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How To Get Rid Of Bloated Abs

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How To Get Rid Of Bloated Abs: Causes And Preventions

How to fix a Bloated Stomach naturally in 4 minutes

So how can you get rid of bloated abs? Unfortunately, there is no fast way to lose the bloated stomach. The best thing you can do is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Bloated stomachs are caused because of a build-up in gas after eating a meal that contains high amounts of fibre, sodium, or sugar.

Waking up to a bloated stomach every day can be the most frustrating thing when you are trying to build six-pack abs.

There are ways to fix your bloated abs, but you need to make certain lifestyle changes and incorporate specific core exercises into your workout routine.

Follow these simple steps to get six-pack abs! Change your diet and do the following ab exercises.

What Is Causing Your Bloated Abs

Not sure what’s causing your bloated abs? There are two common conditions that might be responsible:

The first is an excess of gas in the digestive tract, which can come from eating foods such as cruciferous vegetables and beans.

The second culprit is inadequate chewing, so you get down food too quickly for it to properly digest. Fixing either problem requires a bit more than just sticking with one diet or another but theres no reason why simply making these changes shouldn’t result in pain-free stomach muscles again.

Identifying which condition you have is the first step to getting rid of bloated abs. There are two types of bloat, water retention and trapped gas, so knowing your symptoms will help prevent further damage or discomfort.

A buildup of gas in your stomach could be caused by several things, including:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Excessive water retention

Everyone has probably experienced bloated and tight abs at some point in their life. Symptoms of this can be easily fixed by making a few dietary changes, but it is very common so do not feel too bad!

One of the main causes of bloated abs is workout-related injuries in the midsection. These injuries cause swelling which leads to a bulge that looks just like bloating but is not caused by what you eat.

The most common type of injury-causing this problem is compression on ab muscles resulting from:

  • Abdominal muscle strain
  • Poor core posture and incorrect breathing

Focus On Your Nutrition

The next simple remedy in getting rid of bloated abs includes taking care of your nutrition. When recovering, your body needs additional fuel and hence staking up your nutritional requirements is a must.

Moreover, ingesting a proper meal every time also provides additional support to your abdominal muscles, keeping them from being stretched out too far, and hence prevent the instance altogether.

However, on the other side, you will still need to be very specific of the calories you are taking in. Adding in food items like cabbage, dried beans or lentils will risk gastric issues and even lead to weight increase, adding on to the pressure on the already weak muscles.

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Too Much Fat

What many people think is loose skin is just body fat and the same goes for bloating.

In fact, in my experience working with thousands of people, Ive found that when people are complaining about chronic bloating, the real issue is too much body fat.

Fortunately, its not hard to tell the difference between belly bloating and belly fat.

Bloating comes and goes.

You might wake up with a flat stomach and be carrying a three-pound food baby by the time you go to bed.

Belly fat, on the other hand, doesnt fluctuate this markedly unless you dramatically over- or undereat.

If you were to measure your waist at the navel every morning and night, youd see this clearly. If the culprit is bloating, readings would vary widely. If belly fat is to blame, however, readings would be consistent.

You cant grab bloat by the handful.

Your skin will usually feel thicker but bloat doesnt jigglefat does.

If you determine that your problem is indeed belly fat and not bloat, check out this article for the solution.

Lactose Intolerance

Research shows that approximately 70% of the worlds population cant properly digest lactose, which is the sugar contained in dairy.

The reason for this is the intestines fail to produce enough of an enzyme called lactase, which is required to fully digest lactose.

Sodium and Potassium Imbalance

Check For Lactose Intolerance

12 Ways to Get Rid of a Bloated Belly Without Abs Exercises

Lactose is a sugar found in milk.

Your body needs an enzyme called lactase to break down lactose. However, most people dont produce enough of this enzyme to break down lactose once they reach adulthood. The resulting condition is called lactose intolerance (

22 ):

  • Increasing your fiber intake. Aim for 1830 grams per day of both soluble and insoluble fiber from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  • Drinking adequate fluids. Drink 68.5 cups per day of water and other fluids.
  • Exercising regularly. Walking, jogging, swimming, or bicycling for about 30 minutes each day may help keep your bowels moving regularly.

Keep in mind that you may need to increase your soluble fiber intake with caution, as this type of fiber is fermented in your colon and may contribute to bloated feelings .

Additionally, adding fiber to your diet too rapidly may worsen constipation, so its important to increase your intake slowly. Aim for an intake of 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men .

While constipation may be relieved with medication, certain types like bulk and osmotic laxatives may make bloating worse, so talk with your doctor about your symptoms to determine whats best for you (

39 ).

Finally, high amounts of fats in your intestine may retain gas and increase the sensation of bloating. This may be why people often report feeling bloated after fatty meals .

45 ).

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Does Diastasis Recti Cause Bloating

Diastasis Recti is a condition caused by weak abdominal muscles. The symptoms include back pain, intestinal bloating, and inability to exercise properly.

It usually happens during pregnancy but it can also be caused by excessive weight gain or excessive abdominal exercises like crunches, sit-ups, or pushups.

To fix diastasis recti youll need to work on strengthening your core and doing Kegel exercises regularly.

Are You Training Your Transverse Abdominis

First of all, I would ask which ab exercises are you doing to train your transverse abdominis.

The transverse abdominis, also known as the TVA, is the inside core muscle that helps with stabilization and pull your stomach inwards.

So if youre only completing various crunch exercises in your ab workouts, experiment with replacing some of those crunches with plank variations.

Also add in more swiss ball ab exercises to your workout to work to help strengthen your core.

Heres the next question you should ask yourself.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Belly Fat And Bloat

One easy way to tell the difference between bloat and belly fat is to note belly fat does not cause your stomach to expand wildly throughout the course of a day bloat does. One other way to tell the difference between bloat and belly fat is you can physically grasp belly fat with your hand, you cannot with bloat.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Reduce Bloating Quickly | 5 MIN FAST Walk | growwithjo

A study that the American Council on Exercise funded found that the three most effective exercises to strengthen the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles were the bicycle maneuver, captains chair, and exercise ball crunch.

Regularly performing these exercises is an efficient way to build the abs.

Bicycle maneuver

To perform the bicycle maneuver:

  • Lie flat on the floor on the back.
  • Interlace the fingers behind the head and bring the knees toward the chest, pressing the lower back into the floor.
  • Twist the body toward the right side, bringing the left elbow and right knee closer together. Extend the left leg at the same time.
  • Reverse the motion, twisting to the left side while bringing the right elbow and left knee toward each other and extending the right leg.
  • Repeat this exercise 20 times, rest, and then perform two additional sets.

Captains chair

People usually perform this exercise on a piece of gym equipment that trainers call a knee raise station.

  • Start by placing the back against the back support on the station.
  • Gently rest the forearms on the armrests and grip the handles. Allow the legs to hang freely from the station.
  • Bend the legs toward the chest.
  • Hold this position for 13 seconds, then lower the legs.
  • Repeat 10 to 15 times, rest, and then perform two additional sets.

Another variation is to raise straight legs until they are parallel with the ground.

Exercise ball crunches

This exercise requires an exercise or Swiss ball.

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Eat Slowly So You Don’t Gulp Air

When you finally get home after a long day, you’re totally famishedwe get it. But that doesn’t mean you should scarf down your dinner in a hurry. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow excess air, which can lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating. Slowing down the chewing with your mouth closed, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. Fight off the urge to engorge your entire meal by snacking on something like a small piece of fruit or an ounce of nuts before dinner is ready.

Not Hydrating During Your Workout

Many people avoid taking regular sips of water during their workouts and end up getting dehydrated. When you exercise, you lose precious water in the form of sweat.

When your body continuously releases sweat but doesnt get a replacement, it draws fluids from the liver and the kidneys to function the body.

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Causes Of Stomach Bloating

It can be challenging to determine the cause of stomach bloating. Some known causes of stomach bloating include:

  • Excess gas in the intestine
  • Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth
  • Irregular amounts of microorganisms in the bowel
  • Sensitivity or intolerance to food
  • Sensitivity of perception to digestive tract
  • Spinal curvature of the lumbar spine resulting in lessened abdominal capacity for gas
  • Gastroparesis, a motility disorder that delays the stomach√Ęs ability to empty itself
  • Anxiety, depression, and other gut-brain connections

Lactose And Bloated Abs

health recipes

Another cause of bloated abs, especially among fitness buffs and bodybuilders, is lactose intolerance.

Much like gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance can lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms like bloated abs, diarrhea, stomach pain, and swelling throughout the torso.

Since the majority of protein shakes are based around whey protein many of these shakes will have lactose in them.

While there are certainly people with lactose intolerances, that will want to stick with lactose-free options , it is common that lactose intolerance is mistaken for someone ingesting a low quality protein powder.

Some people get caught up in thinking it is the lactose messing with their stomach or creating unwanted gas, when in reality they are taking a product that has been exposed to high heats and chemicals that have denatured the protein.

This makes the product unrecognizable or useable by the body which leads to stomach discomfort and belly bloat. Level-1 and Phormula-1 are Low Temperature Processed and Crossflow Micro-Filtrated proteins that have not been exposed to heat or chemicals.

Therefore, they don’t give you an upset stomach, or the protein farts, and will be much easier for your body to use effectively.

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Weak Abdominal Muscles And Bloating

Many people who dont exercise have weak abdominal muscles. That can lead to lower back pain, making it feel like you have bloated abs.

These are some tips that will help strengthen your abdominals and aid in digestion so you dont experience bloating: To strengthen your abs, try exercises such as sit-ups, leg raises, and planks.

A good goal is to aim for two sets of 10 repetitions three times a week. Keep an eye on your diet if you notice gas or bloating after meals, limit foods high in fiber until your stomach adjusts to a new diet.

Also avoid too much dairy, fatty foods, and carbonated beverages until you see improvements in how your stomach feels while eating these foods.

Insulin Resistance Is A Trigger For Meno Belly Weight Gain

Insulin resistance can also contribute to weight gain. If your insulin receptors have become less sensitive to insulin, you can have higher levels of blood sugar and lower energy and also increased disease risk for diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Chronic stress and abdominal fat can encourage insulin resistance. This results in higher insulin levels that can make the body more easily turn calories into fat even if you’re dieting.

The good news is you can do something about insulin resistance. Strength training to build muscle also boosts your metabolism and makes those insulin receptors more sensitive, helping you to lose weight. Ever notice how men tend to lose weight more easily than women? It’s because they have more lean muscle mass.

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Drink Peppermint Tea Or Pop A Peppermint Capsule

Peppermint, whether taken as an enteric coated capsule or as a tea, can be used as needed and works very well to relieve abdominal cramping and bloating, says Hendriks. A meta-review and analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology found it to specifically be helpful in treating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome , bloating included.

Getting Rid Of Bloated Abs Wrapping Up

How To Get Rid Of Bloating Stomach Remedies and Bloated Gas

Abdominal bloating can be distressing, especially if youve worked really hard to get lean and develop a six-pack. After all, you want a flat, lean midsection, not a bulging belly! Bloated abs can also be uncomfortable and even painful depending on the cause, severity, and duration.

Avoid bloated abs by removing any known triggers from your diet. Also, do your best to maintain a healthy digestive system, drink plenty of water, eat enough fiber, and exercise regularly.

However, because there could be an underlying medical cause of your bloated abs, speak to your doctor for additional advice if the problem persists. Dont worry, though in most cases, bloated abs are easy to prevent and treat and nothing to be concerned about.

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How To Fix Abdominal Doming

If your abs look a little puffy, these tips will help you get them back into fighting shape. It can be as simple as adjusting your sleeping position, eating less dairy, and drinking more waterthese are some of my favorite ways to keep my abs looking flat and defined.

But if youre up for a bigger challenge, give these exercises a try. Whether its tackling a new routine or increasing intensity, adding weight training , or plyometrics , challenging yourself with various abdominal exercises will tone your core in no time.

Workout : Isometric Abdominal Workout

This first workout is designed to help strengthen your ab muscles without overworking them and causing strains. Unlike other types of ab exercises like sit-ups, each one in this workout is an isometric hold.

Isometric holds engage your ab muscles without doing any body movements. While they may look simple, they’re extremely challenging.

  • Traditional planks: Traditional planks are the go-to isometric hold exercise for the abdominal muscles. Get into position by starting on all fours and balancing on your hands and toes. Your hands should be planted on the floor right underneath your shoulders. The most important thing is that you create one long line with your body. From your neck to your heels, your back should be completely neutral.Once in position, squeeze your entire abdominal region and hold the position. If your wrists hurt from doing the exercise on your hands, you can do a forearm plank instead. To get a better idea of exactly how long you should hold your plank for, check out our complete guide to planks.
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    Start With Changing Your Breathing Technique

    Every fitness enthusiast understands the importance of proper breathing techniques. Therefore, if you have been exhaling air when performing an ab movement previously, its high time for you to change the process.

    Blowing out air when the muscles are contracted although may seem a natural process, it actually exerts tremendous amounts of pressure on the diastasis recti muscles. This in turn increases the risk of punctures or tears due to the forced pushing out of the stomach during exhalation.

    To prevent this most fitness professionals advise practicing the right breathing technique before restarting with ab workouts. Always remember when crunching in, you will require to inhale and maintain the form for a few seconds before exhaling.

    For a better chance at doing this, seeking the help of a professional trainer is definitely a better choice. It may take a while, but believe me this is worth it.

    Skip Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

    Sever Stomach Bloating Remedies Digestive Holistic

    As much as we love the benefits of coffee, drinking it when you’re trying to get rid of belly bloat in 24 hours or less is a no-no.

    “Consuming beverages that are high in sugar or caffeine can not only be dehydrating but, in some cases, can add to excess calorie intake, too,” explains Smith. When your body is dehydrated, it will hold onto water, which causes excessive bloating.

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