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What Is The Best Probiotic For Ibs With Diarrhea

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What About Kijimea And Saccharomyces Boulardii

Best Probiotics for IBS, Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhea, Gas

Kijimea is a popular IBS probiotic pill in the US.

It contains a strain of bacteria called Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMB75 and is the only product with this strain.

Theres been one clinical trial using this strain, which included 122 patients. After 4 weeks, 47% of those taking B. bifidum MIMB75 reported significant improvements in pain, bloating, urgency and digestive disorders . Whereas 11% of patients taking the placebo pill reported benefits .

So Kijimea certainly shows some potential, but the science supporting it is thin. The popularity likely comes from the fact it is easily and has great user reviews.

The Best Probiotic For Diarrhea

Can probiotics cause diarrhea? Yes. However, we cant overemphasize that probiotics cause diarrhea only in a very small minority of users. Even in those rare instances, the symptoms are almost always temporary. Probiotics, for the most part, are a diarrhea reducer.

With this in mind, you should definitely take probiotics for diarrhea if you regularly experience loose stool. We suggest looking at the type of strains in a probiotic supplement. Some strains are more beneficial for treating digestive disorders than others.

One useful strain is lactobacillus and its sub-strains. One study showed that L. acidophilus and L. rhamnosus were effective in treating travelers diarrhea. It was also useful in treating acute diarrhea in children. Both strains are available in cultured dairy products. You can also find them in Floracil50.

Another study published in the BMJ Journal found that the strains L. casei and L. bulgaricus were effective in treating diarrhea associated with antibiotic use.

As you can see, there is no single best probiotic for diarrhea. This is why we recommend a multi-strain product over those with a single strain. Research also suggests that multiple strains may have a synergistic effect and be more potent than a single strain working solo.

The Best Probiotics For Ibs: A Double

It certainly appears probiotics can help manage IBS, but only particular strains and mixtures.

Just keep in mind that they should not be used as a sole therapy.

In other words, probiotics are most effective in combination with current conventional treatments such as a medications , and before or after a low FODMAP diet.

Also note that they can be a double-edged sword what works fantastic for some may only make symptoms worse in others. It likely depends on your existing gut bacteria environment.

For this reason you should be willing to experiment with different strains and different brands. Where one type doesnt help, maybe another will.

The most clinically proven and recommended brands among gastrointestinal specialists are VSL#3, Symprove and Alflorex/Align, in no specific order. But as always, speak with your doctor before trying anything new.

About Joe Leech, Dietitian

Joe Leech is a university-qualified dietitian from Australia.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science, followed by a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2011.

Learn more about him on the About page.

Joe Leech, Dietitian

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How To Take Biomemd

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule, once a day, with a food containing fiber and a full glass of water, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

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The Best Probiotic For Ibs: Find Out What You Need To Know

The Best Probiotic Supplements for IBS

by Amber Murray | Apr 26, 2018 | Probiotics

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What is IBS? How is it treated? What is the best probiotic for IBS? Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or spastic colon, is a painful, embarrassing disorder that affects roughly 20 percent of adults in the US. About 70 percent of those are women. The disorder causes severe abdominal pain and bloating. Also, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, or a combination of both occurs hits sufferer.

The cause of IBS is a complete mystery to doctors and researchers. Researchers think hormonal changes cause IBS. So, it disproportionately affects women. Additionally, other theories include an overactive immune system and an imbalance the neurotransmitter Serotonin in the gut.

There is no cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but there are treatment options. Doctors can prescribe anti-diarrheal and antispasmodic medications for diarrhea and abdominal pain. Also, some dietary changes and supplements can ease or eliminate symptoms.

It seems that the latest trend in treating IBS includes regularly ingesting probiotics. A mixture of live bacteria strains and yeasts, probiotics may help to balance gut flora. As a result, this can help improve digestive issues. Lets see which are the best probiotic for IBS.

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Phillips Colon Health Daily Probiotic Supplement

Phillips Colon Health contains the most common and most studied bacteria for digestive health , which closely resemble your bodyâs natural good bacteria. There is scientific evidence that Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium help relieve gas, diarrhea, constipation and other GI discomforts.

Three key points of Phillips Colon Health:

  • To support a healthy colon, one of the most important parts of your digestive system.
  • To replenish the good bacteria when diet and stress cause constipation and upset your natural balance causing bloating, gas and diarrhea.
  • To support a healthy immune system.

When probiotics might be helpful, theyâre surely not precisely the same as authorized drugs, and, as a result, expectations need to not be higher. Even in the trials that had been pointed out, not all individuals responded and the majority from the individuals seasoned only the reduction of several symptoms. Itâs likely that inside the future, probiotics will probably be a vital element for IBS treatment, but this will likely take a lot more fundamental research and more clinical trials.

If you have other health issues in addition to IBS, like heart problems or diabetes, consult with a doctor before starting a probiotic regimen.


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Boosting Your Immune System

Not only do probiotics regulate inflammation , they can strengthen your gut barrier.

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when you have an overgrowth of harmful gut bacteria, weakening the barrier between gut and bloodstream. Leaky gut syndrome leads to a weaker immune system because foreign bodies can more easily enter the bloodstream.

Probiotics treat leaky gut, meaning they may strengthen your immune system.

Also, an older animal study showed that probiotics prevented the invasion of Salmonella bacteria by strengthening barrier function in the gut.

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Who Is This For

Colon Support Probiotic may be ideal for those looking for extra colon support. Lifestyle challenges such as diet, normal aging and overuse of medications, stress and the environment may all contribute to a digestive imbalance of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria. This concentration of the beneficial bifidobacteria may offer the support you need to help with occasional gas and bloating as well as supporting the good bacteria needed in the gut. This is a great probiotic capsule for anyone looking for extra colon support while maintaining normal flora in the body.

Best Probiotic For Ibs Diarrhea

Best Probiotic Strains For SIBO, IBS and Histamine Issues

Image: Attribution 2.0 Generic by H o l l y, via Flickr

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is an isolated strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus that was removed from the intestinal tract of a healthy person and replicated. This probiotic strain is the most studied probiotic in existence. Research has verified that it successfully treats diarrhea. This powerful strain of probiotic is sometimes prescribed to treat IBS with diarrhea. In addition, other conditions that it treats are Crohns Disease, lactose intolerance, Rotavirus in babies and children, antibiotic-induced diarrhea, travelers diarrhea. Interestingly, it also adis diarrhea as a side effect of chemotherapy.

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Smarter Gut Health Probiotics

For those who have experienced diarrhea, you can totally agree that it takes the fun out of everything. Especially when you consider the fact that you always have to be close to a bathroom since you have no idea when the next train wreck might suddenly decide to pop up.

So why not get probiotics to finally end this nightmare? Well its never too late and better sooner than later! This probiotic utilizes a traditional campaign train that involves probiotics strains that have a soil based formula hence differencing it from the many chemically based probiotics.

It has 3 powerful strains that able to withstand the acidity in the stomach, pushing through to make it to their destination. It uniquely delivers the probiotics in a vegan vegetable softgel which is free from fillers and coatings. It uses preitcx prebiotics which are fast-working and tough.

How To Find The Best Probiotic For Ibs Management

Have you tried probiotics for IBS only to find your symptoms continued? Perhaps they even got worse. If so, youre not alone.

Research shows that some probiotics dont live up to their claims. In one study that assessed 26 commercial probiotics, none fully supported the claims on their labels, and some contained unacceptable microorganisms . Another study found only half of the probiotics examined contained the specific strain listed on the label .

Quality probiotics can be a powerful, safe, effective tool for patients to manage IBS, as indicated by several research studies. In this article, well explore how to find the best probiotic for IBS and how to become a savvy shopper for probiotic supplements.

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Other Treatments For Ibs

Probiotics are far from the only treatment thats effective for IBS symptoms. Other helpful methods for addressing IBS exist, such as:

  • Regular exercise
  • Quality sleep

When treating IBS, you first need to know the underlying cause. Talk with an integrative specialist about diagnosing the root cause of your IBS, which could be parasites, low vagal tone, hormone imbalance, or even food poisoning.

How To Avoid Constipation

The 3 Best Probiotics For IBS

Make the following simple lifestyle and dietary changes to avoid constipation:

  • Increase the amount of fiber in your diet: Although fiber helps in reducing constipation it can also aggravate cramping and gas. To avoid these symptoms, you should increase your dietary fiber slowly over the duration of a few weeks. You can include foods that are rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and beans in your diet. Taking fiber supplements may cause less bloating and gas than eating foods rich in fiber.
  • Avoid skipping meals: Eating at similar times every day helps in regulating the bowel function. Hence, try eating at a regular time. If you are suffering from constipation related to IBS, you may find that eating large quantities of foods rich in fiber helps in moving food through the intestines. This ultimately helps you to avoid constipation.
  • Exercise regularly: Doing gentle exercises regularly helps in relieving stress and depression, stimulating the normal contractions and movements of the intestines, and making you feel and think better and positive about yourself. Consult your healthcare provider about exercises that you can do regularly.
  • Dont hold in stools: You should respond to the natural urge of your body to defecate when they occur as this reduces the effect of constipation.

Maintain a routine: Assign a time and place of the day when you can go to the bathroom every day without passing stool forcefully.

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Its No Wonder People Are Searching For The Best Probiotic For Irritable Bowel Syndrome It Is Estimated That Up To 15% Of The Population Suffers From Ibs1 People With Ibs Have Irregular Bowel Habits Often Dominated By Diarrhea Or Constipation They Also Experience Bloating And Abdominal Pain

Researchers suspect that the main cause of IBS is an imbalance in the intestinal flora. For this reason, many companies have been exploring the possibility of treating IBS with probiotics and are fighting for the title, best probiotic for IBS.

Because probiotics are classified as supplements by the Food and Drug Administration and are generally considered safe, they do not need to be approved by the FDA before being marketed.2 However, this also means that it is illegal to make claims about the effectiveness of different supplements. Its the consumers responsibility to examine the scientific evidence of each product before purchasing it.

To help those looking for a good probiotic for IBS, we searched the literature for clinical trials that studied beneficial bacteria in IBS. Twenty-eight double-blind, randomized studies looking at 18 different probiotic preparations were examined. Only ten probiotic preparations showed a positive result. From these candidates, the best five probiotics were picked by carefully comparing the quality of the results and the quality of the study.

Probiotics For Diarrhea From Antibiotics

In another systematic review, researchers evaluated the effectiveness of probiotics in preventing diarrhea associated with antibiotic use. While antibiotics are effective in treating bacterial infections, they may harm natural gut bacteria populations, potentially resulting in diarrhea and other digestive issues. The meta-analysis found that antibiotic-associated diarrhea was present in just 8 percent of those who took probiotics, while 17.7 percent in the control group exhibited antibiotics-associated diarrhea. This suggests that probiotics reduce diarrhea caused by antibiotics by 50%.5

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Use Of Probiotics For Anxiety

Research has shown that there exists an important relationship between our gut and our brain aka the gut-brain axis. New and exciting research has begun to take a deep look at this relationship, with some studies showing that probiotics may play an important role in not only supporting a healthy gut but a healthy brain, as well. For example, a 2017 meta-analysis looking at the efficacy of probiotics on anxiety found that probiotics significantly decreased anxiety compared to controls. More specifically, a 2011 study included in the analysis found that L. helveticus and B. longum taken in combination displayed anxiety reducing activity in rats and beneficial psychological effects in healthy human volunteers. However, the meta-analysis concluded that more studies are needed to assess the specific probiotic strains, doses, and treatment periods most beneficial for anxiety. Therefore, the analysis did not recommend specific bacterial strains.

That being said, another meta-analysis published one year later, in 2018, found that the evidence of probiotics in treating anxiety is insufficient. This analysis showed no significant difference between probiotics and the placebo in alleviating anxiety symptoms. The paper concluded that more reliable evidence from clinical trials is needed before a case can be made for promoting the use of probiotics for anxiety treatment.

Example:Probiotics SticksCFU/Dose: 3B/stick, Dose/day: 1 stick approved by Health Canada

Diarrhea Caused By C Difficile

IBS – Can Probiotics Help?

An infection with C. difficile bacteria causes severe and sometimes life-threatening diarrhea and inflammation in the colon, called colitis. Probiotics may keep you from getting this germ. And there’s some evidence they might stop the problem from coming back. That’s important, since repeat infections become hard to control.

Scientists have done many studies of Saccharomyces boulardii against this type of bacteria. It appears to help, especially when combined with lactobacillus strains.

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Probiotics And Ibs Symptoms: What You Should Know

If you have irritable bowel syndrome , you probably have to deal with friends, family, and even complete strangers constantly sharing the latest IBS cure they saw on the internet. While their advice is usually well-meaning, theres a good chance that the cleanse being touted by Influencer X is utterly useless or even dangerous. This is why its so important to proceed with caution when it comes to natural remedies for digestive conditions.

One area of natural medicine thats particularly difficult to navigate is dietary supplements. Its essential to discuss your options with your healthcare team before starting any supplements. You should also consider working with a practitioner who has experience with dietary supplements, such as a registered dietitian.

While there are many digestive support supplements that could be beneficial for those with IBS, probiotic supplements are the most widely-researched and are going to be the focus of this article.

Search Strategy And Selection Criteria

We included all eligible randomized placebo-controlled, trials of probiotics treatment in adult IBS. We searched Medline, Embase, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, the trials register, and Chinese Biomedical Literature Database for relevant trials. We used the terms probiotics and irritable bowel syndrome both as medical subject heading and free text terms. The exact search strategy in Medline was AND AND .

We used the following eligibility criteria: the studies were randomized controlled trials comparing probiotics with placebo diagnostic criteria included but were not limited to the Manning criteria, and Rome I, Rome II, or Rome III criteria. We did not exclude trials in which patients were stated to be diagnosed with IBS but no diagnostic criteria were described the age of participants were 18 years minimum treatment duration was 7 days. Studies were excluded if they met: studies with inadequate information probiotics along with other drugs control group was not placebo data were not available after contacting the authors. There were no language limitation. Articles in foreign language were translated as needed.

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