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What Helps With Period Bloating

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What Is Pms Bloating


Bloating means your body is retaining water. This means your belly will feel heavy or swollen a few days before your period or just at the start of it. Bloating has two mechanisms. Fluid retention and gut function.

This can be uncomfortable and painful.Bloating PMS symptoms can include feeling tight or gaining weight. If you feel that any symptoms of bloating PMS happen for a long period of time , you should check with a doctor.

Gas Relief For Menstrual Bloating

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    Hold Off On Drinking Alcohol

    Alcohol can directly damage the digestive tract and research has also found it to mess with the good bacteria in your gut. But more importantly for when youre trying to reduce bloating in 24 hours or less, alcohol inhibits digestion, as well.

    Alcohol inhibits digestion and causes dehydration, causing the digestive tract to slow downwhich results in constipation, says Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN. When you drink alcohol, your body switches to processing the alcohol out of your system first before digesting any food, which can leave you with a bloated stomach. It may be tough, but avoid the hard stuff while youre trying detox.

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    Why Does Period Bloating Happen In The First Place

    You can thank fluctuations in estrogen levels and a sharp drop in progesterone right before your period. “When estrogen levels are higher, our bodies tend to retain water,” says Meggie Smith, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist and reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellow at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

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    Progesterone, which is high in the latter half of your cycle, can make for a slower digestive tract, so to speak, which also may not help symptoms of bloating or fullness, she adds. Basically, it’s a bloating double-whammy.

    Bloating usually starts to kick in about one to two days before the start of a woman’s period, according to the Mayo Clinic. But some women experience symptoms up to five days beforehand, often interfering with normal activities. Period bloating will typically go away once you’ve been menstruating for a few days.

    Is It Normal To Experience Bloating Before A Period

    Foods that help with bloating &  cramping

    Yes, the feeling of bloating just before a period is very common.

    It may occur every month, once in a while, or bloating may never occur at all. Once your period arrives, or a few days into it, the symptoms should disappear. As your period progresses, water retention declines rapidly and the swelling subsides.

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    Reduce Salt And High Salt Content Foods

    One of the ways to reduce period bloating is to avoid too many salty foods. The sodium in salt can lead to an increase in the amount of water your body retains. So avoiding salty foods will definitely decrease water retention thereby reducing bloating. According to the UKs NHS adults should eat no more than 6g of salt a day that’s around 1 teaspoon.

    These are some of the high salt content food that you should avoid. To cut down on salt, eat them less often and have smaller amounts of foods such as anchovies, bacon, cheese, gravy granules, ham, olives, pickles, prawns, salami, salted and dry-roasted nuts, salt fish, smoked meat and fish, soy sauce, stock cubes, yeast extract.

    Eating processed foods is one way to spike up your level of salt intake as these foods contain a lot of salt and other ingredients that not healthy.

    Check Your Salt Intake

    Having too much sodium in your system can cause your cells to hang on to more water, which can lead to puffiness. Sticking with a lower sodium diet, at least around your period, can go a long way toward keeping belly bloat at bay.

    Make it a point to eat more whole, unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and veggies, which are naturally low in salt. Try to cut back on takeout or restaurant food and packaged or processed snacks, which tend to be salt bombs.

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    Period Bloating: What You Need To Know

    For many women, the onset of a menstrual period comes with a number of uncomfortable symptoms that might include cramping, mood swings, fatigue and irritability. These symptoms may also include gas and bloating.

    Why do some women experience period bloating and gas? Read on to learn about the connection between your monthly cycle, gas and bloating.

    Drink Peppermint And Fennel Tea

    PMS and Bloating: Top 10 Remedies for Period Bloating!

    Drink peppermint and fennel tea: Peppermint tea can be very beneficial for your digestive system and help alleviate problems like bloating, stomach gas and flatulence. Peppermint has relaxant and antispasmodic properties and can help relieve cramps and spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, bile duct and gallbladder. This improves the passage of both food and swallowed air through the digestive tract, allowing them to go through smoothly and without pain or discomfort.

    According to herbalists, fennel seed is an effective aid to digestion. It can help the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system relax and reduce gas, bloating, and stomach cramps.

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    Bloating Is Very Common During Periods Here Are Top 7 Ways To Manage Period Bloating Easily At Home

    Written by Satata Karmakar | Updated : June 12, 2022 12:09 PM IST

    Do you often feel bloated while on periods? well, this is a very common problem, which requires immediate solution. And why not? bloating can be one of the worst thing to experience or manage when it comes to period days. It can be annoying and uncomfortable, and those cramps that comes with it can be another enemy all together. But what if we tell you that there are some effective and easy solutions that you can try, in order to get rid of the bloating problem during periods.

    Ways To Manage Period Bloating

    Bloating is a common period symptom many women have to deal with. It might occur before or during menstruation, causing your stomach to feel tight and swollen. This can also have a negative impact on your self-confidence as you might feel you have gained weight due to your period, something you definitely do not want to deal with in the midst of PMS and other period-related problems.

    Even though it can be extremely uncomfortable, bloating before your period is perfectly normal and should go away after a couple of days of menstruating. Luckily, there are certain remedies that could help you reduce bloating even quicker. This article offers some general tips while also exploring what might be causing bloating during a period and how long period bloating generally lasts.

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    Skip Alcohol And Caffeine

    Experts believe that both alcohol and caffeine contribute to bloating and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome . Instead of these beverages, drink more water.

    If you have a hard time skipping your morning cup of coffee, try replacing it with a drink that has less caffeine, like tea, or substitute some of the caffeinated coffee for a decaffeinated type.

    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    8 Gas and Bloating Remedies For Fast and Effective Relief in 2020 ...

    If period bloating has become so severe that lifestyle changes do not help and you are unable to keep up with your daily activities, talk with your healthcare provider or gynecologist. They will likely ask you to keep a symptom diary to understand when the bloating starts and what helps it.

    Your healthcare provider may recommend taking diuretic medication around your period to relieve water retention and bloating. Its important to note that diuretics should never be taken with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs because of the risk of kidney damage.

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    Six Ways To Get Rid Of Period Bloating

    Struggling with period bloating? Try these tips and tricks to beat the bloat

    Cramps? Swollen tummy? Sugar cravings? Theres really nothing to like about period bloating, and for many women its a monthly agony.

    It can be caused by hormonal fluctuations before menstruation begins and often feels like someones put a big balloon in your belly. These changes can also cause the body to hold more salt and water, which can add to the feeling of period bloating.

    Certain foods can make matters worse like sugar or processed goods but a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and lean protein can help to ease the pain. If you want to up your protein intake, then read our guide to the best protein powder for women.

    For some lucky few, period bloating symptoms will pass quickly, but for those who suffer, it can be a monthly nightmare. If this sounds familiar, dont worry as weve spoken to menstruation expert Benedetta Andreotti, a nutritionist at Love Yourself Meals Ltd. , who reveals her six ways to combat bloat.

    Why Are Women Bloated During Periods

    The main reason for bloating during a period is a fluctuation in hormones. When you are approaching the start of your period, your progesterone levels tend to fall, causing the uterus to shed its thickened lining, which results in menstrual bleeding. Such activities in your body lead to increased sensitivity, bloating, and general discomfort.

    Moreover, changes in progesterone and estrogen levels cause your body to retain more water and salt, which again leads to bloating. So hormones are not the only ones to blame for your mood swings during PMS, they are also the culprits when it comes to answering the question why you bloat on your period

    However, bloating can also be connected to your genes, your diet, as well as your alcohol and caffeine consumption. Check the tips in this article to see which changes you should implement in your daily routine to keep bloating under control.

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    Why Does Period Bloating Happen

    The menstrual cycle occurs monthly and is the process of a womans body continually readying itself for pregnancy. In the weeks prior to menstruation, often called a period, the uterus creates a lining to prepare to nourish a potentially fertilized egg.1 Should this not occur, hormone levels change, and blood and the lining leave the womans body over the course of a few days.1

    This fluctuation in hormones prior to the onset of menstruation may be largely responsible for why some women experience period bloating.

    According to Michelle Smith at the Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, bloating is often part of a womans normal menstruation cycle and can be an indicator that a period is on the way.2

    Do Your Jeans Start To Feel A Bit Tighter In The Days Leading Up To Your Period Many Women Notice A Slight Fluctuation In Weight And Bloating Throughout Their Cycle

    13 Tips on How to Debloat Overnight [on your period] | Beauty Within

    Period bloating and sometimes weight gain are unfortunately just other symptoms of PMS. This usually occurs just before you start your period and may extend a few days into it. But remember that around 70% of women experience bloating as a PMS symptom, so theres no need to panic as its just part of the natural cycle of the womb that many people tend to experience.1

    Even though bloating may cause some discomfort, its important to realise that this physical change is temporary and tends to ease off during, or as soon as you start your period. In the meantime, read on to find out exactly why you may gain weight just before or during your period, along with some tips to help relieve and control bloating.

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    When Is Period Bloating A Sign Of Something More Serious

    Symptoms of bloating should be short-lived, lasting only a few days, Dweck says. They usually resolve with onset of flow. But there are moments when bloating may warrant a trip to a doctor, especially if your symptoms are starting to interfere with your day-to-day activities.

    Certain ovarian and gastrointestinal conditions can present with persistent bloating, and this should be evaluated by your doctor, Patrusky explains. And while these issues can be serious, Dweck says it’s best to avoid falling down a Google hole of anxiety, especially if you think your bloating symptoms are a sign of a potentially grave health issues.

    Dr. Google will surely scare many readers about bloating and ovarian cancer, she explains. Ovarian cancer is rare, but difficult to diagnose early, and is often associated with vague GI symptoms. She does say, though, that any persistent, worsening or increased severity in bloating warrants a trip to your doctor. This also applies to PMS or menstrual bloating that doesnt resolve cyclically, Dweck says.

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    Period Bloating Causes And Symptoms

    Menstrual bloating is the stretching or swelling of the abdominal area during or before your menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle, as is it known to many, is the regular natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system that makes pregnancy possible. Period bloating leads to fluid retention which is often accompanied by gas, causing the sufferers tummy to feel tight and uncomfortable.

    Some of the causes of menstrual bloating include:

    Hormonal fluctuations

    During the menstrual cycle, your hormone levels change, especially estrogen and progesterone. About a week before your period, progesterone levels fall causing your kidneys that are responsible for passing out fluids to release less of the hormone in your urine. This will therefore affect the digestive system leading to bloating.

    Hereditary factors

    If your mother or grandmother suffered bloating and other premenstrual symptoms during their tender ages the probability is therefore high for you to experience the same symptoms of bloating before or during your menstruation cycle.

    Dietary changes

    Some dietary factors before your periods for example too much intake of salt in your food or diet or intake of a diet heavy in processed and preserved foods with sodium, and junk foods contributes to water retention.

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    Pack In The Potassium

    Like magnesium, potassium is an electrolyte that helps keep sodium levels in check and encourages the body to release excess water.

    Most of us dont get as much as we need, so hitting the recommended amount of 2,600 mg daily is a good habit to get into.

    Bananas are a pretty good source, but youll actually get more bang for your potassium buck from dried fruit, lentils, acorn squash, and potatoes.

    Cook At Home More Often


    Of course, not everyone has the time or ability to make home-cooked meals nightly. But when you can, try to make it a habit, as making your own meals can drastically decrease bloating.

    People are often unaware of hidden salt in restaurant meals, as well as in processed foods, Dr. Streicher says. Of course, thats why restaurant meals taste so good, but if you do your own cooking you can make sure not to over-salt your food, which can make a huge difference as far as keeping bloating down.

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    What Causes Pms Bloating

    Premenstrual bloating is caused by the low levels of the hormone progesterone in your body right before and during your period. Progesterone helps your body get rid of excess water.

    In addition, high levels of estrogen in the weeks leading up to your period lead to increased water retention. This creates the perfect storm for premenstrual bloating.

    Easy Hacks To Reduce Period Bloating From A Gynaecologist

    Do you often struggle with period bloating? A renowned gynaecologist suggests easy tips to ease bloating during periods.

    Have you ever felt like you have put on weight overnight, but when you check the weighing scale, the digits havent changed much? Yet, your waistband pinches! One reason for this could be period bloat, which is a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome in women. It is a totally normal occurrence that usually happens before the start of the period.

    A survey on premenstrual syndrome, published in the Indian Journal of Public Health, that was conducted on four hundred twenty-two girls showed that 35.2 per cent of girls experienced abdominal bloating. It may differ for every individual and change according to age. As women grow older, the production of pepsin, the enzyme responsible for breaking down food, decreases, causing extreme bloating during period, as the stomach has a hard time digesting fibre.

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    PMS starts to show 7 to 10 days before periods, resulting in bloating, feeling heavy, stiff muscles, and body ache. This is a time when female reproductive hormones are fluctuating, and most teen girls and women feel bloated due to excessive water retention in the body. While some might get relief from bloating after the start of the period, others might take a few days more.

    5 Ways To Ease Period Bloating

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