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What Gets Rid Of Constipation

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Make Sure Youre Hydrated

Constipation | How To Get Rid Of Constipation | Constipation Relief (2019)

If youre constipated, it could be because youre dehydrated. Your body needs water to function properly. If you dont have enough hydration, its difficult for your body to process bowel movements correctly. When food travels to your digestive system, its up to your bodys water concentration to move it through your intestines. Your intestines then absorb excess water from those substances when youre dehydrated.

Thats why its essential to drink enough water every day. If you often forget to consume water, it may be useful to explore IV therapy. For example, the Myers Cocktail benefits include naturally boosted hydration through nutrients and minerals. An IV drip may be the quickest solution to rehydrating.

What Is Soluble Fiber

Soluble fibers dissolve in water.

They help lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels normal.

Foods such as oats, barley and fruit are sources of soluble fiber.

Fiber adds bulk and draws water into the stool, making it softer and helping it move through the intestine.

However, bulking your childs diet up with fiber may not always work initially.

Added fiber may add too much bulk to the stool, stretching the rectum and colon and interfering with the sense of needing to go, especially in children who tend to withhold their stool.

Your child should drink enough water, especially when adding more fiber to his diet.

Exercise is also beneficial to the child who struggles with constipation.

Warning: If your child is clogged up, extra fiber combined with poor water and fluid intake can lead to an impaction.

This worsens constipation and blocks the intestinal tract.

An enema may be needed in this situation, so consult with your pediatrician.

Heres a quick and dirty calculation to determine how much fiber your child should getas a minimumeach day:

Age + 5 grams of fiber = total daily fiber

So, a 2 year old would need 7 grams of fiber per day an 8 year old would need 13 grams of fiber per day.

Other guidelines are as follows:

14 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories

And still other guidelines:

When To Seek Medical Help

Sometimes home remedies arent enough to treat constipation.

Those who have been following a healthy lifestyle, including plenty of dietary fiber, fluids, and exercise, should make an appointment with their doctor if they are still experiencing constipation.

A consultation is necessary to rule out underlying conditions that may be causing the problem.

The American Gastroenterological Association recommends examining stools each time before flushing and seeing a doctor if:

  • Constipation lasts longer than three weeks
  • Stools are consistently thinner than normal
  • Along with constipation symptoms, you start losing weight without trying
  • Seek help immediately if you experience bloody or black-colored stools


When self-care at home isnt enough, seek help from a qualified doctor or gastroenterologist. Some symptoms accompanying constipation warrant an immediate visit.

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Use Caution With Natural Laxatives

Commercially available constipation supplements with psyllium husks or guar gum, when used occasionally and as directed, are safe for most people. But she recommends using caution when considering other herbal supplements, pills, powders or laxative teas, especially for long-term use.

Some of the so-called natural or herbal constipation remedies are poorly researched and regulated, she notes. Some can cause diarrhea, cramping, bloating and even more serious digestive problems.

Increase Fibre In The Diet

Diet to Relieve Constipation &  Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid of ...

Following a diet rich in fibre may help relieve and prevent constipation. You can talk to your dietician or healthcare provider and plan a diet including a variety of fibre-rich meals. Also, you need to gradually add a little fibre to your diet to ensure your body gets used to digesting it. Some familiar sources of fibre include

  • Legumes like lentils, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans and soybeans
  • Whole grain foods like whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal and bran flake cereals
  • Vegetables like broccoli, carrots, collard greens and green peas
  • Almonds, peanuts and pecans
  • Fruits like apples, berries, oranges and pears.5

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Eat Foods High In Fiber

You are what you eat isnt just a common saying. It can help you focus on eating the right types of foods that are high in fiber and plant-based so you feel well, says Dr. Garg.

What you eat can affect your bowel habits, your gut microbiome and how you feel in general.

Adding high-fiber foods to your diet can help regulate your bowel movements by bulking up your stool and helping it move through your intestines faster.

These foods are high in fiber:

  • Whole-wheat pasta.

Water Does A Body Good

Drinking enough water helps your gastrointestinal tract create the right consistency of stool.

“Water is necessary for all your organs,” says Dr. Eichele. “So your colon will pull out water from your food to deliver to your heart, brain and lungs.” If you aren’t drinking enough liquid water, your colon will hold on to the limited resource. And then constipation.

For soft stools , drink up. “For best results, drink 48 to 64 ounces of water each day just not all at once,” says Dr. Eichele. Drink an eight-ounce glass of water multiple times throughout the day for best results.

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Eat Sunflower Oil To Stimulate Biliary Secretion And Get Vitamins E D F B Omega6

Sunflower oil is a polyunsaturated fat made from pressing sunflower seeds. The seeds are cold-pressed without using any refining process.

Sunflower oil contains 30% Oleic acid, 7%, Palmitoleic acid, 5% Stearic acid, 57% Linoleic acid, and 0.5% alfa-Linolenic acid.

This type of oil contains the following vitamins:

Sunflower oil has an antioxidant effect. It prevents cellular aging, stimulates the immune system, and improves nervous system development.

Everyone uses refined sunflower oil to cook food at home.

But the best way to use cold-pressed sunflower oil in food is to use it as a salad dressing.

Oil makes the liver secrete bile.

Biliary secretion helps digestion. In this way, the small intestine will be able to assimilate almost all the food inside.

Eating just oil is not that great. Feeling nauseous is normal after eating one tablespoon of sunflower oil. That is why it is better to use small portions of oil with any vegetables.

According to a medical review about the oilseed crop sunflower: Sunflower oil is beneficial to get rid of constipation, colds, dysentery, coughs, and other diseases.

Sunflower oil improves health by having anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antihypertensive actions.

Eat Enough Dietary Fiber

How to fix constipation naturally in 4 minutes

Getting enough fiber in your diet is crucial. There are two main types of fiber: soluble fiber soaks up water, which helps keep your stool soft insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool, which helps it move through your digestive system faster.

To help treat mild cases of constipation, try eating easy-to-digest foods that are high in fiber, such as berries, bananas, prunes, or avocado. To prevent future problems, include plenty of fiber-rich foods in your diet, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You may also benefit from a daily fiber supplement, such as psyllium husk .

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Prunes Figs And Raisins

Eating prunes have been the standard home remedy for constipation, says Leann Poston, MD, the assistant dean at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine and a contributor for Ikon Health. Besides their fiber content, they contain sorbitol, which seems to have a laxative effect.

Dried plums or prunes have always been on the list for keeping bowel movements regular. Eating prunes or drinking prune juice is not just for senior citizens. A six-ounce glass of prune juice every morning could be the remedy to end constipation. If you dont like prunes, eating raisins or figs will provide a similar function. Dried fruit has more fiber than drinking prune juice, but both have a natural laxative quality.

Take An Osmotic Laxative

The way osmotic laxatives work is slightly differently from how stimulant laxatives work. Theyre designed to help move fluids through the colon. Some examples include:

  • magnesium hydroxide
  • polyethylene glycol
  • magnesium citrate

Its important to keep in mind that osmotic laxatives tend to work a bit more slowly than stimulant laxatives. You can expect them to work within 2 to 3 days.

With a doctors prescription, you can obtain higher strength PEG .

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It May Help Treat Diarrhea

Research shows that psyllium can relieve diarrhea . It does this by acting as a water absorbing agent. It can increase stool thickness and slow down its passage through the colon.

One older study showed psyllium husk significantly decreased diarrhea in 30 people who were undergoing radiation therapy for cancer .

In another older study, researchers treated eight people who had lactulose-induced diarrhea with 3.5 g of psyllium three times daily. Doing so increased their stomach emptying time from 69 to 87 minutes, with accompanied slowing in the colon, which meant fewer bowel movements (

, 11).

In fact, psyllium works better for this mechanism than other fibers, such as bran. This is because the gel forming fibers in psyllium can slow down the digestion of food, which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

In one study, researchers gave 51 people with type 2 diabetes and constipation 10 g of psyllium twice per day. This resulted in reduced constipation, body weight, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol .

Because psyllium slows down the digestion of food, people should take it with food, rather than on its own, so it has a greater effect on blood sugar levels .

It seems that a daily dose of at least 10.2 g can promote lower blood sugar levels ( .

Do Dairy Products Cause Constipation

Ariehub: Quick Home Remedy For Constipation

Removal of dairy may help relieve a childs constipation.

I suggest trying this for two weeks, and if you see improvement, continue a dairy-free diet.

You will need to substitute a fortified, non-dairy substitute, such as soy milk, so that your child gets a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Be sure to cut back on milk if your child is a big drinker.

Two to three cups of dairy per day is enough , and more than that could be contributing to constipation.

Does your child struggle with constipation?

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Natural Constipation Relief For Kids Using Real Foods

The goal of constipation treatment is to relieve it and re-establish normal stooling patterns.

There are several ways to treat constipation naturally.

The method used will depend on your childs age and how serious the problem is.

First and foremost, I suggest you try using natural laxatives coming from food.

Establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle will support your childs regularity.

In fact, this will help every child with constipation.

In severe cases of chronic constipation, medications may be prescribed to clean out your childs intestinal tract.

Some medications soften the stool.

These are known as stool softeners .

Other medications help clear out the stool .

You should always consult with your pediatrician before giving over-the-counter stool softeners or enemas to your child.

How To Relieve Constipation Naturally

Just below here is the conclusion and requirement of these Soviet MDs for How to Relieve Constipation who tested and helped to prevent chronic constipation in thousands of their patients. Their criterion and goal are hidden as your bonus content.

If your body-O2-test results are more than 30 s all the time, your blood flow to all organs and O2 content in body cells are high enough to get rid of problems with constipation. This is a permanent remedy for our topic that is How to Relieve Constipation.

In order to achieve high-body O2, you need to stop or avoid your heavy automatic breathing by teaching yourself how to breathe slower and easier 24/7. All additional instructions are in the Learning Section. Read Following links for know more about How to Relieve Constipation.

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Further Information On Constipation Relief

If you dont notice a change and your constipation problem continues for an extended period of time despite dietary changes, you should see your GP or healthcare professional to find out if there is anything they can suggest to help relieve your constipation.

You may also find it helpful to read the resources below to help you manage your bowel movements.

It Has Prebiotic Effects

Natural Constipation Relief in 3 Easy Steps (“MOO to POO”)

Prebiotics are nondigestible compounds that nourish intestinal bacteria and help them grow. Researchers believe that psyllium has prebiotic effects .

Although psyllium is somewhat resistant to fermentation, intestinal bacteria can ferment a small portion of psyllium fibers. This fermentation can produce short-chain fatty acids , including butyrate. Research has linked SCFAs with health benefits (

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Why Do People Get Constipated

Theres actually a laundry list of potential reasons why you might get constipated, and its possible to have trouble pooping for more than a few reasons. Bowel movements are a dynamic process, Dr. Farhadi says. They depend on a lot of factors, including your level of activity, diet, stress, emotional factors, use of medicationyou name it. Everything that can affect the body can affect your bowel movements.

The NIDDK lists the following as possible constipation causes:

  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Anatomic problems with your digestive tract

Drink Natural Mineral Water To Get Nutrients That Are Beneficial For Constipation

Natural mineral water is the purest type of water that we can find. It is pure microbiologically.

Also, this type of water is present in an underground aquifer which comes from a source exploited by one or more natural emergencies or drilling .

There are many types of water, but for most people, most of the time, the following ones are essential:

  • Natural mineral water.
  • Normal drinking water.
  • Carbonated mineral water.

Natural uncarbonated mineral water is the best water you can drink. It has lots of nutrients and minerals.

Nutrients and minerals help the bodyâs hydration process by sending the resources to the right places.

Nutrients and minerals are essential components of the chemical reactions in our body like Hydrogen, Calcium, Chlorine, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Silicon, Potassium, and Sodium.

Try to drink a glass of water thirty minutes after each meal. But not earlier. In this way, you will keep your body hydrated all the time.

Because of the high concentration of Carbon, we must avoid carbonated mineral water because our pancreas will secrete a small amount of insulin after a glass of sparkling water.

Normal water or Tap water which anyone has at home, is a processed and treated most of the times. It does not contain the right amount of minerals and natural mineral water

Also, many facilities include large quantities of Chlorine to get rid of bacteria. Therefore, our intestine bacteria will disappear slowly.

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Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee

The caffeine in coffee increases the contractions of muscles within your gut to push things through, Dr. Bedford says. It also contains liquid, which can be beneficial. Too much coffee can dehydrate you, though, so Dr. Bedford recommends drinking water along with your coffee for maximum effect. Not a coffee drinker? Strong tea can have a similar effect.

What Are The Home Remedies For Constipation

Pin on Healthy

There are many herbs and ingredients that may be used as a constipation cure at home. For example, you may use ingredients like betel leaves, bay leaves, dates, black grams and castor at home to relieve constipation and facilitate bowel movement.4 These ingredients can be a part of your daily diet through foods and recipes. However, you must not rely only on home remedies to cure your symptoms. Make sure to consult a doctor if the symptoms dont improve.

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Q & A: Diet And Constipation

Q. If someone is constipated, does it matter when they eat?

A. There is not much research around this. But, we know the process of eating stimulates the digestive system end to end, so at least theoretically, keeping a regular daily meal schedule could support regular bowel movements.

Q. Are there particular diets that cause constipation?

A. The keto diet, with its high levels of fat, can definitely cause constipation. If you are on a ketogenic diet for health reasons and become constipated, work with a dietitian or doctor to balance your dietary needs with some low-carb fiber sources, such as leafy greens.

The BRAT diet bananas, rice, applesauce and toast is one we recommend for a range of digestive issues, and it can help with both constipation and diarrhea.

Intermittent fasting can have variable effects on bowel movement regularity since there are so many different schedules to choose from.

If you have questions about constipation and diet or any other aspect of nutrition and how it might affect your health, consult a clinical dietitian or a doctor.

Dates To Amla Eat These 5 Amazing Foods On Empty Stomach To Get Rid Of Constipation In Winter Season

Parmita Uniyal

Constipation in winter is common even in those whose bowel movements are smooth otherwise. Constipation or ‘kabj’ happens when a person has less than three bowel movements a week, has hard stools or difficulty in passing stools. So, what makes constipation more common in winters as compared to summer? It could be due to change in our daily habits. In winters as the temperature is cold, we tend to have less water because we do not feel thirsty. We also tend to skin exercise as morning time is usually colder and sip on more tea and coffee than usual to warm our bodies. Our consumption of raw foods like salads also tend to go down as we prefer warmer foods. In all, consuming less water, exercising less, drinking loads of tea and coffee and not eating enough high-fibre foods can make us susceptible to constipation.

Thus, it is important to modify our diet in winter and include more fibre, herbs and spices, good fat and seasonal fruits and vegetables in it to avoid gut health related issues.

“Constipation is mainly caused due to imbalance of Vata dosha . There can be so many reasons for that including not eating mindfully, excessive intake of dry, cold, spicy, fried and fast food, not drinking enough water, less fibre in food, poor metabolism, disturbed sleep pattern, eating late dinner, sedentary lifestyle,” says Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar in her recent Instagram post.

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