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Does Marijuana Help Ibs Symptoms

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Quality Of The Cbd Product

Relieve the Excruciating Symptoms of IBD and IBS with Medical Cannabis

Again, the CBD market remains unregulated, so you have to know what to look for in premium-quality CBD products when you buy locally or online. These include:

  • Laboratory test result or certificate of analysis by a certified third-party: This shows the CBD products quality, potency, and safety. It looks for the presence of toxic residues, harmful residual solvents, heavy metals, and pathogenic microbes. It also makes sure that the product contains its stated cannabinoid and terpene profiles and potency.
  • CBD source: The source material must be organically grown and free from artificial pesticides. CBD should also be extracted using safe and clean methods like the supercritical CO2 extraction process.
  • Customer reviews: These tell a lot about the CBD product, so stay away from those receiving more negative feedback than positive ones.

The Truth About Cbd For Ibs

CBD may be popular, but there isnt yet proof that it helps IBS symptoms. While early data suggest it may play a helpful role in regulating gut motility, reducing gut pain, and supporting the nervous system, much more research is needed.

There are many proven and effective treatments for IBS, and it makes sense to keep your focus on these approaches. However, If youre CBD curious, try CBD as a short-term trial and dont expect miracles.

  • Lynch ME, Campbell F. Cannabinoids for treatment of chronic non-cancer pain a systematic review of randomized trials. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2011 Nov 72:735-44. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2125.2011.03970.x. PMID: 21426373 PMCID: PMC3243008.
  • History Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    In older documents, names used to describe IBS included:

    • Functional colitis
    • Constipation or diarrhea sometimes alternating bouts of both of these
    • Mucus in your stools

    IBS is often a chronic condition. Its likely there will be times when your symptoms are better or worse than others. You may even have periods where your symptoms show a marked improvement or disappear entirely.

    Its crucial to see your doctor if you have a persistent change in your bowel habits or if you feel youre exhibiting any other signs of IBS. You need to rule out any more serious, underlying conditions. Symptoms that may indicate you could have a more serious health problem include:

    • Weight loss
    • Abdominal pain that occurs or gets worse at night

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    Final Hit: Can You Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Cannabis

    So lets get to the bottom of it. Can you treat irritable bowel syndrome with cannabis? Based on what science tells us, weed can probably help if you have IBS.

    According to current research, cannabis can effectively treat a number of the underlying causes of IBS. This includes regulating the digestive system and decreasing intestinal inflammation. Similarly, cannabis can make up for endocannabinoid deficiencies that can trigger IBS. Finally, medical cannabis can help IBS patients cope with the pain, frustration, and depression that often accompanies the disorder.

    Cannabinoids Treat Symptoms Of Ibs

    CBD For IBS


    What does the colon do?

    The colon, which is about five feet long, connects the small intestine to the rectum and anus. The major function of the colon is to absorb water, nutrients, and salts from the partially digested food that enters from the small intestine. Two pints of liquid matter enter the colon from the small intestine each day. Stool volume is a third of a pint. The difference between the amount of fluid entering the colon from the small intestine and the amount of stool in the colon is what the colon absorbs each day.

    Colon motilitythe contraction of the colon muscles and the movement of its contentsis controlled by nerves, hormones, and impulses in the colon muscles. These contractions move the contents inside the colon toward the rectum. During this passage, water and nutrients are absorbed into the body, and what is left over is stool. A few times each day contractions push the stool down the colon, resulting in a bowel movement. However, if the muscles of the colon, sphincters, and pelvis do not contract in the right way, the contents inside the colon do not move correctly, resulting in abdominal pain, cramps, constipation, a sense of incomplete stool movement, or diarrhea.

    Active infections

    What is the treatment for IBS?

    Alternative medicineYogaAcupunctureLifestyle changes can be helpful in some cases of IBS.Dietary changes can be helpful

    Other disorders that can cause similar symptoms include:

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    What Is The Best Way To Take Cbd Oil For Ibs

    If you are new to CBD, its always recommended that you start on a low dose and only build up to a stronger dose if necessary. Generally, the serving standard is 25mg of CBD taken twice daily. If you dont experience the desired results, then you can increase the serving size by 25mg every three to four weeks until you find relief.

    While there is still quite limited research on CBD for IBS available, using products containing cannabidiol or synthetic cannabinoids may help the endocannabinoid system maintain better balance of your body.

    Its comforting to know that CBD has a solid safety profile and has been tested in studies at doses as high as 1,500 mg per day without side effects. Moreover, there are many testimonies online that say CBD relieves some symptoms of IBS if taken consistently.

    Cannabis Use In Ibs Patients Is On The Rise

    Being that were in Canada, cannabis is easy to access now that its legal, often leading to self-medication.

    But what does the evidence say about cannabis for irritable bowel syndrome, specifically? Today we will be talking about the use of cannabis in medical therapy for IBS. I am by NO means an expert in cannabis, but with so many patients asking about cannabis use for IBS, I have reviewed the literature, and attended a variety of different educational events on the appropriate use of cannabis to provide this informational blog post on if cannabis is appropriate for IBS patients.

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    Strains Of Pot To Treat Depression

    Depression is a tricky part of dealing with chronic illness. Pot is a natural alternative if you dont want to deal with the often serious side effects of antidepressants. Helpful strains include:

    • Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a hybrid strain of pot. Its suitable for use during the day as it doesnt make you feel tired or sleepy. You feel joyful and relaxed when you take this strain. Blue Dream is often used by creative people to power through mental blocks. See if it can work for you.
    • Pennywise. Pennywise is an indica hybrid. Its safe for taking through the day, like Blue Dream. You wont feel a high from taking this strain. Youll feel calm and at peace within yourself.

    Medical Marijuana And Stigma

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) How and Why Cannabis Helps

    As much as I would like to start off with discrediting the social stigma that surrounds the medical use of marijuana, I figured it would be too typical to do so. With the amount of unbiased-scientific research that proves its beneficial values, the increasing number of states in America that are legalizing the plant for medical use , and for the fact that there has not been any recorded deaths caused by marijuana alone in history there is no need to try to convince people that marijuana is not as bad as the media and propaganda make it out to be. I am fighting myself to advocate against the negative stereotypes because I am a firm believer in marijuana as an herbal medicine and its other uses as a natural resource. However, my sole purpose with this article is to talk about the benefits of natural remedies, specifically medical marijuana, and how it helps with my IBS.

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    Natural And Herbal Supplements

    The majority of natural and herbal medications have not been studied in depth, so its difficult to strongly recommend them, especially given their cost and potential side effects. However, some have been more studied than others and most studies involve patients with mild to moderate symptoms.

    The popularity in desire for natural and herbal remedies has grown among young people, which has led to more studies to better provide evidence-based recommendations to patients. This popularity can be described as a double-edged sword because it has led to many companies marketing products with significant variability between brands and preparations.

    If youre interested in natural and herbal supplements for IBS, make sure to check with your provider before starting this alternative therapy.

    Medical Marijuana And Getting High

    Depending on the strain that is used, you might get a feeling of being “high.” In addition, you may experience feelings of having sensations feel altered, your mood may change, your thinking skills may be impaired, and you may experience diminished control over your muscles.

    It is the THC in marijuana that causes all of these central nervous system changes. Another component of marijuana, cannabidiol , offers symptom relief but without causing brain and motor functioning changes.

    Medications or strains of medical marijuana that are high in CBD but low in THC will not cause you to experience “high” sensations.

    For medicinal effects, non-prescription forms of marijuana are best smoked or vaporized. Vaporizing reduces the risk of damage to the lungs that can occur with smoking.

    And although therapeutic benefits are slower to occur and may be lessened, marijuana can also be consumed through edibles, including cookies, brownies, lollipops, and teas. For optimal effects and safety, prescription medical marijuana may be the best option.

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    Is Ibs A Qualifying Condition For Medical Marijuana

    Thirty-three states have a medical cannabis program in effect, but none of them lists irritable bowel syndrome as a qualifying condition. But just because the condition isnt listed by name doesnt mean that patients are automatically ineligible.

    Most medicinal marijuana states identify at least one bowel disorder as a qualifying condition. For instance, most states identify Crohns disease among their qualifying conditions, and several stateslike Arkansas, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Utahrecognize ulcerative colitis.

    And then theres inflammatory bowel disease , a condition that shares numerous symptoms with IBS. IBD is a qualifying condition in Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Though IBS and IBD are not the same condition, a physician may still recommend you as a medical marijuana patient if your primary symptoms overlap significantly with those of IBD. Common IBD symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and anemia due to blood loss.

    Finally, many states will allow physicians to make recommendations for unlisted conditions ifin the physicians expert opinionmedical marijuana would provide significant therapeutic value to the patient.

    Some Important Precautions When Taking Cannabis For Ibs

    Can You Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Cannabis ...

    Here are some important things to remember when consuming medical cannabis. Always consult a cannabis-friendly doctor about your IBS or suspected IBS condition. Never use medical sativa or indica strains to be able to relieve symptoms of IBS.

    Your doctor will likely give you tests to rule out other conditions which may be similar to IBS so be ready for this. Also, your doctor will take your medical history including treatments and medications that you have taken so far.

    If you are thinking of using cannabis for IBS, tell this to your doctor. If he does not recommend cannabis, he may recommend you to a cannabis friendly-doctor. Always follow your doctors prescription to the T.

    Your doctor may prescribe indica or sativa strains depending on his assessment of your condition. Keep in mind that this is what your doctor thinks that will benefit your IBS symptoms. If taking the strain in the prescribed dose leads to side effects, consult your doctor. Reduce your dose until you find a tolerable dose that you can use daily.

    For any allergies, discontinue the strain and immediately report this to your doctor. Remember, never change your dose or discontinue your medication without consulting your doctor. This can cause terrible effects which may only make your present condition worse.

    Just like other psychoactive drugs, consider taking cannabis only when theres little or no work to be done the next day so you can sleep before you return to work.

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    Indica Or Sativa For Ibs

    There are two most prominent cannabis strains in the market: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Although these strains are from the Cannabis plants, these are different in appearance, effects, and growth.

    When the two strains are differentiated, sativas are known for their stimulating effects and most strains come with higher THC compared to indicas. Sativas grow tall and long with large leaves while the effects are mostly recreational. Sativas also come with therapeutic effects but nonetheless its recreational effects remain more prominent.

    Indica strains are mostly calming strains and this is because these strains have low THC and high CBD. Indica plants are small, dense and round strains and have smaller leaves and tight buds. Indicas are more preferred for their therapeutic properties

    Hybrid strains are a combination of indica and sativas. These strains have combined sativa and indica effects, appearance, smell, aroma and flavor. You may use these strains for the relief of a variety of medical conditions because of the combined effects of the indica and sativa components.

    Common Symptoms Of Ibs

    There is a range of symptoms associated with IBS. Abdominal pain is the key symptom of irritable bowel syndrome and is also associated with a change in bowel habits, like diarrhea and/or constipation. The pain is often relieved by having a bowel movement and can at times be worsened after eating.

    Symptoms can change over time and there can be periods when symptoms flare up as well as periods of remission when they diminish or disappear.

    Other common symptoms of IBS include:

    • Weight loss
    • Anemia related to low iron
    • Fever

    In order to diagnose irritable bowel syndrome, procedures can include:

    • Colonoscopy. The doctor uses a small, flexible tube to internally examine the entire length of the colon.
    • X-ray or CT scan. These tests produce images of the abdomen and pelvis that allow doctors to rule out other causes of symptoms, especially abdominal pain.
    • Upper endoscopy. A long, flexible tube gets inserted down your throat and into the esophagus. A camera attached to the end of the tube allows the doctor to inspect the upper digestive tract and obtain a tissue sample from the small intestine and fluid to look for overgrowth of bacteria.

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    Who Exactly Is Running The Ibs Trial And Medi Medical Cannabis Study

    Emyria are running the clinical trial. Emyria is a data technology company, collecting data to try and learn about the efficacy of certain medications. In this trial the Emyria team are hoping to determine which cannabinoids may help with IBS and whether medicinal cannabis helps to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

    Cbd And Anxiety And Depression

    Marijuana and IBS

    People with IBS have a high risk of developing mental health problems like anxiety and depression. While mental health problems dont cause IBS, they can aggravate IBS symptoms since they increase the brain cells sensitivity to pain.

    CBD produces antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects through its stimulation of the serotonin receptor. It also helps maintain the balance between the neurotransmitter levels in the brain, an imbalance of which may result in anxiety and depression.

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    Cannabis And Other Gi Symptoms

    While most research on cannabis and the gastrointestinal tract focuses on IBD, it might be helpful for individuals with other digestive illnesses. For instance, it seems to universally be effective at reducing abdominal pain. It can be especially useful for individuals taking opioid medications for abdominal pain, as research shows that cannabis helps patients cut down on or eliminate their need for opioids and provides a treatment with fewer side effects. Cannabis also helps individuals who have a difficult time eating enough by increasing appetite and it can help reduce diarrhea and nausea. There is quite a bit of evidence for many of these symptoms, so if you think cannabis might be useful for you, please consult your healthcare team to discuss the benefits and risks associated with its use.

    One other gastrointestinal finding is that cannabis users are less likely to have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease than those who dont consume cannabis, possibly due to metabolic benefits from cannabinoids.

    The Search For Relief

    The exact causes of IBS are not fully known, and often vary from person to person. In some cases, its simply a matter of having an overly sensitive small intestine or colon. Certain foods and medications may trigger a bout of IBS, and the condition has been linked to elevated levels of stress. As of yet, there is no single pill or potion that cures of all the problems and pains of IBS. Instead, treatment is aimed at addressing the various causes and symptoms individually, which has led many sufferers to seek out a range of alternative treatments, including .

    Lifestyle changes such as limiting caffeine consumption and increasing fiber intake will sometimes relieve the symptoms of IBS, but there is no one dietary change that works for all sufferers. Various medications may also provide relief for one or more symptoms. There are both over-the-counter and prescription laxatives to help with constipation, and a number of anti-diarrheal agents for the opposite problem. Pain relievers may mitigate the discomfort of cramping, probiotics may lessen gas and bloating, and antidepressants are sometimes recommended, not to alter mood, but to reduce the intensity of pain signals going from gut to brain.

    Each of these remedies addresses a specific symptom or group of symptoms, but none alone provide total symptom relief.

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    Can Marijuana Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Stomach cramps, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS experience all these discomforts. To ease the suffering, some afflicted with this condition are turning to medical marijuana for symptom relief and pain management. But does science and experience back up the belief that marijuana can help irritable bowel syndrome?

    Lets take a closer look.

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