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What To Eat To Avoid Pregnancy Heartburn

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Change Your Sleeping Habits

Pregnancy Tips : How to Avoid Heartburn While Pregnant

Put that beautiful rocker/recliner in the nursery to good use and start sleeping on it now! This is another way to fight gravity and ease heartburn symptoms.

A second option is to elevate the head of your bed. You can do this by putting six-inch blocks under the head of your bed.

Alternatively, you can buy a foam bed wedge that you place under your head down to your waist, and sleep on that. That will keep you propped up.

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Foods To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

You may experience heartburn for the first time during pregnancy or find it becoming worse. In fact, it’s fairly common to experience heartburn during pregnancy, with it being reported by 17 45% of pregnant women5. Keep eating foods that are good for you and investigate these food heartburn triggers to help reduce the risk as much as possible. A few food triggers to consider include:

For more information on how changes during pregnancy can affect your eating habits and the occurrence of heartburn, be sure to check out the TUMS site for more information.


The Best Way To Relieve Heartburn

The good news is that you can prevent and relieve heartburn through dietary changes. “The first step to combat symptoms is to switch from three large meals to four or five smaller meals and to cut out fatty, acidic and spicy foods,” says Bassett-Novoa. “You can also make sure not to eat 1-2 hours before bed and avoid lying down after eating.”

Specific foods also may contribute to heartburn. “It’s important to identify what triggers your heartburn, as each person may have different trigger foods,” says Warner. Common causes include “acidic foods including tomato-based products, vinegar , spicy foods, high-fat foods, caffeine and carbonated beverages,” she says.

If you aren’t sure which foods trigger your heartburn, keep a food diary of what you ate, when you ate it and any symptoms you had afterward.

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Relieve Pregnancy Heartburn With Cows Milk And Plant

Youre probably most familiar with calciums starring role in building healthy bones and muscles, but this mineral also doubles as a natural antacid. Thats good news for heartburn sufferers, as antacids neutralize stomach acid to alleviate heartburn symptoms.

To load up on acid-fighting calcium, your first thought might be to reach for a glass of cows milkwhich isnt a bad instinct! One study found that skim or low-fat cows milk may lower stomach acid and prevent heartburn if consumed cold.

Fortified plant-based milk is another solid choice. Along with calcium, fortified plant-based milk brings many essential nutrients to the table . Another perk of plant-based milk is that most are low in fat. High-fat foods and drinks can make heartburn harder to handle. The downside? Plant-based milk isnt a good source of proteina must-have nutrient in pregnancyso if you go this route, be sure to supplement with protein-rich foods, like fish, yogurt, and nuts.

Try it!

  • Add soy milk to your hot or cold breakfast cereal.
  • Drink a cold glass of low-fat milk with a nut butter sandwich on whole-wheat bread.

Dont Wear Tight Clothing

Acid Reflux

For all you expecting fashionistas, fret not. This is not a call to go the dumpy, shapeless route in terms of maternity wear. Just skip the fitted clothes that compress your belly in any way. Not only will it make you uncomfortable to wear such clothes at this point in your life but it also will force that pesky acid back up to your throat by pressing down on your uterus, which shoves against your stomach in turn.

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When Can I Expect The Heartburn To End During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, heartburn is a symptom you’re likely to experience throughout your entire pregnancy if you have it at all.

In fact, even if you escaped indigestion early on in your pregnancy, there’s a good chance you’ll have a surge starting around the second or third trimesters, when your uterus takes over your abdominal cavity and forces your stomach upwards.

Fortunately, the burn should clear up as soon as you give birth.

How Can I Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy

I’m in my second trimester. No matter what I eat, I get heartburn. Is this normal? If so, what can I do to feel better? Cari

Heartburn, despite its name, has nothing to do with the heart. It’s a burning feeling in the throat and chest when the stomach’s contents move back up into the esophagus .

Heartburn is common during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can make the valve at the entrance to the stomach relax so that it doesn’t close as it should. This lets acidic stomach contents move up into the esophagus, a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux , or acid reflux. It can get worse later in pregnancy when the growing uterus presses up on the stomach.

To help ease heartburn pain:

  • Skip foods and drinks that can make it worse, such as citrus spicy, fatty foods caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • Eat several small meals throughout the day.
  • Take your time when eating.
  • Drink liquids between not during meals.
  • Avoid eating or drinking for 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Resist the urge to lie down after meals.
  • Raise your head when you sleep.
  • Talk to your doctor about medicines that are safe to take for heartburn during pregnancy.

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Should I Ignore Heartburn

Heartburn may seem like a mild nuisance rather than something to be worried about but, if you’re over 50 years and have been experiencing acid reflux for some time or feel the need to keep using over-the-counter antacid tablets, it’s worth getting it checked out.

Cumming warns: “Heartburn can be a sign of an underlying health complaint such as a gastric ulcer or oesophageal cancer and shouldn’t be ignored, especially in older people. Suffering in silence when you have long-term heartburn symptoms could lead to potentially serious conditions being diagnosed later, when they are more advanced with complications, and are harder to treat.”

Take A Stroll After Meals

4 Steps to Relieve Heartburn in Pregnancy

You may feel tempted to go to bed after a meal but doing so can lead to or worsen acidity or heartburn. Walking can help accelerate the digestive process and wash acid back up into your esophagus. On the other hand, if you sit down or go to bed, the food remains in your stomach for longer, which causes the gut to secrete more acid that can reflux back due to pressure.

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Aloe Vera Syrup Products

Aloe vera juice has been used in traditional medicine to heal irritation of the esophagus. It is unwise to use unprocessed aloe vera sap as it contains laxative compounds, but some products are formulated for internal use. AloeCure contains organic aloe juice and is marketed as an all-natural remedy for digestive disorders, including heartburn. Some trials, including a 2015 study, have found aloe vera syrup to be effective for heartburn symptoms. Note that consuming aloe can lower your blood sugar levels. Discuss the use of aloe with your doctor if you have diabetes, hypoglycemia, thyroid disorders, kidney disease, heart disease, or electrolyte abnormalities.

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What Does Heartburn During Pregnancy Mean

Heartburn during pregnancy is the uncomfortable sensation of burning in the chest or throat that many people experience at some point while pregnant. Dr. Schrager explains that the condition is caused when acidic food contents in the stomach leak up into the esophagus .

Heartburn during pregnancy can be extremely unpleasant. And unfortunately, its also very common. In fact, research has shown that when it comes to gastrointestinal symptoms during pregnancy, heartburn is one of the most common, affecting anywhere between 17% and 45% of pregnant women.

Heartburn in pregnancy is so common that pregnancy has even been named as one of the risk factors for heartburn, while another study notes that GERD is reported in up to 80% of pregnancies. In addition, acid reflux is thought to occur in around 30% to 50% of pregnancies.

Heartburn during pregnancy will present much like heartburn at any other time does, likely beginning with a sensation of burning behind the breastbone in the chest or throat, as well as an acidic taste in the mouth.

Frustratingly, nighttime tends to be when the condition is at its most irritating, since symptoms are often exacerbated when lying down or after a big meal.

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When Might You Need To Take Medication

If your heartburn is severe and the above techniques have not helped, your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter medication.

Most antacids are safe to use during pregnancy. They are usually chewable tablets or liquids and work by coating the lining of the esophagus and stomach and neutralizing stomach acid. Tums, Maalox and Rolaids are all examples of antacids.

H2 blockers like Pepcid are also commonly used to prevent heartburn when antacids dont work. They simply reduce the amount of stomach acid, thus reducing the chances of the acid flaring up your esophagus.

If these still do not work, a proton pump inhibitor like Nexium or Prevacid would be your doctors next bet. These work in the same way as H2 Blockers, but have been claimed to have serious side effects. Most doctors use them as a very last resort.

As with all medications, always consult with your doctor before taking any of these over-the-counter medicines. You should also try to avoid taking any of these within the first trimester. According to Wellenstein, heartburn is not usually a major concern during pregnancy, especially when the pregnant woman never had heartburn before she became pregnant. However, some situations do require immediate attention.

Acidity Can Lead To Some Unpleasant Symptoms However A Few Acidity Regulating Foods Can Help You Manage These Symptoms Naturally Lets Take A Look At These Food Options

Pin on Baby checklist

Acidity can cause bowel issues and burning sensation in the chest

When stomach acid seeps back into the oesophagus, acid reflux ensues. Although it occurs frequently, it may also result in difficulties or unfavourable sensations like heartburn. Your diet has an impact on how much stomach acid is produced. Choosing the correct foods to eat is essential for managing acid reflux.

In one of her Instagram posts, nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares 5 foods that can help regulate and avoid acidity. She writes, Despite trying to cut out the right foods, you still may be experiencing acidity. While antacids and other OTC products can tame stomach acid, dietary tweaks will help control symptoms and provide relief from acid reflux.

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What Can Relieve Heartburn

For most people, things that help reduce acid production or prevent reux can help them avoid the discomfort of heartburn.

Here are tips that may help:

  • Avoid classic spicy foods, as well as those with lots of fat or grease. Many people recommend avoiding citrus and chocolate, as well.
  • Eat multiple, small meals spread throughout the day instead of three big meals.
  • Try elevating the head of your bed by several inches and wait a while after eating before lying down.
  • Some people find that its better to drink fluids between meals. Drinking with a meal can increase the amount of contents in the stomach.

If your symptoms do not improve after the above recommended diet and lifestyle changes are in place, talk with your health care provider about over-the-counter medicines.

Antacids are available as chewable tablets and liquids. They work by coating the lining of the esophagus and stomach and neutralizing stomach acid.

Heartburn medicines like H2-blockers or proton-pump inhibitors work by reducing the amount of acid made by your stomach.

All of these medications are safe in pregnancy, including in the first trimester. Many people with nausea and vomiting early in pregnancy can also experience benefits to acid suppression as well.

Healthy Drinks For Heartburn During Pregnancy

Liquid-y foods are less most likely to cause problems than solids, given that they move through the stomach faster. Soups, smoothies, protein shakes, milkshakes, yogurt and puddings are good options.

Look for liquids that use lots of protein, such as milk and drinkable yogurt. and objective to make solids a little less so. Chew solid foods slowly and incredibly well, up until theyre almost liquefied.

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Jaggery Is Better For Reducing Stomach Acid

In the past, people consumed brown sugar after meals to aid digestion. Jaggery is an amusing source of magnesium and helps strengthen the intestines. Plus, it reduces stomach acid by alkalizing the digestive system, regulating body temperature, and cooling the stomach. The good news is that jaggery is delicious and one can eat with just milk before bed or after a meal.

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Heartburn in Pregnancy – 10 Tips to Identify, Prevent, and Treat

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Heres What Other Mamas Have To Say About Relieving Heartburn During Pregnancy Naturally

I asked the moms on my Facebook page about their go-to natural remedies for pregnancy heartburn, and here is a sample of their responses.

  • Apple cider vinegar, pickle juice, digestive enzymes! Katie Keepman
  • An apple in the morning and right before bed. Elsa Silva
  • It may sound weird, but I would either drink a little pickle juice, or eat a spoonful of peanut butter and within about 5-10 minutes was gone. Jessica Fields
  • Baking soda in a little bit of water helped! Was it gross? A little, but still more enjoyable than heartburn! Erin M. Strand
  • Maybe not the healthiest, but I always had ginger snaps next to my bed. I ate one or two at night for the heartburn and another one or two in the morning for the nausea. Sarah Gilroy
  • I didnt treat my heartburn with any natural remedies, but did learn that bad heartburn can often present itself as nausea/morning sickness! Women who experiences bad nausea/MS should consider your remedies as well! Renee Jillian
  • So far, wearing hazelwood helps some. Not perfect, but helps a little. Susan Miller
  • I had heard to eat a few green olives. So when a pregnant friend was needing relief, I suggested her to try itand it works!!! Shawna Beaubien
  • Liquid slippery elm works instantly! Ashly Burke-Goike

Heartburn And Indigestion In Pregnancy

Heartburn causes a burning feeling in the chest or throat. Its uncomfortable, but is not usually harmful to pregnant women or their babies.

8 out of 10 pregnant women experience heartburn. You’re most likely to get heartburn in the third trimester of your pregnancy.

The symptoms of heartburn include:

  • a burning feeling in your chest or throat
  • acid coming up into your mouth

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Change Your Eating And Drinking Habits

You may be able to control your indigestion with changes to your eating habits.

It can help to eat small meals often, rather than larger meals 3 times a day, and to not eat within 3 hours of going to bed at night.

Cutting down on drinks containing caffeine, and foods that are rich, spicy or fatty, can also ease symptoms.

Preventing Acid Reflux With Medicine

Foods that make #heartburn better
  • 1Take antacids after meals. Antacids are the safest heartburn medicine for pregnant women primarily because they are not absorbed into the bloodstream, meaning that they only travel to your gastrointestinal system and don’t get directed towards the growing baby.XResearch source Common antacids that can provide quick heartburn relief include: Maalox, Mylanta, Gelusil, Gaviscon, Rolaids and Tums. Take them about 30-60 minutes after a meal or snack.
  • Antacids don’t heal an inflamed esophagus damaged by digestive acid, so use them for symptomatic relief only.
  • Some antacids are combined with compounds called alginates, which work by forming a foam barrier in your stomach to prevent acid reflux.
  • Overuse of antacids can trigger diarrhea or constipation, so be cautious and don’t take them more than 3 times per day.
  • 2Try H2 blockers. Over-the-counter medications that reduce acid production are called histamine-2 receptor blockers and include: cimetidine , famotidine , nizatidine and ranitidine .XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source In general, H2 blockers don’t act as quickly as antacids do for heartburn, but they typically provide longer relief and can decrease stomach acid production for up to 12 hours.
  • OTC H2 blockers are considered safe for pregnant women, although the drugs do get absorbed into the bloodstream and impact the baby in some capacity.
  • OTC proton pump inhibitors include: lansoprazole and omeprazole .
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    What To Do If Heartburn Is Severe Or Frequent

    For mild, occasional heartburn, over-the-counter medications such as antacids and histamine blockers can help relieve symptoms. Always read the product label before taking an antacid or histamine blocker and never take a larger dose or take doses more frequently than directed.

    If youre experiencing heartburn frequently, consult your doctor before taking heartburn medications regularly since these drugs can interfere with many other medications and affect underlying health conditions you may have.

    If you have severe heartburn, as well as if it persists or worsens after taking steps to relieve it, consult your doctor. In some cases, heartburn can be a sign of an underlying condition, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease , or possibly a side effect of a medication youre taking.

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