no comparable NSW HSC course for this IB Diploma course. Contact the relevant institution for information about its policy regarding IB Diploma courses that have no comparable NSW HSC course.

    In the NSW HSC there is a small number of multi-level subject areas which enable advanced students to study extension subjects. Students undertaking an extension course must also study the underpinning course. Some institutions, for some courses, award selection rank adjustments for achievement in both courses. In such cases, IB Diploma students undertaking this IB course will be considered for the same pattern of subject adjustments as NSW HSC students undertaking the comparable course listed in this table and may be eligible to receive more than one adjustment.

    ^ These subjects will be examined for the first time in 2021.

    Ap/ib Scores And College Credit

    Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Scores

    Depending on your scores, AP and IB exams can count for some courses at University of Portland. College credit from other colleges/universities may also count. In the Registration & Advising Survey, you will be asked about any AP/IB exams and college credit that you may have. Make sure to indicate all of your exams and credits on this survey. This will help your Program Counselor to build your schedule with any incoming credits in mind.

    IMPORTANT: You must have scores and transcripts sent to the University of Portland in order to receive any credit.

    To send AP Scores: If you did not request to send your AP scores to UP when you took the exam, you need to log into College Board and request to have them sent to UP in order to receive credit.

    To send IB Scores: If you did not request to send your IB scores to UP before your scores were released, you need to log into International Baccalaureate and request to have them sent to UP in order to receive credit.

    Have college transcripts sent to:

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    When Does Ib Release Exam Scores

    Expect IB test results for May exams on July 6 of the same year. For example, those who took an IB test in May 2021 received their results on July 6, 2021.

    Students who took IB examinations in November 2021 had their results released on January 2, 2022, and students had access to their results the following day, January 3.

    Students who took the IB test in May 2022 will receive their results on July 7, 2022. IB test results for November exams should be available to schools on January 2 of the following year.

    Ib Tests Are Graded On A Scale Of 1

    CSU Application FAQ’s: AP & IB Scores

    Every IB test is scored on a scale of 1-7, with 7 being the highest possible score. The IB uses what are called “grade descriptors” to describe what each level signifies for each possible category .

    For example, here’s how the IB describes a score of 5 in Group 4 :

    Displays broad subject knowledge and shows sound understanding of most concepts and principles, and applies them in some contexts. Analyses and evaluates quantitative and qualitative data competently. Constructs explanations of simple phenomena. Solves most basic or familiar problems and some new or difficult quantitative and/or qualitative problems. Communicates clearly with little or no irrelevant material.Approaches investigations in an ethical manner, paying attention to environmental impact and safety where applicable. Investigations demonstrate appropriate investigative and analytical techniques with relevant and pertinent conclusions to resolving authentic problems.

    For a full breakdown of what each score means, refer to this document from the IB.

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    Acceptance Policy: Ib Credit

    Rice University awards transfer credits for International Baccalaureate examinations for students who have met the following criteria:

    • The student completed and was awarded the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students who completed IB certificates will not be awarded transfer credit at Rice.
    • The student obtained a score of 6 or 7 on higher level exams. Standard level exams are not eligible to be considered for Rice credit.

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    What Is A Good Ib Score For Ivy League

    Unlike their UK counterparts, US universities dont release official cut-off scores for the IB Diploma. Based on what the Oxbridge universities in the UK expect from IB applicants, an overall grade of 38+ would be well received by the Ivy Leagues. For the more selective universities, youre looking at around 40+.

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    India External Board Exams

    • We are aware the CBSE board exams for Year XII has been postponed and exam results wont be available by July 1st. We are following the announcements from the examination boards and will be flexible with our deadline. Please follow the July 1 deadline for India Year X results.
    • If you indicated on your UC Application that you have completed India Year X and/or India Year XII exams, you must request that your official exam results be sent to our office. Your results must be sent directly from the examining board or your school may send us certified copies provided they remain in your schools official envelope and are sealed by your school.

    How Are Ib Tests Scored

    MHA IB ACIO Result 2017 of Tier 2 Announced: Check IB ACIO 2017 Result ...

    For each IB subject area , students receive a score ranging from 1 to 7. To earn the diploma, students must achieve a score of at least 24 points. Both the final written examination and internal assessments are considered in the scoring. Internal assessments are either assessed by external evaluators, or graded by the teacher and moderated by the IBO.

    To moderate a teachers grading, the IBO requests the assessments of several students selected at random. The moderator grades the assessments and compares their grades to the teachers grades. If the teachers grades are too lenient, all student scores are adjusted downward. If the teachers grades are too harsh, all students scores are adjusted upward.

    IB uses grade descriptors to determine how many points a student earns in each subject area. This is similar to a rubric.

    For example, to earn a 7 in language and literature, a student must demonstrate excellent understanding and appreciation of the interplay between form and content in regard to the question or task responses that may be convincing, detailed, independent in analysis, synthesis and evaluation highly developed levels of expression, both orally and in writing very good degree of accuracy and clarity very good awareness of context and appreciation of the effect on the audience/reader very effective structure with relevant textual detail to support a critical engagement with the thoughts and feelings expressed in the work.

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