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Is Chocolate Good For Heartburn

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Cocoa Is Rich In Polyphenols

Foods to avoid with Acid Reflux, GERD or Heartburn | Prilosec OTC

Furthermore, cocoa is rich in polyphenols, which have been proven to be very good for your health. For instance, they can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, lowering your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, it can reduce inflammation, which can be beneficial for preventing stomach and esophagus inflammation, thus reducing the frequency of your acid reflux and GERD symptoms.

As a result, consuming foods rich in polyphenols is a great idea to keep yourself healthy.

On top of that, cocoa may reduce your blood sugar levels and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. This is because the compounds in cocoa help you digest carbohydrates and transform them into energy slower so that your blood sugar levels dont spike throughout the day.

That also means that you will have more stable energy levels overall. In order to reap those health benefits, its best to consume unsweetened, organic cocoa or chocolate as those dont contain too much sugar.

While consuming natural cocoa is the healthiest option, dark chocolate with at least 80% of cocoa can be as healthy as cocoa. Plus, it tastes delicious. To get the health benefits, its important to pick chocolate high in cocoa instead of milky ones and white chocolate.

Acid Reflux Diet: 8 Foods To Eat & Avoid

Acid reflux, that irritating backflow of stomach acid up into your esophagus, is often triggered by what you eat and drink. Eat the wrong food and youâre sure to feel the burn. Some foods are known to cause reflux more than others.

Quick reminder: If you have heartburn more than twice per week, you may have a more serious condition called GERDschedule an appointment today.

Here are 8 foods to avoid if you have acid reflux, and 8 foods that keep you free from the burn and keep you healthier overall. A win-win!

Swap Fried Food For Baked Food

Fried food is incredibly high in fat that doesnt just cause acid reflux, but also contributes to weight gain and obesity. Swap fried food for baked foods instead. While that might not sound exciting, you can actually make yummy baked foods that taste like fried foods. Coat some sweet potato wedges or some sliced zucchini with some ground flax to make healthy fries and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes 1 hour for your own healthy French fries. Or, bake up some tempeh topped with herbs and spices instead of opting for chicken wings at the local fast food joint or restaurant.

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More Ways To Control Gerd With Dietary Changes

In addition to avoiding certain foods, there are even more dietary changes and lifestyle modifications you can make to control GERD. Exploring all the various ways you can manage this condition will help you discover what works best for you and make dealing with GERD that much easier on a daily basis.

Sorry Chocolate Is Not On Your Gerd Diet Menu

Does Chocolate Cause Heartburn? 19 News To Stay Safe Forever

Melon is good for acid reflux. However, as with bananas, a small percentage of those with acid reflux need to avoid it. Also included in the good-for-reflux category are honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Is Eating Oatmeal Good For Acid Reflux Heartburn Relief | Is Eating Oatmeal Good For Acid Reflux Causeshow to Is Eating Oatmeal Good For Acid Reflux for Your doctor will start with a physical exam. She”re having and your medical history. The next step may be a food diary. You”ll share your notes with your doctor.

The medical term for this process is gastroesophageal reflux the backward flow of acid is called acid reflux. Acid reflux can cause sore throats and hoarseness and may literally leave a bad taste in your mouth. When acid reflux produces chronic symptoms, it is known as gastroesophageal reflux disorder, or GERD.

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Foods That Make Acid Reflux Worse

  • Chocolate â Everyoneâs favorite treat comes with a dark side chocolate contains caffeine, cocoa, and plant chemicals that can all trigger heartburn. Also, a chemical in cocoa relaxes the LES, making it easier for stomach contents to leak into your esophagus.
  • Peppermint â Known for soothing an irritable bowel, peppermint has the opposite effect on acid reflux. Peppermint relaxes the muscles used for digestion, and a relaxed LES is a leaky LES.
  • Fatty foods â If you feel like fatty foods make you sluggish, youâre right. They relax your LES and are slower to digest than other foods. When food sits in your stomach longer, your body responds by making more acid. Fried foods like onion rings are obvious culprits, but meats like prime rib or bacon, and whole milk dairy products also cause symptoms.
  • Spicy foods â Spicy foods make acid reflux worse in two ways. First, the capsaicin in many spicy foods can slow digestion. But before it even gets that far, it can irritate an already irritated esophagus on its way down.
  • Acidic foods and drinks â Acidic foods are common triggers of acid reflux. Foods like citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato products, pineapple, and vinaigrette salad dressings all have a high acid content, contributing to an already acidic environment.
  • Garlic â Garlic, especially raw, is known to cause heartburn and upset stomach in healthy people. That makes it even more likely to cause issues for those who suffer from acid reflux.
  • More Tips To Help Find Relief:

    You should also avoid meat, eggs, most processed foods high in fat, and make it a point to include better options such as: raw leafy greens and green vegetables, sweet potatoes, figs, oatmeal, ginger, aloe vera, ripe bananas, herbs aside from mint, and fats such as avocado, pumpkin seeds and raw almonds which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and are more alkaline than animal fats or processed fats. See this list of more alkaline foods you can choose from for even more benefits.

    If you still suffer from acid reflux after watching your diet and lifestyle habits, be sure to see a specialist who can have some tests run and to suggest other possible options. While you should try to modify your diet and eating habits first, you also shouldnt ignore the need to see a specialist to rule out other causes that could lead to something more serious.

    Do you have any reflux relief tips to share that have worked for you?

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    When Heartburn Can Be A Sign Of Something More Serious

    Gastroenterology of San Francisco explained: If you have frequent heartburn of more than twice a week, you may have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease .

    “GERD is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter, a muscle that connects the esophagus and the stomach.

    “Over time, GERD may damage your esophagus or lead to a serioius complication called Barretts esophagus.

    “In Barretts esophagus, repeated exposure too stomach acid causes changes to esophageal cells.

    “These damaged cells can transform into esophageal andenocarcinoma, a potentially fatal cancer.

    Foods That Help Acid Reflux

    Easy Diet Changes to Keep Acid Reflux Away
  • Vegetables and non-citrus fruits â Aside from the âbadâ foods listed above, nearly all fruits and vegetables help reduce stomach acid. Theyâre also low fat, low sugar, and provide fiber and important nutrients.
  • Whole grains â High fiber, whole-grains like brown rice, oatmeal, and whole grain breads help stop symptoms of acid reflux. They are a good source of fiber and may help absorb stomach acid.
  • Lean protein â Low-fat, lean sources of protein also reduce symptoms. Good choices are chicken, seafood, tofu, and egg whites. The best ways to prepare them are baked, broiled, poached, or grilled.
  • Beans, peas, and lentils â Along with being good sources of fiber, beans, peas, and lentils also provide protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Nuts and seeds â Many nuts and seeds provide fiber and nutrients and may help absorb stomach acid. Almonds, peanuts, chia, pomegranate, and flaxseeds are all healthy choices.
  • Yogurt â Not only is yogurt soothing to an irritated esophagus, but it provides probiotics that support your digestive tract. Itâs also good source of protein.
  • Healthy fats â Fat is a necessary nutrient but eating too many fatty foods can trigger acid reflux. Replacing unhealthy fats with unsaturated fats can help. Avocados, olive oil, walnuts, and soy products are good choices for healthy fats.
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    Does Chocolate Cause Heartburn A Frequently Asked Question

    Lets start with the most common consideration.

    Chocolate is included in the list of heartburn triggers.

    This means that:

    • If you suffer from acid reflux, youre advised not to eat chocolate to prevent heartburn symptom
    • If you are not suffering from acid reflux, you still have to consider that the excessive consumption of chocolate can lead to similar symptoms

    To summarize, we can say that chocolate causes heartburn just because it promotes acid reflux.

    The result is no different than what happens with any other cause of acid reflux.

    Before to analyze specific mechanisms for the chocolate to determine reflux, we want to point out that there are some other conditions that contribute to reflux.

    They are:

    • Formation of gas

    When the above-listed conditions appear, acid reflux can be more likely to occur.

    This because of the increased pressure in the abdomen, which weakens the closure of the lower esophageal sphincter.

    Fennel And Green Vegetables

    Fennel is not common in Western diets, but it can be a delicious, heartburn friendly addition to your diet.

    Fennel is considered a low acid vegetable, so it should be safe for most people who have heartburn.

    An easy way to add fennel to your diet is to slice the bottom white part and put in with your salads. It can also be eaten just how it is for a crunchy, slightly licorice taste.

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    Soy Foods: Enjoy Some Avoid Some

    Whole soybeans , like other beans, are a source of GOS, which are hard-to-digest chains of sugars. Tofu and tempeh are made using processes that eliminate some of the GOS, making them easier on your digestion. What about soy milk? It depends. If soy milk is made with only soybean isolates or soy protein, then it should be low in FODMAPs. Soy milk made with whole soybeans is likely a source of GOS, making it a gassy beverage for some, so read the ingredients.

    Foods That May Help Relieve Heartburn

    Does Chocolate Help In Periods

    While many foods can make your heartburn worse, there are several foods that may help relieve symptoms.

    Here are some foods that may help relieve heartburn:

    • Ginger: This is a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting. While there is limited evidence about gingers effects on heartburn, it may help reduce reflux (
    • 41 ).

    Summary While many foods can make your heartburn symptoms worse, there are plenty of foods that may ease heartburn symptoms. These include ginger, bananas and melons, veggies, oatmeal, grains and potatoes.

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    Acidic Drinks Or Foods

    Acidic foods and drinks can worsen your GERD symptoms or contribute to an acid reflux episode. In addition to some foods discussed above, like coffee, this includes foods such as:

    • Citrus fruit, such as oranges and grapefruit
    • Citrus juice, such as orange juice and lemon or lime juice
    • Garlic, onions, and other alliums
    • Mint and mint-flavored foods and drinks
    • Tomatoes and tomato products, such as tomato sauce or ketchup
    • Processed foods.

    Even foods that are traditionally considered healthy, such as pineapple, can aggravate acid reflux events because of their acidity. Foods that are naturally high in acid can affect the overall acidity of your stomach and heighten your GERD symptoms. Eat acidic foods only in moderation, if at all, and pay careful attention to how you feel after doing so.

    Do You Have Any Tips For How To Eat Chocolate With Acid Refluxif You Have Acid Reflux Id Love To Hear Your Insight On This Topic

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    Protein May Be Helpful

    4 ).

    A study in 217 people with heartburn found that those who consumed more protein were less likely to have symptoms .

    Researchers believe that protein may help in treating heartburn because it stimulates gastrin secretion.

    Gastrin is a hormone that also increases LES contraction and promotes the emptying of your stomachs contents, also known as gastric emptying. This means that less food is available to move back up.

    However, gastrin is also involved in the secretion of stomach acid, which may end up increasing the burning feeling in your chest (

    Therefore, its unclear whether the protein in milk prevents or worsens heartburn.


    10 ).

    High-fat foods relax the LES muscles, making it easier for your stomachs contents to reflux back up .

    Also, since fats take longer to digest than proteins and carbs, they delay gastric emptying. This means that the stomach empties its contents at a slower rate an issue thats already common among people with heartburn .

    Delayed gastric emptying has been associated with increased esophageal exposure to gastric acid and a higher volume of food available to move backward to the esophagus. These factors would make heartburn worse .

    If you dont want to give up drinking milk, you can go for a reduced-fat option. This can contain 02.5 grams of fat, depending on whether its skimmed or low-fat .


    Milks fat content may make heartburn worse, as it relaxes the LES and delays gastric emptying.

    Does Dark Chocolate Cause Heartburn

    Mayo Clinic Minute: Timing snacks to avoid heartburn

    The roles of chocolate, along with coffee and the possible effects that alcohol can exert, are widely discussed.

    What weve presented above is the most up-to-date set of information to answer the question: does chocolate cause heartburn?

    The answer is YES, it does.

    But there also is a series of information to remember, to avoid mistakes now and for the future.

    The list of 19 takeaways is below.

    #2) If you are not suffering from acid reflux, you still have to consider that the excessive consumption of chocolate can lead to similar symptoms.

    #3) According to the Stanford study, there is currently no evidence to show that any of the dietary restrictions usually recommended make a difference.

    #4) Cocoa powder is acidic.

    #5) Thats why chocolate intake can predispose to more serious symptoms when reflux occurs.

    #6) When reflux occurs, chocolate can be responsible for more serious effects because of the increased acidity of stomach content.

    #7) But some people report more symptoms than others.

    #8) Chocolate, like many other fat-rich foods, acts on the LES , by relaxing it.

    #9) Chocolate has the serotonin hormone that can relax the lower esophageal sphincter in turn.

    #10) Pregnant women have to be very careful in consuming chocolate.

    #11) Chocolate contains the compounds theobromine and caffeine.

    #12) Both theobromine and caffeine act on the LES, by reducing the pressure and making it relax thats why reflux occurs.

    As always, remember that personal experience is essential.

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    Drinks To Avoid With Acid Reflux

    by Health Writer

    Gastroesophageal reflux disease causes different symptoms in different people. It can take time to figure out what lifestyle modifications work well for you. That said, some foods and drinks are more likely to trigger reflux symptoms than others. Avoiding the following drinks may be a good place to start when trying to feel your best while living with acid reflux.

    Can Butter Cause Gerd

    Butters creamy texture and rich flavor can be attributed to its high fat concentration. The fat content of butter is around 80%, while the rest are milk proteins and water. Granted that our body needs fat to function normally, but too much fatty foods can worsen symptoms of gerd.

    Here are two ways that butter may not be good for gerd:

  • Some fatty foods can cause the muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter to relax.

  • Since this valve of the lower esophagus serves as a barrier that separates the esophagus from the stomach, when this muscle loosens its hold, acid from the stomach can escape into the esophagus and give rise to heartburn.

  • Other fatty foods can trigger the stomach to produce more acid.

  • Foods high in fat stimulate production of the hormone cholecystokinin . CCK also relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter and brings about acid reflux. Furthermore, CCK spurs the food to stay in the stomach longer for better digestion which boosts the risk of acid reflux leading to heartburn.

    Unfortunately, butter belongs to both categories. Other high-fat foods that can generate the same reaction are cheese, avocados, and nuts.

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    Heartburn Triggers: Large Meals And Fatty Foods

    A big greasy burger and supersized serving of fries right before bedtime is a good way to fuel the flame of heartburn. Fatty foods, large portions, and late-night meals are the top three triggers that affect many people with heartburn.

    Heartburn is most common after eating a large meal. A belly full of too much food stretches the stomach, causing you to feel “stuffed.” Stomachstretching, or distention, puts pressure on the LES, the ring of muscle that keeps stomach acids from moving in the wrong direction. So juices from your last meal may come back to haunt you. This can happen when eating large amounts of any food, not just foods known to trigger your heartburn symptoms.

    Fatty foods are big no-nos if you suffer from heartburn. High-fat foods sit around in your belly longer. This makes your stomach produce more acid, irritating your digestive system. And fatty and greasy foods lead to a lazy, relaxed LES. So not only do you have more irritating stomach acids, you’re more likely to have the contents splash back up your throat. Ouch!

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