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How To Cure A Leaky Gut Fast

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How To Fix Leaky Gut Quickly

How to heal Leaky Gut fast if you have Multiple sclerosis

4 main steps, broken down by week. Another option to fix leaky gut is to drink juice or smoothies, as the vegetables are already broken down in a way that makes their nutrients easier for your body to digest and absorb.

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What Causes Leaky Gut Syndrome

To understand what causes Leaky Gut Syndrome, it is important to first appreciate the role of the gut lining in overall health. The gut lining can be thought of as a chain-linked fence that allows nutrients to cross it and holds water and electrolytes in but prevents substances such as allergens, bacteria, fungi, and parasites from passing through .

The gut lining comprises a surface area of approximately 400 square meters and requires twice as much energy as the brain to function effectively. The condition of the gut lining directly influences overall health.

Conditions like Leaky Gut Syndrome can damage that fence, enlarge its holes, and ultimately allow harmful substances to cross. Despite its challenging symptoms, Leaky Gut Syndrome does not occur all at once.

Heres How Digestive Enzymes Can Help

Firstly, they work alongside our bodys own natural enzymes to take the food we eat and break it down into individual nutrients that our body can then actually absorb27.

Example of nutrients in foods would be things like amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. All the fuel our body loves!

This role is super important for those of us with leaky gut, because our damaged gut lining is potentially not absorbing nutrients properly, and yet needs the nutrients to repair itself. i.e. digestive enzymes can help us get out of the vicious cycle.

Secondly, by helping us break down food better, digestive enzymes also ensure less large food molecules make their way through our gut. This is a big win since it means less irritation of the gut lining, as well as fewer large food molecules making their way through our gut barrier and into the bloodstream .

You can find an in-depth explanation of all of this in my article on digestive enzymes and leaky gut.

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Feed Your Gut Bacteria With The Right Leaky Gut Diet

Since the problem involves the small intestines, its only right to pay close attention to the types of food you eat. When you have a leaky gut, you can consider:

  • Increasing your fiber intake as bacteria love to eat it as well
  • Nourishing your body with plenty of greens to reduce inflammation and improve immune function
  • Staying away from processed and junk food, which is usually high in sugar and boosts inflammation risks
  • Eating healthy or good fats such as avocados, olive oil, and some nuts
  • Adding sprouted seeds to introduce essential nutrients such as zinc and reduce the anti-nutrients like lectin

What are Anti-Nutrients? These are compounds present in plants that reduce the ability of the body to absorb nutrients.

Healing a leaky gut may take a while, but its definitely possible. Even better, you can do it naturally since medications may only make the situation worse.

Before you do anything, though, always consult with your doctor. Work with them to find out the best course of action.

You can use this as your guide when you want to ask the right questions or make informed health decisions.

What are your tips on how to treat a leaky gut? Share them in the comments section below.

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How To Live Leaky Gut Free Forever

What is a Leaky Gut?
  • Eat clean 98% of the time. Sure, most of you will eventually be able to eat some grains and legumes from time to time, maybe even some gluten you naughty little thing! Heck, you may even be able to have some ice cream during the summer. But for the most part you really need to stick to the safe food groups and avoid the dangerous ones. It really is a slippery slope, so be vigilant.
  • Drink clean 90% of the time. Some glasses of wine or an occasional coffee will probably be fine for you over the long term. But slipping into old habits of 3 cups of Joe a day or nights spent at the bar guzzling some sweet sweet merlot, just wont work.
  • Avoid toxins from unnecessary drugs, conventional meats, tap water, chemical-ridden personal care products etc.
  • Practice healthy habits at least 6 days of the week. That means doing things like sleeping 8 hours, meditating away stress, exercising etc. You need to hit these habits most days of your week for the rest of your life. If you start ignoring most of them youll find your body slipping closer and closer back to leaky gut. And I cant stress this point enoughyour lifestyle is just as responsible for leaky gut as the things you consume.
  • Use smart supplements daily. Even if you eat and drink clean, avoid all toxins and practice a healthy lifestyle, youll probably also want to take a few supplements to give you some buffer room. Although there are dozens of options, there are only 6 that are really worth your attention.
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    This Diet Has Been Shown To Decrease Inflammation

    The anti-inflammatory diet emphasizes fresh food, healthy oils, and fats, low sugar, more fish than meat, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. In addition to being a healthy eating plan, it is relatively easy to stick to long term.

    Its direct effect on gut permeability has not been studied but the diet includes foods shown to decrease inflammation .

    Major Contributors Of Leaky Gut

    In my experience, there are many common factors that provoke gut inflammation and damage. Addressing these factors is critical for healing leaky gut.

    Essentially, we must remove as many stressors as possible in order to allow healing to occur. The following are major stressors that must be addressed to get well in this regard.

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    If You Like Red Wine Greatso Do I

    Like with white wine, the crucial thing here is to choose dry over sweet so we cut down our sugar intake.

    My favorite choices of red are thus pinot noir and a nice big shiraz . But other dry red wines include merlot and zinfandel.

    What I perhaps like most about red wine is that it has a lot of taste memory, meaning it is relatively hard to over indulge.

    This Diet Is Best Done Under The Supervision Of A Health Care Provider


    An elemental diet provides nutrition components like protein, fat, and carbohydrates that are already broken down. The food is pre-digested, so your body doesnt have to do the work if it isnt able to. It is a way to give your digestive system a break.

    It is most commonly used for people with chronic digestive problems under a healthcare providers supervision. It is usually purchased but can be homemade. It is a liquid or a powder that is mixed with water.

    An elemental supplement can be consumed by the person or given through a feeding tube for severe cases where adequate nutrition can not be taken by mouth. It may be used for people with conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns, or SIBO: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

    The elemental diet has been shown to improve a leaky gut .

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    Following A Cleanse Replenish The Gut

    After cleansing, replenish the gut by supplementing with gut-health promoting nutrients in the daily diet. See also our guide to Food for Leaky Gut

    • Curcumin

    Fighting inflammation is key to healing a leaky gut. A powerful antioxidant is appropriate like curcumin, the active ingredient from one of the worlds most famous spices, Turmeric. Curcumin supports the elimination of free radicals from the body and prevents tissue injury within the gastrointestinal tract. . Turmeric can also be added to just about anything like meat marinades, stews, sauces, and even smoothies. Non-Dairy Turmeric Lattes are now a popular drink too.

    • Ginger

    Sometimes considered as effective as aspirin and ibuprofen in fighting inflammation, ginger promotes digestion as well as motility within the gut. Ginger has been used for ages to relieve symptoms related to heartburn, nausea, migraines, menstruation, and morning or motion sickness. However, ginger also has an antimicrobial ability which resists bacteria commonly involved in leaky-gut or gastrointestinal infection.

    • L-Glutamine

    Surprisingly not considered essential, L-glutamine is the most concentrated amino acid in blood plasma. Its crucial role in digestive tract maintenance and immune response regulation makes it easy to recognize L-glutamines ability to repair the gut lining while also functioning as an antioxidant. L-Glutamine is so effective at repairing tissue that it has also been used to enhance and improve nervous system function.

    • Quercetin

    Signs And Symptoms Of Leaky Gut

    Its OK for the troops aka your immune system to get called up and requested for duty. However, with a leaky gut, this happens over and over on an all-day basis. The troops get revved for what appears to be foreign invaders coming into the bloodstream and it seems to never end.

    So, what happens when your immune system is in high gear all the time?

    Fatigue, sluggishness, increased muscle soreness, lack of focus, and irritability. It happens when we get a cold or flu bug because our body is working extra hard to fight off the foreign invader. However, with leaky gut, this happens every day. All. Day. Long.

    What is the traditional American solution? Coffee, XYZ hour energy, energy drinks, you name it. Ever heard someone say, OMG I cant function without my coffee. We hear it all around us. Maybe this is you? Coffee should be an enjoyable beverage ) but it shouldnt be a necessity to function in life.

    Oh, but it gets worst

    What happens when your immune system is on high alert all the time and is constantly in attack mode?

    Say hello to thyroid issues as the immune system confuses thyroid tissue for a foreign invader . Migraines, increased joint pain as our body attacks our joints, and so on.

    So, how do we treat this?

    Well, if you work in traditional healthcare you just prescribe a medication to calm the immune system. If youre a patient, you take this prescription along with regular coffee or energy drinks, and chalk it up just as genetics, getting older or life.

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    Do I Need A Supplement

    According to research published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, there is some evidence that probiotics can improve the function of your gut and even help reverse leaky gut, but long-term studies are still needed. There is not a single study to date suggesting that probiotics are harmful.

    Probiotic supplements are more like a fertilizer that communicates to your existing gut bacteria. It can regulate the pH and cross-talk to other bacteria, increasing short-chain fatty acids which is the food for the gut cells and help regulate inflammation and the immune system of the gut, says Dr. La Vella. Transitioning away from processed foods and toward whole foods is usually enough to keep your gut healthy.

    Herbal supplements may be helpful in certain situations, but arent necessarily a quick fix.

    I think of supplements as medications there is always a risk and a benefit. I prefer to think about restoring ecosystem balance rather than supplementing to cover up a bad dietary or lifestyle choice, says Dr. La Vella.

    What Are The Causes Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

    How to Cure Leaky Gut Syndrome with Diet

    A lot of things can result in a leaky gut. These can include anything from stress and eating too much sugar , to antibiotics and hormone treatments. There are some additional factors that may come into play too, such as consuming too much alcohol or not having a properly balanced diet. All of these things can affect your guts permeability. A healthy diet rich in the proper amount of nutrients can help you avoid this condition in the first place.

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    What Are The Dangers Associated With Leaky Gut

    These gaps in your intestinal lining cause inflammation and negative changes in your gut bacteria.

    The unwelcome intruders that take advantage of these porous portals have been blamed for everything from:

    • bowel distress

    • hormonal imbalances

    • and autoimmune diseases

    The list above is not an exaggeration, gut health really is tied to every single one of these.

    And What About Vitamin D How Can It Help Leaky Gut

    Well, vitamin D, has been shown to support our guts epithelial barrier , this being the lining that protects your bloodstream from all the food, toxins and other bacteria making their way through your gut.

    In addition, like with fish oil, it can support tight junction integrity, meaning more help for the gatekeepers of the gut lining J Infect Dis, October 2015.

    Also, per that study, vitamin D can help fight against bad bacteria due to the way it tackles inflammation118. Pretty cool, right.

    Despite all those benefits, you may not need to take it in supplement form if you are getting 20 minutes of safe sun exposure each day.

    e.g. 20 minutes of sun at 11am, without sunscreen .

    So consider skipping the vitamin D supplements during summer.

    That said, to truly benefit from vitamin D during this repairing stage youll want to be getting higher than normal amounts of it.

    So popping a 2000 IU supplement of vitamin D3 like this one each day, might be worth considering.

    Note: vitamin D3 is the more absorbable form, so make sure to look for that in your supplement.

    IDEA #33

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    But There Are 2 Big Problems With Fish Oil For Us Leaky Gutters

  • Many fish oil supplements are high in toxins like PCBs117, mercury etc. Which is not a good thing, when our gut lining is overly permeable and more open to passing toxins through to our bloodstream.
  • Most fish oil products are extremely good at giving those of us with sensitive tummies, refluxhello fishy burps my old friend!
  • To solve these 2 problems you need to find a molecularly distilled fish oil AND one that uses enteric coated capsules . Together that means less toxins and less reflux.

    My research team and I make Smart Omega fish oil to satisfy both these points.

    Best of all, we push ourselves much further in terms of distillation to the point that our formula is triple strength and meets the strictest purity standards in the US as set out in Californias Prop 65.

    Thats why I use it every day and experience no fishy burps. Perfect!

    Some Cooking Notes For This Recipe

    How To Heal Leaky Gut The Easy & Fast Way || Natural Treatment Guide
    • Make sure to run your fermenting jar through the dishwasher before using it a hot wash will help remove any bacteria that could interfere with the fermentation.
    • For starter culture, you can use a vegetable or dairy based one. I tend to personally opt for the former. Each sachet will likely have a couple of grams of culture. And come with instructions on how to prep it, before adding it to the jar.
    • Your kraut can be stored for more than the 2 week period mentioned in the graphic. In fact, unopened, you could keep it for 6-9 months easily.
    • But once you open your kraut, keep it in the fridge, and for max 2 months.

    P.S. If you ever get sick of eating fermented vegetables then consider a probiotic supplement and of course, just be thankful you dont have to resort to a fecal transplant to restore your gut flora!

    IDEA #20

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    My Gut Health Timeline:

    Discovery: I began having IBS symptoms in 2011 but they were intermittent and largely manageablemostly they were annoying but not debilitating.

    The Plot Thickens: My gut health began declining in 2015, then took a dramatic turn for the worse in 2017 and peaked in 2018. I was going through a breakup, was writing a cookbook, was over-exercising and under-eating and was constantly stressed.

    My symptoms: I reacted to almost everything I ate, the worst being high-FODMAP foods. I had constant gnarly smelling gas , chronic constipation punctuated by loose, gnarly stools, low energy, depression, acne, persistent athletes foot and occasional hives. You can read more about this phase in my blog post, My Journey with Gut Health.

    When my gut health was at its worst, I was afraid to leave my house. Anyone who has struggled with chronic illness has likely experienced an immense amount of fear wrapped into their condition.

    Trial and Error: I spent 2016 through 2018 trying to heal myself through food and lifestyle by troubleshooting my own health using internet research. Stubbornly, I thought if I tried hard enough on my own, I would be able to figure it out.

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