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What Are The Lyrics To The Diarrhea Song

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The Reputable Lyrics From The Film

The Diarrhea Song

The film opens with the lead circle of relatives, the Buckmans driving down the street within the circle of relatives automobile.

The children within the again get started gleefully making a song:

Whilst youre sliding into first and also youre feeling one thing burst

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre sliding into 3rd and youre feeling a juicy turd

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre sliding into house and your pants are stuffed with foam

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre sitting in a Chevy and your shorts are feeling heavy


Watch the whole clip underneath to be informed the track and lyrics for your self!

Fast observe: From what I will be able to inform, the film Parenthood didnt invent the Diarrhea Tune, despite the fact that it did make it much more in style.

Children who grew up within the 70s and 80s recall making a song this track sooner than the movie ever got here out, so its secure to mention the track predates the film through a minimum of a couple of years.

Nonetheless, the film will get credit score for bringing diarrhea into the mainstream!

What About Second Base

When you watch the clip above, you cant help but notice that it doesnt say anything about second base. Thats okay! A couple of popular second base lyrics you can use are:

When youre sliding into number two, and feel your pants fill up with goo

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When you land on second and realize you need a disinfectant

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Origin Of The Diarrhea Song

As stated earlier, the song originated in the mid-60s but it became immortal after it was picturized in the late 80s movie, Parenthood in which Steve Martin played the lead role.

If you love old classics, then you must remember this movie and the song as well, and thanks to the movie you might believe that the song originated in the late 80s which is wrong.

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The Diarrhea Song Lyrics

Home | English Lyrics | The Diarrhea Song Lyrics

The Diarrhea Song Lyrics is popular English song. This song is a funny type song. The Diarrhea Song song mainly explain how feel when anyone suffer in Diarrhea. Song of The Diarrhea Song lyrics started by the line of When youre riding in a sleigh. So, lets know the song of The Diarrhea Song lyrics and also play the music in below.

You can also know Jibon khata and Bindiya Re Bindiya song lyrics.

The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop Puke And Pee

The Diarrhea Song by LeGarbage (Part 2)

D-D-D-DiarrheaD-D-D-DiarrheaD-D-D-DiarrheaD-D-D-DiarrheaD-D-D-D-D-D-D-Die-Aye-ArrheaWater poop!Brown water is flowing fromMy stinky stinky stinky bumSolid poop has becomeDie-aye-arrheaIts not a trickIt means I’m sickTheres no way I would pickDie-aye-arrheaWater poop!Diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea…Guess what?I’m peeing from my butt!I can’t close it shutI think I had enough, it feels so roughDie-aye-arrheaIm filling up a lakeInstead of poopin out a snakeI just can’t take…Die-aye-arrheaWater poop!

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Lyrics For The Baseball Diarrhea Song

The lyrics are as follows:

When youre sliding into first and youre feeling something burst

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sliding into third and you feel a juicy turd

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sliding into home and your pants are full of foam

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sitting in a Chevy and your shorts are feeling heavy


Once you see the movie clip above, youll quickly learn the tune to the diarrhea song.

What Are The Lyrics To The Baseball Diarrhea Song

by Amber Dixon

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The baseball diarrhea song was made famous by the popular 1989 movie Parenthood. Today, its still one of the more popular songs among children because its about you guessed it diarrhea!

You can make up your own verses in addition to the classic verses that come with the song. Thats part of the fun behind it!

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The Essential Structure Of The Diarrhea Songbroken Up By Elements

  • 1. A scene-setting preposition, usually just one word will do. Classically, this has taken the form of When.
  • 2. The first free-form part of The Song, this should further develop a sense of place, time, urgency, activity or any other useful stage on-which Diarrhea could plausibly occur. The only true requirement for this element is that it rhyme with element #4, below.
  • 3. Insert the mandatory conjunction AND. There are very few hard rules in creation of The Diarrhea Song, the use of and in the middle is a tradition, and as such, an exception to the rule. Please use it.
  • 4. The second free-form part of The Song, this is the punch line. It is here that it will be revealed how one knows that it is, in fact Diarrhea, and not something else. In other words, describe the result of the Diarrhea . Keep in mind that this should rhyme with element #2.
  • 5. Add the famous ending that truly identifies your work as part of the long legacy of The Diarrhea Song: “Diarrhea, Diarrhea”. If you are a traditionalist, you may prefer the more automata-poetic, “Diarrhea, Plop, Plop, Diarrhea”. Both variations are correct, according to the linguistics department.
  • TIP: When finished, read through it several times, recite it in your head and consider alterate wording if the meter of the verse or affect of the joke are not top caliber. There is a certain cadence that cannot be taught and is reflected in only the finest variations of The Diarrhea Song.

Where Did It Come From

Jeffy diarrhea song with lyrics

Folklorists around the country still disagree on the exact origins of The Diarrhea Song, although many agree that the rhyme was first recorded sometime in the mid 60s. Where exactly in the country it originated from, no ones really sure its as if parents just came home one day to their kids singing about liquid poop.

Some historians argue that The Diarrhea Song has its origins in mid-19th century vaudeville, although evidence of that is lacking. Of course, the vaudeville speculation isnt ridiculous: many childrens songs like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt or The Song that Never Ends can trace their roots back to 19th and early 20th century stage acts. As with other childrens songs, and depending on the state, decade, town, county, etc., the tune of The Diarrhea Song can be sung in an infinite loop so long as one keeps adding lyrics.

The Diarrhea Song, however, is strange because of its seemingly overnight creation and propagation, cementing itself into the collective cultural psyche of America in one, fell swoop. The Diarrhea Song ear-wormed its way into popular culture, from schoolyards and summer camps, to TV and movies, and even to Americas favorite institution, baseball .

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Baseball Diarrhea Song Lyrics For A Unique Song

To do this, simply use some rhyming words that rhyme with the bases.

Words that rhyme with first include:

  • Burst

Words that rhyme with third include:

  • Turd
  • Absurd
  • Word

If you dont want to use the number of the base, you can always use the word base instead. For example, instead of sliding into third you can sing When you hit third base. Words that rhyme with base include:

  • Disgrace

You can use any of these rhyming words to create your own Baseball Diarrhea song!

Is There A Verse For Second Base In The Baseball Diarrhea Song

Ah, this is a subject of great debate!

The movie Parenthood doesnt feature a verse about second base, but that hasnt stopped enterprising Internet users and parents from coming up with their own.

Some of the most popular Ive seen:

When youre sliding into two, and your pants are filled with goo

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sliding into second and you feel the toilet beckon

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre running into second and you need a disinfectant

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Feel free to make up your own second base lyric for the diarrhea song.

Let me know in the comments if you know a good one!

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The Diarrhea Song In Pop Culture

The Diarrhea Song has become so ingrained in our culture that you can find it mentioned in TV shows, movies, and all forms of media. For example, if youve heard the baseball version of The Diarrhea Song, you might know that it comes from the 1989 film Parenthood.

This version of the song uses baseball references such as sliding into different bases. The lyrics are similar to the second example above, but with some slight changes. Here are the lyrics to Parenthoods version of The Diarrhea Song.

When youre sliding into firstAnd your pants begin to burstThats diarrhea, diarrhea

When youre sliding into twoAnd your pants are filled with gooThats diarrhea, diarrhea

When youre sliding into thirdAnd you feel a greasy turdThats diarrhea, diarrhea

When youre sliding into homeAnd your pants are filled with foamThats diarrhea, diarrhea

Youre getting in a stateCause youve left it very lateDiarrhea diarrhea

It comes out of your bumLike a bullet from a gunDiarrhea diarrhea

Its not very funnyBut its very hot and runnyDiarrhea diarrhea

When you climbing up a ladderAnd you hear something splatterDiarrhea diarrhea

When youre sitting down in classand the teacher passes gasDiarrhea diarrhea

When youre running from the policeand you feel that anal greaseDiarrhea diarrhea

When youre sitting in your ChevyAnd your pants feel heavyDiarrhea diarrhea

When youre sitting on the commodeAnd your butt starts to explodeDiarrhea diarrhea

The Baseball Diarrhea Song: Full Lyrics & Fun Facts

The Diarrhea Song

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If you didnt grow up singing the Diarrhea Song, did you even have a childhood?

Sure, its gross and has a tendency to make you lose your lunch when you take it too far, but hey, its fun!

And if youre a parent, youll want to learn or refresh your memory on this one so you can pass on the joy to your own kids. Its 100% guaranteed to make them fall down laughing.

For those not in the know, what is the Diarrhea Song?

The Diarrhea Song is a silly song made popular in the 1989 movie Parenthood. It has only a few official verses but part of the fun is making up your own lyrics that fit the songs template.

Heres the full official lyrics and a few other fun things everyone needs to know about the Diarrhea Song.

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Other Fun Songs Youll Enjoy

If you, or your child, love the baseball diarrhea song, you can switch things up with some of these classics. This is the pee song by The Toilet Bowl Cleaners. Its guaranteed to make you smile, and its not quite as gross as the diarrhea song.

This next one is also about diarrhea. Its a bit more descriptive, so you have been warned. Its gross. Little boys will probably crack up once they hear it, though.

If your kids loved the first two, or simply love fart noises, the next one is a must-watch. This fart song is all about farting. They say fart a million times. There are quite a few fart noises to make the little ones laugh as well.

Is There A Verse For 2nd Base Within The Baseball Diarrhea Track

Ah, this can be a matter of serious debate!

The film Parenthood doesnt characteristic a verse about 2nd base, however that hasnt stopped enterprising Web customers and fogeys from bobbing up with their very own.

One of the vital most well liked Ive noticed:

Whilst youre sliding into two, and your pants are stuffed with goo

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre sliding into 2nd and youre feeling the bathroom beckon

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre working into 2nd and you want a disinfectant

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Be at liberty to make up your individual 2nd base lyric for the diarrhea track.

Let me know within the feedback if you understand a excellent one!

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The Ultimate Prank Kit

At the same time that my son fell in love with the diarrhea song, he also was fascinated with playing pranks on everyone he could. This prank kit is the perfect way to get your little one started!

If youre not a fan of the diarrhea song, you can also use this to steer them into being interested in something you find considerably less gross.

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Different A Laugh Issues To Understand In Regards To The Film Parenthood

Jeffy – Diarrhea song (with lyrics)

But even so being a vintage in its personal proper, in addition to being the birthplace of the diarrhea track , listed here are a couple of different a laugh issues chances are youll wish to know in regards to the film Parenthood.

  • The film is if truth be told in response to Ron Howard revel in parenting their very own youngsters.
  • Steve Martin, alternatively, didnt change into a mother or father in actual existence till he was once 67 years outdated!
  • Even though they dont inform the similar precise tale, the preferred NBC tv collection Parenthood is in response to the 1989 movie.
  • A tender Joaquin Phoenix is within the film, however hes credited as Leaf Phoenix.

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Other Things Your Kids Will Love

My seven-year-old came into my room when the fart song was playing and has not stopped laughing since.

Shes at that age when things like the diarrhea song and fart song are simply hilarious. However, I do not want to hear them play over and over again. After so long, youre bound to be in the same situation.

Upload Your Individual Lyrics

A part of the thrill and lore of the track is that it is going manner past the reputable lyrics.

When you get the template and track, youll upload lyrics endlessly .

Youll be able to get never-ending leisure out of making a song this track together with your children as you upload increasingly ridiculous and disgusting verses!

Listed here are a number of the not unusual additional verses Ive noticed across the internet:

Whilst youre hiking up a ladder and youre feeling one thing splatter

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre swimming in a pool and youre feeling one thing cool

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre driving in a Chevy and youre feeling one thing heavy

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Whilst youre hiking up a tree and it trickles down your knee

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

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The Official Lyrics From The Movie

The movie opens with the lead family, the Buckmans riding down the road in the family car.

The kids in the back start gleefully singing:

When youre sliding into first and youre feeling something burst

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sliding into third and you feel a juicy turd

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sliding into home and your pants are full of foam

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When youre sitting in a Chevy and your shorts are feeling heavy


Watch the full clip below to learn the tune and lyrics for yourself!

Quick note: From what I can tell, the movie Parenthood did not invent the Diarrhea Song, though it did make it even more popular.

Kids who grew up in the 70s and 80s recall singing this tune before the film ever came out, so its safe to say the song predates the movie by at least a few years.

Still, the movie gets credit for bringing diarrhea into the mainstream!

Other Fun Things To Know About The Movie Parenthood

the diarrhea song

Besides being a classic in its own right, as well as being the birthplace of the diarrhea song , here are a few other fun things you might want to know about the movie Parenthood.

  • The movie is actually based on Ron Howard experience parenting their own children.
  • Steve Martin, on the other hand, didnt become a parent in real life until he was 67 years old!
  • Though they dont tell the same exact story, the popular NBC television series Parenthood is based on the 1989 film.
  • A young Joaquin Phoenix is in the movie, but hes credited as Leaf Phoenix.

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The Cadence In The Song

Some of the common lines of this exceptionally funny song relate to automobile, travel, or sports. Besides, there were funny sounds at the end of the verses to create further fun such as an uh uh or a cha cha cha after the word the Diarrhea in the Diarrhea part.

Later on, the funny sounds were removed and only Diarrhea, Diarrhea part was left. That part gives the reader enough room to adapt the songs cadence to catch up with the local rhythm. The infamous song has got numberless lyrical vicissitudes. The lyrical structure for all of the verses, however, remains the same. It begins with a description of the common scenario or activity.

Then it describes the feelings attached to the coming and actual feeling of diarrhea. In the end, the final verses confirm that the substance is nothing but diarrhea. If take a look at the lyrics of The Diarrhea Song, youll feel flowing with the flow of the song. Thanks to the easy rhyme scheme, youll start singing with the song till you reach the end. To prove the claim, we have left you with the complete song below, so enjoy it now.

Its not very funny

but its very hot and runny

diarrhea diarrhea

When you climbing up a ladder

and you hear something splatter

diarrhea!! diarrhea!!

When youre sitting down in class

and the teacher passes gas

diarrhea diarrhea

when your running from the police

and you feel that anal grease

diarrhea diarrhea

when your sitting in your chevy

and your pants feel heavy

Diarrhea diarrhea

diarrhea!! diarrhea!!

Other Lyrics For A Diarrhea Song

If youve exhausted singing about the bases in baseball for your diarrhea song, youre not exactly out of luck.

If you can make a rhyme that has a synonym for the word poop, you can make that a lyric to the diarrhea song. Simply sing the lyric, and add diarrhea! Diarrhea! at the end. For example:

When your nephew sits on your lap and he just took a crap

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Trying to enjoy the breeze but your pants are full of feces

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

You simply make up your own verse and sing it to the tune of the diarrhea song! You can make this song last forever if you want to!

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