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How To Survive Ib Junior Year

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Dont Assume Your Boss Cares

Freshman Year Survival Guide

A family crisis? Cancelled dinner plans? All of this will have to fit around your job your boss is only human and will express sympathy for your situation, but this doesnt mean from a business point of view, they wont take decisions that dont favour you.

Do not assume that they actually ‘care’ about your personal issues, whether it is a family tragedy or your impending wedding and honeymoon, says Awad. They may or may not be polite enough to show some sympathy, but, particularly in a large organisation, they have a business to run and you need to make your life fit around that, not the other way around.”

How To Survive Your First Year In Banking

So WSO has a “how to succeed in a finance internship” guide. Is there one for first year?

What tips should first year analysts know what should we expect, etc.?

Unfortunately I did not summer in IB and so I don’t know any “ins and outs.” Any experiences, tips, guides, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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yeah, the guide are these forums…there are over 100,000 discussions, many related to junior bankers in the WSO archives.

Search to your hearts content. I’m sure whatever question you have, we have answered it…also check out our FAQs: //


I guess I was looking more for an organized kind of guide if WSO was selling one – I’d be willing to buy for like $20.



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And Finally Preparing Your Tok Presentation Is Another 20

It would not be entirely false to say that IB eats up your weekends. The overwhelming curriculum structure makes it rather hard for students to sustain a social life. But hey, you can always make friends with your group project members! All in all, your course work, excluding your final exams comes down to around 300 hours!

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Get The Extended Essay Done Early

As soon as the first sign of the Extended Essay arises, get productive! It is a daunting process to write a 4,000 work essay without guidance, but starting it early is the best approach. By having a essay done early, it gives you the ability to get teachers feedback in order to improve and get your essay perfect.

Tips To Survive The Ib

IB Survival Guide

Here are a few tips for students to survive the International Baccalaureate, and still be a human!

Here’s one for students studying the International Baccalaureate diploma program through the world. Being a student who has been through the IB, I know it is tough and a stressful journey but at the end of it you will see that all the work and effort you put in will pay off. So to make your journey a little easier from the start I have created a few tips and tricks to get you through the program.

Not all of these tricks will be beneficial for every subject available on the program. When studying the IB, I took Business Studies, Sports Science and Visual Arts as my higher levels and for my standard level subjects I took Maths Studies, English and Italian Ab Initio. On top of taking these subjects all students complete ToK and CAS, which are a way to explore more than what is just in the textbooks.

Here is to the bit you really came here to read:

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But Dont Get Comfortable

The first few years in investment banking are a steep learning curve and, combined with often punishing hours, it can be difficult to think beyond your current job function.

Never miss an opportunity to learn, says Ziad Awad, a former Bank of America Merrill Lynch managing director who now runs his own boutique Awad Capital. If a senior person offers you the opportunity to work on a project that is outside of your comfort zone, do not be shy about taking it up. That senior person probably believes you have what it takes for the job, so prove them right. The worst that can happen is that you learn from your mistakes.

Have Folders And Dividers For Every Subject

You will have a lot of loose papers and notes for all subjects so keeping organised is key as you do not want to lose any vital notes. Therefore having folders to keep all the pieces of paper in means it will be easier when making revision resources later. Ideally have a folder for each subject for easy access later on. Dividers in folders are also amazing to keep different topics separate so if you have an end of unit test you do not have to sort through a folder full of notes.

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What Is The Extended Essay Supervisor

Youll receive support and guidance from an appointed EE supervisor. This person is usually a teacher for the subject youve selected. In the case of our previous example, itd be your chemistry teacher. There are also mandatory reflection sessions, where students log their progress in their work and prove gradual completion of their EE over time.

Consistent checking for plagiarism is also done by the supervisor. The final session is called a viva voce and its an interview that will be recorded and sent to the IB Board for inspection. Your viva voce is considered when grading your EE. Your supervisor is someone youll be in constant, back and forth communication with, so choosing an advisor you know wants the best for you is important.

You Should Be In This For The Long

How To Survive The IB Program | Experience + Tips From a *realistic* IB Graduate

From the outset most junior bankers are focused on short-term gain the biggest bonus, the flashiest job title and the best review possible. However, investment banking careers can last for a long time there will be ups and downs. Looking back, a lot of people who were successful early on disappeared from view after a few years, while others who were overlooked for promotions at first went on to be very successful, says Rick. A lot of what happens is outside of your control, you have to be patient and wait for the opportunities to arise, which they invariably will if youre good enough.

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International Baccalaureate Student Survival Guide How To Achieve The Ib Diploma


1 International Baccalaureate Student Survival Guide How to achieve the IB diploma

2 Introduction What exactly is the IB diploma program? What are the benefits for completing the program and receiving an IB diploma? The IB Diploma Programme is designed as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, normally aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. The programme is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities. and a course in TOK compulsory. This is precisely what universities love: it shows you have experience in writing university level essays and makes you stand out from the crowd. College credit, advanced status, and such perks as preferred housing can be some of the benefits of the DP. Most students who complete the program and attain the diploma enter college as a sophomore! More important than the college credit is the strong inquiry-based instruction that teaches students to take responsibility for their own education and explore the rapidly expanding global avenues of higher education that continue to become available to them. The following information may help you stay on course and learn to manage your time and stress effectively.

Take Care Of Yourself

In a job that can eat up 90 hours of your time a week, its difficult to find time for outside interests. Friends can fall by the wayside, physical health can suffer and mental well-being becomes a secondary concern. Remember, though, its just a job.

Don’t allow others to define how you feel about yourself. There is a big world out there, and no matter which bank you work for, there are other great things to do that will offer you meaning and purpose, says Ward. The chances are you won’t be at the same firm when you are 65. So take time to nourish yourself, make time for exercise and keep your body in shape, take all your vacations and look for learning opportunities outside of finance.

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Survival Tips For Analysts And Associates In Investment Banking

by Paul Clarke 17 February 2017

Joining an investment banks graduate programme is no guarantee that you’ll go on to become a real investment banker. Not only are more millennial analysts heading out on their own with increasing frequency, but juniors often call it quits of their own accord. 11% of front office analysts left last year, according to analysis from Quinlan Associates, and 20% of associates departed.

Getting through the door is only half the battle. Once you’re in an investment bank not only do you need to ensure that you don’t screw it up in the first few weeks, but you need to think about longevity in your career. With the benefit of hindsight, these former investment bankers give their insights on how to survive.

Ignore The Ib Rumours

The IB Programmes

I mentioned the rumours and myths surrounding the IB at the very start of this blog, but the thing to remember is that not all the rumours are true. In fact most are total lies. You will be able to have a social life, and pursue your own interests, and enjoy your final two years of school! You will, as long as you stay organised and commit to staying on top of your work. Its not hard, it just takes a little bit of effort. Similarly, dont let rumours about how difficult a subject is put you off. Yes HL Math is hard for people who struggle with Math, but if you enjoy it, want to know more, and are good at it, OBVIOUSLY its a good choice for you.

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How To Survive The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

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Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you have already taken the International Baccalaureate programme or you’re seriously thinking about taking it. You’re in the right place for some helpful tips, to help you decide whether this is something right for you and to help you survive getting through a challenging way to study.

Use Your Free Periods Wisely

As soon as you get given free periods it feels like time just to chill out with friends but my advice would be to take yourself somewhere quiet and use this time wisely. Getting your head down during any free periods is beneficial and will prevent the build up of work at home, this means more time to go out and party!!!

I hope these tips will get you through the program and help you ace those exams! I wish you all luck and the very best in your exams.

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Top 10 Things To Do Before Starting The Ib

So youre starting the IB next year? Im not surprised if youre nervous. With all the rumours and myths surrounding the IB Diploma its rare to find any class of Pre IB students who dont have a tiny glint of fear in their eyes. Okay maybe thats an exaggeration. But at Lanterna we felt all the same things youre feeling before we started our own Diplomas. The thing is, there are loads of reasons to look forward to the IB too. The key is to be prepared.

With all that in mind, here we have gathered our top 10 tips for how to prepare for the IB!

Ib Year 1 Vs Ib Year 2

Sophomore Year Survival Guide

IB year 1 is the time when everything is new, and the students are getting accustomed to what IB is all about. Year 2 is a lot of focusing on finishing your Extended Essay, Internal Assessments, etc. Year 2 of IB is relatively more challenging as you have multiple submissions along with the final exams and the CAS reflections. A majority of students pick up their socks in the first year itself and finish what they can to have a less hectic second year.

Because of the overwhelming nature of IBs year 2, it is good practice to manage your time efficiently. There is almost no scope of procrastinating your course work in Year 2. Any student guilty of doing so will face a lot of difficulty in graduating with an IB Diploma.

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Dont Let Your Job Title Define You

Analysts may be bottom of the pile, but youll need to display the sort of characteristics that banks expect to see further down the line, from the moment you enter the organisation. Don’t imagine that just because your position is lowly that you are not expected to lead, says Ward. Thought leadership, influencing, helping to build and consolidate teams are all leadership attributes that will be recognised and valued from entry.

I Did Not Enter The Program Feeling That I Was Someone Who Was Even Remotely Able To Tackle All Of These Requirements However By Putting In The Work Learning How To Manage My Time And Not Get In The Way Of Myself Im Able To Positively Reflect On It Now

In addition to your coursework, you must complete the Extended Essay , which is a 4000-word research paper that is situated in one of your six IB courses. Then, there is the additional class you must take called Theory of Knowledge or TOK. This is essentially a philosophy class, and the only two requirements for it are that you complete:

One TOK essay using one of IBs supplied prompts

A TOK presentation in which you develop your own research question and explore it using a real-world example

All of these go towards your final IB score, which can be up to 45 points. I promise this will all begin to make more sense once you are in the course.

Finally, at the heart of IBs program, there is CAS . This is something you complete outside of school and, most of the time, you are already doing it. Do you play a sport or an instrument? If so, the action and creativity boxes are already checked off.

The only requirement for CAS is that you create a portfolio containing reflections about these activities throughout your two years and that you complete one CAS project, which can involve one or all of the CAS components, and is at least six weeks long. While this does not go towards your score, you will not receive your diploma if you do not complete it.

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Get To Know Your New Subjects

If youre starting a new subject that youve not studied before, do some research! Find out more about what it involves and what kinds of topics youll be learning about. Dont worry about the specific IB syllabus but instead focus on what you are interested in. For example:

Psychology read blogs like Were Only Human, which contains a bunch of articles about the oddities of human natureBusiness & Management try paying extra attention to the business section in your local newspaperGlobal Politics a quick browse around Google will find loads of differentwebsites you can start digging into. Just remember that each one will have its own slant and perspective.Economics while The Economist touches on business and politics as well, its a good place to start if you want to find out more. Or you could go straight to basic theories here.Philosophy try out this Oxford University podcast, Philosophy for Beginners

Ib Is Something I Never Expected I Would End Up Doing

The International Baccalaureate â Richland Academy

by Madison Dodd, NewGate Student

I have always pursued alternative education, whether that be through Montessori, Waldorf, or homeschool. Therefore, it was a shock to me to think that I would be involved in a program so widely recognized across all types of schools. I remember my first day touring NewGate School as a high school freshman. I met with Tim Seldin, who showed me around campus and encouraged me to give the IB Diploma Program a shot once my junior year came, to which I replied, But I cant do math! .

I did not expect how much I was going to push myself over the course of these two years. I wasnt aware of how much I was truly capable of. I remember the first day of our science class, our teacher told us there was going to be a learning curve and that we should prepare ourselves to not always get As on our test like we may be accustomed to. Although my classmates and I took in this information, it didnt quite set in until we all studied for one of our first big tests We thought it was our best work yet, but then we realized that we all just scored in the 2-3 range out of 7!

Suddenly, our teachers were no longer there to give us all the tools to get a good grade in the class, to make sure our homework was done on time, or to make sure we were present for the lessons. By IBs design, the weight was now put on us, as the students, and it was time to get to work.

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