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How To Join Ib In India

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Raw Officer Recruitment Through Upsc Civil Services Exam

How to Join Intelligence Bureau (IB) | Mission & Task

Many times RAW officers are chosen amongst the pool of brilliant candidates who have already cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam and have opted to become IPS & IFS Officers. Selection in RAW happens only after a Civil Servant completes a foundation course from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. In the end, RAW conducts interviews where the candidates have to go through psychological tests and interviews. Shortlisted candidates start working at RAW for a period of one year.

IB ACIO 2022 Recruitment Updates

The Bsf Personnel Fired At Least 96 Rounds At The Drone And Also Used Five Illumination Bombs They Said

A drone from Pakistan was spotted close to the international border of India and Pakistan in Kassowal area of Gurdaspur district in Punjab, officials said on Sunday.

The unmanned aerial vehicle flew back to Pakistan after the Border Security Force troops fired at it Saturday night, they said.

The BSF personnel fired at least 96 rounds at the drone and also used five illumination bombs, they said.

A search operation is underway, they added.

Another drone was spotted in the Channa patan area in Amritsar district at 11:46 pm on Saturday, said the officials.

The drone went back after the BSF troops fired 10 rounds, they added.

Intelligence Bureau: How To Join Ib Know About Recruitment Process And Salary

Intelligence BureauIf you want to serve the country by joining the intelligence department of the country, then today we have brought information related to the Intelligence Bureau for you, how can you join it. All types of information related to the recruitment process of IB, salary, and qualifications have been shared here. Joining IB is the dream of many Indian youth. So let us discuss about the information related to IB Recruitment today, how young citizens can join this agency and protect the country by serving them.

Intelligence Bureau: How to Join IB

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How To Join Nia

To peruse a career in NIA, a person could choose different routes. If the candidate is already working in a law enforcement agency with the appropriate degree, he/she could simply request for transfer and get a job in NIA. This is the same for NIA officers and lower posts.

However, if you are not working in any of the government law enforcement agencies, then you have two options.

The SSCs CGL exam is conducted to recruit and allot candidates as Sub-Inspectors in NIA. The same exam is conducted for CBI recruitment also. However, there is a slight difference in the exam pattern and syllabus. On the other hand, when it comes to UPSC, the candidate has to write these exams, secure a rank and then peruse IPS or IRS and then get employed in NIA.

Sub-inspector is the lowest official post in NIA, however, if you exhibit good performance and skills, you could move up the ladder with promotions very fast. As far as we know, there is no limit to promotions.

Now, lets look into more details of the recruitment process.

General Facts About Ib Acio Exam

How to find a inexpensive IB World school in India for Diploma program ...
  • There are about approx.750 joiners in every batch.
  • The primary coaching center is located at Shivpuri district, in Madhya Pradesh which includes almost 120 candidates at a timer in a batch.
  • The entire training period is distributed into 3 phases-
  • 1. Stage 1- at Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
  • 2. Stage 2- at Delhi
  • 3. Stage 3- known as on a job training period
  • Generally, here the female candidates are not posted at the border and Naxal areas.

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About Intelligence Bureau India

The Intelligence Bureau has its roots spread back to the late 1800s. At that time, it was a part of the British Indian Army. Its primary focus was on intelligence activities relating to Russian troops in Afghanistan. The Bureau formed close contact with Scotland Yard and M15 in the early 1900s. The former name of the agency was Indian Political Intelligence. After the independence of India, the new Indian Government renamed IPI as Intelligence Bureau. IB operates with secrecy inside India. The Bureau collects intelligence information for the countrys safety. IB is also responsible for countering external intelligence agencies. The Bureau takes in employees from the Indian Revenue Service and Police Department. The Bureau always gives the Director of Intelligence Bureau position to an IPS officer.

The Intelligence Bureau handles countless classified operations about Indias safety. The Bureau doesnt publicize its tasks and their relating details. The information that the Bureau declassified is enough to take a grasp on its success. Soviet KGB started training IB in the 50s. The relation between both lasted till the fall of the Soviet Union. The Intelligence Bureau used to operate as an external and internal intelligence agency. After the Bureaus inability to provide accurate help in some external matters. The Government decided to reshape the Bureau only as an internal intelligence agency.

List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Intelligence Bureau

  • Research Officer

International Baccalaureate In India Faqs

Question 1: All International/ World Schools are not IB World Schools. What makes a school an IB World School?Answer: Check below the points to know, what makes a school an IB World school:

  • Schools must be authorized by the International Baccalaureate of Geneva.
  • Schools must offer at least one of the three programs offered by IB.
  • Schools should have a cohort of IB trained Teachers and maintain a generous budget for ongoing professional development.
  • Schools should meet the progressive infrastructural requirements of rich research resources in laboratories and libraries.
  • Question 2: What are the core competencies of IB in India?Answer: The core competencies of International Baccalaureate in India includes:

  • Development of a curriculum which is essentially dynamic and continuously evolving to remain relevant in the face of continuous change in all areas of the world.
  • Training of teachers to deliver the ever changing curriculum.
  • Assessment of the students based on the ever changing curriculum.
  • Question 3: Is it mandatory for an IB school to offer all three programmes?Answer: Schools can choose to offer any or all of the programs. Each programme has independent process for accreditation. IB offers specific authorisation separately for each programme.

  • Individuals and Societies Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Arts and Electives
  • Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College
  • College of Vocational Studies
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    International Baccalaureate In India Benefits For School

    The International Baccalaureate offers significant benefits to schools.

  • High quality programmes of education, which support development of knowledgeable and inquiring students.
  • Professional development that supports effective educators and collaborative professional learning communities.
  • A worldwide network of highly respected IB World Schools, working together to share best practice.
  • International Baccalaureate in India Benefits for Teachers

  • High quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
  • Innovative and diverse education frameworks, unit planners, teaching resources and evaluation tools.
  • Certification and degree programmes offered by highly respected universities worldwide.
  • A pedagogy known to produce students who are motivated to continue inquiry and lifelong learning, beyond school study.
  • International Baccalaureate in India Benefits for Universities

    Universities and colleges benefit from recruiting and admitting students from IB programmes in a range of ways, with IB programmes developing the knowledge, skills and disposition students need to be successful throughout their university careers.

  • Time management skills and a strong sense of self-motivation
  • A keen interest in civic engagement
  • Notable academic ability
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Attempt Mock Tests

    Advantages And Disadvantages India Post

    Best Opportunity to Join CBI, IB, NIA After 12th | | Full Details

    Its advantages and disadvantages, when compared to other mails and courier services are given below:


    • Assured and speedy delivery of parcels.
    • Delivered with high speed and security.
    • The addressee receives the parcels at his doorstep.
    • The package will be delivered within 2 to 3 days in India.
    • Post offices are located in every corner of India. So parcels are dispatched easily.
    • Signature is a must at the time of delivery.
    • If the parcel is not delivered then it will be returned to the sender.
    • Coverage across the world. And the package is safe and reliable.
    • The high response rate from customers.


    • Not possible to send heavy and bulk goods.
    • More expensive to send a large number of goods.
    • It cannot find everywhere across the globe. Because it has only selected places only.

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    Top 10 Ib Schools In India

    Today, parents have a plethora of educational boards from which to choose, to enroll their children.

    It is no longer just the GCSE or IGCSE Certificate on both Cambridge and Edexcel that is highly reputed and recognized by any university but it is also the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

    With this article, we hope to cover all aspects of the IB and how our students in India could enrol at one of the best schools dedicated to this curriculum.

    IB is the abbreviation for International Baccalaureate.

    It is an internationally-recognised school system made up of three educational programmes:

    i. PYP: The Primary Years Programme .

    ii. MYP: The Middle Years Programme .

    iii. DP: The Diploma Programme .

    The IB programme was founded in 1968 by the International Baccalaureate Organisation , a non-profit educational organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Despite having its headquarters in Switzerland, the IBO is an international organisation, not associated with any particular country and free of national political educational agendas.

    Exams For Assistant Central Intelligence Officer And Security Assistant Officer In Ib

    Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence officer and IB SA are both graduation-level Examinations. For this exam, the candidate must have a bachelors degree from any recognized college. This examination is conducted under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India. This exam is conducted once a year.

    • Examination Name IB ACIO and IB SA Exam
    • Conducted By Ministry of Home Affairs
    • Exams Stages 3

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    Speed Post Tracking Formats

    You will need to input the exact tracking number format in order to discover the current status of your package’s consignment. The reference number will change depending on the mail provider you use. The following is a list of the several types of tracking formats used by India Post:

    Service Type
    XX654789123XX 13

    If you are having trouble tracking the current location of your shipment, please get in touch with the customer support department of the Government of India’s Department of Postal Service.

    Duties Of A Raw Officer

    Process to get the IB ACIO roll number and registration number

    You should know that there is no fixed job description of RAW Agents or Field Officers. It is a secret job, they have to do the task assigned to them. Some of the important duties of Raw Agents and officers are as follows.

    • To keep a watchful eye on the enemy activities and inform authorities about the same.
    • Monitor whats happening around the country and predict what can be a threat to national security.
    • Prevent and eliminate threats to Indias national security without India and outside.
    • Ensure security of prominent Indian leaders in India and in foreign countries.
    • RAW agents also play a role in the security of world leaders visiting India.

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    Intelligence Bureau Ib Salary Details

    All the employees posted in IB are given pay scale based on their posts.

    • IB ACIO The employees posted in the post of Rs.44,900 to Rs.142,400 are given salary. Depending on the post, the salary is received by the employees in different forms.
    • IB Security Assistant The employees posted in the post of Rs.5200 to Rs.20200 plus grade pay, are given pay scale in the form of 2000 . The minimum gross salary for this post is Rs 26,176.

    Raw Agent Eligibility Criteria

    In order to become a RAW Agent, one must have both excellent academic credentials and noteworthy job experience. Being a member of Indias Research and Analysis Wing is exceedingly challenging. To be chosen for this elite organisation, an applicant must be physically and psychologically healthy.

    RAW Agent Eligibility Criteria Details
    Education To be considered for a position with RAW, you must possess a graduation degree from a reputable university or company. It is occasionally required to be fluent in one foreign language. Candidates should have strong communication skills and strong memory.
    Age Although there is no set age requirement, it is preferred that candidates be under the age of 56.
    Professional Experience It is preferred that the candidate must have experience of more than 20 years in the service
    Nationality An applicant must be a citizen of India. The applicant must not have a criminal history or any open legal matters.

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    How Raw Officers Are Recruited

    Research and Analysis Wing recruit candidates from government departments in India, Armed forces, Intelligence Agencies, Police Services, Administrative Services, etc. However, this does not mean selection in RAW only happens from these services.

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    What Is The Key Difference Between Nia And Cbi

    HOW TO JOIN Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) MBA(IB) सारॠà¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤à¤¾à¤°à¥
    • NIA is the national Investigation agency and CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation
    • While both NIA and CBI are central agencies that come under the Ministry of Home Affairs, their scope of investigation differs. CBI is a criminal investigation agency, on the other hand, NIA is an agency designed to track and counter-terrorism.
    • CBI is older than NIA, CBI as we know today was reformed and took the name in 1946. On the other hand, NIA is a new agency that was formed after the Mumbai terrorist attack.
    • NIA is an agency that investigates narcotics, hijacking, counterfeiting, organized crime, human trafficking, Atomic energy, violations of WMD act, etc. On the other hand, CBI investigates export violation, bank fraud, smuggling, kidnapping, financial fraud, corruption, bribery, import violation, etc.

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    Speed Post Tracking Status

    The Indian postal service offers a wide variety of services, including domestic and international mail delivery, banking and financial services, insurance, stamps, e-commerce and business solutions, and more. The delivery of mail is one of the primary services provided. There are a number of different methods that an enquiry may be conducted using Speed Post Tracker in order to find out the current status of articles. The following is a list of the most common approaches:

    Features And Services Of Speed Post

    • Indian postal service offers up to one lakh on consignments based on the terms and conditions.
    • 24 hours booking facility available in selected offices in major cities.
    • You can find the consignment status of your article by using an internet track and trace system and SMS based system.
    • You can receive an SMS on your registered mobile number when the article is received at the destination point.
    • Free pick up for corporate and bulk customers. This service is at their premises through on-call or regular collection service.
    • Corporate and contract customers have credit facilities. They can book the article and pay later. And also India Post provides huge discounts to them.
    • Cash on delivery for e-commerce.
    • The maximum weight for an international speed post is 35 kg.
    • India postal service pays INR 1000 if the domestic article is lost or damaged.
    • Department Of India Post office pays 30 SDR if the international article is lost or damaged.

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    What Is The Job Role Of Sub

    While the candidates placed in NIA through SSCs CGL might not be included in difficult tasks, in the beginning, they will be allowed to do fieldwork within 6-months or 1-year after joining. The general role of Sub-Inspector in NIA.

    • Sub-Inspectors have to take part in raids conducted by the NIA and do the necessary ground and fieldwork.
    • Sub-Inspectors have to arrest and bring in the criminal caught during an investigation.
    • When it comes to clerical work, a sub-inspector has to execute summons, provide warrants to organizations and individuals, handle the primary questioning of the criminals apprehended, maintain witness, etc.
    • One of the key roles of a Sub-Inspector in NIA is to monitor and analyze the incoming intelligence at hand.

    Ib Acio Application Fee

    About International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • The fee deposited is non-refundable.
  • Candidates who submit more than one application will be disqualified immediately.
  • In case the details entered by the candidates does not match with the documents submitted by them or in case the candidate is found guilty of submitting fake documents, he/she will be disqualified without giving any notice or explanation.
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    How To Join The Intelligence Bureau Of India 2022

    The Intelligence Bureau is Indias domestic and internal intelligence, security, and counter-intelligence agency. Unlike most of the other branches of intelligence and security, IB is renowned as one of the oldest internal intelligence agency in the world today. While most of the work they do and their role is unknown to the public, most people do not know about them. Intelligence Bureau of India comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    However, the role of IB has been mentioned in several books and some prominent cases. Today, there are IB and RAW are two of the intelligence agencies in India that have a lot of hardcore fans. Most of them even dream of perusing a career in IB. But, getting a job in IB is not easy, as it is an intelligence agency, there are so many formalities and factors that are considered. If you are a person planning to peruse a career in Intelligence Bureau, then this article would help you.

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