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Is Probiotics Good For Acid Reflux

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How Might Probiotics Help With Acid Reflux And Gastritis

Use Probiotics for Acid Reflux

The answer is that although there is not a wealth of research on this yet, there is a growing field of thought that probiotics can indeed help alleviate acid reflux. We already know that probiotics are a highly useful way of rebalancing the gut bacteria but can they help combat H. pylori? It is thought that probiotics can help in several ways. Probiotics are thought to help strengthen the barrier against H. pylori by producing antimicrobial substances, and competes with H. pylori for adhesion receptors, ie. space on the stomach lining! Its also thought to stabilize the gut mucosal barrier. Some argue also that the production of relatively large amounts of lactate by Lactobacilli is also an inhibitory factor of H. pylori3 as its possible it might lower the H.pylori urease. Additionally probiotics may be able to modify inflammation levels by interacting with the epithelial cells and managing the secretion of inflammatory proteins.

A meta analysis in the World Journal of Gastroenterology4 concluded that The use of probiotics plus standard therapy was associated with an increase in the H. pylori eradication rate, and a reduction in adverse events resulting from treatment in the general population.

How Do Probiotics Improve Acid Reflux

There are a few ways that probiotics can help improve acid reflux symptoms.

First, probiotics can help to restore the balance of gut bacteria. When there is an imbalance in the gut bacteria, this can lead to increased inflammation and irritation in the stomach lining, which can trigger acid reflux symptoms.

Secondly, probiotics can help to increase digestion and absorption of food. This means that less food will be sitting in the stomach for longer periods of time, which will reduce the risk of triggering acid reflux symptoms.

Thirdly, probiotics also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce inflammation and irritation in the stomach lining.

If you have severe symptoms associated with gastric acid secretion, your healthcare provider might recommend a course of proton pump inhibitors as they work to lessen the amount of acid made in the lining of the stomach. The course of treatment might last only a few weeks or longer if required.

Overuse Of Stomach Prescriptions

A common way to treat acid reflux is by using stomach acid blockers called proton pump inhibitors . The function of these drugs is to block stomach acid.

A recent analysis showed that over 80% of patients given the medicines in the category called proton pump inhibitors had no valid indication for use. The use of these drugs is now linked to an increased risk of serious infections, memory loss, and more.

PPIs are sometimes needed and beneficial. Keep in mind, they are indicated for short-term use.

Yet people stay on them for years, even decades.

Many people recover and feel so much better if they choose to add in natural treatments for heartburn such as probiotics whenever possible. They absorb their food better and have more energy as well.

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The Challenges Of Probiotic Research

One difficulty of probiotics research is that its rarely clear which strains of bacteria you should use in your study.

In your gut microbiome, you have hundreds of species. Deciding which might be best able to help resolve a given health condition is tricky.

So, scientists often try different strains or combinations of strains. And that makes it hard to compare the results of different studies.

As an example, lets revisit the Finnish review into probiotics and PPIs. The authors of the studies had used an array of probiotics.

Some had looked at single strains of bacteria, including L. gasseri LG21, B. bifidum YIT 10347, and B. lactis HN019.

Others had used a combination of up to six strains of bacteria. And some added other ingredients to their probiotics, including prebiotics, vitamins, and enzymes.

Another challenge of probiotics research is that most gut bacteria aren’t easy to grow in a lab. And if you cant grow them, you cant turn them into probiotics.

When you see probiotic pills and powders in the grocery store, they contain bacteria that are easy to culture.

And thats the main reason why the manufacturer chose that strain in the first place its about the ease of manufacture, not the proven health benefits.

Thats not to say that probiotics aren’t ever useful. It just means that scientists have their work cut out for them when they try to identify which strains or combinations of strains might work best.

Best Probiotics For Acid Reflux Probiotic Supplements For Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

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Do probiotics help with acid reflux and GERD? It’s a popular question among people who have to regularly endure this type of unpleasant gastrointestinal discomfort.

The good news is, research suggests that probiotics may be effective for relieving acid reflux symptoms and GERD, along with the side effects caused by certain acid reflux medications.

However, research into the value of using probiotics in these areas is ongoing. Although the evidence so far is extremely promising, experts stress the need for further placebo-controlled clinical trials.

If you presently suffer from GERD or acid reflux and are considering using a daily probiotic treatment, the information this article provides will help you to decide if it’s an avenue you want to pursue.

However, let’s not be too quick to put the cart before the horse. Before we begin evaluating the value of probiotic bacteria, it may be a good idea to take a look at the difference between normal acid reflux and GERD.

This is a topic that causes a lot of confusion. A lot of people are unsure if acid reflux and GERD are the same.

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The Best Probiotic Strains For Gerd

There is no enough data about the efficacy of probiotics for GERD symptoms. This metanaliysis investigated 14 clinical trials about the effect of probiotics on GERD.

Here are our conclusions:

  • Most of the studies are of low quality .
  • However, some studies showed promising results. Probiotics can help decrease gastric acidity and regulate its motility.
  • Some probiotic species that are associated with improvement of GERD symptoms include:
  • Lactobacillus gasseri LG21

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Are They All The Same Condition

While the three conditions might seem to be the same thing, they are different in more than one way.


1. Heartburn is common and can even affect perfectly healthy people, and its occurrence once in a while doesnt spell any significant health complication. Acid reflux, on the other hand, is what causes heartburns. Finally, GERD is merely chronic acid reflux, and it indicates underlying severe medical issues.
2. GERD requires medical intervention in order to cure/ reduce its chronic symptoms. However, acid reflux can be fixed by lifestyle changes, while heartburn can simply go away on its own or by taking over the counter antacids.


1. Heartburn is the most common symptom of both GERD and acid reflux
2. Acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD are all caused by the same factors albeit at different levels

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Taking Probiotics And Antacids Together

Antacids are medications that neutralize stomach acid and alleviate acid reflux and heartburn. It is safe to take probiotics and antacids together, though each can interact with other medications. For this reason, a person should speak with a doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

Probiotics may increase the effectiveness of antacids and may even be a viable replacement. A large 2021 study investigated different approaches for people with indigestion and acid reflux. Each participant received one of the following treatments:

  • probiotics with antacids
  • probiotics with prokinetics
  • probiotics alone

All groups experienced improvements in their indigestion symptoms. However, the group that received the probiotics alone had the greatest improvements.

  • Medications: A doctor may prescribe:
  • Antacids, to reduce the production of stomach acid and alleviate mild symptoms.
  • H2 blockers, which also help reduce stomach acid production.
  • PPIs, which have the same effect and can also heal the lining of the esophagus. A doctor may prescribe these when chronic acid reflux does not respond to antacids.
  • Surgery: A doctor may recommend surgery for people with severe GERD that does not respond to other treatment. Options include:
  • bariatric surgery to help with weight loss
  • fundoplication, which involves sewing around the top of the stomach to prevent stomach acid leaking into the esophagus
  • Acid Reflux Gerd And Gut Health

    If You Have Acid Reflux, This is What You Should Know

    The microbiome is the fundamental source of health in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. The gut microbiome consists of trillions of bacteria, some fungi, and viruses. In a healthy gut microbiome, the beneficial bacteria outweigh harmful bacteria. An imbalance of the beneficial bacteria can lead to esophageal abnormalities.

    Microbial Dysbiosis, the reduction of microbe diversity and loss of beneficial bacteria, can offset the immune system. This can make the body more susceptible to illnesses such as GERD.

    Cytokines are proteins that are involved with our immune system and the bodys inflammatory response. Cytokines act as messengers and report pathogen invasion to other cells. When the gut is off-balance, the cytokines are affected. As a result, the esophageal mucosa is altered, and inflammation occurs, resulting in illnesses such as acid reflux.

    The health status of the microbiome plays a role in the development of GERD. The esophagus is not just a food pipe where food travels to the stomach. The esophagus is also a host for bacteria and can promote illness if the beneficial bacteria is off balance. The bacteria living in the esophagus can alter the healthy balance in the gut and lead to disease progression.

    Factors can offset the balance between the esophageal microbiome and the body, such as diet, antibiotic and medication use, age, oral hygiene, and tobacco smoking.

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    Facing Acid Reflux Or Gerd Probiotics Might Be Perfect For You

    In this day and age, with all the junk foods and processed foods at our fingertips, I am sure we all have at some time or the other faced symptoms of Acid Reflux. Heartburn, or GERD. While there may be many solutions you have come across, probiotics may be one that you havent considered yet. Well, I am here to provide you with all the details you required to understand why probiotics may be a perfect solution for your symptoms.

    So, can probiotics help alleviate my GERD and Acid Reflux symptoms?

    GERD can be caused due to either bacterial overgrowth/imbalance or too little stomach acid. probiotics, being the actual good bacteria will directly help in curing bacterial imbalance. Also, bad bacteria in our gut has been associated with lower levels of stomach acid. probiotics will also help in replacing the bad bacteria with good bacteria and thus alleviating symptoms of Acid Reflux.

    There have been several studies in the recent past citing success in Treating Acid Reflux with probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, pickles etc. Read on to understand why and how should you incorporate probiotics into your diet if you are facing Acid Reflux.

    Acid Reflux And Gerd: It Isn’t The Same

    Also known as gastroesophageal reflux , acid reflux happens when stomach acid flows up from the stomach and enters the tube that connects it to the throat. As you may be aware, this tube is known as the esophagus.

    When stomach acid enters the esophagus it causes the burning sensation that’s commonly known as acid reflux or heartburn.

    Acid reflux often occurs after large meals. Drinking coffee or drinks that contain alcohol can cause acid reflux too, and some people find it happens when they lie down.

    Normal acid reflux is an occasional problem most people will have experienced at one time or another. Although it’s unpleasant, acid reflux is generally not a cause for concern.

    However, when acid reflux occurs two or more times per week, it may be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease .

    Other symptoms of GERD may include difficulty swallowing, regurgitating food or sour liquid from the stomach, wheezing, and chest pain.

    Sometimes making dietary changes, such as avoiding spicy or greasy foods, may be all it takes to avoid heartburn. Eating smaller portions at mealtimes may help too, as will avoiding common heartburn triggers such as alcohol or strong coffee.

    Failing that, over-the-counter acid reflux medications can be good for providing heartburn relief.

    GERD is a different matter. The condition may require prescription medication or, in severe cases, surgical intervention.

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    What Is Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is when acid and other stomach contents come back up the esophagus. This can cause heartburn, chest pain, and regurgitation. If your acid reflux symptoms occur more than twice a week, you may have progressed to having a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as GERD.

    If your acid reflux has reached this level you may encounter more symptoms, such as:



    Dysphagia, narrowing of the esophagus

    If you have acid reflux or feel that youve progressed to GERD, its important to see a medical health professional.

    Best Probiotic Brands For Acid Reflux

    Probiotics For Indigestion &  Acid Reflux

    NOW Supplements, Saccharomyces Boulardii, contains S. boulardii at 5 billion CFUs. This product is highly rated for improving many aspects of digestive health and very inexpensive for people on a budget.

    Swansons Lactobacillus Gasseri, with 3 billion CFUs per serving-I listed this brand because it is the only single-strain probiotic of the well-researched Lactobacillus Gasseri.

    This probiotic would be a good add-on for people who tend to eat probiotic foods or take another probiotic and are looking for a bit of extra benefit for acid reflux. Some people make their own yogurt out of it as well.

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    Role For Probiotics In Gerd

    As gastroesophageal reflux disease soars globally, alternatives to traditional therapies are welcomed. An excellent review described below looked at the ability of probiotics to alleviate symptoms in GERD.

    GERD, a little background

    Gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly known as GERD affects an estimated one billion people worldwide with large variations between regions and countries.

    The World Gastroenterology Organization defines GERD as troublesome symptoms sufficient to impair an individuals quality of life, or injury or complications that result from the retrograde flow of gastric contents into the esophagus, oropharynx, and/or respiratory tract.

    In addition to these undesirable health effects, GERD levies both a heavy economic and societal toll.

    Though some of those suffering from GERD may blame pepperoni pizza, the pathogenesis is more complex including but not limited to motor dysfunction, hiatal hernia, and impaired mucosal resistance.

    Treating GERD

    First line treatment usually begins with diet and lifestyle changes:

    Eat smaller meals, slowly and at least two hours before sleep lose weight if needed avoid nicotine and alcohol avoid possible triggers including peppermint, chocolate, caffeine, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and high fat foods.

    Medications are frequently recommended. Antacids and H2 blockers are used to deplete acids. Proton pump inhibitors block certain acidifying protons and may also heal damaged stomach lining.

    Role for probiotics in GERD?

    What Are The Best Probiotics For Acid Reflux

    GERD is one of the most common gastrointestinal ailments. The probiotic strain Bifidobacterium bifidum is often used in Omni-Biotic probiotics, including in Omni-Biotic AB 10 and Omni-Biotic Stress Release.

    Omni-Biotic AB 10 aids in gut function and restoring the microbiome. This can be especially helpful if the gut microbiome is out of balance. Omni-Biotic Stress Release supports the microbiota and digestion during stressful times. The bacterial strains in Omni-Biotic Stress Release also support a strong gut barrier and help reduce inflammation in the intestines.

    Lifestyle modifications in conjunction with taking specific probiotics may treat GERD and prevent worsening conditions affiliated with untreated GERD. Visit Omni-Biotic and take the Probiotic Fit Quiz to determine which probiotic meets your bodys needs as you continue your journey to health and wellness.

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    Causes Of Acid Reflux

    The root cause of acid reflux isnt quite identified, but it may be related to abnormal function of the muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter .

    This muscle acts like a valve between the esophagus and stomach, allowing food to go through it into the stomach but keeping contents from moving back up into the esophagus.

    In people with GERD, the LES doesnt close properly or relax normally, so it allows acidic stomach contents to move up into the esophagus more frequently than normal.

    When you have GERD, the back flow of acid can irritate and inflame nearby tissues in your esophagus and cause symptoms such as heartburn and chest pain. The acid can also damage tissue and erode your teeth if it comes in contact with them.

    Can probiotic cause acid reflux? Can probiotics cause heartburn? Well, probiotics for acid reflux and heartburn are a popular topic, but the answer isnt always cut and dry.

    Probiotics can help with acid reflux and heartburn, but it depends on the individual. If youre taking probiotics to treat heartburn or acid reflux, you should be aware of how they might interact with your other medications and medical conditions.

    Its important to note that there have been no studies done on the effects of probiotics on GERD specifically. All studies have been done on general IBS symptoms like bloating, pain relief, indigestion relief and constipation relief.

    What Are Ppi Drugs Side Effects

    7 Things to Try to Reduce Your Acid Reflux

    Using prescription medications for heartburn isnt benign. They have common and some serious long-term side effects.

    PPI drug side effects include:

    Discuss short term and long term use of these medications with your doctor as they can bring with other long term health issues.

    I will describe some nutritional issues that can due to PPIs that occur below.

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    I Stopped Eating Cultured Foods ~ Heres What Happened

    If you read one of my previous posts, I Stopped Eating Cultured Foods ~ Heres What Happened! you know that one of the first things that happened after a few weeks of no cultured foods was I got the worst heartburn! It was awful and it started coming on and off every few days. I was really surprised that this would happen. My body really needs its daily kefir and anytime your body gives you a symptom, its a warning sign. You should heed the call and pay attention to these cries for help that your body sends you. Once I went back to having kefir every day , my symptoms vanished and no more acid reflux.

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