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When Do Ib Scores Come Out

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Ib Results Declared Pass Percentage Rises To 8896% From 8518% Last Yr

IB RESULTS: How YOU can get a 7 in IB English A Lit HL

Over 1,70,000 students across the world received their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme , and Career-related Programme results on Monday and Tuesday for the May 2021 exam session. This year, the IB diploma pass rate is 88.96 per cent compared to 85.18 per cent in May 2020, according to data released by the International Baccalaureate Organisation .

According to the International Baccalaureate data, the number of candidates for the May 2021 session was 1,70,660 and for the May 2020 session was 1,74,360. Out of 170,660 students, 1,04,275 were in the non-exam route and 65,576 in the exam route and 809 were split between both routes.

The number of the Diploma Programme candidates for the May 2021 session was 87,307 as compared to 86,657 in May 2020 session. The average diploma score for the May 2021 session is 33.02 points up from 31.34 in May 2020. The number of students achieving 40-45 points is 15,513, up from 9,701 in May 2020. The average diploma grade is 5.19, up from 4.95 in May 2020. The diploma pass rate is 88.96 per cent up from 85.18 per cent in May 2020.

Jain said, My score was a culmination of two years of hard work and consistent practice. With the ever-present support of all my IB teachers, no task was ever too hard.

What Does A Grade Of P/n Mean

A P right next to any subject taken means that the grade is still pending. An N right next to any subject taken means that the IB has not been able to provide a grade for this subject as all requirements have not been met. Students should contact their schools DP/CP coordinator for further information and assistance.

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Why Choose The Ib Diploma

IB diploma courses are designed to provide an excellent foundation for further study. Students who want to go into higher education or professional fields such as medicine, engineering, law, business management, nursing, teaching, and psychology benefit from these courses.

The IB Diploma Program offers students a unique educational experience because they can learn about themselves, others, and the world through rigorous academics, cultural immersion, and personal development. They also develop leadership, teamwork, communication, and creativity skills.

The IB diploma is well known internationally for its high-quality education, and many universities from around the world accept students who complete the IB program. Your IB diploma is recognized worldwide, which means employers all over the globe will be impressed when they see your diploma.

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How Do You Check Your Ib Scores

Ask your IB course coordinator for your candidate PIN. Using that number, you can access your own results via the IB’s candidate results website. You’ll be able to do so about one day after results are issued which means most students will receive their scores onJuly 6 for the May session and January 2 for the November session.

Note that IB results are released to students at staggered intervals depending on time zone. You can contact your IB coordinator to find out the exact time you’ll be able to see your scores.

Can I Request Both Re

When Do IB Results and Scores Come Out?

Yes, the categories may be requested in any order.

Can I request a re-mark for specific components?

A re-mark cannot be requested for individual components.

What can I not get re-marked?

Multiple choice components of a group 4 subject examination or components for which a mark has been carried over from a previous session cannot be re-marked.

Will I have a different examiner for re-marks?

In small entry subjects and in subjects with few candidates where there is only one examiner, the re-mark is undertaken by the same examiner.

Please note that grades are almost as likely to go down as they are to go up – be sure to check how close you are to certain grade boundaries before submitting for an EUR.â

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What Time Are The Nsc Matric Results Released

The Basic Education Department will release the state National Senior Certificate matric exam results on Tuesday evening during a live broadcast from Vodaworld in Midrand, at 18:00. This will be the first time the pass rate, achievement details and drop-out numbers for the Class of 2019 will be made public

What Ib Scores Do Colleges Accept

Every college has their own policies about awarding credit for IB classes. The best place to learn about an individual schools credit policies is on their website. You can also Google IB credit policy if youre having trouble finding the right page.

Here are a few examples:

  • Stanford University awards credit for HL exams only, usually requiring a 5 or higher. Some subjects, like Physics, require at least a 6.
  • The University of Florida awards credit for a 4 or higher on both HL and SL exams.
  • University of California schools award a year of credit to students who earn the diploma with a score of 30 or higher. Additional credit is awarded for scores of 5 or higher on HL exams.
  • MIT typically does not award credit for advanced coursework. However, students who earn a 7 on certain exams, like Physics and Mathematics, may receive some credit.

As you can see, policies vary widely. In some cases, you can earn a year or more of college credit with high IB test scores and/or your IB Diploma. This saves you a lot of time and money as you work toward your degree.

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What Does Ib Acio Do

The main job of IB ACIO includes collection of intel at the ground level, regular office work, maintaining liason with the sister agencies, and even performing secret operations if required. The job is not always risky. The job profile is almost similar to the Inspector rank under the state police services.

How Do Ap Scores Impact Your College Chances

IB Scoring: Everything You Need to Now

While your AP scores themselves wont have an effect on your chances of getting into your top-choice colleges, the strength of your curriculum, including the AP courses you take, will. In fact, the most selective schools may not even view the rest of your application if your course rigor and test scores dont meet their expectations .

To see how your AP classes stack up, use our free chancing engine to find out your odds of admission to hundreds of schools. This helpful tool uses your real information to predict your odds of success and give you tips for improving your profile.

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Ib Exam Changes Due To Covid

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, May 2022 IB assessments will have two routes, exam and non-exam, depending on which your school chooses. Stay up to date with the latest information on what this means for IB diplomas, course credit for IB classes, and more with our 2021 IB COVID-19 FAQ article.

Whats Changing In 2022

For 2022 IB graduates who are applying for admission to tertiary courses commencing in 2023, more detailed information about IB results will be available to UAC. This will be used to improve the Combined Rank schedule by providing more conversion points. Scaled total marks from all subjects will be used to differentiate between IB students on the same IB score. The table below shows how it will work, using the examples of students with scores of 37 and 38.

IB Diploma score Example of current Combined Rank Example of new Combined Rank










Example values only the exact Combined Rank conversion values are set based on data for each year.

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Could My Ib Admissions Score Be Different From My Ib Diploma Score

The IB Admissions Score adds more detail within each level of diploma scores but does not change the score. The IB Admissions Score will always start with the same number as your IB Diploma score. For example, if you have a diploma score of 35, your IB Admissions Score will be 35.xx. It will not be 36.25 or 34.75.

What Is A Good Ib Score For Ivy League

IB Diploma Results 2021

Unlike their UK counterparts, US universities dont release official cut-off scores for the IB Diploma. Based on what the Oxbridge universities in the UK expect from IB applicants, an overall grade of 38+ would be well received by the Ivy Leagues. For the more selective universities, youre looking at around 40+.

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What Is A Good Ap Score

At most schools, the minimum score required for earning college credit is a 3 or 4 . But, bear in mind that some colleges dont award credit at all or only award it for select AP exams. Still, they might use your scores for placement purposes, such as in foreign language or math courses.

If you want to gauge how you did on the test compared to your peers, take a look at the percentage of test-takers who earned a 3 or above on these tests in the past, as per the charts below. This will give you insight into the strength of your performance.

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Final Thoughts: Ib Scores

The IB testing process sounds a bit complicated, but your IB Coordinator and your teachers will guide you through it. When it comes to scoring, the main thing you need to remember is that youll need at least 24 points to get your diploma.

For each of the six subject areas, you earn between 1-7 points. These points are awarded based on how well youve demonstrated your understanding of the subject, plus your ability to apply your knowledge. For each subject area, youll take a written exam and complete internal assessments such as oral exams, essays, and other projects.

You can earn up to three additional points by performing well on your TOK project, TOK essay, and extended essay. And if you arent happy with your scores, there is a review/appeal process.

You should also keep in mind that the IB Diploma is not required for graduation. Its an extra honor for students who successfully complete their exams. It looks good to colleges, and it can help you earn a substantial amount of credit at many schools. If you apply yourself throughout the IB Programme, you shouldnt have to worry too much about your IB test scoresyoull be extremely well-prepared!

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Accessing May 2022 Examination Results

If the course coordinator allows, students can access results via the IBs candidate results website on 6 July 2022.

To view the time your results are released, a candidate can do the following:

  • Refer to the Individual PIN report provided by the schools DP/CP coordinator
  • Select the Results tab on the candidate results website

If you are unsure of the time your results will be released, please contact your programme coordinator.

Do Universities Prefer The Ib Diploma Program

Reacting to my IB results *M21* (exam route)

The Diploma Program can be up to double the coursework of your schoolâs standard curriculum and requires a lot of independent study and self-discipline. You need to perform well in all subject fields â not just the arts, humanities, or sciences â everything, including two languages!

It also requires involvement in activities outside the classroom, such as sports and community service.

If you do well, an IB qualification is the best way to demonstrate your strength as a candidate for universities.

There are three reasons for this:

1. It shows that you challenge yourself

When admissions officers see the IB DP qualification on your application, they automatically get a picture of you as a student and an insight into your character. They know that youâve worked hard and are not afraid of a challenge.

If you apply with your countryâs high school qualification, itâs not as easy for these schools to interpret your academic journey. You might have achieved good marks throughout high school, but itâs hard for them to know what was required of you to achieve those grades when they arenât able to compare like with like.

Universities understand the IBâs rigour, and they know what it takes to come out of the DP with good scores: consistent hard work and dedication. These are the kind of qualities they look for in candidates.

Some universities even say they hold IB applicants in higher stead.

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Its Less Than One Week Until Ib Results Day Students Will Receive Their Scores Next Wednesday For The Ib Diploma Programme And Ib Career

If you are currently planning to go to university in the UK this September, exam results day carries significantly more meaning than if you plan, for example, to go to the US , or India, .

In this guide we look at what UK university hopefuls need to know, and what you can do if things do not go exactly to plan…

Check from July 5 for a comprehensive round-up of IB results in Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, Vietnam, Thailand, and the UAE.

If You Want To Study In The Us

Take the IB.

It helps you excel inside and outside the classroom, which is critical for US admissions and liberal arts pedagogy.

It produces students who have developed good self-study patterns and good reading and analytical skills, which are particularly important for university level courses.

And best of all, the IB allows you to explore a range of subjects, which is also what you’ll do in your first two years of college in the US.

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How Do You Think The Last Few Months Will Change Assessment Practices For Ib Programmes Moving Forward

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been keenly felt across all sectors, but education has been one of the most significantly impacted. Not only have schools all over the world had to find new ways to continue teaching, but with examinations cancelled, students future steps have been at the forefront of everyones minds. The IB recently celebrated 50 years of education and, as we look to the next 50 years, we have been thinking about the role of examinations in education. COVID-19 has affirmed that these considerations are valuable and has provided us with an opportunity to open out these conversations further.

How Do You Check Your Ib Score


You check your scores on the IB candidates results website. Type in the individual PIN provided by your schools IB Coordinator, then click on the Results tab.

Scores are posted at staggered times based on time zones. If you check and dont see your scores yet, you might just be a little too early!

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Take Time Off To Figure Things Out

A gap year can be lovely and daunting at the same time. Youve been cramming for exams all your life, and taking a breather to map your path ahead is a welcome break. Too much time off, however, can lead to idleness and complacency. With the right plan, however, taking one year off after getting your IB results can be life-changing for many reasons.

With stress and anxiety on the rise among youths, a gap year is just the opportunity for you to recalibrate your mental health. Spend some time to pursue new hobbies and things that give you joy, or pick up a new language through free courses online without the pressure of being graded. Explore new places if you can, even if its just within your city.

Volunteering is another way to make full use of your time. You can reconnect with organisations youve given your time to during your IB years, and take on more responsibilities to serve your community while building on your soft skills at the same time.

Spending your year with worthwhile pursuits will reveal more about you than you know. Theres no prescribed way to go about it, and youll come away with greater self-awareness, which is a crucial trait that would help you decide your future.

If I Want To Retake My Ib Exams Will The November 2020 Exam Session Go Ahead As Planned

The International Baccalaureate Organisation has said that, currently, the November 2020 exam session will proceed as scheduled.

It says: If current May session students would like to sit exams in the November session, if their subjects are available, we would welcome it and therefore we are prepared for that eventuality.

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Your Score Meets The Requirements For Your University Offer Congratulations

In a lot of cases, including in the UK, your university will be notified of your results automatically. In this case, you need to do nothing but celebrate!

If you aren’t sure whether you need to send off transcripts or inform someone of your result, speak to your teachers or call up the university admissions.

Is there an exception to the rule?

The only exception to the doing nothing rule is if your grade exceeded your expectations and you might want to reapply to a different university.

In this case, the important thing is to make sure you don’t make any hasty decisions.

Get advice from parents and teachers, and consider whether you are willing to wait another year so you can reapply.

Ib 2022 Results Date Released: May Session

IB results reaction!! showing my detailed results | we didn’t do exams!

IB 2022 Results date released: May session now available here in, ALL candidates who wrote the 2022 IB EXAMINATION both Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme for the May 2022 examination session can access their results immediately when the results are out on the official website.

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