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Can Indian Food Cause Ibs

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My Gut Instinct About Spicy Food

What is IBS? (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Before I ever knew this data, I followed my “gut” instinct and my personal experiences. As such, I tend to eat a rather mild diet in general. Yet, I admit I do have an affinity for Indian and Thai foods. This means when I eat out and order dishes from Indian and Thai restaurants, I not only make sure to indicate I want my meal “mild” when they ask how hot/spicy I’d like it but that I take the extra precaution of really emphasizing my dietary needs by saying I need it “extra mild” or “as mild are you can possibly make it.”

Ginger For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of ginger could ease IBS symptoms. PubMed Central studies show that ginger has potential benefits for digestive health. These include:

  • Reducing intestinal cramping
  • Reducing bloating
  • Reducing gas

Ginger is effective for many kinds of nausea and vomiting. It also applies for curing diabetes, menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, and migraine headaches. Yet, there is limited evidence on some of the benefits .

A 2020 animal study found that ginger reduced symptoms of diarrhoea . Additionally, researchers established that ginger might release IBS symptoms. it does that by inhibiting the body’s inflammation reaction in the gut.

Research states that 500-2000 mg ginger powder during the first 3-4 days of menstrual cycle help decrease menstrual pain. Certain studies also show that ginger works as pain medications like ibuprofen, mefenamic acid, and Novafen. Further, adding ginger to medicines like mefenamic acid seems to be helpful.

When it comes to IBS, ginger alone doesn’t seem to improve IBS symptoms. However, taking ginger along with other herbal ingredients can help.More research is required to understand potential benefits of ginger treating IBS symptoms. There’s no consensus as of now on the best dose or form. Many studies suggest using daily doses of 1 to 2 grams of ginger powder per day.

I ask my clients to grate a thumb of ginger and squeeze the juice out. Mix this with lemon and water and sip on the same 30 minutes after meals.

Savor The Spicy Moments

Dr. Singh also advises people with IBS to be picky when choosing to eat spicy foods, eating them only occasionally and not on a regular basis. “It was found that people who eat spicy foods more than ten times per week were 92 percent more likely to have IBS than those who didn’t,” he says. The correlation shows that if you want your gut to heal, you have to be choosy with your heat.

Both doctors also point out that the hotter the dish, the more likely it is to upset your stomach. So instead of having it in your mind that you can never have onions, for example, know you can probably tolerate a teaspoon in your guac more regularly, just not the whole veggie diced and worked in every single time.

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Diy Low Fodmap Curry Powder

When I first began looking into a low FODMAP diet, the phrases garlic and onion-free filled me with dread. I just couldnt get my head around cooking and eating without them. It turns out that with recipes like this DIY Low FODMAP Curry Powder its way easier than expected, to create superbly spiced dishes without precious onion and garlic.

If youre still in the early stages of your low FODMAP journey you may need some further convincing. Take a bit of time to Google some onion and garlic-free, Jain, Buddhist and Ayurvedic recipes and youll see what I mean.

I dont know about you but curries have been one of my go-to comfort meals since childhood. It was a standing joke in our house that we were weaned on spicy food as mam craved curries throughout her pregnancies with both me and my sister. It wasnt unheard of for her to send my poor dad out, on foot, at all hours of the night, to try to find somewhere she could get her fix. This was decades before the joys of Just Eat and the likes, no easy apps, no one-stop-shop, just a telephone directory and a man on a mission.

Raised in an inner-city area of Leeds we grew up with neighbours of all ethnicities and morphed the best of their sacred spices, exotic ingredients and generations-old recipes into hybrid dishes to suit our tastes. So finding a way to cook some of my favourite comfort foods during my elimination phase and beyond was always going to be a priority for me

Happy blending!

How To Treat Diarrhea

What Indian foods can I eat if I have irritable bowel Syndrome?

When you have diarrhea, remember to drink plenty of water and prevent dehydration. Your body is losing more water than usual through watery stool.

The amount of water you need each day varies based on your sex, age, activity level, and build, so there are no official guidelines, but many sources suggest 8 or more 8-ounce glasses per day. Read more here.

Eating certain foods can also help ease diarrhea. The following diets can help:

  • the BRAT diet, which stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast
  • a bland diet that includes soft, low fiber foods like low fat dairy, processed grains, and lean protein

Potassium-rich bananas are gentle on the stomach lining and help you absorb water and electrolytes you might otherwise lose through waste.

A caffeine-free, herbal tea with ginger or peppermint might also calm your bowels.

If you need to take over-the-counter medication, plenty of choices are available.

Loperamide and bismuth subsalicylate are the most common active ingredients in medications that help relieve diarrhea. However, dont take OTC medications for diarrhea if your symptoms also include fever or blood in your stool.


You can usually treat diarrhea at home with plenty of water and low fiber foods. Medications are also available.

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How To Choose Better Meds:

Consult your doctor about switching to a drug that will not make your symptoms flare. Ask them so before you stop taking your meds.

Be careful while choosing antidepressants. The older ones, known as tricyclic antidepressants, can cause constipation.

The standard ones, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like fluoxetine and sertraline , can cause diarrhea. Collaborate with your doctor to find the right antidepressant.

Peppermint Oil For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is ubiquitous among Indians. The exact cause of IBS is unknown. But IBS can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, stomach cramps and pain, diarrhoea, and constipation.

Natural solutions like peppermint oil may make digestion more tolerable for IBS patients.

The complementary treatments for IBS include dietary changes, supplements, herbs, and behaviour changes.

Scientific evidence points towards the efficacy of peppermint to help treat IBS symptoms. Further, plenty of anecdotal evidence is available online. They show peppermint oil may help fight IBS symptoms.

In 2014, researchers concluded that peppermint oil is a safe and effective short-term treatment for IBS. It is because it gave minimal side effects, the most common being heartburn.

Like some essential oils, Peppermint oil is inhalable. However, do not apply it directly to the skin. Instead, you should always dilute them in a carrier oil, like mineral oil or sweet almond oil.

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What Are The Symptoms

The symptoms can be catastrophic for many people and you may feel that you are not being taken seriously or that you are in so much pain that there must be something really wrongyou go back and forth to the doctor but nothing seems to work?

Also, the symptoms you experience may differ from day to day and not be the same as the next person with IBS, which makes it so difficult to diagnose.

Your first point of call should be your GP, as there is a set protocol for the GP to follow, which may require taking blood, or bowel sample to rule out other things, as some people with other gut disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease or coeliac disease have similar symptoms.

For this reason it is also difficult to perform research into the best diet for IBS.

However most people report alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods as their triggers. More recently research has shown that some carbohydrates may contribute to IBS symptoms These carbohydrates are call Fermentable Oligo- saccharides, Di-saccharides Mono-saccharides and Polyols and a Low FODMAP diet to restrict them has grabbed media attention.

Legumes Lentils And Beans

Do I have IBS ? | Symptoms & Diagnosis | Irritable Bowel Syndrome

These foods are considered high in protein and fibre and are great for a healthy person. But if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, then it becomes necessary to avoid it as much as possible. Beans and legumes have high amounts of fibre as mentioned that triggers intestinal enzymes due to which it results to bloating and constipation. IBS is already a uncomfortable condition and having constipation on top of it can be disturbing to your health.

Beans can increase bulk in the stool because of which it can increase the bowel movements and result to decreased health. Even if you want to have beans or lentils, it is better to soak them up in water over night so that it causes less affect on your IBS.

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Reconnecting With Indian Food Helped Me Improve My Ibs

  • Cooking helped Bhavna Kalra get better. Source: Bhavna Kalra

In Indian kitchens, food as medicine is a massive part of the culture. Its common for families to rely on food as remedies a lot of times.

As a kid, I suffered from acid reflux, which would sometimes be so severe that I would curl up in bed and cry for hours.

My mum, Renu, would mask a teaspoon of bitter-tasting carom seeds known to have active enzymes that boost digestive function and help soothe bloating, indigestion, and acid reflux in a flatbread laden with ghee. This homemade remedy worked for me without fail.

I left that all behind in 2011 and moved to Perth when I received a job offer from the headquarters of the company I worked for in Mumbai.

Even though I was raised very traditional, when it comes to trying new food, Im quite adventurous and open-minded.

I started eating sandwiches, indulging in meat pies, and enjoying barbecued pork and beef, even though these meats were not part of my regular diet growing up.

Palak paneer is representative of the food that Bhavna Kalra ate while growing up.

In India, on the rare occasion that I did eat meat, it was either prepared in gravy, or kebabs cooked on an open fire accompanied by a homemade chutney and a roti not covered in store-bought barbecue sauce or ketchup with a small side portion of salad.

Their suggestion of Metamucil, painkillers and exercise just made me more frustrated I couldnt understand why my stomach continued to be unhappy.

There Are Different Ibs Symptoms

Before you start looking at the foods that cause IBS, you need to think about the symptoms that you have. Unfortunately, there are different symptoms involved. Some people will suffer from constipation, while others will have loose stools. Managing the type of IBS, you get will involve choosing the right types of foods to add to your diet and keep out.

There is a common misconception that gluten and wheat cause IBS. While these are two very common reasons, there are many other foods that youll want to avoid or reduce.

You dont have to cut out all the foods completely. Everyone is different, and you may find that some foods dont cause a reaction. However, bear in mind that sensitivities can get worse over the time. After a while, you may find that you get symptoms again because youve kept some of the foods that have been known for IBS issues.

Youll need to keep an eye on your diet and symptoms that you experience. Changing your diet regularly based on how you feel is important.

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Improper Hygiene When Cooking Can Cause Sickness Too

This is more relevant when you are eating street food in India. If you are travelling in India, then eating street food or in restaurants that dont maintain hygiene can make you sick.

The sickness is caused not by the spicy food but the pathogens and bacteria. When eating out eat food cooked in heat only as that kills the pathogens.

Refrain from eating anything that has not been cooked/heated like chutneys, yogurt.

My little ones were born overseas and both of them get sick when we travel to India. Both of them do not have immunity to Indian pathogens due to non exposure.

We only gave them home cooked food, washed their hands often especially before a meal. But that did not cut it and both got diarrhea in each of our trips. It was mostly due to them being little and not being careful with putting hand in their mouths.

To summarize, if eating in India then:-

  • Eat food that has been cooked on high temperature
  • Dont eat anything that has not been cooked like salads, yogurt
  • Maintain hygiene and wash hands as often as you can.

Low Fodmap Curry Powder Faqs

Pin on diet plan

Why is curry powder high FODMAP?

The majority of shop-bought curry powder is high FODMAP because it contains onion powder, garlic powder or both. It is possible to find some blends in the supermarket that are free from garlic or onion. This makes them accidentally low FODMAP and safe to use.If you do find a brand that appears safe then my advice is to check the best before date and stock up accordingly. I also recommend double-checking the ingredients each time you buy it as I found that the ingredients sometimes changed and was caught out a few times by the addition of onion or garlic in safe blends that Id used in the past.

Is curry and spicy food good for IBS?

~ Slightly Different: Tikka massala sauce Low FODMAP certified available in a wide variety of flavours.Just be aware that these brands are not necessarily low FODMAP certified and also have other blends in their range that contain onion and garlic. Always double-check the ingredients before purchasing.We use affiliate links here to help support our work. Purchasing through these links does not affect your consumer rights or the price you pay but may result in The Irritable Vegan receiving a small commission payment. We thank you for supporting us in this way whilst you shop.

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What Is Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is a centuries-old holistic approach to wellness that originated in northern India.

Its a form of treatment that encompasses the well-being of body, mind, and spirit. It encourages you to consider all three when managing health issues.

In Ayurveda, the body balances different types of energies, or doshas. The three doshas are:

Each of these doshas is responsible for a different part of your body. Vata, for example, controls bodily functions like eliminating waste and balancing electrolytes in the body.

If the three doshas are not balanced for any reason, you may experience illness or disease. You need to maintain balance within your doshas to maintain good health.

IBS is thought to occur when one of the doshas is unbalanced or when toxins are present.

Ayurvedic medicine aims to restore balance. It does this through natural treatments so that the symptoms of IBS will be eliminated. It also aims to remove any toxins in the body.

Reset Your Digestive System With A Bland Diet

Initially, your Ayurvedic practitioner may suggest you eat a bland diet to help reset your digestive system. This diet may include soft, warm foods like basmati rice and light soups.

The practitioner may also suggest a brief period of fasting. During this time, the goal is to let your body naturally eliminate the Ama while reducing irritations that may cause future symptoms.

Whats more, you may try drinking buttermilk. Popular in Ayurvedic medicine, buttermilk is thought to aid recovery and reduce symptoms.

Additionally, your practitioner may suggest you consume medicated ghee, or concentrated butter. Research suggests practitioners believe ghee helps stimulate the weak Agni.

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The Real Deal With Ibs

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common, lifelong health condition that affects one in 6 Australians. The most common symptoms of IBS include abdominal pain, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and gas.

What exactly causes IBS is still unknown, but experts suggest it may involve bacterial overgrowth. A study conducted in 2014 showed that over 80% of IBS patients have bacterial overgrowth in their small intestines, which may be the culprit behind their symptoms.

Stress And Anxiety Triggers For Ibs

5 Natural remedies for IBS – Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

According to Dr Gabriela Pichardo, stress and anxiety can worsen IBS symptoms. This is because stress triggers the adrenal glads to release cortisol. Cortisol is inflammatory in nature, leading to more inflammation. Some factors for stress include:

  • A sense of feeling that things are out of your control

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Eating Right Is Part Of Your Genetic Blueprint

Yes, I firmly believe that we need to eat food that we grew up eating or what our mothers ate when they were pregnant, because that food is in our genetic makeup, and its what keeps us grounded and connected to our roots which naturally safeguards our health.

Also, its essential to eat a seasonal menu that is fresh and easily digestible because its available at that time of the year and offers vital nutrition.

The familiar sounds of spices popping began flooding back, and the smells transported me to my childhood home, which filled me with soothing memories and love.

For someone like me who didnt eat a lot of meat, suddenly moving to a new culture and eating large amounts didnt work well with my body because it just didnt know how to process this food. On the flip side, when it comes to Indian curries, theyre imprinted in my DNA, and my body understands how to digest that food.

Today I will still enjoy a good Aussie pie, and I love Italian food, but Im also holding onto my roots as Ive realised this is the best possible way my body can keep me healthy through the foods I eat.

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