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How To Get Rid Of Alcohol Bloat

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Look At Supplements And Medications

Bloating | How To Get Rid Of Bloating | Reduce Bloating

Some supplements, such as iron, can cause constipation and other symptoms of indigestion. This can increase bloating. Potassium, on the other hand, may reduce bloating by helping to balance the bodys sodium levels .

Medications may also cause side effects that affect GI function or cause indigestion. If this happens, a doctor or pharmacist can suggest alternatives that are more gentle on the digestive tract.

Although it is not common, bloating and swelling of the abdomen can signify a severe medical condition. Liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, heart failure, kidney problems, and some types of cancer can cause bloating.

Bloating that continues for days or weeks may indicate a health issue that needs medical attention. It is advisable to speak to a doctor about ongoing bloating that does not go away over time.

People whose bloating occurs alongside these symptoms should seek medical advice:

  • appetite changes or trouble eating
  • bright red blood in the stool
  • black or dark maroon stools

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Eat Slowly So You Dont Gulp Air

When you finally get home after a long day, youre totally famishedwe get it. But that doesnt mean you should scarf down your dinner in a hurry. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow excess air, which can lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating. Slowing down the chewing with your mouth closed, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. Fight off the urge to engorge your entire meal by snacking on something like a small piece of fruit or an ounce of nuts before dinner is ready.

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How To Reduce The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Appearance

Many of the effects of alcohol on our appearance are reversible if we reduce the amount that we drink.

A good way to cut down on the amount we drink is to have several drink-free days each week.

The UKs Chief Medical Officers advise that, in order to keep the health risks from alcohol to a low level, men and women should not regularly drink more than 14 units a week, spreading it evenly over three or more days.

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Home Remedies For A Bloated Stomach

We all know the feeling. You feel sluggish and uncomfortable, and your clothes feel tight around the middle.

Perhaps its something you ate salty, fatty foods are major culprits in causing bloating- or perhaps your diet is lacking in the fibre department and youre constipated.

Whatever the reason, its not an exaggeration to say that bloating can ruin your whole day.

These beverages can help tame a swollen tummy and leave you feeling back to your usual self.

In this article, well talk you through

  • What a bloated stomach is
  • What foods make you bloated
  • What drinks make you bloated
  • Natural home remedies for bloating
  • 19 foods and drinks for bloating including teas

Start On Peppermint Tea

How to Get Rid of Bloating for a Flatter Belly

Research shows that peppermint has a lot of positive benefits to the body.

Peppermint alleviates bloating in your stomach due to its menthol and menthone compounds. These compounds contain digestive and antispasmodic capabilities.

The menthol and menthone in peppermint increase the production of gastric juices and bile in the stomach thereby facilitating digestion.

Dr. Sarah Brewer, the medical director of Healthspan recommends the use of peppermint oil.

Peppermint oil increases gastric emptying by triggering the production of bile and other digestive juices. This eases bloating, flatulence, and indigestion.

It relieves bloating in a matter of minutes.

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The Cultural Effect: Women & Wine

One reason why the issue of wine belly is often overlooked may be that wine has become so socially acceptable.

The phenomenon of mommy wine culture, for example, has made it seem normal for women to drink large amounts of wine to cope with stressor just to socialize. While small amounts of wine may be okay, this trend actually seems to be masking an increase in alcoholism among women.

At the same time, wine has received a lot of positive press for containing polyphenols)antioxidants that may protect against heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. With this combination of cultural approval and perceived health benefits, its easy to feel as if you can drink all the wine you want.

Unfortunately, upon closer scrutiny, it turns out many of the benefits of red wine are a myth. As weve covered recently, the polyphenols in red wine are likely too low to have any real health impact. And even if they werent, the potential negative health effects of alcohol would quickly outweigh the benefits.

Will Anything Actually Get Rid Of It

Yep, but youre probably not going to like the answer: time.

Your body needs time to process and eliminate alcohol in order to really get rid of the smell on your breath. Any other remedy will just mask the odor .

If times not on your side and youve got a business meeting or smooching on your agenda, there are some temporary fixes you can try.

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What Does It Mean When Your Stomach Feels Bloated

Technically, bloating is a temporary feeling of fullness, usually due to intestinal gas while abdominal distension refers to a visible, measurable increase in the stomachs size. Passing gas, belching or having a bowel movement may or may not provide relief. Quite simply, you know it when you have stomach bloating.

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Does Drinking Wine Every Night Cause Weight Gain

REDUCE BLOATING OVERNIGHT: 8 Tips to Debloat in 24 Hours

Studies indicate that light, occasional alcohol consumption doesnt have a big impact on your weight. So if you can stick to one serving per night, you may be okay.

The main issues are heavy drinking and binge drinking: four or more glasses on one occasion, or more than 7 glasses per week overall. If youre able to consistently moderate your wine consumption, youll be consuming fewer calories and will have a better chance of getting rid of wine belly for good.

If you find that your wine consumption has gotten beyond this, there are solutions that can help you cut back. Ria Health can help you achieve moderation again through a combination of counseling, medication to reduce cravings, and handy digital tools. Best of all, the whole thing can be done privately through your smartphone.

Learn more about how our program can help you say goodbye to wine belly, and establish an improved relationship with alcohol.

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Additional Risks To Keep In Mind

Heavy alcohol consumption not only leads to bloating, but it can also damage the liver, the stomach lining, and even your memory. Alcohol also has a high potential for abuse, and long-term heavy drinking often leads to addiction.

Swelling may actually be a sign of alcohol abuse and may indicate a more serious problem caused by heavy drinking. If you notice that youre always swollen after drinking, consider how much alcohol youre consuming in one period.

Are you having too many drinks? Are you unable to stop yourself after a few? While bloating may seem like a casual side effect of drinking too much, if youre a frequent drinker, be sure to stay on top of your habits to avoid problems like alcoholism.

Take An Epsom Salt Bath

Relaxing in any tub is always nice, and adding two cups of magnesium-rich Epsom salt may help deflate your belly more effectively Your skin also absorbs the mineral and electrolyte, magnesium, which can help reduce inflammation and may even reduce muscle cramps. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath for 20 minutes can help alleviate constipation as well, which is another cause of bloating.

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What To Expect In Recovery

If you have been a moderate to heavy drinker for a significant time, your recovery will move through stages. These vary in time and intensity. For heavy drinkers, the first stage is medical support to get sober. Physical, mental, and emotional impacts of detox are noted and addressed. Once that stage is over, trained counselors devise techniques to help you stay sober and productive in your home, at work, and in the community.

Why Do You Get A Bloated Stomach

7 Types Of Belly Fat And The Fastest way To Get Rid Belly Fat

Bloat sneaks up on you in surprising ways, depending on what you eat, certain habits you have, and even specific medical conditions. For example, bloating can be a result of digestive distress from eating certain foods , eating habits that cause you to take in more air, and even certain conditions such as a weak heart or being pregnant can all contribute to water retention.

Women can also retain water while they’re menstruating. Those who have irritable bowel syndrome can also experience uncomfortable bouts of bloating after eating foods that contain FODMAPS or during moments of stress.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Alcohol Belly

  • Dont forget to count your calories
  • Increasing your consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins is key.
  • Change your diet to a healthier one.
  • High intensity intermittent exercise may be a good option for you
  • Make it a point to exercise more often.
  • Get some exercise by sneaking in.
  • Alcohol Belly Vs Hormonal Belly

    What about the difference between gaining weight from drinking too much, and simply gaining weight because of changes in your hormones?

    Its true that increased insulin resistance and reduced estrogen production, particularly as you get older, can cause abdominal gain weight. How can you know if its wine or your hormones causing the difference?

    Try cutting out wine for a month, and see if it changes anything. This should also be paired with a generally healthy, well-balanced diet if youre still eating a lot of sugar it may be hard to tell the difference.

    But the truth is, even if your belly is affected by changing hormones, drinking less alcohol will probably help you keep it under control. No matter what, the answer is often to drink less alcohol.

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    Go Back To Your Healthy Diet

    After a night of drinking, simply getting back into your daily routine will naturally ease bloating. Load up on fruits and veggies, whole grains, nonfat dairy, lean proteins and healthy fats, like nuts and avocado. A healthy diet is naturally low in bloat-inducing nutrients like sugar and salt, and fruits and veggies are loaded with water, so theyll boost your hydration levels.

    Don’t feel like cooking? Order in a salad, whole-grain wrap or a light veggie soup. Planning ahead can also help — try cooking brown rice and chopping some veggies the day before you drink, so you can throw together a light, detoxifying grain bowl in less than five minutes. If you don’t feel up to solid food, try a nourishing miso broth.

    Heres Why You Might Be Feeling Puffy And Uncomfortableand How To Deflate Fast


    Few things can ruin a delicious meal faster than feeling bloated.

    The heavy, uncomfortable feeling in your gut usually happens when you overeat, have too much gas built up in your stomach or intestines, or are constipated. So while unpleasant, its rarely a cause for concern, says Stephanie McAbee, M.D., an assistant professor of gastroenterology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

    Bloating thats associated with gas or comes and goes is probably benign, she says. But if your bloating is new and persistent, especially with vomiting, weight loss, or blood in your stool, you should call your doctor.

    If youre dealing with temporary bloating, try these natural remedies to feel better fastand prevent it from happening in the future.

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    Help For Alcohol Abuse

    If youve gotten to the point where youre unable to control your drinking, then its time to get help. Our Texas treatment center offers alcohol detox and addiction treatment to assist patients in their physical and psychological recovery from addiction.

    Once theyve received medical treatment for their withdrawal symptoms, patients can then move onto our residential treatment program for one-on-one therapy options with our counselors. With the use of the 12 step program and other modalities, we identify the source of our patients conditions and teach them how to sustain their sobriety.

    Whether youre struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, our specialists are here to help. Call Banyan Treatment Centers today at to learn about our drug and alcohol treatment in Texas.

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    Lay Off The Carbohydrates

    In addition to being delicious, carbs are not the enemy. They’re your body’s go-to fuel source, so you need them, period. But in order to create glycogen, a form of energy that’s stored in your muscles and liver, carbohydrate molecules bind with water like it’s their job, says Langer. The more carbs you eat, the more water you hang onto, and the more bloated you feel. “This is still a bad reason to completely remove carbs from your diet,” says Langer. “But if you want to de-bloat, you can cut down on carbohydrates for a day or so and make the basis of your diet greens and lean proteins.”

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    Drinks With High Sodium Levels

    Shop bought vegetable juices and canned soups might be marketed as healthy, but this isnt always the case.

    Theyre often packed with sodium which is a big offender when it comes to bloating.

    While it still isnt understood why exactly sodium causes bloating, a contributing factor could be that it causes water retention.13

    Causes Of Alcohol Bloating Stomach

    Pin on GYM
    • Binge drinking or taking in large amount of alcohol.
    • The food taken in while drinking or prior to the drinking session can lead to alcohol bloating stomach. Since alcohol stimulates hunger, the tendency of the drinker is to eat while drinking which results to a bloated stomach.
    • Alcohol bloating is mainly due to the ingredients present in a typical alcoholic drink such as grains or wheat.
    • Toxins found in alcohol
    • Accumulated sulfur-bearing gasses in the walls of stomach
    • Because alcohol contains large amount of liquid calories, drinking large quantities would naturally make the stomach bloat.

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    Limit The Intake Of Sweetend Foods

    Research shows that there are a lot of foods we ingest with sweeteners which cause bloating and flatulence.

    Foods with sweeteners pile more pressure on your digestive system. When you consume foods with sugar alcohols in large amounts, your body is not able to digest most of them.

    When consumed in large quantities, they are moved to the large intestine where they produce excess gas, bloating, and diarrhea in extreme conditions.

    You can avoid this by taking just a small portion of foods with sweeteners to ease the burden on the absorption and digestion of sugars.

    Avoid Artificial Sweeteners And Limit Sugar

    Avoid diet sodas as well as diet juice cocktails that might contain added sweetener. While “diet” drinks might seem healthier thanks to their low calorie count, the artificial sweeteners used to flavor them can contribute to bloating. The reason is because some people have trouble processing artificial sweeteners. Bacteria in your digestive tract converts sorbitol, a type of sweetener, into gas, explains nutrition consultant Chris Fenn in an interview with the Mirror Online.

    And avoid drinks loaded with sugar. Sugar in your diet triggers your body to release insulin, a hormone that controls your blood sugar levels. But insulin also makes you retain sodium, so youll get a similar bloating effect to if you ate a salty meal.


    You dont need to deprive yourself of all sugar, just limit yourself to one very sugar drink, and go for less sweet options, like wine, for the rest of the night.

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    Is Alcohol Bloating Preventable

    If youve been drinking alcohol, you should drink water to quickly get rid of bloating in your face and stomach.

    In fact, drinking water before, during, and after drinking alcohol can help prevent its inflammatory effects on the body. If youre feeling bloated while drinking alcohol, switch over to drinking water.

    /7add Turmeric To Your Food

    How To Get Rid Of Bloating Stomach Remedies and Bloated Gas

    ADD TURMERIC TO YOUR FOOD: You must add turmeric powder to your food to prevent stomach bloating. Turmeric helps in treating and preventing stomach bloating as an ingredient present in turmeric, which is also referred to as curcumin is a fat-soluble antioxidant. Turmeric also has healing properties and treats abdominal pain and bloating.

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    Only Drink Water Or Tea

    When people are bloated, they tend to skimp on water because they think it will make their bloating worse. Since water retention is the body’s way of holding onto fluid so it doesn’t dehydrate, the opposite is true. Drinking lots of water signals the body that it no longer needs to hold onto every last drop to stay hydrated. “Fluids, specifically water, are absolutely key for optimal digestion,” says Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, registered dietitian and founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition.

    Does Putting Your Legs Up Help Bloating

    Whats more, inversions may help your body enter rest and digest mode, which stimulates digestion and supports regularity. The thinking behind this is if youre feeling bloated or cramped, lying with your legs up the wall will shift the gravitational pull on your digestive organs, helping to keep things moving.

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