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How To Massage Stomach For Constipation

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Other Ways To Relieve Constipation

Abdominal Massage for Constipation Relief {Things that Make You Go Poo: Part TWO}

Keep in mind that self-massage alone isnt likely to treat constipation, and the goal should be to improve overall digestion to keep things running smoothly. To stay regular, its essential to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods, and exercise regularly.

Several other alternative treatments may help fight constipation. These treatments include therapies like acupressure and biofeedback, as well as natural remedies like probiotics. There are other natural constipation remedies available, but before trying any, consult your medical caregiver for advice.

Kneading Your Belly To Release Constipation

  • 1Recognize the benefits of abdominal massage. If you have constipation, you may be uncomfortable and even in pain. Massaging your abdomen can not only help relieve constipation, but has additional benefits. These include:
  • Minimizing the need for long-term laxative use
  • Relieving gas
  • Reducing the likelihood that you’ll need medical attention for constipation
  • Relaxing you and your muscles, which may ease your bowels.
  • 2Find a comfortable spot for your massage. You may want to lie down to perform your abdominal massage. This can help further relax you and may be easier than standing. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get comfy and perform your massage. Rushing may cause you further stress, which can prevent you from relieving your constipation.
  • Massage yourself in a comfortable and quiet environment such as your bedroom. Turn down any lights and keep noise to minimum to help further relax you.
  • Consider lying in a warm bath. The warm water aids relaxation, which can help relieve your constipation.XResearch source
  • 3Start the abdominal massage. Your intestinal tract is between your hip bones in your lower abdomen. You can massage your belly in any motion or pattern you wish. However, using circular motions may better relieve your constipation.
  • Use the tips of your index fingers to massage the small intestines in clockwise, circular motions around the navel. Repeat a rotation of these circles 3 to 5 times.
  • Stroke your abdomen from the left side to the right
  • Hardening of stools
  • Colon Massage For Constipation

    Though people may draw parallels to colon massage and abdominal massage, the key difference appears to be the amount of applied pressure.

    Practitioners claim colon massage is a deep abdominal technique to stimulate the organs into releasing gas and pressure.

    It is unclear if researchers used deep abdominal massages or abdominal massages in their studies.

    It is also uncertain if scientists have specifically looked at a colon massage or the difference between applying deep pressure and regular massage.

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    First Lay Baby Down On His Back

    The cute little guy in the collage below is my oldest son, when we was about three months old.

    He sure loved getting his tummy massaged!

    With the palm of your hand near the top of Babys rib cage, bring your hand down in a sweeping motion, gently pressing his tummy.

    The point is to work any air down and out, as well as to relieve any built-up pressure.

    Repeat this motion several times before going on to the next step-

    Some Important Landmarks When Learning How To Do Self Abdominal Massage

    20 Genius Baby Hacks to Make Your Life Simpler

    Before one starts learning how to do self abdominal massage and carrying out abdominal self-massage it is important to understand a few landmarks on the lower stomach region. This will allow you to understand where to start and stop treatments as well as what direction to move around the stomach in. Generally, the depth of pressure is about 1 to 2 cm. This allows you to put enough pressure on the stomach/colon to encourage the digestive system to begin to start to move. Generally, more pressure than this may result in abdominal pain or discomfort should you experience any pain or discomfort please stop and contact us for any help or advice with these techniques or getting a clear understanding of conditions affecting your stomach that may be affecting you before you learn how to do the self abdominal massage yourself.

    If you divide the abdominal region into 9 equal boxes this allows you to understand the main regions of the stomach area and indeed the area that youll be working in. These boxes are often referred to as 9 quadrants, each containing specific organs which you may need to be aware of if you were carrying out this self-abdominal massage technique yourself, without any guidance.

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    Massage Your Babys Tummy

    Massage can be used to help encourage your babys bowels to move. Before starting any massage on your baby:

    • Ensure the room is warm enough
    • Warm your hands by rubbing them together, or running them under some warm water for a few minutes
    • Create a relaxing environment by performing massage in a comforting room with familiar surrounding, such as favourite toys or music to keep your baby as relaxed as possible
    • Remain relaxed yourself

    You can massage over clothing, but for tummy massage, we would recommend you use a little oil and massage directly on the skin. The warmth of the skin to skin contact can be very helpful for constipation as well.

    Tips For Baby Massage

    The only times my babies didnt enjoy the massage was if their tummy was very gassy from crying, colic, etc, or if they were constipated.

    If your baby is too upset or his tummy hurts too much to give the massage, try giving him a dose of Gripe Water first.

    After giving a dose of Gripe Water, hold your baby in an upright position, as if you are trying to burp him, and gently pat his back.

    The air in his tummy will usually come up or out within a few minutes and you can try the tummy massage again.

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    Acupressure Approach For Relief Of Constipation

    **Video tutorial with Elizabeth is here.

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    Can Massages Provide Relief

    Massage Techniques for Constipation Relief

    Regular massages can relieve constipation by helping you release gas and waste products. They may also help treat any underlying or accompanying conditions. For example, regular massage can reduce stress and in turn reduce pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

    Abdominal massages are thought to be especially beneficial for constipation, but you may also find other types of massage help, too.

    Research shows abdominal massage can be effective in treating chronic constipation. Studies have found it can:

    • increase the frequency of bowel movements
    • relieve pain and discomfort

    Abdominal massage has also been shown to stimulate the muscle contractions that help pass a bowel movement in people with postsurgical ileus. This is a temporary lack of movement of the intestines that can lead to an intestinal obstruction.

    Heres how to massage your abdomen:

  • Lie on your back and use both hands to put gentle pressure on your abdomen.
  • Start at the right lower side of your abdomen. Slowly make circles in a clockwise direction using gentle pressure.
  • Then, use the palm of your right hand to apply gentle pressure to the inside of your hip bone.
  • Release and apply pressure to the right side, underneath the center of your ribs, and the left side.
  • Switch to your left hand to apply pressure to the inside of your left hip bone.
  • Use your fingertips on both hands to press into your abdomen and pull up.
  • Again, start in the bottom right and move clockwise.
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    The Effects Of Abdominal Massage On Functional Chronic Constipation

    The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
    First Posted : December 5, 2018Last Update Posted : October 6, 2021
    Condition or disease
    Other: Standard bowel managementOther: Abdominal massageOther: Placebo Ultrasound Not Applicable

    Constipation is a subjective symptom that defines as inadequate defecation including several symptoms as follows: the sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation, hard stool, straining, and difficulty in defecation. The general prevalence of constipation in adults is 16%. The pre-defined risk factors are women gender, advanced age, non-white ethnicity, low socio-economic level, decreased physical activity underlying diseases, and medications. Chronic constipation affects quality of life and causes problems such as anxiety, depression, somatization, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunctions, school/work absenteeism. In the following periods, it causes serious comorbidities including dyspnea, gastro-esophageal reflux, hypertension, thyroid diseases, vaginitis, dyspareunia, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

    How To Use Massage For Constipation Relief

    Several massage techniques may be helpful in relieving constipation and promoting bowel movements. These are generally performed while lying down.

    One popular technique involves placing your palm on your abdomen and then making small, circular, clockwise motions around your belly button. You can also widen these circles as you go so that the massage covers your entire abdomen.

    Another technique begins by placing your hand below your breastbone, then gliding that hand down the length of your abdomen in one smooth stroke. Immediately repeat the movement with your other hand, and continue this cycle for several minutes.

    When practicing self-massage, start out by using light, gentle pressure, then gradually increase the pressure as you go along. If you experience pain or tenderness, lighten up and return to a comfortable level of pressure.

    To reap the full benefits of abdominal massage, try performing massage two times a day, aiming for a 20-minute session each time. Incorporating deep breathing into each session may also help when using self-massage for constipation relief.

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    How To Massaging Your Stomach To Get Its Benefits

    While a therapist or a certified masseur is the best bet when it comes to stomach massages, there are certain home remedies that can be used for the massage if you are ever on a budget.

    • For a good stomach massage, make a home lotion comprising coconut, clove, cinnamon or olive oil. However, ensure the oil is lukewarm as it has a better effect on the body.
    • Start from the lower right hand side of your stomach in slow circular motions, while applying gentle pressure before moving the hands to the stomach.
    • Avoid putting direct pressure on your stomach or the abdomen as that may just disrupt blood circulation. Keep moving from right to left and back but only in gentle circular small motions.
    • Pour some lukewarm oil on the belly button and slowly massage it by moving your finger tips around it with slight strokes.
    • You can always cover your stomach after the massage with a hot towel or a hot water bag to keep your body temperature warm.
    • Avoid lying down on your stomach or indulging in any high intensity workout as that may just disrupt the calm flow of the blood in the abdominal area.

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    Benefits Of Stomach Massages In Burning Fat And Helping With Weight Loss

    Pin on Ouch

    Stomach massages in general work wonders for most stomach ailments and helps in ensuring good health overall. However, it also helps burn excess body fat which in turn aids in shedding the extra weight. While circular motions and pressure on the stomach accelerates your metabolism and improves digestion, it clears the bowels with beneficial weight and fat loss results. A number of health experts have also recognized the weight loss benefits of stomach massages.

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    How To Do An Abdominal Massage For Constipation And Indigestion

  • Lie on your back on a yoga mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Place both hands on your stomach and massage it in a circular motion with your palms and fingertips. Start clockwise and then counter clockwise.
  • Apply gentle pressure to areas that feel tender to you. Move from the left to right side of your abdomen and then along the bottom of your rib cage. Repeat until the tight areas of your abdomen feel relaxed. Be sure to use your breath throughout the massage, deeply inhaling and exhaling.
  • Massage For Constipation: An Effective Treatment

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    One, two, three, four! What is that you are counting? Is it the number of days that passed since you last pooped? And when you go for pooping, do you have to put extra stress to pass the stools? These signs of constipation impact you by impairing your social life and work life as you feel under the weather all the time.

    Your mind is always on that bloating feeling in the stomach which doesnt subside despite swallowing prescribed pills and syrups. Keep your chin up and go for massage for constipation treatment. With this method of treatment, you can have your field days once again.

    • Over 4 million Americans have this most common digestive condition constipation, which is known as the silent epidemic with about 15% of the U.S. population suffering from its chronic form.
    • More people from the south are known to have a high frequency of constipation than their counterparts in the rest of the United States. People with low income are also estimated to show a higher prevalence of constipation than those who come from high-income families.
  • Precautions
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    Listen To Your Digestion

    Nearly all chronic diseases show digestive issues. With the experience of self-massage abdominal, we end up with knowing very well the intestinal journey, and we can then locate exactly where is which meal!

    The first indicator is obviously the timeline, but the amount of fibers ingested should also give you an idea of the hardness of the associated chyme. By following it, you can more easily know what food cause what pain or discomfort. You will also realize that too big meals are often uncomfortable.

    Tip: You can swallow some sunflower seeds or corn without chewing them. They will come out intact and you will be able to identify with certainty the meal that comes out.

    Box 1 Massage Technique

    self abdominal massage for constipation

    Participants were in a supine position, with head and shoulders supported. The abdomen was assessed for flatulence, pain, and faecal matter in the gut. The massage began with a gentle relaxing stroke up the abdominal wall, followed by four basic strokes: stroking, effleurage, kneading and vibration. Both patients and carers were taught the techniques, and were able to practise and ask questions during the visit. They were also given a teaching DVD demonstrating the techniques.

    McClurg et al

    Albers B et alAyas A et alCole A, Stanley EDiego MA et alEmly MErnst EGarry GHarrington KL, Haskvitz EJeon SY, Jung HMKamm MAKim MA et alLamas K et alLamas K et alLe Blanc-Louvry I et al Liu Z et alMason H et alPreece JQuist DShirreffs CMTrevelyan JWatanabe T et al

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    How To Do A Belly Massage For Constipation

    Massage techniques for constipation have different names, including:

    If you want to try it, start by lying on your back. Put a small amount of massage oil on your abdomen. Next:

  • Bring your knees to your chest and gently squeeze for 1 or 2 minutes. This can help release some of the tension in your abdomen.
  • Put both hands at the bottom of your abdomen in the middle and below your belly button. Pull your hands up with moderate pressure toward your ribs. Repeat 10 times.
  • Put both hands on the small of your back. Bring them around to the front and down over your hips toward your groin. Repeat 10 times.
  • Make a fist with your right hand and place it on your abdomen at hipbone level. Press firmly into your belly and slide your hand in a circular motion up toward your ribs, across your belly, down to your left hip bone, and back across the bottom of your belly. Repeat 10 times.
  • With your hand still in a fist, start at your left ribs and make firm circular motions. Slide down to your left hip bone. Repeat 10 times and then switch to the right side. Start on your right side at your hip level and move up to your ribcage.
  • Finish the massage with 2 minutes of full circular massage around your belly, starting from the bottom right.
  • Time your massage to when you would normally expect to have a bowel movement: about 30 minutes to 1 hour after eating.

    Benefits Of Stomach Massages In Relieving Gas And Bloated Feeling

    Stomach bloating is a basic sign of gas formation in the abdominal area. While it does cause uneasiness, there are chances you may just be a victim of gastritis, which can lead to constipation and indigestion. While improper digestion and over-eating are the root causes of bloating, a weekly stomach massage can treat bloating. It will relieve excess gas that has accumulated in the body.

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    How Do We Know It Works

    Research has shown abdominal massage can improve bowel function.

    Statistical analysis shows laxative therapy and abdominal massage both provide same benefit. We also know laxatives is ineffective over time, thus a better and safer alternative will be abdominal massage.

    Abdominal massage has acupressure link

    Abdominal area has numerous acupuncture points predominantly influencing digestion, absorption, and elimination. Massaging these points relieve constipation, indigestion, pain, flatulence, ulcers, gas, etc.

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