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Can Constipation Cause Back Ache

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When Should You See A Doctor If Youre Experiencing Lower Back Pain Because Of Constipation Or Bowel Movements

Does Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain?

If lower back pain and constipation come on together suddenly, its best to see your medical provider, especially if you have other symptoms.

If constipation and lower back pain are chronic issues for you and youve tried lifestyle changes with no improvement, you should visit your doctor. There may be an underlying cause.

Even if its a typical problem for you, seek medical attention if lower back pain occurs with any of the following symptoms. They indicate something potentially more serious:

  • Sharp pains in your back or abdomen

  • Blood in your stool or rectal bleeding

However, if you have a lot of pain when sitting or passing stool, bleeding, or notice darker, tarry blood in your stools, its best to speak to your doctor.

Many people find talking to a doctor about anything poop-related to be embarrassing, but having an awkward consultation could save your life or simply make your life more comfortable.

Use Laxatives Or Stool Softeners

If youve recently had minimally invasive back surgery, some of the medications youre taking to manage your post-operative pain may be contributing to your constipation. Check with your doctor for recommendations on appropriate choices for laxatives and stool softeners.

If your back pain is causing you great discomfort, you may want to consider fusion surgery or some back fusion alternatives. Beverly Hills patients can count on the expert surgeons at The Spine Institute to diagnose the source of their pain and find a solution for living a pain-free life. Give our office a call today at 310-828-7757.

Treat Back Pain With The Spine Pro

At The Spine Pro, our state-of-the-art facility and award-winning staff provide our patients with the latest advances in technology and procedures. Our comprehensive approach to spine care gives our patients the widest array of options available. Whether you are looking for conservative or surgical options, we have the experience and expertise to help you enhance your quality of life. Contact us today and make your back pain a thing of the past with The Spine Pro.

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Can Constipation Press On Nerves

Lower back pain after a bowel movement is most likely caused by a pinched nerve. There is the possibility that another bowel movement will relieve the pressure on the nerve. However, if the pain persists or worsens after the first bowel movement, this could be a sign of something more serious, such as a hernia. If this is the case, you should see a doctor.

Gradual Grain Build Up

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

If you are experiencing constipation or trying to stop it from happening, it is best to not try to begin piling on all the fiber. Instead, try to add it gradually. Taking a week or so is best because you may end up feeling very bloated and experiencing unwanted gas if you do it too quickly. Let your body adjust to its new diet in steps and you will see a better result.

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The Relationship Between Your Lower Back & Digestive System

Constipation can indeed cause back pain, as a blockage of waste in your lower intestines can cause pain to radiate in your lower back. The problem only gets worse until you have a bowel movement, as while you are still waiting to go, the food that you eat is causing even more waste to accumulate and become impacted. On the other hand, back pain in the form of strained or tight back muscles can also be the cause of constipation. This is because when the muscles contract too tightly, they can cause difficulties for the nerves that control your bowel movements. Therefore, we can conclude that a relationship does exist between your lower back and digestive system.

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What To Do If Constipation Causes Leg Pain

One needs to ensure that they do maintain a healthy schedule which includes passage of bowel schedule. There is a need to visit the toilet to pass bowel without ignoring the urge.

Being active and doing exercises as often as possible especially during the day. Some Light exercises such as yoga or walking can be easily taken up. One can also look for medical advice if so needed.

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Can Leg And Back Pain Co

Back pain often radiates down into the legs, but it is unlikely that constipation will lead to leg pain.

You are only likely to experience leg pain with constipation if it is in conjunction with pre-existing pain in the back.

For instance, you may suffer from constipation if you already suffer from sciatica. Why? Because sciatica affects the sciatic nerves that travel from the lower back through the buttocks and hips and into each leg.

The condition occurs when pressure builds up on one or both sciatic nerves and causes pain to radiate downwards through the back of the legs.

Bowel movements are not usually affected, but in severe cases, they can cause problems with bowel and bladder function.

What Are Symptoms Of Constipation


Constipation is a condition where you have fewer than three bowel movements a week. It could also mean that you have to strain really hard in order to have a bowel movement.

Other symptoms of constipation include:

  • Having stools that are hard or lumpy
  • Having a feeling of fullness all the time
  • Experiencing pain when having a bowel movement
  • Feeling as though you have a blockage preventing you from having a bowel movement
  • Feeling as though you still have stool in your body after a bowel movement
  • Needing to press your hands on your abdomen to encourage a bowel movement
  • Needing to use a finger to remove stool out of your rectum

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Lower Back Pain And Constipation Pain

When you are constipated, you may feel pain in your abdomen or your lower back. Some possible causes of aching in the lumbar area with constipation include dehydration, a low-fiber diet, and bowel obstruction. You may also be having these symptoms due to medication side effects or a lack of exercise. Less commonly, constipation with back pain can be a sign of rectal cancer or colon cancer.

It is possible that you have lumbar pain from a muscle strain, a ligament sprain, or a herniated disc. If you are unsure whether your constipation and back discomfort are related, consult with your primary care physician or a trusted specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon or a gastroenterologist. They will give you a physical exam, check your medical history, and review your medication list to help determine what is causing your symptoms.

Things You Can Do To Relieve Constipation Related To Back Pain

One of the least discussed yet surprisingly common issues related to back pain is constipation, which may either aggravate existing back pain or contribute to newly experienced discomfort. The resulting back pain is usually due to the added strain placed on muscles that support your lower spine from difficult bowel movements. Lower back muscle spasms may also interfere with the autonomic nerves that help control intestinal actions. Beverly Hills spine surgeons have 7 tips for preventing back pain-related constipation.

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How Can You Treat Lower Back Pain When Constipated

Its best to treat the root cause of constipation rather than merely apply a band-aid in the form of pain medication or laxatives. However, heating pads and over-the-counter painkillers are helpful when you use them together with gradual lifestyle changes.

To treat constipation, make sure you drink enough water, gradually include more food with plenty of fiber, and stay active. If youre taking any medication, this may be causing your constipation, so its worth discussing this side effect with your doctor.

You can use laxatives or stool softeners as a temporary measure, but you shouldnt use them for longer than two weeks as they can cause other digestive issues.

Common Causes Of Left Side Back Pain

Constipation and back pain
Chronic Pain Management

If you have lower left side back pain, then you are amongst the millions of people who experience this every day. It is a widespread problem, but the good news is, everyone can find relief from their pain. The only question is, how? What is the best way to eliminate lower back pain? A lot of people ask themselves this question, and we explore in this article we will try to find the answers.

Several factors can cause lower back pain, but the main ones that cause problems are muscle imbalances, joint and spine weakness and lack of movement . On one side the muscles can be tight and stiff, and on the other side, they can be weak and soft. This typically will cause muscle imbalances. There are more causes of lower back chronic pain, and for those who have it, it may be quite difficult to find treatment for the relief if you do not know where to look. For those experiencing lower left side back pain, or any other areas of the lower back, these may be the issues below:

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Try Another Opioid Medication

If youve been put on opioid medications to manage chronic pain, pay attention to how your bowel movements are affected. If you begin experiencing recurring issues with constipation, ask your doctor to switch you to another opioid medication. According to a study of people taking opioids for osteoarthritis, patients taking tapentadol reported fewer issues with constipation than individuals taking more commonly prescribed opioids like oxycodone.

Colon Pressing On Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of the leg. The sciatic nerve can be irritated or compressed by a number of conditions, including a herniated disc, bone spur, or narrowing of the spine. When the sciatic nerve is compressed, it can cause pain, numbness, or weakness in the leg.

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Preventing Upper Back Pain

While back pain is common, its possible to lower your risk of getting upper back pain. Here are some tips:

  • Practice good posture. Sit and stand up straight. When you sit, position your hips and knees at 90 degrees.
  • Exercise.Cardio and resistance training will strengthen your back muscles and lower your risk of injury.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight can place stress on the back.
  • Quit or avoid smoking. This will help you quickly heal after a back injury. Quitting is often difficult, but a doctor can help you develop a smoking cessation plan right for you.

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Is Lower Back Pain A Result Of Constipation

2 ways to relieve constipation & Back Pain

As we mentioned, a buildup of stool in the intestines can cause pain in the lower back in the form of a persistent dull ache.

But the symptoms can mimic lots of other medical conditions. For example, suppose the pain in your lower back is due to constipation.

In that case, it will gradually dissipate once regular bowel movements begin.

Another less common reason for lower back pain is a more severe form of constipation called fecal impaction.

This condition occurs when dry stool lodges in your rectum or colon. This situation leads to a build-up of additional pressure in the bowel and surrounding areas that often cause lower back pain.

Some signs of fecal impaction include bloating, abdominal cramps, and bleeding when passing stools.

So, if you have constipation in the lower back and some other symptoms of fecal impaction, we recommend you consult your physician.

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What Is Constipation And What Causes It

Constipation is when you have three bowel movements or fewer per week, and the stool is often hard, lumpy, and painful to pass. You may also have stomach cramps and feel bloated.

Its typically caused by your lifestyle, although medical conditions can be the issue in rare cases. The following are some of the many causes of constipation²:

Medical conditions like an underactive thyroid, irritable bowel syndrome , or inflammatory bowel disease can cause constipation. Youre more likely to suffer from constipation if youve had colon surgery or have an injury to your spinal cord or brain.

Bowel obstructions can also cause constipation,³ with other symptoms including pain around your navel , a hard and swollen belly, inability to pass gas, lack of appetite, and diarrhea. If you have these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.

Why Can Constipation Cause Back Pain

Constipation can cause your intestines to swell due to built-up stool that you are unable to pass. This is why your stomach may look bigger, or you feel more bloated when you are constipated. Swollen intestines can cause pain or discomfort in your back. This pain usually feels like a dull ache, which many people may describe as general back pain.

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Most Common Sciatica Treatment

Due to the fact that there are many different conditions that can cause nerve roots to become compressed and result in the condition of sciatica- one individuals treatment options will most likely be much different than those for someone else.

Of course, no matter who you are or what the cause of your sciatica, a combination of treatments is typically the most effective choice. Following are a few of the most common treatment options:

  • Chiropractic treatments and physical therapy are often effective for relieving pressure on your sciatic nerve
  • Using ice massage and heat therapies are often effective for relieving acute pain due to the condition of sciatica
  • Anti-inflammatory medications and/or oral steroids are often used to relieve inflammation
  • Steroid injections are often used to relieve inflammation around the nerve root and the back pain associated with this inflammation
  • If you are using other non-surgical treatments, you can use pain medications
  • Surgery may be considered as an option for treatment- typically only after the nonsurgical, or conservative, treatments have not been effective
  • While sciatica is typically a short-term condition- lasting only a few weeks when conservative treatments are used- this may not be true for everyone.

    In some cases, the condition of sciatica may last for several months. This is why there are so many treatment options that must be adjusted according to the individual.

    Can A Physical Therapist Help With Back Pain

    Pin on IBS Hospital

    There are various drugs and invasive treatments available to treat back pain. But those pills are only masking the pain, they do not solve the problem. Back pain is likely to come back with a vengeance as soon as you stop taking painkillers.

    And invasive treatments often have ramifications.

    We always recommend physical therapy first for middle back pain, and all other types of chronic pain.

    Why so?

    Easy. We can usually find and treat the root cause quickly, and prevent the need for pain pills, injections, and surgery.

    Our experienced physical therapists will be able to guide you through various exercises and also suggest dietary changes. They will also be able to help you adjust to a more active lifestyle.

    The best part? We dont generalize your condition. What works for some people may not work for everyone. Thats why we take the time to get to know you, and understand your exact situation.

    After all, we are all unique, and therefore treatment needs to be bespoke to each person.

    Our physical therapists provide pre-operative, post-operative, and non-operative therapy for injuries that are a result of work, trauma, poor life balance, a poor diet, or overuse of muscles.

    Our focus is to provide relief through an extensive physical therapy evaluation, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, patient education and an individual focus on patient care to successfully return our patients to full function and enhance their quality of life.

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    So How Does Constipation Cause Back Pain

    I wont sugarcoat this with niceties. Constipation swells the intestines with retained fecal matter, and this can lead to serious discomfort across the abdomen and back area.

    This kind of pain is most commonly reported as a dull ache in the lower back, where the backup of stool radiates pressure upon surrounding parts of the body.

    If things get really bad, pressure upon the nerves can lead to pain and numbness in your legs. Its like sciatica, but with extra suffering and a disturbed appetite.

    Treating Back Pain With Healthcare Associates Of Texas

    Healthcare Associates of Texas is home to a large team of board-certified medical professionals who can work with you to eliminate constipation and reduce back pain. We offer a wide range of primary care and physical medicine services that can help you start feeling better right away. Visit our website today to find the nearest location and request an appointment.

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    How Are Back Pain And Constipation Related

    One of the most common reasons for lower back pain is constipation. Moreover, people with fewer bowel movements also have more episodes of back pain than those with healthy bowel movements.

    Upper back pain is less common, but people who experience extreme pressure on the spinal cord may notice aching pain further up the back. Plus, underlying causes like spinal stenosis, muscle strain, or herniated disc can contribute to upper back pain.

    When you have constipation, the colon is not able to empty itself fully. And when your colon is filled with stool, it puts pressure on certain spinal nerves. These nerves directly lead to lumbar pain. That means you will feel pain and spasms in the lower back.

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