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How To Treat Sibo And Leaky Gut

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Poor Diet And Inflammatory Foods

How to Treat a Leaky Gut and Bacterial Over Growths (SIBO)

Sugar, alcohol, and some processed foods generally increase inflammation and intestinal damage, or may feed existing dysbiosis, which can lead to increased gut damage and leaky gut. And though these foods are often inflammatory, any food that you have a food sensitivity or food allergy to can continue to encourage leaky gut.

Gluten and gliadin, the proteins in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and kamut have been shown to increase zonulin in celiac and non-celiac people alike [43

Thryve Gut Health Program For Gastrointestinal Problems

If you have gastrointestinal problems, please consult a physician. While they test you for the gastrointestinal disorders we discussed, let Thryve help you start your wellness journey.
First, try microbiome testing. No matter which gastrointestinal problems you experience, your intestinal flora has been compromised. You need to build back up your gut flora by taking gut health supplements. The best chance successfully figuring how to get rid of bad bacteria in the gut is to test the intestinal flora in there.
With the Thryve Gut Health Program, we send you a gut test kit to perform in the privacy of your own bathroom. Just collect a tiny sample from toilet tissue with the sterile swabs we provide. Swirl the swab in the vial with preservative we supply and mail in the discreet, self-stamped envelope enclosed with the gut test.
Based on the results, we formulate personalized probiotics supplements targeted to fight off the harmful stomach bacteria. With continued use of personalized probiotics supplements, these beneficial gut flora will colonize your system. In turn, your gastrointestinal problems may become more tolerable.

How To Treat Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth

Digestive Health |

If you are struggling with constipation and look 6 months pregnant with belly bloat by the end of the day, you could have intestinal methanogen overgrowth .

IMO was previously known as methane dominant SIBO , but the more we learn about SIBO, the more we understood the name, methane dominant SIBO, was not really accurate. The B in SIBO stands for bacteria, and methanogens are typically not bacteria theyre actually archaea. We also now know that methanogens can be present throughout the intestinal tract, both small and large intestine, and not just isolated to the small intestine like SIBO.

Often when people have SIBO or IMO, their first diagnosis will be Irritable Bowel Syndrome , which is really a fancy way of saying we dont know whats wrong with your gut. Up to 80 percent of IBS cases are actually SIBO. If youve been diagnosed with IBS, please get tested for SIBO. You can order your own breath test via this link. Its the Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth 3-Hr Lactulose test. Youll need a qualified practitioner to interpret the results for you, but it can be such a relief to find out whats causing your uncomfortable symptoms after years of hearing doctors say they dont know why you have IBS. .

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Tips To Reduce Inflammation And Promote Gut Healing

Another thing to note about the diets I choose to work with is that by limiting carbohydrates, we are also limiting inflammation-causing anti-nutrients that are commonly found in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. While normally tolerated, these foods can be problematic for anyone with a compromised digestive system. By avoiding them in the short-term, we are also helping to reduce gut inflammation. Here are a few tips I give my clients starting Phase 1: > Aim for 70% cooked and 30% raw foods. Cooking vegetables and fruit will lower the fibre and resistant starch content making them less likely to cause you symptoms. > Ensure fruit is ripe, as under-ripe fruit is high in resistant starch which can cause symptoms. > Limit snacking between meals to give the migrating motor complex a chance to move bacteria and food remnants from the small intestine to the large intestine ready for excretion from the body. > There are other food sources such as alcohol, caffeine and artificial sweeteners that can compromise healing by providing fuel for the bacterial overgrowth. This is why I ask my clients to limit them during SIBO treatment. > Fermented foods at this stage of healing, I ask my clients to avoid all of the beneficial fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, etc, as they are the perfect fuel for bacteria and will generally aggravate symptoms.

Channel Your Inner Dalai Lama And Cut Work Stress Out Of Your Life

9 Symptoms of SIBO (Gut Bacteria Problem) &  5 Ways to Heal It

For the majority of us, our main source of stress is work.

And as we know, chronic stress is one of the top 5 causes of leaky gut, because it has a crippling effect on digestion and in general makes it very hard for your body to fight off the bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth causing leaky gut.

Not to mention the inflammation that flares up because of leaky gut.

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Altered Bile Flow And Enzyme Production

Bile and enzymes are both required for adequate digestion of the food we eat . Proteolytic enzymes and bile acids additionally have anti-bacterial effects, helping to protect our gut against bacterial overgrowth. Without sufficient enzymes, carbohydrates may not be broken down sufficiently, providing fuel for bacteria to overgrow. Without the protective effects of enzymes and bile acids, there is an increased risk of developing SIBO .

Best Type Of Probiotic For Leaky Gut

As youll see from the dose comments above, I recommend you take a high potency probiotic with a prebiotic component included .

Obviously make sure it is not a generic brand or cheap product or else you may not be achieving the benefits of supplementing, or even be consuming artificial additives and fillers that could actually harm your gut health!

In addition, you should be looking for a multi-strain probiotic. Importantly, more is not always better.

You see, too many different beneficial bacteria in one probiotic supplement could end up in a bacteria battle royale! This happens when there are too many types and the bacteria end up competing with each other before they can each find their own home in your system.

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Other Causes Of A Leaky Gut

Modern alternative medicine is noticing a link between a poor diet, overuse of antibiotics, and excessive bacteria in the bowel as causes of a leaky gut . Sound like you? If so- be weary of the consequences. Research suggests this syndrome can lead to migraines, food allergies, skin conditions, andeven multiple sclerosis.

And What About Vitamin D How Can It Help Leaky Gut

If You Have SIBO Candida and Leaky Gut What Do You Treat First?

Well, vitamin D, has been shown to support our guts epithelial barrier , this being the lining that protects your bloodstream from all the food, toxins and other bacteria making their way through your gut.

In addition, like with fish oil, it can support tight junction integrity, meaning more help for the gatekeepers of the gut lining J Infect Dis, October 2015.

Also, per that study, vitamin D can help fight against bad bacteria due to the way it tackles inflammation118. Pretty cool, right.

Despite all those benefits, you may not need to take it in supplement form if you are getting 20 minutes of safe sun exposure each day.

e.g. 20 minutes of sun at 11am, without sunscreen .

So consider skipping the vitamin D supplements during summer.

That said, to truly benefit from vitamin D during this repairing stage youll want to be getting higher than normal amounts of it.

So popping a 2000 IU supplement of vitamin D3 like this one each day, might be worth considering.

Note: vitamin D3 is the more absorbable form, so make sure to look for that in your supplement.

IDEA #33

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Could Your Anxiety And Depression Be Coming From Your Gut

Did you ever wonder if anxiety and/or depression was caused purely by psychological reasons or possibly from other causes? It absolutely can be caused from many different things such as systemic inflammation, leaky gut, hormonal changes, and your gut, specifically SIBO , which is what well focus on today. Surprising I know! Lets dive into the gut-brain connection, the bacteria and neurotransmitters in your gut, as well as what you can do to improve that neurotransmitter function in your gut and brain to really help you improve your mood, feel better, and move through your life with ease.

Other causes for anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression can come from many other physical causes. It can come from systemic inflammation or leaky gut. Leaky gut is where we have endotoxins released into the bloodstream coming through the epithelial lining of the small intestine and that creates an immune reaction. This can also lead to leaky brain. This is where those endotoxins cross the blood brain barrier and can contribute to things like mood changes and brain fog, etc. We can also have anxiety/depression related to hormonal changes. Last but definitely not least, we can have it from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth . In essence, the altered microbiome can be one of the biggest contributors to anxiety and/or depression.

Typical course of action in America


Testing for SIBO

So what do you do about it?

2) Include a low FODMAP diet.

3) Supplementation.

Sibo & Leaky Gut More Treatments

Dr. Rahbar

Ill say the lifestyle is very, very important, people can do the wrong thing, go beyond their stress, ignore their feelings or have bad sleep patterns. We generally tell people, do not eat or drink before you go to bed, its a no mans land. No water, no tea, no supplements. And stress management is, very, very important and reduction or elimination of alcohol is crucial. If a patient drinks wine theyll end up with more acid reflux if they end up on an acid reducer, then were back into vicious cycle again.

Dr. Gupta

Great, thank you. And as we know theres a bunch of other pro-kinetic agents that can also be used in SIBO, such as Motilium and metoclopramide, etc. Maybe we could just very briefly talk about diets as well.

Dr. Rahbar

Most of the patients, by the time they come to us they have experimented with a variety of diets. I think the diet issue has to individualised, if their food allergies are something that turns up the inflammatory process, obviously the major ones need to be taken out and they should take less of the other ones and try to be on a rotation diet. If SIBO is an issue, then after the treatment, not necessarily before, the fermentation process should be reduced.

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Here Are Two Hybrid Methods:

1. Begin your antimicrobials, and toward the end of the treatment, begin your low-FODMAP diet, knowing that it will take a few weeks to get the hang of the restrictions anyway.

2. Try the diet for a few weeks until your symptoms are more under control and your gut has had a chance to heal, then begin reintroducing small quantities of high-FODMAP foods or grains in tandem with starting your medication. This will stir up some of the remaining critters at the same time as you begin taking pills to kill them.

Both tactics have been touted clinically , so don’t stress about their opposing nature pick one and stick with it.

Probiotic Foods Versus Supplements How To Work Out When Each Makes Sense

How I (Naturally) Killed a Yeast Overgrowth and Treated My ...

As you can see from the graphic immediately below, probiotic foods are great if you have the time to make them or the money to buy the live versions of them.

And of course, they work best when you consume a wide variety of them so that you get a diversity of good bacteria strains which, as mentioned earlier, is linked to better overall health27.

The other key is actually enjoying the unique flavor of probiotic foods and being able to consume them frequently, eg several times a week, or ideally on a daily basis.

For a lot of people these requirements are hard to take or there are otherwise periods in our lives when we just dont have the discipline to eat our probiotic foods like a fermenting-crazed Popeye!

And in situations like that, probiotic supplements are the ultimate way to go.

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Eating More Cooked Foods

Raw foods are packed full of nutrients but they can also be difficult to digest. Cooked foods decrease the amount of work your digestive system needs to do to break down food because some of that has been done for you through the cooking process. Even easier to digest are pureed foods like smoothies and pureed soup. Going easy on your digestion can help reduce bloat and lead to a healthier gut. As you heal, you will be able to tolerate raw foods better.

Other Structural And Functional Healing

Beyond the migrating motor complex, there are a vast array of potential underlying root causes of recurring SIBO overgrowths, specific to each individual. Depending on your medical history, comorbidities and current lifestyle, your practitioner should be able to work through solutions to any remaining imbalances that could increase your risk of relapse. They include boosting stomach acid production, avoiding excessive exercise, reducing stress and addressing structural issues like ileocecal valve dysfunction and adhesions.

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How Long Should I Take Probiotics For

Unlike a lot of other supplements that you might only use for a short period, eg anti-fungals for candida, or you might cycle on and off, eg vitamin D in summer, I take probiotics every day.

The reason I do is to help to maintain my gut health, keep inflammation at bay and ensure leaky gut doesnt come back.

The good news is that you shouldnt need to megadose probiotic supplements to help maintain a healthy balance of good vs bad bacteria. Instead, simply taking the recommended dose of probiotics , paired with probiotic-rich foods, will help do the job.

Eat Prebiotic Foods To Fuel The Good Bacteria In Your Gut

Gut Basics Treating Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut

Prebiotics are types of fiber that are indigestible , but digestible by the bacteria in our colon/large intestine. They just love to break it down and ferment it. In other words, prebiotics are the fuel they need to grow strong98.

And when our good bacteria is strong they can help us digest food better, support mood, improve immune system function, fend off bad bacteria, and of course, help with bowel movements and intestinal wall strength.

Since prebiotics feed the probiotics/good bacteria in our digestive system, we can think of them as actually being equal to probiotics in terms of importance. In fact, theyre a team!

But before you go crazy eating all types of prebiotic-rich foods, it is important to know that during the very early stages of fixing your gut health, you should be careful to avoid prebiotics that are high in FODMAPs, which I explain in my FODMAPs & leaky gut article.

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How Bone Broth Helps Leaky Gut

Not only will the fast give your digestive system a much needed break, it will also ensure no more big food particles are making their way through your leaky gut and into your bloodstream.

That means inflammation can cool down and your immune system will also get a chance to regroup.

Meanwhile, the bone broth itself has a huge benefit for our gut, because the collagen in it delivers a huge serving of the types of amino acids our GI tract feeds on in order to repair itself eg glycine, proline and hydroxyproline4,5.

These amino acids work great together to mend the damaged cells lining the wall of our gut. Amazing!

When Should I Take Probiotic Supplements Before During Or After A Meal

Simple. Take them in the morning when you wake up and just before you eat breakfast.

Heres why

in a 2011 study :295-303) a team of Canadian researchers actually built an end-to-end fake digestive tract, complete with a fake stomach and intestines.

But of course, they used real acid, enzymes, bile etc to mimic the human experience.

They then fed the mock digestive system a multi-strain probiotic containing 4 very popular strains Lactobacillus helveticus , Lactobacillus rhamnosus , Bifidobacterium longum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

This was done before, during and after meals.

The team found survival rates were highest when the probiotic was taken between 30 minutes and just when starting a meal.

Conversely, they found probiotics did not survive in high numbers when the supplement was taken 30 minutes AFTER a meal.

One last interesting finding was that survival rates were highest when the meal eaten contained some fat. Not a crazy amount, but some fat helped. eg in their experiment 1% fat milk was used and contrasted against fruit juice and plain water.

If youre interested, you can read the 10-page report on probiotic timing with meals here.

So based on this actual study of probiotic survival rates I like to take my probiotic at 6am, which is just when I wake up and usually eat my breakfast.

i.e. I take my probiotic when I wake up and then a few minutes later I crawl into the kitchen and rummage around my fridge for a light meal with some fats .

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So How Do We Treat A Patient Like This And How Do We Determine If These Problems Are From A Vagus Nerve Compression In The Neck

Dr. Hutcheson and Dr. Hauser explain in the following video.

1:25 of the video: Dr. Hutcheson: So many of these ailments can be coming from a structural defect in the neck. Fore example, someone very close to me in my family has a lot of clearing of the throat and theyre always clearing their throat especially after eating. I always thought they needed a barium swallow study and the tests we just spoke about to see why swallowing was such a problem. Maybe I thought there was a narrowing of the esophagus but the doctors involved thought everything was okay and they recommended palliative treatment. But I always thought there must be more going on and that needs to be treated with more than symptom suppression.

Assessing the cervical curve and how this may impact vagus nerve function and problems of swallowing and digestion.

We perform imaging to assess for the integrity of the cervical curve so as you can see here when the curve is normal we have a normal backward curved or lordosis, your head is sitting on top of your shoulders. In this position, the vagus nerve is properly positioned.

  • When there is cervical spine instability, and there is a change to the natural curve of the neck, the vagus nerve is stretched and this stretching creates an unnatural tension on the nerve and this tension disrupts normal nerve signaling.

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