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How To Manage Heartburn Naturally

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Managing Acid Reflux During Sleep Time

How to Manage Gastritis & Acid Reflux Naturally?

Leaving a longer gap between a meal and going to bed gives the body more time to digest the food. Sitting up also helps the body digest food properly.

The proper digestion of food can decrease the likelihood of acid reflux. People experiencing acid reflux during sleep time should aim to eat their last meal at least

Treatments to address the root cause of acid reflux will be the most effective in alleviating associated symptoms, such as a sore throat.

Heartburn Causes And Risk Factors

Heartburn symptoms can start up because of a problem with a muscular valve called the lower esophageal sphincter . It’s located where the esophagus meets the stomach — below the rib cage and slightly left of center.

Normally, with the help of gravity, the LES keeps stomach acid right where it should be — in your stomach. When it’s working right, the LES opens to allow food into your stomach or to let you belch, then closes again. But if the LES opens too often or doesn’t close tightly enough, stomach acid can seep into the esophagus and cause a burning sensation.

If your LES doesn’t tighten as it should, there are often two things that contribute to the problem. One is overeating, which puts too much food in your stomach. Another is too much pressure on your stomach, often due to obesity, pregnancy, or constipation.

Certain foods can relax your LES or increase stomach acid, including:

Meals high in fats and oils often lead to heartburn, as do certain medications. Stress and lack of sleep can raise how much acid your stomach makes and can cause heartburn.

If you’re pregnant, the hormone progesterone can relax your LES and lead to heartburn. Smoking also relaxes the LES and increases stomach acid.

Mix Baking Soda With Water

You might have a heartburn remedy at hand in your kitchen without even knowing it. Baking soda can calm some episodes of heartburn by neutralizing your stomach acid. To do this, dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it slowly.

To be safe, only use this baking soda remedy every once in a while, not frequently. Talk with your doctor about how to use baking soda safely. According to a

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Gerd Diet: Foods That Help With Acid Reflux

Getting a case of acid reflux once in a while isn’t unusual, but some people suffer from burning discomfort, bloating and belching almost every time they eat. About 20% of the population has gastroesophageal reflux disease , a chronic acid reflux condition that’s diagnosed by a doctor.

Normally, the esophageal sphincter protects the esophagus from stomach acid. However, if the sphincter relaxes, food can push upward through the loosened opening and cause acid reflux.

“Diet plays a major role in controlling acid reflux symptoms and is the first line of therapy used for people with GERD,” says Ekta Gupta, M.B.B.S., M.D., gastroenterologist with Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Drink Diluted Lemon Juice Or Apple Cider Vinegar

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Many people believe that acid reflux sometimes occurs when the body does not produce enough stomach acid. They think that the stomachs acidity controls the valve between the stomach and the esophagus, known as the lower esophageal sphincter . The LES is usually closed, which prevents food and acid from refluxing back into the esophagus. Reflux happens when the LES relaxes too much and allows acid to reflux. According to this theory, the LES relaxes when there is not enough acid in the stomach, thereby allowing the stomach acids to seep back into the esophagus.

There are no scientific studies to support the use of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to reduce acid reflux. In fact, consuming acidic foods like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice may worsen symptoms.

Those who wish to try this method can mix between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of the vinegar into a glass of water. Taking before or after meals may help alleviate acid reflux.

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Check Your Sleep Position

Dr. Mehdizadeh recommends using a wedge pillow when you sleep because it helps to maintain an elevated sleeping position. You can also try sleeping on your left side. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this position is more likely to keep stomach contents where they belong, rather than passing up through the lower esophageal sphincter into the esophagus, which reduces the chances of developing heartburn symptoms. Elevating the head of your bed is another trick to keep heartburn away. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using risers or wood blocks under the head post, so the entire head of the bed is at an angle.

Ways To Quell The Fire Of Heartburn

Heartburn is a common problem. It’s caused by the backwash of stomach acid into the esophagus, the tube connecting the mouth and stomach. This is formally called gastroesophageal reflux disease . More than just a minor discomfort, heartburn can significantly reduce quality of life. “Heartburn can cause damage to the esophagus and even increase the risk of cancer if ignored and untreated,” says Dr. William Kormos, editor in chief of Harvard Men’s Health Watch and a primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital.

These eight steps can help ease heartburn.

  • Eat in a heartburn-smart way. Large meals put pressure on the muscle that normally helps keep stomach contents from backing up into the esophagus. The more you eat, the longer it takes for the stomach to empty, which contributes to reflux. Try smaller, more frequent meals and don’t wolf down your food.
  • Avoid late-night eating. Having a meal or snack within three hours of lying down to sleep can worsen reflux, causing heartburn. Leave enough time for the stomach to clear out.
  • Don’t exercise right after meals. Give your stomach time to empty wait a couple of hours. But don’t just lie down either, which will worsen reflux.
  • Identify and avoid foods associated with heartburn. Common offenders include fatty foods, spicy foods, tomatoes, garlic, milk, coffee, tea, cola, peppermint, and chocolate. Carbonated beverages cause belching, which also causes reflux.
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    Did You Know That Alkaline Water Can Help With Heartburn

    Yes, thats right. Alkaline water from a water ionizer can help soothe heartburn symptoms by combating the acidity in your body.

    Researchers at the Voice Institute of New York conducted a study on the effects of alkaline water on heartburn. They used water with a pH of 8.8. They concluded that the consumption of alkaline water may have therapeutic benefits for patients with reflux disease.

    Alkaline water also tastes great and is always available straight from your water ionizer machine. If youre interested in learning more about how water ionizers can improve your health, grab our FREE Water Ionizer Buyers Guide.

    Do you have any natural remedies you would like to share with us? Has alkaline water helped you to relieve your symptoms?

    Follow A Low Carb Diet

    How to treat ACID REFLUX Naturally | Acid Reflux Relief

    Growing evidence suggests that low carb diets may relieve acid reflux symptoms.

    In fact, some researchers suspect that undigested carbs may cause bacterial overgrowth and increased pressure inside the abdomen, which could contribute to acid reflux (


    Excessive alcohol intake can worsen acid reflux symptoms. If you experience heartburn, limiting your alcohol intake might help ease some of your discomfort.

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    Ways To Avoid Heartburn

    • Watch what you eat. Try to avoid heartburn trigger foods, which include the following:
    • Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Eating large meals causes your stomach to expand, which can force acids into the esophagus.
    • Stop eating two to three hours before going to bed to give your stomach a chance to empty out before you lie down.

    Natural Remedies For Heartburn That May Not Work

    Some natural remedies touted for heartburn dont always work and can even cause symptoms to worsen. For example, one commonly recommended heartburn remedy is apple cider vinegar. Dr. Mehdizadeh says it is a weak acid and can make GERD worse. Plus, there are not enough studies to demonstrate its efficacy.

    Another old wives tale is to drink milk if your food is spicy or if your stomach is upset. While this may serve as a temporary treatment, Dr. Johnston says dairy can stimulate acid production in the stomach, which results in more heartburn.

    Pineapple juice is another home remedy for natural heartburn relief that you may hear about when searching for ways to alleviate symptoms. Although its tasty and can also aid in reducing acid in your stomach, Dr. Johnston says to be careful not to drink too much. Large amounts of pineapple juice can have a negative effect and cause more acid reflux symptoms, diarrhea, or nausea. Therefore, it is best to use it in small quantities.

    If youre experiencing heartburn and not sure what remedy to use, its always best to call your healthcare provider or a pharmacist before trying something new.

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    Awesome Natural Remedies For Heartburn

    First, there is a gentle hiccup, then a burning feeling across the chest and throat comes along. You might think its heart attack were talking about, but were staying true to ourselves and want to tackle another common digestive issue instead: heartburn. While were sure that many of you already have your ways of getting rid of heartburn symptoms when they strike, we believe there are also several extremely effective strategies and remedies you might not know about yet.

    To make sure youre ready next time when a heavy meal starts a fire in your chest, weve compiled a list of ways that will not only teach you how to deal with heartburn but also how to prevent it. Lets go!

    Add More Fruit To Your Diet

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    Citrus fruits are a definite no for acid reflux, but the digestion-promoting pectin and pH-balancing tartaric and malic acid found in apples are a definite yes. The papain in papaya is great for acid reflux, as well. So are bananas, which coat the lining of the stomach to soothe it and have a natural antacid effect.

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    Enjoy Ginger Root In Soups Smoothies Or Tea

    People have been using ginger to treat a wide variety of stomach problems for centuries. Ginger naturally soothes the stomach to alleviate stomachaches and nausea this natural remedy can also reduce the production of stomach acid. While it is not clear how ginger could help ease heartburn, one study found that it might actually decrease the stomachs production of acid.

    To use this natural remedy, grate fresh ginger root into smoothies or soups. You can also sip on ginger tea before or after meals.

    Eat Smaller Meals Slower

    Be mindful of how much and how fast youre eating at mealtime. Too much food in your stomach can put pressure on the valve that keeps stomach acid from coming up your esophagus, thus making heartburn more likely, says , the chief medical officer and co-founder of Redirect Health. Also, eating too fast can trigger heartburn, so Dr. Johnston says chewing slowly or taking smaller bites can help slow down the process.

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    Consume More Acid Like Apple Cider Vinegar

    While it may seem counterintuitive, acid reflux is often caused when a patient doesnt have enough acid in their stomach. A great way to introduce more acid into your stomach is with raw apple cider vinegar. Quite tasty, it can be used in dressing and marinades, bringing a bright touch to your meals.

    Can Drinking Milk Help My Heartburn

    How To Handle GERD, Reflux and Heartburn Naturally

    You may have heard that drinking a glass of milk can relieve heartburn. While it’s true that milk can temporarily buffer stomach acid, nutrients in milk, particularly fat, may stimulate the stomach to produce more acid.

    Even though milk might not be a great heartburn remedy, however, it’s a rich source of bone-building calcium. Try fat-free skim milk and don’t overdo it. Drink no more than 8 ounces of skim milk at a time — as a snack in between meals. Overfilling the stomach may increase heartburn.

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    Dont Drink Too Much Coffee

    Studies have found that coffee temporarily relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, increasing the risk of acid reflux .

    Some evidence also points toward caffeine as a possible cause. Similarly to coffee, caffeine relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, which could cause reflux .

    Nevertheless, although several studies suggest that coffee and caffeine may worsen acid reflux for some people, the evidence is not entirely conclusive.

    For example, one analysis of observational studies found no significant effects of coffee intake on the self-reported symptoms of GERD.

    Yet, when researchers investigated the signs of acid reflux with a small camera, they found coffee consumption was linked to greater acid damage in the esophagus .

    Thus, whether coffee intake worsens acid reflux may depend on the individual. If you find coffee gives you heartburn, its best to simply avoid it or limit your intake.


    Evidence suggests that coffee may make acid reflux and heartburn worse. If you feel like coffee worsens your symptoms, consider limiting your intake.

    How To Treat Heartburn When Natural Remedies Dont Work

    You may need to take a different approach for heartburn relief if natural remedies arent helping with chest pain, frequent heartburn, and indigestion. The good news is that several over-the-counter and prescription medications are available in the event that home remedies dont work. If youre pregnant, make sure to talk with your doctor before taking any medicine for heartburn. They can recommend an antacid that is safe during pregnancy.

    TheU.S. Food & Drug Administration has identified three classes of medications for the treatment of heartburn, including antacids, proton pump inhibitors, and H2-receptor antagonists.

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    Stay Away From Spicy Food

    Think of the way your tongue burns when it comes into contact with an extremely hot pepper. The same thing occurs in your stomach. This burning sensation triggered by spicy foods can trigger acid reflux symptoms, causing pain and discomfort. Some of the spicy foods to avoid if you commonly experience acid reflux include:

    Immerse Yourself In Aromatic Herbs & Spices

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    When you think of herbs and spices, you might think of trigger foods that cause heartburn, but not all herbs and spices lead to heartburn. In fact, some have properties that can relieve and heal heartburn naturally. Many of the following herbs and spices are best ingested as a tea, but some exceptions exist. Keep reading to learn about which herbs and spices offer the best heartburn relief.

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    Sip Apple Cider Vinegar In Water

    Apple cider vinegar is another home remedy that some people use to treat heartburn. Some believe that drinking apple cider vinegar could improve your digestive health.

    No solid evidence supports this claim yet, according to the Department of Defense Dietary Supplement Resource. But consuming small amounts of diluted apple cider vinegar is typically considered safe.

    Drinking large amounts or undiluted vinegar can come with risks. These include damaging your teeth, hurting your throat, or even triggering acid reflux.

    If you decide to try this remedy, dilute 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in an 8-ounce water and drink it after your meal.

    NCCIH . This herb can help relieve nausea, so some believe it may be worth trying for heartburn, too.

    Consider adding grated or diced ginger root to your favorite stir-fry recipes, soups, and other foods. To make ginger tea, steep raw ginger root, dried ginger root, or ginger tea bags in boiling water.

    However, large doses of ginger may actually cause heartburn or other problems, so use it in small amounts.

    Its probably best to avoid ginger ale. Carbonated beverages are a common heartburn trigger, and most brands of ginger ale are made with ginger flavoring rather than the real thing.

    Natural Cure For Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is a common condition that happens when stomach acid backflows into your esophagus. Many people experience occasional heartburn, but when it occurs on a regular basis, your condition may warrant medical treatment. Persistent acid reflux is referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disease . Experts estimate that approximately 20 percent of people in the United States suffer from GERD.

    Acid reflux is caused by a weak or damaged lower esophageal sphincter . Your LES is designed to keep stomach acid within your stomach and prevent it from flowing backward into your esophagus. However, if your LES is weak or damaged, stomach acid will leak into your esophagus and cause heartburn. Additionally, if your stomach overproduces acid, the acid is more likely to leak out of your stomach and cause reflux.

    Common acid reflux symptoms include:

    • Trouble swallowing
    • A sour or metallic taste in your mouth

    If you experience these symptoms regularly, we recommend that you speak with your doctor and dietitian. There are various over-the-counter and prescription medications available to treat GERD. However, there are also natural remedies that may help control your acid reflux. We discuss these remedies below.

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    What Are The Risk Factors For Heartburn

    There are several conditions that can trigger heartburn or make its symptoms even worse. While they usually vary among different individuals, there are some common triggers, for example:

    • eating too much at a time and chewing too little
    • enjoying a lot of spicy food
    • eating foods that are very likely to trigger acid reflux
    • sticking to a diet full of fatty meals
    • lying down immediately after a big meal
    • certain medicines
    • drinking alcohol
    • wearing tight clothing

    Seems too obvious? Youre right there are many more risk factors that can easily contribute to occasional or even persistent heartburn. To equip you with the knowledge you need to effectively treat its symptoms, weve compiled a list of the most effective natural heartburn cures out there.

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