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Can Birth Control Cause Bloating

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How To Take Them:

Debunking top myths about birth control pills | GMA Digital

When it comes to digestive enzyme supplements, there are two major categories available: plant- or microbe-based and animal-based.

Research shows there is no standard dosage for digestive enzyme supplements, so if youre going to supplement with digestive enzymes, follow the directions on the label. In general, digestive enzymes are considered safe and dont typically cause surprises however, if you take too many, some people may experience queasiness and loose stools, so ease into it until you find your ideal amount.

Reasons Why Birth Control Pill Might Affect Intestinal Microbiome

Bio-K+On April 23, 2018

Weve said it before taking a course of antibiotics means supplementing with probiotics to help replenish the good microflora that gets wiped out by the medication. But have you ever considered the need to take a probiotic to support taking a long-term, prescribed medication, such as oral birth control pill?

A hormonal birth control pill can be considered wonderful in many ways. It is not only an extremely effective tool for preventing pregnancy but is also often prescribed to help alleviate many symptoms such as acne, painful menstruation and endometriosis. If youre one of the many women who takes an oral contraceptive pill daily, you have your reasons. And, if its working for you, you already understand how this simple step each day can positively support the needs of your body. But did you know you should also consider taking a daily probiotic in conjunction with your pill regimen to support overall wellness in your body?

How the pill can impact your microflora

1. General change to the makeup of your microbiome

2. Dysbiosis

We refer to an altered state of gut flora as dysbiosis. Some of the main issues associated with it are:

3. Increased risk for GI Inflammation

4. Compromised nutrient absorption

How to support your gut on the pill

The good news is that you dont have to stop taking the pill to help support your gut. But there are some simple things you can do to give it a little more love.

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There Are Other Uses For The Pill

The uses of the pill go beyond contraception. In addition to pregnancy prevention, the following hormonal options provide health benefits:

  • Don’t have an increased risk of heart attack or stroke

The pill may be especially beneficial for perimenopausal people in their mid-to-late 40s who have heavy or irregular periods.

A prescription is the only way to get the pill. In general, healthcare providers don’t need a parent’s permission to prescribe the pill to a teenager, but this varies with state laws. Teenagers have to show the healthcare provider they understand the risks and benefits of their decision.

Pills, IUDs, and implants are proven to be safe and effective in teens. However, starting the pill is a big decision, so teens may want to talk about it with a parent or trusted adult first.

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The Best Supplements For Bloating

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  • Dose: 1 capsule
  • Key ingredients: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis , tributyrin, a prebiotic blend

Probioticsare live bacteria that have many potential benefits for the GI tract. Though evidenceon effectiveness is mixed, some studies show that probiotics may enhance overall gut health.

The Ritual Gut Health Synbiotic+ supplement contains prebiotics and probiotics, plus an ingredient they refer to as a postbiotic. The supplement contains 11 billion CFUs in one capsule and includes two strains of probiotics that are well-studied. These probiotic strains have the potential to decrease bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Ritual Gut Health Synbiotic+ is gluten and major allergen free and non-GMO.

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Could Your Spotting Be Due To The Pill

How To Get Bloated Stomach Down

As if bleeding during that week isnt bad enough for many women, some forms of birth control actually cause spotting or breakthrough bleeding throughout the month. This is usually caused by an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. Progestin-only methods like the Mirena IUD, Depo-Provera shot, and Nexplanon implant are the most common offenders. Additionally, progestin-only pills need to be taken at the exact same time every day and even a little deviation can cause irregular bleeding.

You can read my full blog post on spotting and irregular bleeding here.

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What Your Healthcare Provider Might Say

Combined hormonal contraceptives are birth control methods that contain two hormones and include most pills, the patch, the ring, and some shots. Progestin-only contraceptives contain just a form of progestin hormone and include the implant, most intrauterine devices , a shot, and certain pills.

There is not enough evidence to say that combined hormonal contraceptives cause weight changes, but if they do, the change in weight is likely small . In people using progestin-only contraceptives, most studies do not show an increase in weight or body fat, but some do show a small increase . Some people will gain weight on birth control, and some people may be more prone to weight gain than others.

Hormonal contraceptives have a number of uses in addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy. They are also used to treat or reduce symptoms of PCOS), endometriosis, heavy, irregular, or painful periods, and anemia. Fear of gaining weight may keep someone from starting birth control, or could lead to them using it incorrectly or inconsistently, or could cause them to stop using it altogether. This could leave someone without effective protection from unwanted pregnancy or without treatment for a condition. Talking to a healthcare provider can help you consider the possible risks and benefits of taking hormonal birth control.

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Ibs And Birth Control: Whats The Connection

by Sara Kahn, MS, CNS, CDN | Mar 16, 2021 |

Are your medications making your digestion worse? Your IBS and birth control may just be going hand-in-hand ack!

Before we dive into this topic, we just want to mention that this blog post is not anti-birth control. Unfortunately, there is a limited understanding of potential digestive health issues related to birth control. We feel that having comprehensive information about the risks and benefits of taking hormonal birth control empowers women to be better informed and better advocates of the healthcare choices that best serve them.

In this article, we discuss what the potential consequences are of taking hormonal birth controlwere guessing that your prescribing physician didnt warn you about these.

And we also know that these symptoms are not in your head. Too often women are not taken seriously when they bring up concerns to their doctors. In fact, my doctor was totally dismissive of how hormones were impacting my digestion. When you work with us, please know that well listen to you and trust you.

Medical professionals are not discussing or acknowledging the powerful connections between your prescriptions and unintended consequences, like IBS! Lets dive in so that you can make a more informed decision about what medications are a good fit for you.

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How Long Does A Bloated Stomach Last

If your bloating is due to something you ate or drank or to hormone fluctuations, it should begin to ease within a few hours to days. If you are constipated, it wont go down until you start pooping. Water, exercise and herbal teas can help encourage all of these things along. If it doesnt go away or gets worse, seek medical attention.

Can Your Period Stop Coming On The Pill

Depo-Provera Shot Side Effects, Schedule & More

Taking your birth control pills correctly, every day, at the exact time, doesnt guarantee that everything will go perfectly. In fact, some women on birth control will not get their period at all.

While you might rejoice at the thought of experiencing no period, it is no laughing matter. Amenorrhea is caused by too little estrogen and progesterone and if a doctor just prescribes a different birth control, it will just mask the issue instead of fixing it. The only way to address birth control-related amenorrhea is to come off the birth control and begin beefing up your diet and supplement regimen.

If you want to learn more about how the pill and other hormonal birth control methods damage your amazing body, read this post.

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Chronic Headaches Are Taking Over Your Life

Chronic headaches, including some types of migraines, have been linked to hormonal fluctuations in women. Birth control pills may worsen or even cause them. There are many different brands , each varying in the types and doses of key hormones and some women are just more sensitive to one or both of these hormones exacerbating this effect, Dr. Ross says. This means you may need to experiment to figure out which hormone combinations help or hurt your head.

What Are Levonorgestrel And Ulipristal

Unlike the other pills, these arenât intended for regular birth control. Levonorgestrel and ulipristal acetate can greatly lower your chances of getting pregnant if you had unprotected sex or if youâre concerned that your usual birth control method didnât work.

Levonorgestrel is about 88% effective if you use it as directed. You need to take it as soon as possible within 3 days of having sex.

Ulipristal is about 60% to 70% effective if you use it correctly. You need to take it ASAP within 5 days of having sex.

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Reduce Your Salt Consumption

Reduced salt intake may aid in lowering bloat triggered by water retention. If you’d like to add more flavour to your cuisine but do not want to use salt, consider adding vinegar or lemon. Apple cider vinegar, in particular, could be a terrific complement and may help with digestion. You may also include seasonings that are low in salt.

Moreover, chewing gum, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and sugar are also quick to cause gas and bloating. Thus, if you frequently have to bloat throughout menopause, it might be preferable to ingest them within limits.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of My Constant Gas Consumption

Can Iud Cause Stomach Bloating

If you eat and drink slowly, you can reduce belching. You can swallow less air if you take your time.

Carbonated beverages and beer should be avoided. Carbon dioxide is released as a result of their use. Skip the hard candy and gum.

Dont smoke. Examine your dentures. Get moving.

Treat heartburn. If you eat and drink slowly, you can reduce belching. You can swallow less air if you take your time.

Carbonated beverages and beer should be avoided. Carbon dioxide is released as a result of their use. Skip the hard candy and gum.

Dont smoke. Examine your dentures. Get moving. Treat heartburn.

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Can Stopping The Pill Or Other Forms Of Hormonal Birth Control Cause A Change In Appearance

Some forms of birth control can cause weight gain and also an increase in breast size. When you stop taking hormonal birth control that caused these side effects the effects will go away which can lead to weight loss and also a decrease in breast size. But if your weight gain or loss on the pill was not due to the birth control you will not fluctuate any more than you normally do.

Also, it is possible for women who stop taking the pill to lose or gain hair. Some forms of birth control have higher levels of certain hormones that cause hair to fall out more slowly than usual. Once birth control is stopped, hair can start to fall out at increased rates for about six months after stopping the pill. For women who had hair loss related to hormonal imbalances before starting the pill, stopping the pill can cause this condition to return.The opposite can also be true, where your birth control causes your hair to fall out faster than usual. In this case, you will notice less hair falling out.

Stopping birth control can also lead to an increase in androgen hormones. These hormones can cause coarse, dark hair to grow on the face, chest, or back.

What Can I Do To Minimize Ibs Symptoms While On Birth Control

Now that you know that your hormonal birth control medication and IBS symptoms may be linked, you may be wondering if you need to stop taking it.

Not necessarily.

Medications are one of many potential causes of IBS.

If youre struggling with IBS symptoms, a few strategies you can prioritize include:

  • Getting a good nights sleep, as often as possible
  • Having regular exercise that you enjoy
  • Reducing stress
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol
  • Drinking plenty of water

But if those strategies are not enough to quell your IBS symptoms, it may be time to ask for some help .

IBS is a condition that will stick around unless youre able to identify, and treat, the root cause. Easier said than done, but weve had lots of practice!

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Your Weight Will Probably Stay The Same

Dont ditch birth control solely to drop a few pounds. Though many women believe theyve gained weight on the pill, scientific research hasnt actually found a link between oral contraceptive use and weight gain. In a 2014 review of 49 relevant trials, birth control did not appear to have a major impact on weight. There has been no definitive evidence showing that startingor stoppingbirth control pills will affect your weight, says Neha Bhardwaj, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

What Are The Benefits Of Combination Pills

Real Questions – Can birth control pills cause or prevent cancer?

You have less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant if you use them exactly as directed. That means taking your pill every day. Their effects are easy to reverse, too. When you want to get pregnant, stop taking them. Itâs possible to get pregnant right away.

Usually, if you miss two of these pills in a row, youâll need to use backup birth control for a week.

Combo pills have benefits beyond birth control.

  • They help regulate your period and lessen cramping.
  • They can lower your risk of certain cancers.
  • They might clear your acne.
  • Two brands are approved to treat a severe form of premenstrual syndrome.

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Aim For Moderation And Diversity

Overloading your diet with any of these foods is unlikely to help. It could in fact make your bloating worse.

For example, increasing fibre and not increasing water can worsen constipation. This is because water is needed to help fibre to pass through the digestive tract.

Another example is, for people with digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, eating large quantities of allium vegetables can trigger gas, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation.

Is Birth Control Bad For Your Gut

Leaky gut, good gut bug chaos and autoimmune disease are all on the table when we start birth control. Im not shaming you if youve been using birth controlrather, I want you to know the risks if you do decide hormonal birth control is best for you.

I was a kid with chronic gut issues who turned into a teen who popped a daily pill thinking she knew better than her body. We can all be grateful I went to natural medical school and didnt get pregnant in the mix. Thank you birth control! But man, I really wish I knew that all those food sensitivities could have been due to the pill.

And I really wish my patients had the info they needed before they started birth control and ended up in my office with SIBO, yeast infections, gut dysbiosis, heartburn, or me having to give them a new diagnosis of autoimmune disease.

But look, Ive been there, you may have been there, or someone you love as has been thereusing hormonal birth control without a clue that it could cause gut issues.

And maybe youre reading this now, on hormonal birth control, and thinking OMG what do I do? Or maybe thats just me thinking what I would think as my teenage self.

Look, wherever you are in your journey, I got you. If youve ever taken birth control then there is a serious need to love your gut up and if youre on it now, read on!

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Quick Review: What Is Ibs

Women are more likely to have IBS this may be due, in part, to differences in our hormones. And hormonal birth control may just make your digestive symptoms worse ack!

While symptoms of IBS can vary from person to person , IBS might feel like:

  • Feeling full too soon during eating
  • Gas and bloating
  • Constipation, diarrhea

There are many potential causes of IBSand there can be more than one. For more in-depth information about IBS, .

In the meantime, lets start to explore what is in your birth control as well as the potential link between IBS and birth control medication.

How Long Does Nausea Last

13 Most Common Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

According to the Center for Young Womens Health, most side effects of birth control pills go away after the person has been taking the pills for a few days.

A person will usually experience fewer side effects after taking the pills for 34 months. This is because the body becomes more accustomed to the hormones over time.

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Studies Show Estrogen Slows Down Intestinal Contractility Resulting In Slower Transit Time

Studies show Estrogen slows down intestinal contractility resulting in slower transit time and slower transit time allows bacteria to accumulate. In this study, it was found that 32 % of 1,657 women who started taking oral contraceptive pills discontinued them within six months 46 % stopped taking the pill due to side effects.

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