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Is Bba Ib A Good Career Option

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Career Opportunities After Bba

Why BBA is A Good Career Option after Class 12

What after BBA? This is the most common question that candidates find answers to before applying or after completing. For candidates who have completed a Bachelor of Business Administration, ample opportunities are available in the market. Extensive options are available to explore and choose from according to the candidate’s interest. The most common and widely selected career options after Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA course are listed below have great benefits in the long run.

  • Getting a Private Job – Campus placement can help candidates get a good job in any reputed private firm with a good salary base to earn and have a better livelihood. There are some candidates who do not take up the campus placements but rather look for more opportunities by themselves in any private organization.

  • Enrolling for Masters degree – If candidates are unable to get a job as per their expectation after BBA degree or is willing to go for further studies to have a competitive advantage over other candidates then, the candidates can enrol themselves in any top B-School to pursue a masters degree. Varied options like MBA, MMS, M.A., and PGDM are available to candidates nowadays.

  • Law – LLB /Bachelor of Law is another option available to candidates who wish to make a career in the law domain. LLB is a three-year graduation-level degree. Candidates need to clear the law entrance exam to take admission in top law colleges of India.

  • Bba International Business Syllabus

    The subjects taught for the BBA International Business program are almost similar in most of the engineering colleges. The semester-wise syllabus for the entire BBA International Business course is as follows.

    Semester 1
    Oracle, Cadbury, Sales force, Amazon, Team Lease etc. HSBC, Optum, Paytm, KPIT, NIIT, ADECCO, Chegg, Opera etc. KONY, Flipkart, Amazon, Wipro, TCS, Quest, CGI, MRF, TATA etc.

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  • Slide 1: DUC IN ALTUM cover
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  • The official magazine of the Cameron School of Business. Join us as we explore business through the lens of Catholic identity & virtues.

    Benefits of Attending Cameron School of Business at USTBenefits of Attending
    Accessible FacultyUST professors truly care about the success of their students, in the classroom and in their careers. Youll build personal connections with faculty and work with the same advisor for your entire academic journey.Study Abroad

    Travel to a foreign land and gain valuable experience in a study abroad program. Popular destinations are Ireland, England, Italy, Spain, France, China, Taiwan, Greece, Israel, Czech Republic, Hungary, Chile and Jamaica.

    Quality Instruction

    Many Cameron School of Business professors hold the highest degree in their field, and professional certifications. Many have practiced in their area of expertise. Get a global business perspective learning from seasoned faculty.

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    Higher Study After Bba

    If you want to pursue higher study after graduating from the BBA course, then you can opt for an MBA to get better career opportunities. Moreover, a postgraduate diploma in management is another option to study after completing BBA.

    To get admission to MBA, you can appear different entrance exams like CAT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, XAT, etc. For pursuing an international MBA, you need to clear the GMAT exam.

    The MBA course is usually of two types,and here are the details of those.

    Generalized MBA

    This is a general MBA course in which the students study different subjects included in the syllabus. The subjects of the Generalized MBA course include marketing, accounting, human resources, financial management, funds management, and many more. The students who pursue this course will have a common knowledge of all these subjects.

    Specialized MBA

    Like the generalized MBA, it includes all the subjects of the MBA course but gives importance to one core subject. The core subjects in this course include HR, marketing management, finance, IT, International Business, etc.So, you can pursue an MBA in your interested field and get better career opportunities.

    Apart from that, BBA graduates can also join different other courses like CFA, BBA LLB, certification courses, marketing courses, etc.

    Distance Bba Admission Process

    Why Choose BBA IB

    BBA is available in Distance mode. Many top Colleges offer BBA Distance Education in their colleges like IGNOU, Madras University etc. The admission process for BBA Distance is mentioned below:

    • The eligibility criteria for BBA Distance is that the student must pass class 12.
    • There are no entrance exams for admission in the distance Bachelor of Business Administration.
    • BBA Distance Universities offer direct admission on the application basis.

    See More: BBA Distance Education Colleges in India

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    See Yourself Succeed In The International Business World

    As corporations establish overseas operations or work on strengthening business ties with global partners, demand for those with specialized skills in international business will continue to expand. As a specialist who understands the diversity of international business, you will be a valuable contributor in global business ventures.

    The demand for professionals who can work in international settings will continue to increase as companies expand their global markets. Our comprehensive curriculum integrates international perspectives in finance, business law, strategic management, marketing, and human resource management to prepare you for your career in the global business environment. With your knowledge of the global applications of business practices and strategy, you have the edge in interacting effectively in both foreign and domestic markets.

    The BBA in International Studies can be completed in-seat or online.

    Download a PDF of the International Business program.

    International Business is a great choice if you:

    Top Career Options After Bba

    After completing the BBA course, the candidates can apply for different jobs in different industries. The salaries for these jobs vary according to the job post and college that you studied in. However, by pursuing an MBA after BBA, you can get a better job as per your expectation. These graduates can apply for jobs in different sectors such as Consultancy, banking, IT companies, finance, AD agencies, and many more.

    Here are some top career options for the candidates who graduate from the BBA course.

  • Project Manager
  • The BBA graduates can work as Project Managers in private sectors. The role of a project manager is to manage the projects in the company efficiently. Moreover, the person in this role manages the working staff in the project and reports to the higher authorities. The project manager is responsible for the progress of the project that is assigned to him/her by the company.

  • Human Resource Manager
  • The main work of a Human resource manager is to recruit new employees for the company and make sure that they are happy with their jobs. Apart from that, the HR manager is responsible for managing the HR department in the organization.

  • Business Development Analyst
  • The person in this role is responsible for analyzing the market and suggest proper projects to invest money. The business development analyst also does the necessary things to develop the business.

  • Information System Manager
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    Why Bba Is A Good Career Option

    The merits of studying Business Administration are clear to anyone who had to get an MBA on top of their BTech and MTech in the wake of the IT boom going bust all over the world. An education in Business Administration is a good, solid career choice that leaves open a wide array of options for the cautious and the adventurous, the assiduous and the footloose, the opportunist and the idealist. The question, then, is if you should jump onto the bandwagon of professional business-related programmes straight out of school, and sign up for that expensive BBA that colleges assure us will have us rolling in money to burn. This, in turn, begs the other question of…

    What exactly is BBA ?

    • Business Economics
    • Business Organization
    • Why you should do a BBA.

    • Where to do a BBA.

    • Here is a list of the top BBA colleges in India.

    Is Doing Bba Or Bba Ib Good

    BBA or BCom Which is Easy? | BBA Vs BCom | Career Options After 12 | By Sunil Adhikari
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    10th December 2014, 11:24 PM jxsab

    Re: Is doing BBA or BBA IB good?Unregistered

    Originally Posted by Is bba or bba iba good? Somebody said that bba ib includes all subjects in general bba ,is that true ???

    Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration International BusinessDo you have any question? or have anything to say?

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    Top Recruiting Areas After Bba In India

    BBA graduates are trained in a variety of skills and hence can take up career opportunities in a number of areas in the private as well as government sector. Given below are some common areas of employment after BBA.

    Aviation, Media, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing, Advertising etc. are some other sectors that can be considered after completing a BBA course. It can be clearly observed the versatile nature of the BBA course from the sheer scope of career opportunities that the course opens up for its graduates.

    If a candidate has decided on going for a particular field after BBA, they can look for a desirable BBA specialization that can help them become an expert and grab better career opportunities in the field.

    Bba International Business Scopes

    The BBA International Business degree holders can prefer to do jobs on completion of this program or can go for higher studies. The most popular choices of education on completion of a BBA International Business degree are as follows.

    • MBA: Most of the BBA degree holders choose to go for higher education and pursue a PGDM or MBA course. Admissions are offered through a national level entrance test. Having a BBA IB degree together with an MBA in a specialization of choice is highly advantageous and many organizations actively search for such candidates.

    Check out top MBA Colleges and PGDM Colleges in India.

    • Competitive examinations: Another route that graduates can opt to go for is to prepare for competitive examinations. Examinations that are meant for job opportunities in Government sector organizations are most popular. Jobs are secure with assured high pay and regular increments.
    • Certificate Courses: Students can opt for Certificate Courses in Management on completion of this course.

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    Career After Bba: Scope Job Opportunities Salary And Best Tips

    Students who are about to complete their BBA course or are researching about whether to take up BBA after 12th often consider what career options are available after BBA. Here are the career opportunities you can take up after BBA in India.

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    A Bachelor of Business Administration is counted among the most popular choices of undergraduate courses in India. There are numerous job opportunities after BBA in India, and a BBA student has excellent prospects for future growth. In fact, there are multiple reasons why a student should consider BBA for a career in management.

    BBA is a dynamic undergraduate course and is kept updated as per industry requirements. BBA graduates are adept in skills including best management practices, finance, accounts, economics, marketing etc., which makes them highly valuable for businesses and industries. This is why BBA is one of the top management courses after 12th.

    In this article, go through the best career opportunities after BBA in India, including the top recruiting areas and job profiles. For candidates who wish to stick to academics, there is a list of courses to consider given at the end.

    Become A Blockchain Expert

    Why Choose BBA IB

    For all the students who are wondering what to do after BBA? Have you heard of Bitcoin? Its a fast-growing cryptocurrency that has revolutionized the concept of money for many people. Bitcoin introduced the world to the wonders of blockchain, which is the basis for this technology. Blockchain is modern technology. We can refer to it as a distributed open ledger that records transactions between parties efficiently and permanently.

    Blockchain was initially focused on digital currencies, but it has become much more than that. Many companies and organizations are using blockchain to solve their problems. Some have started using it others are finding new ways to implement it. But as its a relatively new technology, the demand for blockchain experts is exponentially high.

    You can become a Blockchain professional as a BBA graduate by taking a course in the same. At upGrad, we offer an Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management, which is the perfect way for a BBA graduate to become an expert in this field.

    What youll do in this field

    As a blockchain expert, youll build solutions, prototypes, and proofs of concepts based on this technology. Youll create smart contracts, distributed apps, and use a distributed ledger to do so. Our Blockchain program teaches you about many other blockchain concepts, such as P2P networks, cryptography, and ICOs.

    Minimum Eligibility

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    Advantages Of Doing Bachelor Of Business Administration

    1. The BBA course provides quick opportunities to acquire skills important in a profession

    As one moves out of his school life, he will be exposed to the professional world. The lessons will help him acquire important professional and management skills. It will help him understand risk management skills and make decisions as a leader. It also sharpens ones thinking on various strategies and stages of running a business or becoming an entrepreneur.

    2. The BBA course covers the entire phase of basic management

    Over the course of 3 years, the BBA Course helps an individual learn the most basic management skills. The programme covers a wide range of topics ranging from financial and advertising management, business economics, business law, accounting policies, IT and computer basics, and more. BBA is not just a degree but is actually a complete approach to management.

    3. The BBA Course is a large management-focused programme

    The BBA course enables an individual to manage large corporations and qualifies for multidisciplinary management positions. If one has just completed a B.B.A. degree then he will be ready as an executive, operations manager, loss prevention manager, cost evaluator, procurement and sales manager, and so on.

    4. Pursuing a B.B.A makes you financially independent with less investment than an M.B.A

    One of the benefits of having a B.B.A is that it gives you the opportunity to be independent at a young age.

    Higher Studies And Courses After Bba In India

    Many students also prefer to go for higher studies after completing the BBA course. Since BBA is a well-recognized 3-year bachelor’s degree course, it allows candidates to look for higher study options in multiple fields. Here are some of the popular courses to consider after completing a BBA.

    • Master of Business Administration : An MBA degree is one of the best options after completing MBA. A BBA graduate may go for an MBA for the following reasons:

    • to specialize in a particular sector.

    • to increase market value and earnings.

    • becoming eligible for better career opportunities.

  • Master of Management Studies : MMS is a course quite similar to MBA and offers similar benefits.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management : PGDM shares an almost common course curriculum with an MBA degree. However, PGDM has more specializations and can be a much more dynamic course than an MBA. Check the differences between MBA and PGDM to know more.

  • Post Graduate Programme in Management : PGPM is a 1-year certificate course that is designed while keeping in mind the needs of the working professionals.

  • Bachelor of Law : Pursuing LLB is another interesting choice for BBA graduates and many prefer it to gain entry into the field of Corporate Law.

  • Bachelor of Education : Management graduates who wish to take up academic roles have to go for a BEd degree. After that, they become eligible to join educational institutes as per their qualifications and interests.

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    International Business Career Outlook

    UM-Flint International Business students from 2019-2021 have interned at Denso, Sciemetric, Randy Wise U-TT International, Denso, Financial Plus credit Union, 100K Ideas, Neswco Inc., Continental Automotive, Fiat Chrysler, and Robert Bosch. Many students have also had internships during their exchange programs abroad.UM-Flint SOM alumni are currently employed at a variety of organizations ranging from non-profits, corporations, self-employed, or Fortune 500 companies. International business alumni work at companies such as Ford, General Motors, Dow, United Shore, Quicken Loans, and more.

    The top occupations for someone with an International Business degree are:

    • Economist
    • Government

    Various Dimensions To Excel A Career In International Business

    Government Jobs After BBA in India | BBA Career Options | Government Exams After BBA | Must Watch

    As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 8% growth in demand for over 6 lakhs business jobs till 2024.

    In the current global economy, there is an ever-growing demand for individuals who can oversee international trade deals. Bachelors programs in International Business Administrations courses will help graduates understand diverse cultures, geographies and markets. They can get a bigger picture of the business world and a unique global perspective.

    Accounting and finance courses help in developing a career as a financial advisor for a company, tax and expenses advisor, manager for business transactions, or manager of mergers and acquisitions.

    The BBA IB course stream provides the analytical skills and expertise for a career in business consultancy as well. Working in a team, the candidate can offer advice on techniques to optimize a project or a business venture. Since clients and projects vary, the professionals get fresh challenges every time. They can also combine their business knowledge along with a secondary field of interest such as logistics or engineering to offer specialized services.

    There are also several opportunities in retail and sales for business degree holders. An individual with good knowledge of global markets is much in demand for travelling, office and shop based roles. You can fast-track your career in this area through several management training programs.

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