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What Is An Ib Course In High School

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How Does College Credit Work For Ib

is the IB diploma worth it? from a 45 student (high school vs. college)

IB exams are recognized for college credit in a way similar to how AP exams are used. You don’t have to earn the IB Diploma to get credit for individual classes, as colleges give credit course by course. For example, check out Stanford’s chart for IB credit.

Most IB classes come in two forms: Higher Level and Standard Level . We will discuss this in more detail below. Some colleges only give credit for HL classes, as Stanford does.

Also, some colleges will completely waive General Education requirements for students who have completed the full IB Diploma. See the University of Utah’s policy here as an example.

This means that a student with an IB Diploma could totally skip Gen Ed classes and jump right into their major. This would obviously save a ton of time and money, and shows why getting the IB Diploma can be a huge advantage.

To find a school’s policy on IB credit, search for ” IB credit policy.” Most universities have a dedicated web page for explaining their IB credit policies.

Outcomes Of Ib Classes

In addition to university readiness, DP students are also more likely to persist at university . A study conducted by IB and SRI Education found that DP graduates in the United States experienced more positive postsecondary enrollment, persistence, and graduation rates than the average American high school student.

An earlier study found that students that received the full IB Diploma were 35% more likely to enroll in higher education, and 40% more likely to graduate from a four-year institution than the average American high school student.

Longer-Term Outcomes

While many students focus on more immediate outcomes of the IB program, the benefits extend far past university. A global study of IB alumni found that the IB has the potential to powerfully shape the lives of the students who participate in its programs.

A majority of former IB students in the study reported experiencing profound and long-lasting effects. These are consistent with the goals of the IB Learner Profile, a roadmap for student development. Examples of these longer-term impacts include:

  • the development of international-mindedness
  • positive dispositions towards lifelong learning

Frequently Asked Questions About Ib And Ap Classes

It depends. Some students argue that IB is more challenging because of the emphasis on critical thinking and the more application-focused evaluations. However, both IB and AP classes are considered college-level courses that many students find challenging.

Most schools will allow you to take both AP and IB courses. However, depending on the school and your course schedule, completing the IB Diploma Programme while taking AP courses may not be possible. Check with your school to find out what its policy is.

According to a survey released in 2011 by the International Insight Research Group , compared to the general acceptance rate, the acceptance rate of IB students into Ivy League institutions was 3-13 percentage points higher.

Harvard does not explicitly state a preference for IB or AP courses. To receive credit for IB classes, accepted students must earn an IB diploma. Incoming students must earn a score of 5 on at least four AP exams to earn college credit at Harvard. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Do Colleges Prefer Ap Or Ib

Colleges typically do not state a preference for AP or IB courses. Both options are rigorous and can help you earn college credit depending on your exam scores. If your school only offers AP or IB, you may want to simply stick with what is available.

If your school offers both, you should decide which program would be the most beneficial for you. While you can take both IB and AP courses, pursuing the IB diploma and preparing for AP exams may prove challenging. Unlike the IB program, AP offerings allow you to only take courses in the subjects you choose.

How Do I Join The Ib Programme

International Baccalaureate Programme

Over 900 high schools in the United States offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This is a two-year program for eligible juniors and seniors. Typically, high schools allow only students with a certain grade point average who have taken specific preparatory classes as freshmen and sophomores to take part in the program. You can search for high schools that offer the IB Diploma Programme here. Once youve verified that its offered at your high school, be sure to look into any specific requirements that your school may have by exploring its website or talking to a guidance counselor.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Ib Program

One of the chief benefits of the IB program is that it provides academic preparation for college. IB courses are known for being interdisciplinary, requiring a good deal of independent thinking, and assigning oral presentations and original researchall characteristics of college courses.

Spoiler alert: college-level research involves a bit more work than just Googling something.

Especially if you earn the full IB Diploma, your IB courses will be a great way of showing that you have taken tough courses in a range of subjects, from math to English to history to science, and are able to manage college-level coursework.

As we discussed before, colleges want to see that you’ve taken the most advanced classes available to you. And taking IB is a great way to do just that.

In addition to getting preparation for college, you can get credit for college classes by passing IB exams. Again, you don’t need to complete the full IB Diploma to earn credit, so if you don’t think you can fit the IB Diploma into your schedule, it might still benefit you to take a few individual IB classes.

Unfortunately, taking an IB exam isn’t cheap. There’s a $119 fee per exam. While this is a lot of money, it’s still much less than the tuition you would pay for the same intro-level college course.

Many schools also have their own financial aid programs for IB. Learn more about IB costs here.

Benefits Of Taking Ib Courses

Whether the college you ultimately attend gives college credit for IB courses or not, taking IB courses give great advantages to students:

  • Better prepared for college. IB courses are at a higher level than the general courses in high schools. Many see IB courses as college-level. Therefore, if students are doing well and are able to keep up in their IB courses, the transition to college work should be smooth.
  • Critical thinking skills. IB strongly encourages students to think critically. This is not always the case for students in general classes. Critical thinking skills are important for everyone to have and are much needed as a college student.
  • Impress the admissions committee. Even if the college does not offer college credit for IB courses, most admissions committees see IB as challenging. Most students who partake in IB courses choose to take the classes or the IB programme. Therefore, this is proof that students are pushing themselves academically. This is something that most admissions officers want to see students do in their high school careers.
  • Help with major selection. IB courses dig much deeper than general courses. Therefore, IB students get to experience a lot more of a subject than they would in a general class. This can help students narrow down their list for the major they want to study in college.
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    Why Should I Consider The Ib Programme

    International Baccalaureate programs are offered and recognized worldwide. The idea is that students in a variety of different countries will learn the same curriculum during high school. When it comes time for students to apply for college, institutes of higher education will know exactly what an applicants high school curriculum entailed. Theyll also know that the student has met college entry requirements.

    Within the United States alone, over 1,600 colleges have policies that recognize the IB coursework that students completed in high school. For some institutions, qualifying grades on IB exams are enough to bestow college credit, while at other institutions, qualifying grades may not provide credit but may allow students to skip ahead past introductory-level classes.

    Faculty Of Arts And Social Sciences

    International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program at Valencia High School

    Anthropology Archaeology Asia-Canada Cognitive Science Criminology Economics English Explorations First Nations French French Cohort Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Gerontology Hellenic Studies History Humanities International Studies Labour Studies Languages Latin American Studies Linguistics Philosophy Political Science Psychology Sociology World Literature

    • Must meet general requirements – no additional faculty/program course prerequisites

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    What Is The International Baccalaureate Program

    Founded more than 40 years ago by the International School of Geneva in Switzerland, the IB diploma programs operates in more than 3,800 schools in 146 countries.

    Taking IB Courses

    Use the IBO search tool to find a school in your area. Schools admit students to the program in different ways. Some schools conduct a series of personal interviews and require entrance essays . Talk to your junior high school guidance counsellor for more information.

    You might also get post-secondary credit for the class if you pass the IB exam and if it meets your post-secondary institutions admission requirements.

    Receiving Post-Secondary Credit for IB Courses

    To receive post-secondary credit for IB courses, you need to:

    Does Ap Or Ib Give You More College Credit

    The amount of college credit you earn for AP exams depends on the score you received, your college’s policies, and the AP exam subject. Most colleges award credit for scores of 4 or 5, regardless of the AP subject. Many colleges also accept a 3, but credit awarded may vary based on the subject.

    Students may earn credit for IB courses, but the amount of credit also varies. Some colleges only award college credit to students who hold a full IB diploma, while others may award credit for individual exams.

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    University Credit For Ib

    As any student with international ambitions knows, the requirements for university admissions and transferring credits from high school can be different from one country to the next.

    When preparing to take IB classes or to sign up for the IB diploma program, students and their parents will want to speak with their guidance counselor about how IB fits into their desired program of study. Similarly, college counselors will be able to advise students on the potential college credits that students can earn for each successfully completed IB course and examination.

    In many cases, students will find a clear IB credit transfer chart on the Admissions portion of each universitys website.

    Depending on the IB class in question, students can earn between one and two-quarters of credit for classes like Chemistry, Mathematics, Computing, French, and Spanish.

    Tips For Choosing And Thriving In International Baccalaureate

    IB Program â Academics â Valencia High School

    Preparing for IB can be an intimidating and, at times, confusing process. Both deciding on an IB program and doing well once enrolled takes a lot of early preparation. These tips can help students determine whether or not IB is a good fit for them, and can help ensure they stay on track and get the most from their IB program without getting overwhelmed.

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    These Apply To Bc High School Students For Admission To Fall 2019 Onwards

    Students completing the partial or Certificate IB program:

    • IB courses may be in used in place of an approved Grade 12 course to fulfill the admission requirements of List A and/or List B courses.
    • IB courses with direct course equivalents will be used as such.
    • IB courses with subject area equivalents may be used within List A for certain programs, as noted below, otherwise they will be considered as List B.

    IB Course

    May 2020 Examination Results

    In March 2020, the IB announced that exams for the May 2020 session had been canceled as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It claimed that final grades would instead be calculated based on course work, students’ teacher-predicted grades, and historic school data. “Prior to the attribution of final grades, this process was subjected to rigorous testing by educational statistical specialists to ensure our methods were robust. It was also checked against the last five years sets of results data,” an IB spokesman said. In July 2020, the IB released its results for Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme candidates enrolled in the May 2020 session. Over 17,000 signatories signed an online petition calling for a clarification of the grading methodology, and for free remarking and retesting. Several educators have criticized IB’s approach to the 2020 grading.The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation stated it would “scrutinize” the grades. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority asked the IB to provide data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

    Some argued that using a school’s historical data to produce grades was unfair to black or low-income students, or students from smaller schools. Others complained about the lack of transparency and fair process of the grades’ appeal process.

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    What Classes Do I Take If I Join The Ib Programme

    The IB Diploma Programme requires students to take a variety of classes in six subject areas: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Science, Math, and the Arts.

    Classes are offered at two levels: standard level and higher level . In a given year, students must take three or four higher-level classes, and the remainder must be standard level. The classes generally cover the same material, but higher-level classes may delve deeper into some of the covered topics or include topics that are beyond the scope of a standard-level class. For example, Language A: Literature at the standard level covers 10 literary works, while the higher level covers 13.

    In addition to taking classes from the six subjects listed above, students are also required to complete three other requirements:

    What Is The Ib Program

    Why Choose The PHS IB Program?

    Designed in Switzerland in the 1960s, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is an academically challenging program of study, designed to prepare students aged 16 to 19 for success at university and life beyond. Its purpose is to give students around the world a chance to earn a rigorous, internationally recognized diploma, which can be used for entry into top universities around the world.

    To earn an IB Diploma, studentsmust meet the requirements, including classes in the six subject groups, passing IB exams, and completing three additional core requirements.

    IB classes can be taken either on their own as part of a separate diploma, like the American high school diploma, or as part of the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma. This program, typically taken over Grades 11 and 12, helps students develop, physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

    This kind of balanced approach makes a major impact on students during these critical, final years of secondary education, when questions about their future studies, career ambitions, and personal goals are top of mind.

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    Ap Courses Are More Common Than Ib Courses

    There are 38 AP exams available. Although not every high school in the U.S. offers AP exams for all subjects, students can typically pursue several AP options at their school. According to the College Board, 1.2 million students took 4.1 million exams in 2020.

    IB courses and programs are not as common in the U.S. As of July 2021, there were over 5,500 IB schools and 7,500 programs offered worldwide. Roughly 1.95 million students ages 3-19 participated in IB courses and programs however, less than half of these programs were based in the Americas.

    Alumni Shaping The Future

    To celebrate the IBs 50th anniversary, wed like you to meet some of our alumni who graduated from the IB Diploma Programme and went on to report from war zones, change the lives of refugees, create beautiful music, and soar through space. Our alumni do incredible things every day to make their communityand the worlda better, more peaceful place. These are just a few who represent what it means to be an IB graduate, and what it means to put the skills learned in the IB into practice.

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    What Is An Ap Course

    An Advance Placement course is a college-level class that is designed for high-school students. The goal is to connect students to college success through allowing them to take college classes while still in high school. Studies show that AP students are generally more successful at college compared with other students. In fact, AP courses are the best way to encourage a high school student to enter college. Students report that AP classes are typically more interesting and beneficial than other classes. These classes increase a students academic competency while offering challenges and rewards.

    How Common Are Ib Course Options

    IB Diploma Programme

    Although this program is more popular abroad than it is within the United States, the IBDP has 891 participating schools in the U.S.. However, its not as common as the AP program in the U.S. Some high schools are reluctant to offer the IB program because of the cost of having teachers trained and less of a demand from students, who may not be as familiar with IB as AP.

    IBs also differ from APs in that that you cant self-study for them as you may be able to with APs in some cases. You must take IB courses through an officially certified school you cant simply sit for an exam without taking the class.

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