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What Vitamins Help With Bloating

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Malabsorption In The Small Intestine

Sometimes pernicious anemia occurs because the bodys small intestine cant properly absorb vitamin B12. This may be the result of:

  • Too many of the wrong kind of bacteria in the small intestine. This is a common cause of pernicious anemia in older adults. The bacteria use up the available vitamin B12 before the small intestine can absorb it.
  • Diseases that interfere with vitamin B12 absorption. One example is celiac disease. This is a genetic disorder in which your body cant tolerate a protein called gluten. Another example is Crohns disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. HIV also may interfere with vitamin B12 absorption.
  • Certain medicines that alter bacterial growth or prevent the small intestine from properly absorbing vitamin B12. Examples include antibiotics and certain diabetes and seizure medicines.
  • Surgical removal of part or all of the small intestine.
  • A tapeworm infection. The tapeworm feeds off of the vitamin B12. Eating undercooked, infected fish may cause this type of infection.

What To Look For In A Supplement For Bloating

Dr. Jonathan Kung, MD, gastroenterologist at Mount Sinai and medical advisor to microbiome company Nouri, says keeping the billions of bacteria that live in your gut within a healthy equilibrium is crucial to overall health and helps keep bloating at bay. “Pre-, pro- and post-biotics are all important for maintaining a balanced gut. You should look for supplements that contain clinically-proven strains of bacteria that support gut health and have at least 10 billion CFU,” he says.

You should also look for a supplement that’s third-party tested, says Holly Klamer, a registered dietitian nutritionist and dietitian with USARX. “On the label it will say if it is tested from sources such as NSF International, Consumer Lab, or U.S. Pharmacopeia .” Additionally, before taking a supplement, check with your doctor first, especially if you’re on any medication, Klamer advises. “Even if a supplement is natural, it can interfere with other medications.”

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Is Your Bloated Belly A Sign Of Something Else

Tummy bloating is usually a harmless annoyance we experience from time to time. And the good news is, its usually short-lived.

For example, if its caused by your guts intolerance for gluten, removing wheat from your meals can often put a stop to bloating and gas after eating.

If your stomach is always bloated or its accompanied with other symptoms, its worth seeking guidance from your GP.

What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Stomach Bloating

Fit Affinity Tight Tummy Reduce Bloating for Women

Consistent, repetitive spells of bloating can be a sign that something within your bodys nutrient system is significantly deficient. This is not the only trigger, of course, as bloating is generally a physiological response to specific happenings within the internal system. So, while one can absolutely take vitamins for digestion and bloating, it doesnt always mean that ones bloating is specifically linked to an imbalance per se.

Vitamin D deficiencies have been most commonly linked to the phenomenon of bloating, as well as vitamin B12. That said, sometimes people who suffer from excessive bloating are not necessarily deficient in these areas but can take the supplements anyway to help ease symptoms.

Emily Alexander , from Curated Wellness, gave us some further insight into this notion. Bloating is a physiological response that can be the result of many different underlying dysfunctions, which means that the best way to address this symptom often varies from person to person. However, there are some vitamins and supplements that may be beneficial for a majority of people.

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Supplements That May Help Relieve Constipation

Constipation affects up to 20% of adults worldwide and can significantly affect quality of life. Its symptoms include infrequent bowel movements, hard feces, frequent straining to poop, and the sensation of incomplete emptying .

Healthcare professionals typically treat constipation with lifestyle changes, laxatives, and medications.

In certain cases, a healthcare professional may prescribe treatments such as biofeedback therapy, surgery, or transanal irrigation with a water enema (

In addition to these treatments, evidence suggests that certain supplements may help reduce constipation symptoms.

Here are 10 supplements that may relieve constipation.

Magnesium plays a number of essential roles in your body, and certain forms of this mineral may help with constipation.

For example, research has shown that magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, and magnesium sulfate all improve constipation symptoms.

In a high quality, 28-day study in 34 women with mild to moderate constipation, taking 1.5 grams of magnesium oxide per day significantly improved stool consistency, quality of life, and the time it took digested food to move through the colon, compared with a placebo (

Keep in mind that magnesium sulfate may cause digestive side effects such as bloating and diarrhea.

Furthermore, people with kidney disease should avoid magnesium supplements and excessive magnesium intake in general may lead to dangerous complications (

Its Best To Consult A Clinician Before Starting Digestive Enzyme Supplements

tests available to the general public that claim to determine digestive enzyme deficiencies have yet to be tested in clinical trials for their accuracy and efficacy

If youre still determined to give digestive enzyme supplements a try, its best to raise the conversation with a GI specialist or Registered Dietitianboth can provide additional clarity and insight based on your individual circumstances. Recommendations will likely vary widely between patients due to the complexity of the human GI system and the individuality of symptoms.

In addition, it is important to be aware that digestive enzyme supplements may come with side effects that youre ultimately looking to treat, such as bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain. As always, alert your doctor if you are taking these supplements on a regular basis, particularly if youre experiencing side effects.

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Avoid Swallowing Extra Air

It might sound like chewing a stick of gum would be a good tactic for helping you steer clear of those bloat-inducing high-fat foods.

But actually, researchers have found it can actually trigger trapped wind too.

Most chewing gums even the sugary versions contain artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol, which are poorly absorbed by the stomach, and can cause bloating and abdominal pain. In large doses, this can cause chronic diarrhea.35

And theres another problem all that chewing signals to your stomach that food is on its way, triggering the release of enzymes and stomach acids that aid digestion.

Yet with no food appearing, all that action going on inside your stomach can cause bloating.

  • Cut back on chewing gum
  • Avoid fizzy drinks

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This is the ultimate digestive comfort. The daily probiotic digestive enzymes help the body properly digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, resulting in better nutrient absorption and less digestive discomfort. The probiotic supplement provides digestive support and constipation relief and relieves pain, discomfort, gas, and bloating associated with hard-to-digest foods like lean protein, high-fiber foods, and super smoothies.

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How To Take Them:

When it comes to digestive enzyme supplements, there are two major categories available: plant- or microbe-based and animal-based.

Research shows there is no standard dosage for digestive enzyme supplements, so if you’re going to supplement with digestive enzymes, follow the directions on the label. In general, digestive enzymes are considered safe and don’t typically cause surprises however, if you take too many, some people may experience queasiness and loose stools, so ease into it until you find your ideal amount.

Can Vitamin D Cause Bloating And Gas

It can be difficult to meet your needs if you dont have many food sources that contain this nutrient. Its a good idea to take a supplement to increase your intake if youre deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a number of health problems, including osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia, and osteopenia .

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Alternative Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating

Bloating has no set cure since so many factors can cause it. Regardless, besides medication and supplements, here are a few other suggestions on ways to get rid of bloating:

  • Eat while sitting upright.
  • Walk after meals.

These factors help with bowel movement and better digestive health. The physical movements help the digestive process and remove the extra gas that may sit within the GI tract. They help you manage and reduce bloating.

Lifestyle changes like eating slower, eliminating smoking, or avoiding any stomach upsetting element help you avoid bloating in the first place.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills $1999


Apple Cider Vinegar Pills are an all-natural dietary supplement formulated to help you feel your best. They help aid your digestive health, support weight management goals, and manage cholesterol levels, while the flavor-free and easy-to-swallow capsules make it a pleasant experience. This all-natural anti-bloating and gas relief supplement helps your body cleanse and detox to optimize digestion and support a healthy gut environment.

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How To Determine Which Anti

Choose a tablet with enzymes that specifically target what you have trouble digesting. For example, if fats are the source of your woes, youll want one with lipase. One note: Its hard to tell if youre getting the therapeutic dose because de-bloat supps are not FDA regulated.

I encourage people to do their own research into a company, says , MD, a California-based integrative gastroenterologist. Look at their track record online and research the manufacturer, product, and ingredients.

FYI: If you have a blood disorder, youll want to avoid a formula that includes bromelain. It breaks down proteins, but can also interfere with platelets and clotting. Ultimately, for a well-functioning gut, go back to basics: eating a well-balanced diet, managing stress, and prioritizing sleep. Those are fundamentals for everybody, Dr. Nazareth says. Good reminder!

The Best Anti-Bloat Supplements to Soothe Tummy Troubles
HUM Flatter Me

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of My Constant Gas Consumption

If you eat and drink slowly, you can reduce belching. You can swallow less air if you take your time.

Carbonated beverages and beer should be avoided. Carbon dioxide is released as a result of their use. Skip the hard candy and gum.

Dont smoke. Examine your dentures. Get moving.

Treat heartburn. If you eat and drink slowly, you can reduce belching. You can swallow less air if you take your time.

Carbonated beverages and beer should be avoided. Carbon dioxide is released as a result of their use. Skip the hard candy and gum.

Dont smoke. Examine your dentures. Get moving. Treat heartburn.

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Does Ensure Cause Gas And Bloating

docause gasbloatingEnsureHere are 11 proven ways to reduce or eliminate bloating.

  • Dont Eat Too Much at a Time.
  • Rule Out Food Allergies and Intolerances to Common Foods.
  • Avoid Swallowing Air and Gases.
  • Dont Eat Foods That Give You Gas.
  • Try a Low-FODMAP Diet.
  • Be Careful With Sugar Alcohols.
  • Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements.
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    The Best Supplements For Bloating

    NATURAL LAXATIVE JUICES to Relieve Constipation and Reduce Bloating

    By clicking on the product links in this article, we may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Sponsorships and affiliate commissions help support our research so we can help you find the best products. Read the full affiliate disclosurehere.

    • Dose: 1 capsule
    • Key ingredients: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis , tributyrin, a prebiotic blend

    Probiotics are live bacteria that have many potential benefits for the GI tract. Though evidenceon effectiveness is mixed, some studies show that probiotics may enhance overall gut health.

    The Ritual Gut Health Synbiotic+ supplement contains prebiotics and probiotics, plus an ingredient they refer to as a postbiotic. The supplement contains 11 billion CFUs in one capsule and includes two strains of probiotics that are well-studied. These probiotic strains have the potential to decrease bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Ritual Gut Health Synbiotic+ is gluten and major allergen free and non-GMO.

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    Aim For Moderation And Diversity

    Overloading your diet with any of these foods is unlikely to help. It could in fact make your bloating worse.

    For example, increasing fibre and not increasing water can worsen constipation. This is because water is needed to help fibre to pass through the digestive tract.

    Another example is, for people with digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, eating large quantities of allium vegetables can trigger gas, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation.

    Natural Remedies For Bloating

    Medically reviewed by Abbey Sharp, Registered Dietitian , BASc.

    In the second part of a 2 part series about bloating, were going to discuss some evidence-based natural remedies to help you with bloating.

    In case you missed Part 1, I went over some of the most common causes of bloating. In this edition of the bloating series, were going to talk about what to do about it and natural remedies for bloating however, I must insert a reminder that the cure will depend on the cause. Meaning that a beneficial food or supplement for someone with constipation may actually cause bloating for someone with SIBO, and vice versa. In some cases, the solution can be as simple as removing or limiting a food, as in the case of a food intolerance. The thing about functional digestive nutrition is that theres rarely a black and white straight solution. It often involves a lot of trial and error, and it might take a cocktail of supplements, foods or lifestyle changes to experience relief for you.

    A lot of remedies are also not super well researched, so I always recommend working with your dietitian and doctor to find a solution thats unique to you. I myself consulted with not one, but FOUR of my GI RD colleagues to get their clinical insight. So a big thank you to Dasha Agoulnik, Amber Gourley, Caitlin Self and Lacey Dunn for their help.

    Were going to break this video down into three sections: foods, supplements and lifestyle.

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    Probiotics For Weight Loss Support & Detox Cleanse $2325

    The Thin 30 Probiotic includes greenselect, a caffeine-free extract from green tea. It detoxifies and cleanses and contains probiotics and organic prebiotics with natural green tea extract that has been shown to support detoxification. This daily probiotic and organic prebiotic has digestive enzymes to promote gut health and balance, and these strains act together to support gut health.

    Reasons Why Youre Always Bloated

    Healths Harmony Water Pills

    1: Food Sensitivities Or Gut Condition If you have persistent bloating, it could be due to food sensitivity or a GI condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux, celiac disease, or SIBO. Ruling these out requires blood tests and/or a food-elimination diet. 2: Eating Too Much, Too Fast Your stomach is only about the size of your fist. It can stretch, but eating too much in one sitting can force it to extend past its comfort zone. Additionally, the faster you eat, the more air you swallow, which can cause bloating.

    3: You Are OverweightThe bloat might be fat. If youve gained a significant amount of weight, some of what you see will no doubt show up as fat around your belly. That said, excess fat does take up space and leaves less room for your stomach to stretch, which could also cause bloating. There is also a chance that the extra weight is backed up poop, which we will talk about further down.

    4: Not Able to Fully Digest Food Bloating could signify that you dont produce enough digestive enzymes to break down the food you eat. You might need to supplement with enzymes, or your gut might be lacking enough of the good bacteria necessary to effectively break down certain foods, which also causes bloating, which brings us to number 5.

    7: You Are Holding Onto Water If you arent experiencing pain and havent gained body fat, your bloat could be water retention. This could happen for several reasons

    10: You Are Backed Up With Toxic Waste

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    Beat Bloat With Inno Cleanse

    If you struggle with bloat, Inno Cleanse might very well be the answer youve been hurled over in pain searching for! Just read through the thousands of reviews, and you will see that Inno Cleanse is effective. Many reviewers even say this natural detox is the ONLY thing they have tried that actually worked to ease bloating and get things moving without cramps or the need to rush to the bathroom.

    Inno Cleanse isnt your ordinary laxative or gut cleanse. Its gentle and works within 24-48 hours to address the root causes of bloating. It continues to work to promote regularity and banish bloat even when you arent taking it.

    If you have more questions about Inno Cleanse and what it can do to relieve bloating, Inno Supps has a lot of information on its website, including a really helpful FAQ section.

    , purchase your bottle, and finally banish bloat once and for all!

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