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Is Activia Good For Constipation

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Potential Activia Side Effects

Activia Challenge Review

Dannon says consumers may experience a few minor issues with consumption. These problems may include one or a combination of the following:

  • Abdominal discomfort

It is almost no longer news that probiotic bacteria commonly found in good yogurts are very useful in fighting unwanted and harmful bugs in the intestinal tracts like fungi, yeast, and parasites. However, one cannot overlook the anecdotal reports of side effects with Activia Yogurt consumption.

Here are a few:

Is Activia Good For Pregnant Women The Benefits

Per serving, Activia original, Activia Light, and Activia Greek all contain the essential nutrients protein and calcium, with the original also containing Vitamin D.

The table below shows the popular Activia yogurt lines and their corresponding nutrient content:

4 oz. serving

Calcium is important because it helps the human body modulate fluids. It also helps develop the babys bones and teeth . Since the calcium is the same in the above varieties, you should choose one with either less sugar or more protein, depending on your preferences.

Protein is essential during pregnancy. It helps increase your blood supply, as well as grow your breast and uterine tissues. Protein also favorably affects the growth of babys brain.

Vitamin D also has a major role in healthy cell division, immune function, and bone health. It also helps absorb calcium and phosphorus . Note that this only appears in the original yogurt.

Healthy Foods That Help You Poop

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Constipation is a common problem affecting an estimated 20% of the population .

Delayed colonic transit, or a decrease in the movement of food through the digestive system, is one of the most common causes. A low fiber diet, aging, and physical inactivity can also contribute to constipation.

While remedies for constipation typically include laxatives, stool softeners, and fiber supplements, incorporating a few regularity-boosting foods into your diet can be a safe and effective alternative.

Here are 15 healthy foods that can help you poop.

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The Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Whole Body

Our guts are made up of trillions of microbes known as the gut microbiome, and what we eat and drink can affect our gut microbiome balance, says Caroline Susie, R.D.N., a registered dietitian nutritionist in Dallas.

When probiotics get into your digestive system, they balance and fight off harmful bacteria, keeping the colon strong and helping you avoid infections. Theyre important for managing symptoms relating to irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, lactose intolerance, and ulcerative colitis, because they break down fibrous foods like certain fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The type of probiotic youre most likely to encounter is called Lactobacillus acidophilus, and experts say its the most beneficial. It supports overall digestion, promotes healthy blood sugar, and helps your body resist yeast infections. It is also commonly paired with Bifidus regularis and Lactobacillus casei, two other probiotic bacteria that also improveintestinal health.

L. acidophilus can be found in sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, and cheese, but most dietitians recommend yogurt since its affordable, accessible, and easy to work into your diet.

What Does The Research Say About Yogurt And Constipation

Activia Dailies Probiotic Drinks

Researchers looked at the efficacy of an unflavored probiotic yogurt containing polydextrose, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium lactis to treat constipation in a 2014 study.

The researchers discovered that consuming 180 milliliters of this yogurt every morning for two weeks reduced the amount of time waste took to transit through the intestines in patients with chronic constipation.

In fact, according to a 2014 meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, probiotics increased the frequency of bowel movements by 1.3 per week and improved consistency, making it more comfortable to go.

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What Is In The Activia Yogurt

Activia is a fermented milk product. It has healthy bacteria inside them. These bacteria do not cause any harm to your body. Activia yogurt claims to have billions of their patented probiotic culture Bifidobacterium animalis lactis DN-173 010/CNCM I-2494. According to the Activia companys website, these probiotics survive in your digestive tract and help your gut bacteria maintain good digestive health.

Why Does Activia Need Billions Of Its Exclusive Probiotic

Since Activia was launched in 2006 it has contained billions of our exclusive probiotic in every cup. Activia yogurt’s exclusive probiotic culture was specifically selected because of its ability to survive passage through the digestive system and reach the large intestine in sufficient amounts. Two double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies show that Activia may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive discomfort when consumed twice a day for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Minor digestive discomfort includes bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort, and rumbling.

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Is It Better To Consume Probiotics Through Pills Or By Eating Foods With Probiotics

There are several reasons why probiotic foods are the preferred choice for getting probiotic bacteria over pills. Consuming probiotics through dairy foods allows the stomach acids to be buffered and increases the chance that the probiotics will survive and make it to the intestine. Probiotic supplements in the form of pills dont usually provide nutrients that the cultures found in probiotic foods like yogurt produce during fermentation. Finally, fermented dairy products, like yogurt, are also a source of nutrients that are critical for good health such as calcium, protein, and potassium.

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Eat Activia Yogurt

What is the Best Probiotic for Constipation?

Activia yogurt became somewhat of a household name in the early 2000s, partly thanks to its famous spokesperson, Jamie Lee Curtis, who was the face of the brand’s advertisements for seven years. During that time, Activia’s parent brand, Dannon, came under fire by the FTC for its allegedly exaggerated claims about its potential health benefits. In 2021, Curtis admitted that she starred in the commercials mostly because commercials allowed her to make money while remaining close to her family, a luxury that film acting didn’t afford her .

So, the FTC and Curtis may not be as big of fans of Activia as we once thought. Still, Activia has held its spot on grocery store shelves for over 20 years, so those packs of creamy yogurt must have some redeeming qualities. Today, the brand offers probiotic drinks and several probiotic yogurt varieties, including its 60-calorie yogurts, fiber-focused yogurts, and Greek yogurt varieties . Which begs the question: What really happens to your body when you eat Activia yogurt?

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Activia And Weight Loss

From reviews and comments on public forums, we can say Activia, because of its probiotics and nutrients, is very useful in regulating the digestive tract. However, in our search on Activia, we didnt see any clinical or scientific proofs on its ingredients and whether it helps with weight loss.

However, one study published in Obesity Facts on PO.150 found that probiotic low-fat yogurt , fermented with Bifidus ActiRegularis, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus could reduce body weight.

In any case, bearing in mind that what affects weight loss depends on your caloric intake. Introducing Activia to your diet may be an excellent way to get started on a weight-loss plan.

Here are a few suggested ways that could happen:

What Health Benefits Exactly Is Activia Yogurt Supposed To Offer

Activia is the leader in the probiotics crazea fad for microrganisms you can now find in a new Kashi cereal, wellness bars, a host of competing yogurts, and the functional food industry, products consumed not for traditional nutrition or pleasure but for presumed medicinal qualities. Probiotic yogurts recently have been alleged to ward off everything from hay fever to secondary infection. But an appeal to digestive health seems to be aimed specifically at women, of whom half report ailments of the midsection and nearly 100 percent, one can surmise, would prefer a slimming of the midsection. By targeting the female stomach, Activia sales topped $130 million in 2006, a very unusual success for a new food products first year. The following year, sales increased by 50 percent. * As a very funny video on Current TV puts it, open the refrigerator of any woman over 40, push aside that rotisserie chicken, and there youll see a tidy row of green plastic yogurt containers.

But is Ms. Curtis referring to excessive or inadequate, um, passage? Dannon issued a press release about a poll on digestion in conjunction with the products U.S. launch that tried to ascertain Americas most backed up citiesOrlando is at a standstill, and were not talking trafficsuggesting that constipation is the scourge that dare not speak its name. And, indeed, the Activia Web site says that the product helps to regulate your slow intestinal transit.

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You’ll Give Your Body A Boost With The Protein And Nutrients In Activia

It’s well known by experts that yogurt packs in a lot of nutrition, and Activia is no exception. Many of its yogurt varieties contain at least four grams of protein, with its Greek yogurt offering 12 grams.

Protein is necessary for muscle health. If you want to bulk up and strengthen those muscles, eating Activia yogurt after a workout might be the way to do it. According to the Mayo Clinic, adding some fresh fruit to yogurt to snack on after a workout is one of the best snacks you can eat to nourish your body. A 2019 article in Nutrition Today also states that dietary protein is a building block of bone cells. Additionally, calcium plays a role in preventing osteoporosis. One container of Activia’s yogurt with fruit contains about 10% of your daily calcium intake.

Those aren’t all the potential benefits of Activia, though. Yogurt may also have a positive influence on your blood pressure, according to research published in the International Dairy Journal . The study’s researchers explained that regular yogurt consumption led to an average lowered blood pressure of about seven points compared to those who weren’t yogurt eaters. That’s because yogurt typically contains heart-healthy micronutrients, like potassium and calcium, which are both in Activia yogurts.

You’ll Add More Probiotics To Your Diet By Eating Activia Yogurt

Is Activia A Good Probiotic

Since its introduction to the market, Activia has touted its focus on probiotics. According to Activia, “While all yogurts have live and active cultures, not all have probiotic strains that provide specific health benefits such as supporting gut health and contributing to the maintenance of a balanced gut microbiota.” What does that mean, exactly?

Probiotics are necessary for digestive health. Research has shown that certain probiotics can prevent and treat diarrhea, digestive tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease. They also have other health benefits, like treating and preventing vaginal infections, childhood eczema, and urinary tract infections . Notably, modern research links gut health with brain health, so gut improvement through probiotics and a balanced diet could potentially lead to a healthier nervous system .

Although there’s no set criteria for how many probiotics you should ingest each day, an article in American Family Physician notes that adult dosages typically fall between 10 to 20 billion colony-forming units. According to Activia, each cup of its yogurt contains billions of probiotics.

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Is Activia Yogurt Actually Good For You

The latest food marketing craze is promoting the health benefits of live bacteria in dairy products. Dannon, the company behind Activia, claims that the bacteria it contains helps regulate the digestive system. These claims have led to a massive marketing campaign that has made the brand famous and profitable. According to the company, Activia yogurt has live bacteria called Bifidobacterium animalis and Bifidus regularis. These bacteria are responsible for eliminating waste.

The brands marketing strategy has been aimed at women in their mid-twenties and thirties, who juggle responsibilities and daily routines. Its main objective is to appeal to these women who may suffer from digestive problems caused by a lack of nutrition. The company features women in the background of its commercials, and promotes its product as a natural solution to digestive distress.

Activia is available in a variety of flavors. It comes in different calorie levels, depending on the flavor. Those who are diabetic may experience blood sugar challenges from the high sugar content of this yogurt. However, some consumers have reported side effects like muscle pain, increased metabolism, and difficulty sleeping. However, these effects may be temporary. The company also makes a dairy-free version of its yogurt. It uses almond milk instead of cows milk. This variant is lower in calories but contains the same protein as the original product. It also comes in traditional flavors like vanilla and strawberry.

Does Activia Work For Constipation

For years, bacteria have been added to milk products to create yogurt. These bacteria are not harmful to your body, but instead help to create the consistency and flavor you enjoy in yogurt. One example of a bacteria-containing yogurt is Activia. This yogurt incorporates a proprietary bacterial culture the company claims enhances your digestive health.

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What To Do If Activia Makes You Poop

If you notice that Activia is making you poop, you should cut back or stop drinking it until you feel better. Activia contains a lot of probiotics, so it can make you poop because of the number of probiotics it contains.

As a result of this factor, the only way to resolve your pooping problem is to reduce or discontinue your Activia intake.

Can Probiotics Help With Ibs

Is probiotic yogurt effective? (Marketplace)

Irritable bowel syndrome is a digestive disorder that can cause stomach cramps, bloating, constipation , or diarrhea .

Theres no cure for IBS at the moment, but some research suggests probiotics might lessen symptoms and help you to poop more regularly.

One group of researchers looked at 43 studies on the use of probiotics for people with IBS, and they concluded that probiotic supplements were an effective treatment for symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, and flatulence.

Another review also found that probiotics were significantly more effective in reducing the severity and pain of IBS symptoms than a placebo.

A 2016 study investigating the effects of probiotic supplements on people with IBS-C found that probiotics not only reduced their symptoms, but also helped them poop more regularly.

Its worth noting that different studies looked at different types and combinations of probiotic bacteria, and the participants received different doses.

Scientists havent figured out which probiotic is best for IBS management, but the evidence so far suggests that supplements containing several types of probiotic have the most potential to improve IBS symptoms.

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Ingredients In Bavolex Ibs Relief Formula

Bavolex combines enzymes and plant extracts into a unique proprietary blend to address IBS symptoms in several ways *

  • Reducing Nervous stomach, Stress, and Anxiety* camomile, 5-HTP, and lemon balm
  • Regulating Gut functions, Bloating, and Gas* peppermint, caraway seed, and ginger
  • Improving Digestion with Enzymes* pancreatin, papain, and bromelain
PEPPERMINT helps relieve diarrhea, discomfort from IBS, and stomach pain. Methyl salicylate and menthol are the main ingredients in peppermint, and have a calming function on the stomach and intestinal tract. Peppermint reduces gut cramps, gas, and soothes upset digestive tract. Two clinical trials concluded that peppermint relieves IBS symptoms Three double-blind clinical trials further confirmed peppermint is helpful for IBS.*
PANCREATIN ENZYME is a digestive enzyme that is made up of the enzymes lipase, trypsin, and amylase. Amylase helps digest carbohydrates. Lipase helps digest fats. Tripsin helps in the digestion of proteins. Pancreatin enzyme mix is very beneficial in digestion of many foods. *

LEMON BALMis an herb from the mint family, often taken after a meal. It helps reduce indigestion and gas. Lemon balm is used in Europe as a mild sedative and for nervous tension and insomnia.The German Commission E recognizes lemon balm for treating nervous disturbances of sleep and functional gastrointestinal disorders. Studies suggest that lemon balm extract protects the gastrointestinal tract against ulcers.*


Who Would You Recommend Take The Activia Challenge


I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their well-being and their digestive health! The Activia Probiotic Challenge is an easy way to jumpstart your journey to support your gut health. Who knew that doing something good for your body could also be so delicious.

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See How The Activia Probiotic Challenge Impacts 5 Women We Admire

Your gut plays an integral role in your overall health. Its responsible for way more than just digesting the food you eat–with research suggesting it even has an influence on your mood. So, it almost goes without saying that taking care of your gut is taking care of your body. And one of the best ways to support gut health is by increasing your intake of probiotics, which introduces good bacteria and helps balance the gut. After all, a well-balanced gut is a healthy gut.

Luckily, getting more probiotics is simple, and includes getting more delicious probiotic-rich foods into your weekly lineup . Every flavour of Activia contains live and active probiotics and may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues like: bloating, gas, discomfort and rumbling when consumed twice per day for 2 weeks as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. So, whether youre a blackberry kinda person, or you prefer the taste of the strawberry probiotic drinkthey all provide the same benefits!

Now on to the challenge: getting started is simple and keeping it up is just as easy. Take the Activia Probiotic Challenge by eating one Activia twice a day for 14 days. Seriously. The Challenge is not much of a challenge at all if you make it your own. To give you a better understanding of whats involved, we sat down with some ladies we admire to get their opinions regarding the challenge:

  • Emilie Desjarlais

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