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How To Make Probiotic Suppository

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Consider Switching Up Your Contraception Method

How to make suppositories for yeast and bacterial infections

If you have penis-in-vagina sex and you havent been using protection, condoms might help protect you from recurrent BV as well as unintended pregnancy and STIs. In fact, research suggests condoms could be just as beneficial for stopping BV recurrence as abstaining from sex altogether thanks to the protective barrier they create between you and your sex partner.

Switching up your choice of birth control to a method that contains estrogen may also be helpful, especially if youve noticed that your BV tends to recur when youre on your period. Because menstrual blood has a very high pH, it increases your overall vaginal pH and causes counts of lactobacilli to tank, says Dr. Hemmerling. For this reason, getting your period or experiencing heavier-than-usual periods could increase your risk of recurrent BV if your body struggles to recover healthy amounts of lactobacilli afterwards. In fact, having a copper IUD has been linked to recurrent BV, likely due to the common side effect of increased menstrual bleeding, per a 2020 study in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Think this might be the case for you? Talk to a healthcare provider about hormonal birth control methods. A couple studies show opting for a type of BC that lightens your period or stops it completely might do the trick for recurrent BV.

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Cons Of Using Boric Acid Suppositories

Boric acid suppositories are utilized for a long time as another medication, but there is not adequate reasoning or scientific data regarding their protection. Side effects involve boric acid suppository can also happen.

  • Redness throughout the vagina
  • Burning sensation on the vaginal hole
  • Watery secretion

Stop applying boric acid suppositories, go and inquire about medical consultation if they produce rigorous pain.

Here are few significant constraints to retain in memory:

  • Never use Boric acid at the time of pregnancy because it is poisonous to the growing embryo.
  • Boric acid irritates open scars in and throughout the vagina and should not apply in such circumstances.
  • Boric acid acts very toxically when used personally. It should be utilized if suggested by the doctor.

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Puro3s Probiotic Suppositories Are A Multi

Our cocoa butter is certified organic and naturally contains vitamins, minerals, and bioflavonoids with antioxidant properties. This serves as a base for our combination of 18 strains of beneficial bacteria along with a prebiotic.

Each jar contains 15 suppositories. This product is not ozonated. Each suppository contains 50.7 billion CFU .

The benefit of using a suppository is that the total dosage of probiotics goes to the source of intestinal flora imbalance without having to be digested. When taken orally, anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 or more of the strains do not make it past the stomach acids. Suppositories are a solution to this problem.

Probiotic suppositories are used to help reestablish gut flora, help diminish vaginal yeast infections and bacterial infections of BV , and may help prevent recurring urinary tract infections.

How To Get Rid Of Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

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New approaches to treating BV are currently under investigation in clinical studies designed to meet safety and effectiveness criteria set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approving medication, Dr. Hemmerling notes.

But in the meantime, its understandable if you feel like finding a cure for your recurrent BV is something you have to take into your own hands. Many women are frustrated with their experiences in the doctors office, particularly when they visit primary care physicians rather than sexual health physicians for recurrent BV, due to what they describe as healthcare providers insensitivity and dismissals.

According to a 2015 study published in Plos One, women suffering from recurrent BV reported that their doctors had told them it will just resolve itself or its just a womans thing, or they admitted that they didnt know what causes it or how to cure it themselves.

Keep in mind: Some of the most popular home remedies youll find on Instagram like vaginal washes or gels, perfumed douching agents, deodorants, or steaming procedures should never be used. These remedies can negatively impact the vaginal microbiome further or cause damage to the protective cell layers of the vagina, Dr. Hemmerling explains. Case in point: A Vagisil Feminine Moisturizer gel actually halted the growth of beneficial bacteria in the vagina, per a 2013 study published in Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease.

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Spore Based Probiotics & Butyrate In A Suppository What A Great Idea

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid essential for optimal digestive health. Holistic health care advocates have been using butyrate in the form of an enema for many years throughout the U.S. Now we are able to offer the same effective strategy in the form of a suppository. There is evidence in the literature that supplementing with butyrate can support people with distal ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel conditions like Crohns disease.

The important function that butyrate serves in the digestive system is to reduce inflammation, however, it has numerous other benefits. Butyrate is a byproduct of the digestive process that can strengthen colonic defenses, prevent re-uptake of toxins into the body, and increase intestinal barrier function. Since butyrate is found naturally in a healthy colon, suppository use can be a safe and effective route of delivery.

When butyrate levels in the digestive system are low, it can result in ulcerative colitis, Crohns, and for some without an IBD condition it can cause diarrhea. A butyrate suppository is used to help restore the levels of butyrate in the colon. Our sodium butyrate suppositories are made of the highest quality materials.

This order comes with 10 suppositories each.

How Do You Make Suppositories

Suppositories are made from two partsone is liquid, the other is solid. The liquid part is called the vehicle, and it holds the solid part in place and prevents it from getting to the outside. The solid part of the suppository is the active ingredient, which can be anything that you want your body to take or be exposed to.

The active ingredients can be any medicine that you want to put in your product. This means that you can have a suppository that will help to cure some illness or disease. It can also be a pain reliever, a laxative, or even a stimulant. If you dont want to include any medication in your product, you can just put something that will not hurt the user or do any damage to the body. For example, you can put a soothing gel inside of a suppository that will help people relax. This is a great way to provide relief. Some suppositories are used to prevent certain illnesses or diseases. For example, if someone is pregnant, they can put a suppository inside of the vagina to keep the baby from getting into the wrong position. You can use this technique with children too.

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Reasons Women Get Vaginal Yeast Infections

Probiotic Implant Preparation

1. The use of antibiotics – The vagina contains a microbiome of probiotics. Use of antibiotics kills off a lot of the good bacteria . Yeast are not affected by antibiotics because they are a fungus. Antibiotics eliminate the natural competition between probiotics and yeast in the vagina and helps yeast to grow out of control.2

2. Diabetes – Diabetics have high blood sugar which means that sugar gets released in places like the vagina. With more sugar and a higher pH, yeast can grow and take overtake over.3

3. Hormonal changes – The change in estrogen and progesterone levels in women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, using hormone replacement therapy, or taking birth control with estrogen can lead to vaginal yeast infections. Estrogen is responsible for glycogen levels in the vagina and glycogen feeds yeast.4

4. Tight underwear- Tight underwear contributes to the warmth and moist environment of the vaginal area, producing an environment that yeast loves.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are itching, redness and a cottage cheese like discharge if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are home remedies that work to cure a vaginal yeast infection.

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Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection

Yeast infection symptoms can be mild or moderate and most often include:

  • An itching sensation in the vulva or vagina
  • Thick, white, odorless vaginal discharge that has the consistency of cottage cheese
  • Redness or swelling of the vagina and/or vulva
  • Cuts or cracks in the skin of the vulva
  • Vaginal pain or soreness
  • Vaginal rash

Recurrence Rate As Well As Prevalence Is High

BV is caused by a shift in vaginal flora from hydrogen peroxide-producing Lactobacillus species to anaerobes that raise the vaginal pH. Multiple species of anaerobic bacteria are implicated. The drug of choice for treatment of BV continues to be metronidazole, a drug prescribed for the past 45 years with minimal resistance. However, there is growing resistance among Bacteroides species. Oral or intravaginal clindamycin is another option for treating BV.

Even with the use of metronidazole, recurrence is commonwith as many as 50% of symptomatic infections recurring within a year. A randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial published in 2006 compared the results of 1 week of oral metronidazole twice daily plus 30 days of oral probiotics vs the same dose and duration of metronidazole plus 30 days of placebo. The rate of recurrence at the end of 1 month was 12% in the antibiotic/probiotic group vs 60% in the antibiotic/placebo group.

The RCT reviewed here evaluated the effectiveness of a vaginal probiotic capsule in preventing recurrent BV.

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Open Your Mind To Vaginal Probiotic Suppositories

Although life enters the world through this portal, the majority of women I work with still talk about their vaginas as if they are a separate or segregated part of their bodies. Women are worried if they look and smell right and are often fearful or uncomfortable even talking about them. This results in a slew of vaginal and emotional health concerns that go undiscussed until they turn into major problems.

Weve long known that our microbiome is the basis for immunity and health. With the advent of better funding for research, microbiome mapping companies are now offering affordable, direct-to-consumer choices for folks to map their personal microbiomes without getting health care providers involved.

While certainly similar, all vaginas are unique. Each contains a common, yet personal microbiome of tiny organisms competing to thrive. Some exist to protect while others cause havoc by taking over the harmonious cells. This happens through lifestyle variables or via sexual contact.

If youre someone who has experienced or experiences endometriosis, chronic digestive issues, reproductive concerns including miscarriages, STIs, HPV, or ongoing yeast infections, having your vaginal microbiome tested can help personalize the approach youll take to balancing, treating, or preventing these concerns.

UBiomes Smart Jane is a great service that helps its clients map out their vaginal microbiome, DIY style.

What Is A Yeast Infection

Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories Plus Aloe Vera &  FOS Probiotic Enhanc ...

A yeast infection, or candidiasis, is a fungal infection that occurs when too much yeast grows in a specific area of your body.

Yeast normally lives in many places within the body. One type of yeast that lives in the digestive tract, mouth, and vagina is candida albicans. When its in balance with the other natural flora in your body, candida does not cause any problems. But when candida overgrows, it can cause an infection.

A vaginal yeast infection, vaginal candidiasis, and vulvovaginal candidiasis are all the same thing: an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. Vaginal yeast infections are a type of vaginitis, a condition that refers to an inflammation of the vagina. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are among the most common types of vaginitis.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment With Boric Acid Suppositories

Bacterial vaginosis, a vagina infection, is caused by extreme bacterial action, like Bacteroides, Fusobacterium, and Gardnerella. It is a disproportion between the “good” bacteria and the harmful bacteria. It usually begins with a gray or white vaginal flow with a powerful suspicious odor. Moreover, a large number of people do not undergo any uneasiness but can have signs such as vaginal pain or discomfort when urinating sometimes.

A doctor often prescribed antibiotic medication to treat Bacterial vaginosis. But some also advise alternative approaches, consisting of probiotic supplements. The efficacy of these alternative methods is still discussed between doctors.

Some prefer to utilize boric acid tablets as a substitute medication for this bacterial vaginosis, while data on the effectiveness of these tablets are insufficient. If you doubt you have Bacterial vaginosis, reach a doctor for guidance and medication.

Try Boric Acid Suppositories

For some women, introducing carefully-measured acidifiers such as boric acidyes, the same stuff used as roach poison!could help maintain a low vaginal pH and in turn potentially ward off bacterial vaginosis, says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., a board-certified gynecologist in Westchester County, New York. Obviously, a substance capable of knocking out pests is very strong, and concentrations of powerful acids like boric acid can be harmful to vaginal tissue. As such, its important to check in with a healthcare provider for their guidance and never try this home remedy on your own. After that, only put in boric acid inside your vagina in the form of suppositories which are encased in a gelatin capsule that dissolves in the correct doses and avoid applying to broken skin.

An older study found that seven days of antibiotics followed by three weeks of 600 milligram boric acid suppositories per day had a cure rate of 87%, 78%, and 65% at 12, 16, and 28-week follow-ups. Still, researchers say more studies are needed on the efficacy of boric acid as a solution for recurrent BV and pregnant women should not use it due to a lack of information on safety and potential side effects.

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Is There Anything I Should Take Or Do To Ensure My Vaginal Microbiome Is Healthy

In the future, there may be research-backed ways to strengthen the vaginas bacterial defenses, possibly by combining effective probiotics with antibiotics or even by performing vaginal microbiome transplants.

But for now, experts simply dont know enough about the vaginal microbiome to be able to reliably shift it in the direction of better health. So while vaginal probiotics are unlikely to hurt you, they also arent likely to help you whether you have an infection or not. And unless youre actively ailing, the best way to maintain optimal feminine balance is also the simplest: Dont do anything special. And certainly dont spend money on unproven treatments for your most intimate of landscapes.

Women have enough things in this world to worry about, Dr. Hillier said. The bottom line is that its the doorway to your reproductive tract. Treat it with respect, and love it.

Rachel E. Gross is a science writer based in Brooklyn and the author of Vagina Obscura: An Anatomical Voyage.

How To Do It

Easy Homemade Instant Pot Probiotic Yogurt

If you still want to try a probiotic enema, its best that you ask your doctor for their recommendation on what probiotic and type of enema kit to use. You also want to make sure youre correctly giving yourself an enema. If youve never done an enema before, have your doctor walk you through the process.

Youll need to choose a probiotic that comes in the form of powder in a capsule. Remember, probiotics arent regulated, so its important to look for a reputable brand. Learn more about how to choose a probiotic supplement.

Once youre ready, gather your supplies. Youll need:

  • an enema bag and tubing
  • distilled water
  • water-soluble lubricant
  • a large towel

Since things tend to spill, its best to perform the enema in a bathtub or on a hard surface, such as a tiled floor, and near a toilet. Its also easier to have someone help you, if possible.

Once you have all of your supplies assembled, follow these steps:

  • Fully dissolve the contents of a probiotic capsule into a cup of distilled water.
  • Pour the mixture into the enema bag, making sure the tubing is clamped.
  • Hold the bag with the tube end down. Open the clamp for just a moment to release any air bubbles, and then re-clamp.
  • Lubricate the end of the tubing.
  • Hang the bag within reach and lie down on your left side, pulling your knees to your chest.
  • Insert the tube 2 to 3 inches into your rectum. Breathe deeply to help with insertion.
  • Slowly remove the tubing from your rectum.
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